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Re: Things that you really dont like to see in a transformation.

What I usually don't like to see in a transformation:

- poof transformations without showing any real process

- slime/goo/paint/costume transformations (so, transformations where a person is changed by putting on a costume [e.g. a girl putting on a fursuit and turning into the suit she is wearing] or changed by goo/paint that is covering their body, etc.)

- like Tf-Viewer said: clothes that change with the body during a TF

- like Jbrey said: gross things that belong into the bathroom

- like Anahki said: TFs where the actual TF is hidden by camera angle/objects etc (usually applies to movies/TV shows and mainstream comics. Not art and stories of course)

- I'm not a big fan of Taur or Naga TFs either. Usually I prefer the subjects to keep 4 limbs. Though fish, whale or snake Tfs are okay for me.

- cheap and simple "claws & fangs & eyes" werewolfs. At least give them a short muzzle and some fur covering their face and arms, etc.

- TFs where the subject changing is already an anthro/animal (e.g an anthro wolf turning into an anthro sheep, etc.). I prefer the subjects to be human at the start of their transformation

What I like to see:

- detailled TFs showing the actual process (not poof or obscured)

- torn clothes or clothes sliding down the person’s body (if the person is shrinking during the TF)

- both: transformations into feral animals and anthros

- both: transformations with and without mental changes

- usually I prefer TFs where the person changing is not willingly changing (so, I prefer when people are transformed by a curse or by accident or by someone who wants to get their revenge on them, etc.). I enjoy seeing them struggle at first.

- I love muzzle, tail and fur/scale growth during a TF

- I mostly enjoy seeing people turning into mammals & dragons (though fish, whales and other reptiles are okay too)

I'm indifferent about skin ripping, though. I don't hate it if a TF shows it (it's better than no TF at all or a simple poof IMO), but it's nothing I'm hyped about either.

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