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Re: Let it be: Randomy three!

mmmm hmmmmm

** playfully walks the fingers of her right hand up your belly up between your lovely breasts, while nuzzling your neck from your right side. **

** kisses your neck up to your ear and lightly bites your earlobe, while she slides her index finger lightly over to your left breast - then very lightly circling the areola of your nipple, which crinkles and perks up nicely **

Ohhh I do believe you're very sensitive, aren't you, you lovely little thing. Not that I'm any bigger.

** rubs your erect nipple a little harder - then takes it between finger and thumb massaging and twisting lightly as she leans in, kissing her way gently toward your right breast **

mmmm they're so perfect and yummy.

mMmm hmmmm
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