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There's An App for That - Multiple (and many) Transformations

Hi everyone. I had been sharing this story in the Growth Forum and it's posted on the MiniGiantess Story Wiki, but since it's grown a bit beyond a mere GTS story and covers so many types of transformations, I figure this might be a better place for it. I included links to both the story on the web as well as on DeviantArt.

(For those who've been following along, I just posted Chapter 9 today)

There's An App for That by RobClassact (web link)

Contains: Giantess, Shrinking, hair growth/modification, futa, muscle growth, sudden and uncontrollable orgasms, weight gain, TG, ass far. In regards to process, there is a healthy dose of growth, shrinking, and weight gain process, with others happening offstage or suddenly.
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