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Re: Shrink Ray Fight! [Forum Game]

Originally Posted by OhZone View Post
I have 9? I updated my post! ha! but lets change to one for angel -
Everybody got extra shrink ray batteries for all their votes last game. You had the most votes, you got the most stuff! Also, you can have one of these:

Special Gadget: Whoever shrank the most will get the choice of a single special item for the next game. Those devices come from this list:
  • Shrink Field Remote: At the end of each round, unused Shrink Batteries (votes) charge the Shrink Field Generator. Pushing the button on this remote will overload it and evenly distribute those charges to everyone shrinking in the game. Any that can't be distributed stay and recharge the field.
    Single-Use; Current charge: 46
  • Shrink Ray Intensifier: This collar can be put on another player (not yourself) and doubles all effects the wearer experiences this game (one zap is now 10% shrinking, retroactive for all previous effects). Throwing the collar can miss (see "Who Can Be Shrunk" in the new thread).
  • Shrinkzooka!: Instantly zap one person with the charge of 10 shrink batteries.
  • Reflector Field: When someone shrinks you, there's a 1 in 5 chance it shrinks them too. All rolls handled by ArcaneBEFan.
    Remains Equipped All Game

Meanwhile, my 2 new votes go to Janus Steel & Potion Victim! I'm making sure everybody gets at least one shrink! ^_^
I clicked on it by accident in yellowbelt's signature... but it was fun so now I have one!

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