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Size Con privacy and those traveling solo

Hopefully by now most of you have heard about Size Con, happening July29-30th!

After speaking with a meetup attendee this past weekend, I think we have been doing a bad job at addressing privacy concerns as well as helping attendees feel more at ease if they're traveling solo to Size Con 17.

First, privacy is HUGE for us, which is why you don’t find a lot of photographs from our 2016 event. Many of us have public jobs, including Bryan our co-founder who has a medical profession. Many of our attendees at Size Con 16′ as well as at our meetups are teachers, doctors, nurses, or hold other very public jobs. We also sell our tickets through Eventbrite, so we do not have your financial information, or address. The most we need is a name, which we will not share. This is only so that we can check IDs for minors, as well as match Con badges to attendees. We would never of course reveal our attendee list, because Bryan, myself and many of our friends are on it too.

Your privacy is important to us, because we all care about privacy. Remember that videos are not allowed at the con, and photos are only allowed with explicit permission of all those in the photo. Not following the rules will mean you can be ejected from the event and banned from future Size Cons. We had zero instances of this, harassment or any sort of inappropriate behavior at Size Con last year, but as always, we will have volunteer security and staff available to assist you if something inappropriate were to happen.

Size Con always has and always will be a place of inclusivity, respect and community. This is why there should be no problem finding others to mingle with at the event in between panels, games and tech demos. At last year's Size Con, our attendees ranged from 18-70 years old, a third were female, every race and ethnicity was present, as well as straight, gay and trans people. You will NOT be alone. Everyone around you understands your immense love for you size fantasy 8) Our focus is on community building, providing educational panels like size+sex, run with the help of TES (BDSM non-profit - members, or fun activities like size VR demos. We want to celebrate our unique fascination in a accepting atmosphere among other size fanciers. Because we pushed a community agenda, many friendships were born last Size Con. Who knows who you'll meet? 8)

We hope to make connecting with others a little easier, by inviting ticket holders to our own slack channel so that they can find roommates to split a hotel room with for example. We also hope to start posting a voluntary list of attendees by username so that you can see if a friend, or someone you admire online is attending. We know traveling alone, especially to an adult con can be a bit scary, so please let us know what we can do to ease any doubts you may have about attending the con. If you have any lingering concerns about attending Size Con, please let us know so we can address them. We hope to see you this July29-30 at Size Con 2017! If you happened to attend Size Con 16', please feel free to share your experience at the con. Thanks!

-Veronica (Jit)

We do have some artist alley tables available, if interested in being a vendor at Size Con 2017, please e-mail Bryan at !

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