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Expansion Fan pinups (Belly, Body, WG)

Hey, gang! Expansion Fan will be posting our gallery of members' requests here! We'll catch up on our backlog later, but for now, here's a recent winner...


"Eliminating the Competition" by AdjectiveNounCombo / Story by Ondan-Fifal

Delta sat, enjoying the show as Akira struggled to continue eating the never-ending cake set before her. Akira body ached from the swelling and her jaw ached from all the eating... but she couldnít stop.

Delta had been hired to ensure that Akira didnít reach her next martial arts tournament. She'd made sure to fulfil her contract with the use of a cake baked by a witch. It was cursed so that it both kept regenerating forever and made it so that the person eating it would be unable to stop eating it until it was all gone. A near impossible task for anyone who couldnít swallow the cake whole.


Interested in winning your own custom artwork? When you join Expansion Fan, you can get a chance to win, and you can also see our whole lineup of expansion-themed comics!

(If you also happen to like breast expansion, check out this thread's sister here.)

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