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Sour Oblivion
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Re: Alice In Wonderland

Perhaps a simpler approach would be preferable. Here are the parts from your brainstorming that sounded perfectly fine:

"I want to comment on the dark atmosphere on how great it was."

"....the enemies looked cool, Alice is a strong character, loved how u mixed reality and hallucination like that mocking turtle and the very end of the game, It really had my eyes glued to the screen and when I arrived at that mist area and always lost kind of scared me a little."

"Also Apparently there was going to be a movie planned about 10 years ago based on this directed by Wes Craven with Sarah Michell Geller as Alice but stuff happened so it got cancelled."

All of the above topics you mentioned are good, normal, and not crazy-sounding. Please, for your own sake, stick to those. Don't go off on a tangent about the size stuff. But if you feel that you simply must talk about size stuff, then at least don't allude to the fact that certain people see it as sexual fetish material.
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