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Re: Alice In Wonderland

I thought that as well.

I want to and I do genuinely enjoyed the game both story and gameplay.

But as you said commenting on the size sections as cool and sexy may be a BIG NO! NO!

I know in my heart what I want to say regarding the game, the enemies looked cool, Alice is a strong character, loved how u mixed reality and hallucination like that mocking turtle and the very end of the game, It really had my eyes glued to the screen and when I arrived at that mist area and always lost kind of scared me a little.

I`m sure my rambling would make him happy but how or rather what do you guys suggest I should say about the size sections that would at least have him consider to add more should he do a third Alice game.

the size sections in madness returns are:
1)Alice shrinking in gameplay, the process fast but seeable and hiccups give more effect
2)Revert, no comment
3) A small lake with a Giant "Drink Me" bottle waterfall, fanatastic idea, Alice going there and shrinking.
4)In order to escape the SUPER Card Guard, you have to shrink and enter a keyhole and if u look back the guards face is blocking the keyhole(I loved that bit). SW effecting the story.
5)Eating the cake and Alice dominates everyone and everything, both cutscene and gameplay
6)After breaking the final heart, you pour and entire "drink me" on yourself and shrink as you enter the last section to meet the queen.

Those are the size sections and I wonder what I can say about them to give him the idea for more size material.

Also Apparently there was going to be a movie planned about 10 years ago based on this directed by Wes Craven with Sarah Michell Geller as Alice but stuff happened so it got cancelled.

I`m wondering if you guys think I should mention anything about a movie adaption and if so what can I say.

I know for sure that Mcgee has said that he did not like Burtons movie, I forgot the reason.

This is so nerve-wrecking!!!!

This is outside the size thing but the scene where she got turned into a maneqquin was a doll tf which I made a thread of and really like.
The best I could say about,
Actually maybe I can ask him about it, depending on his answer maybe I can say add more similar things or something like that.

Anyway I await your opinions everyone!!!!

1 thing I always wanted to ask!
Remember that illustration of G-Alice stuck in a house, I was upset and I`m sure you were too that wasn`t in the game.
I really want to mention that to Mcgee but I don`t know how to.

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