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Re: New e-book: She Stole My Boobs: A Tale of Titty Transfer

Well it was actually a pretty enjoyable read. I liked that the story was short and concise. The process was well described (Shrinking breasts starting to move in oversized Bra etc.), the spell ritual was a great idea and the change of dynamics between the characters was well drawn out. Well done.

I would suggest another round of editing though. Too often it should say "cum" for example but what I read was actually "come".

Regarding selling it on Amazon. Hm, I have to admit that I bought it mostly because I dig the breast shrinking/stealing scenario and yeah, there is sadly not much of that stuff our there really. I was happy to find a story like that and due to the supply and demand situation I made the purchase. But still: 2.99 for a very short story is a bit much compared to the fact that a lot of great stories can be found here for free. And... my Amazon/Kindle Account is a bit "tainted" now with a story called: She stole my boobs and a Lolita Style cover. I would have rather bought it more anonymously on another platform. Maybe as a story compilation? Two stories like that for 2.99?

Enough criticism, I like the story and if you're writing another like that you got my attention.
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