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Re: Mighty Female Muscle Comix

Got a really fun and sexy comic for you all its called She's Got Moves a 20 page female muscle growth story about a young woman who discovers she's a much better wrestler than her boyfriend. She decides to get even bigger and stronger and soon she's not only out wrestlers her boyfriend, but outmuscles him as well. She can't wait to challenge the entire wrestling team! I wanted to do a few things different in this one. I wanted to have a nervous, but supporting boyfriend. A man who while a little intimidated by his girlfriends wrestling skill and her growing stature, still loved her very much. And she in turn loves him. But, don't worry there is still a lot of bone crunching, mat slamming action in this comic. And as always I want to thank everyone for the support. You are what keeps Mighty Female Muscle Comix strong and growing. Strong and growing, that's just like how you like the women in our comics!

You can purchase the comic here: https://mighty-female-muscle-comix.m...shes-got-moves

There is no nudity in the samples, But some mixed wrestling and the moves can be a bit sexy and the clothing is always skimpy! So NSFW!!!!!
For More Femuscle Goodness go to
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