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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

Recently the Rebel Alliance had picked up some new recruits to their cause. These included some Kaminoan scientists whose species was responsible for the creation of the clone army during the Clone Wars. Since the Republic had now become the Galactic Empire their home world of Kamino was now under Imperial control. These scientists wanted to do everything they could to help the Rebels and free their home planet.

One particular scientist name Yan Trespin had created a serum that she hoped could give the Rebel soldiers an physical edge against the Imperial Stormtroopers. She knew that the Rebel Leaders would likely not allow her to test her serum on any soldiers so she had to be sneaky with her test. After observing a few rebels she decided to use the Madelorian Sabine Wren as her test subject. Yan was able to sneak the serum into some of Sabine's food and drinks. With the serum now administered to her unaware test subject Yan just had to wait and see the results.

Yan didn't have to wait long to see the results of the test. Sabine did become more productive and needed much less sleep than she had before. Unfortunately an unforeseen side effect caused Sabine to stretch up as her body grew taller at an alarming rate. In the space of a week or so she had grown to almost twice her normal height. Unfortunately for Yan Sabine was not as stupid as she had originally calculated. The now towering woman confronted the Kaminoan scientist as she knew that it was her who was responsible for her sudden and dramatic growth spurt. Sabine wanted nothing more than to go back to the way that she was, Yan wasn't sure if that was possible but she saw an opportunity. The serum had made Sabine taller than any human on record and if she was still growing Yan wanted to see just how tall she will become.

This piece is done by Caiman 2. Please check out his page for more GTS art.
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