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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Originally Posted by Dog_Girl_Kari View Post
I honestly don't care if people agree with me, I'm not stating opinion here, I'm stating professional standard. I'm glad it made your penis hard, but that doesn't make it a good animation or clip.
It's statements like this, that are slowly killing my hopes of civility in most people. The just pure "I'm right, you are wrong, My views are correct, You must be flawed." Attitude has just been killing my opinion of people lately.

Still that I can kinda deal with. Cause everyone is entitled to their own views on the functions and structures of things.

The part that really irks me though is questioning someone elses views by making a remark that seems to derive that they are only interested in something because of their penis. That just really irks me.

I originally had a reversal point at Kari here and their own personal "interests" along with the remark I am sure it made their penis hard too. Instead I cut it out because I don't feel like being so harsh to make a point.

I just want to say it's one thing to disagree with someone, it's another thing to try to demean them and insult their tastes by implying that they only have interest in something because it "made your penis hard."
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