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Re: Alice In Wonderland

Originally Posted by JasonSlayer View Post
Tim Burton ruined it for me. Hopefully we'll just have the new American McGee game, the Broadway Wonderland musical and the 60th anniversary DVD and then that'll be the last we hear from Alice for a long while.
You know, I was genuinely excited for his movie. I mean, with his crazy aesthetic blended with the story's equally crazy world, I figured what could go wrong? Then I heard it was going to be a pseudo-sequel to Disney's Alice in Wonderland; and I was fine with that, albeit a bit cautious. What I wasn't prepared for was Alice in Narnia. Now, I'm speaking for myself when I say that the growth/shrinking scenes do not redeem the film in anyway. They were nice to watch, and all, but I stopped caring about the movie halfway through it. I guess what I'm saying is I wanted to see Tim Burton adapt the Lewis Carroll story to film; not do a sequel to a Disney movie.

And any film that wastes Christopher "Saruman of Many Colours" Lee loses respect points from me.

(I'm sorry if this goes a way off topic.)
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