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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

As Sabine was trying to figure out exactly had caused her current predicament, her body continued to stretch upwards. Eventually her head hit the ceiling of the hangar that she was in, she was sure that her growth spurt would end. However her body continued to grow and she found herself having to bend her knees and use her hands to push up against the ceiling. With every passing second Sabine became more and more uncomfortable and her enlarging foot accidentally knocked down a stack of boxes close by.

The activity in the hangar had not gone unnoticed as the odd sounds radiating from it caught the attention of a small squad of Rebel Soldiers. Fearing that the Empire might have tracked them down they quickly rushed to the hangar, they were completely unaware of the growing woman inside. One thing that was for sure, Sabine was quickly running out of room.
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