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Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

It used to be that a guy could hit a couple search engines once a week or so, and come up w/ some intriguing stuff. I'm referring specifically to live-action youtube films, b-movies, etc... involving the occasional female werewolf. Sure, the acting and SFX weren't always as good as "The Dark", or "The Hunted" (which seem to be viewed as the top examples), but the implication was there- and sometimes that in itself can be awesome.
For a while now though, its all gone to crap, as references to Twilight, Shakira, Wizards of Waverly Place, and that god-awful cartoon webcam feature have flooded all the search engines. Sure, you can try the advanced search to try and sieve that stuff out, but it always finds its way in. As a result, I'm left with the suspicion that we've been missing some stuff we might normally take an interest in.

Thus, I propose that those who typically conduct searches for the female werewolf gem take a more active role in sharing their finds. ...I'll admit, I haven't been the most active poster on here myself...prior to this, the only thread I've posted in the TF section was a link to "The Dark".

I'll post a couple links that I've found below-- these being things that I don't recall seeing mentioned on here yet (though I may be which case, my bad).

**I might also remind you all that "13 hrs" should be coming out soon. As well as the Nickelodeon version of "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf" which is going to feature a female werewolf. As it's Nickelodeon, I wouldn't expect anything too outrageous as far as TF goes, but at least it's something.**

Found this over a year ago. Kept track of it for a while, but director dude seems to have disappeared-- taking the film with him:

B-movie werewolf western trailer. the 1:16 mark tells you all you need to know. No idea if/when/how the movie will actually be available:

This guy's youtube pg is full of old home-made films (used to be on public access). Lots of female werewolves- though the acting, fx, and general production leaves much to be desired. "Bloodwar", "Bloodwar II", and "Moonrise Werewolf II" are where it's at:
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