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Re: Incredible Shrinking Woman Needs a Remake

Originally Posted by Tiedefender View Post
Well now I seem to be stuck thinking about giant breasts.

Could think of ideas for the lab. Like should it look like current lab tech or look more towards futuristic?

I think either could work. Using a lab of today would be easier to make and possibly cheaper.

With Pat captured and placed in the lab they used a cage. That would be fine, but as she shrinks they should mover her to ever smaller environmentally sealed containers.

Could also keep the gorilla and dumb guy janitor. Though I don't know how they would fit into the story.
Id probably lose the janitor and gorilla.

Maybe have Selena Gomez as an intern. She gets caught trying to help Pat out of her cage, and the villainess shrinks her. As Selena is shrinking into her clothes, she grabs a syringe before she gets too small and jabs it into the villainess's leg.
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