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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

This is a piece done by the artist Dr Kink Fuel

After losing her younger brother to an Imperial bombing raid Pash Rondola decided to join the Rebel Alliance. During her time there she couldn't help but notice the Madalorian Rebel Sabine Wren. At one point Sabine had been average height but after an accident with a secret Imperial weapon she had found herself growing taller and taller. In a few short weeks she had become so tall that the average human was only knee height to her.

One day Pash became curious as she saw Sabine working away in a hangar. She was able to creep up on the unsuspecting tall woman and was able to place a marker on her where the top of Pash's head came to her. Several hours later Pash returned to the unsuspecting Sabine and discovered that the marker had moved up by around an inch. She was amazed by this since it meant that Sabine had grown even taller over the day. Pash looked up in amazement as se tried to comprehend just how tall Sabine was going to be. This was when Sabine noticed the seemingly short woman and asked the infamous question 'What are you doing?'
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