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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Did a little reading online. It's actually a fairly interesting premise. The heroine (Ayla) starts out as this popular but mysterious DJ who is famous for her sexy voice but is otherwise invisible to the public. As mentioned earlier, she hides because she has that rare condition that has left her covered in hair. A doctor finds her and treats her, of course revealing the beautiful woman underneath and they fall in love, much to the chagrin of his smitten colleague. I gather the normal soap opera/love triangle shenanigans ensue, but something else is going on as the usually shy and fragile Ayla begins to manifest unnatural abilities and a nasty temper. Enter "The Killer" Caleb, who is stalking her along with his cronies. He kidnaps her, and tells her that he is her long lost dad, and that like him she is half wolf and at the next full moon she will transform completely. Of course she doesn't want to believe him, but when she returns she has her doctor boyfriend (Jeff, the guy in the blue shirt who seems to be in charge of the other men) take a blood sample to have analyzed. Too little too late, it seems, as she then heads off to her birthday party where the wackiness we have all just seen ensues. So the male werewolf is her dad, trying to spirit her away before she hurts someone, as she lacks the training he and his pals have.

So it kind of starts out as a reverse "Beauty and the Beast" with a touch of Pygmalion thrown in, mixed with the premise of "Wolf Girl" except the subject ultimately regresses back to a full-fledged werewolf--or at least what passes for one. From this point on there's the usual Twilight-esque star crossed lover drama and a conflict between the good, non-violent werewolves (represented by Ayla's dad and his buds) and the more traditional, homicidal variety.

As low budget soap TFs go, I liked it. The actress is cute, there's lots of build up, a great contrast between the pretty girl dolled up for the party and the hairy savage she becomes. The actress really does a good job of carrying the weight of conveying the transformation, helped only by a quick CG nail/claw growth, a little dress ripping, and lighting and makeup. I notice she's also a lot more wolfy than her male counterparts, which I thought was interesting. A good find, I think.
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