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Re: Alice In Wonderland

Really nice.

I am going to meet American Mcgee in person this saturday.

I`m going to buy an Alice Madness artbook and attend his signing in Forbidden Planet in London!!!

Whether he`ll consider it or not I`ll see if he ever plans to make another sequel that he should try to put more SW and GTS in.

I want to get a few things straight before I do something stupid.

I know Mcgee does designing for games and the Spicy Horse company belongs to him but was he in charge of the story for Alice 1 and 2.

Did he create the story?

I want to make more comments like Alice eating that cake and then stomping on that card-guard was sexy and playing as G-Alice though simple was incredible and sexy and makes her look really dominant.

I`ll make it short by saying that having an SW and GTS Alice would be more fun.

I want to comment on the dark atmosphere on how great it was.

So many things I want to say!!!!!!!

I want everyones thoughts.

You are a size process fetishist.

You are about to meet American Mcgee for his artbook signing.
You maybe able to ask questions but lets say you can say a few things to him.

What would you say?

I personally want to thank him for the wonderful game that came into fruition because of him and at the same time have him consider making a sequel where SW and GTS becomes more to the gameplay and story.

Also more DLC!!

So yeah what would you guy say or want me to say?
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