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Re: Mighty Female Muscle Comix

Got a massive new release for you all. It's an 80 page 3d comic with just a whole bunch of growth in it. Height growth, breast growth, and of course female muscle growth, and even a little itty bit of male muscle growth in it. The comic is about a woman who steals her boyfriends muscle growth drink before he has a chance to use it. The more she grows the more fun she has teasing her little boyfriend. Lots of feats of strength and size comparisons and it has a really cool arm wrestling sequence. I think this comic has some of my best FMG sequences to date in it, and also the best arm wrestling segment I have ever done. Hands down... Or rather yours would be slammed down if you challenged the woman in this story to a match. This issue is lots of fun and I know you all will enjoy it.

You can purchase the comic here: https://mighty-female-muscle-comix.m...ts/shes-a-stud

Thanks for the support and remember, please like, follow, comment and share. Your support matters and its what helps MFMC grow big and strong just like the woman in this issue. Below are the samples. No nudity... But, growing woman and clothes bursting action... So NSFW!!!
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