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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

A new piece has arrived.

After the battle of Endor Sabine decided that she wanted to have a walk around the forest that covered the entire planet. It was somewhere that she had always wanted to visit and now with the Empire on its last legs she thought that this was a perfect opportunity to do it. She admired the surroundings and she noticed how all the trees were taller than her. She did wonder if she would one day grow as tall as these colossal trees.

Her walk had not gone unnoticed as a couple of Ewoks saw the towering young woman. They thought that she was an Imperial weapon and tried to trip her over with a long piece of rope. Their efforts were unsuccessful but they did almost make Sabine fall over.

Annoyed by the situation Sabine focused her attention on the two Ewoks responsible. One was able to escape her grasp but the second was not so fortunate. Without much effort she was able to pick up the small creature and bring him up to her level. She couldnít understand what he was saying and although she was annoyed she didnít intend to hurt him.
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