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Re: Alice In Wonderland

I met him!

He wrote "Keep it Mad!" and wrote his signature in my art-book.

I did mention the size content.

I showed the 2 illustrations in the art-book that showed Alice stuck in a house and the one where shes attacked by Card-Guards and pretty much went on how before the games release I was excited for those scenes.

Mcgee said that there were many ideas he wanted to put in the game but EA Games really limited what he wanted to do.

The artbook actually shows some of those ideas.
Heck originally "Jack the Ripper" was one of them.

Anyway he pretty much said that he already had ideas on how to pick up Madness Returns but it depends on the fans and whether EA Games are willing to do it again.

Well the size topic started my conversation with him but it wasnt about it.

Frankly I was so nervous talking to him but he really is a nice guy and I could tell from his tone that he`s a little bit pissed off regarding EA.

Overall I am really happy that I got to meet American Mcgee, whether he actually does size or not doesn`t seem to matter.

Unfortunately I didn`t bring up the movie, I didn`t want to take too long since there was about a hundred or so people behind me.

I really am happy!!!

Before I close my post.
In the Alice game for the DS based on Burtons movie(I think) is there any GTS or SW?
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