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Re: Female werewolf film betsy

Originally Posted by howlingfan View Post
Since ďBetsyĒ was brought up again, and I was the one who started the original thread on this movie, I may as well give a few updates. The reason why Iím posting it here and not in the official thread is because one of those updates is tangentially related to the movie, and I donít want to give people the wrong idea of what to expect. The first update, which IS related to the movie, is that the writer-director posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that thereís ďsomething big coming soon,Ē and I can only assume that means an early trailer since he finished principal photography over a month ago, but I could be wrong.

The other update, which is only semi-related to this movie, is that, because Iím one of the producers, I was able to see the NSFW early teaser trailer for the original version of this movie that was posted last year. The reason why this is loosely related to the movie is because the original version of this movie was very different. It was sexier and had more nudity. Betsy was originally a prostitute who offed her clients every full moon as a werewolf, but the script changed after the original actress left, and now Betsy is more of an innocent, girl-next-door type who gets bitten by a werewolf and turns into one herself at the end. Basically, the concept of the movie changed to a theme of the hunted becoming the hunter, which is interesting, but I personally prefer the original version of the movie because, well, female werewolves are my thing. (Itís the only reason why Iím on this forum.)

Iím not allowed to post the teaser trailer here (or anywhere), so please donít ask, but Iíll try my best to describe it. Itís very short but also very hot and featured much more nudity than I was expecting. It begins with a shot of Betsy on the floor of a motel room. Sheís lying on her side, breathing heavily, and completely nude. Interestingly, the cameraís POV is partially obscured by an open door, almost as if weíre witnessing something weíre not supposed to see. Then we see the full moon rise, and it cuts back to Betsy on the floor. She rolls over on her back, grimacing, and begins feeling herself up and down. It appears she already knows sheís a werewolf (she isnít shocked at whatís happening) and is preparing her body for the change. Another shot of the moon getting higher in the sky, and weíre back in the motel with Betsy on her side again, panting heavily. She moans and raises her rear in the air, and then we hear the sounds of her transformation. Cut to her front as she whips her hair around and reveals growing fangs. Then she grabs the countertop in front of her with one hand, and her nails begin to grow into claws. Cut to a shot outside of a guy entering the motel. (Iím assuming heís one of her ďJohns.Ē) He finds Betsyís motel room and enters it, and we see Betsyís head in the foreground but covered in shadow. She then opens her eyes, and they are shining yellow. Then she growls and quickly turns around to attack him, and we get the title card. Thatís it. The whole scene is about 2 minutes long. Even though Betsy only has fangs, claws, and yellow eyes in this scene, the writer-director stressed that itís not the final look of the werewolf but one of the incremental stages.

Again, donít expect this scene in the new version of the movie when itís released. The good news (at least for me) is that the writer-director wants to eventually make a sequel with the original, sexier version of the story. So hopefully, ďBetsyĒ is a success. (If you still havenít contributed, the Indiegogo campaign is currently In Demand here: If they make it, I already offered a title for the sequel: ďBetsy Bites Back.Ē lol.
As you said, the original concept is much like Howling-like werewolves, and even though I am more AAWIL fan, in this case I agree with you that the change in concept is less appealing. And I don't say anything about the upcoming non- full-nudity and skin ripping, but as you said, there could be room for a sequel, right?
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