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Red face Milf Milk: Island Diet (Part 2)


Anna is not the only one with a growing desire. After seeing her mom growing bustier, thicker and taller, Sophia wants her share of growth too. But that certainly won't happen on Anna's watch. The milf goddess forbids Sophia from consuming the fruit again and tries to explain why she isn't ready for its magical effects.

Sophia then decides to sneak out to a party to let her fumes dissipate and forget all about the forbidden fruit. But little does she know what she's about to find at the beach gathering, it seems all the young islanders around like to drink their own beer made of, not other than, the milky fruit. Will Sophia go over her mother's rules and drink the native concoction? Only one way to find out!


Could we be looking at Milf Milkís origin story? A spiritual successor to Milf Milk, one of BotComics greatest hits.

We follow Anna and Roberto, and their two adult kids, as they work to renovate Annaís old family home to prepare it for the tourist season. It quickly becomes apparent to everyone BUT Anna that the islandís fruit has some expansive properties, as Anna begins to indulge in the sweet, milky fruit. She saunters around the island, completely oblivious to the effects her growing form has on everyone. Or maybe itís all a coy game she plays, either way, sheíll be harder and hard to ignore as the summer goes on.

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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