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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Originally Posted by Kantomaster1111 View Post
Remember, Kari, by your standards, it is not good. By artistic standards, that is up to the critics. If you come to everything with a "media producer" point of view you may miss artistic merit in some places. Since you draw art, I don't believe you always think so objectively.

For example, if someone came to you and said your doggirls (or wuffers, as you call them) and said the angles you pick are too boring, would you not disagree? Since the clip in question can but not necessarily referred to as cinema, auteur theory can be applied to it just as artistic expression can be applied to your drawing of doggirls.

Not to mention, whether or not something is actually good, and whether or not you like it, are two different things. I like The Howling, but I do not think it is good. Just as I do not like An American Werewolf in London, but I am aware it is a good film.
Artistic merit aside, my views are not critiquing the art itself. My critique was based solely on it's merit as an animation.
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