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Re: Shortcake - Shrink Fan Comics

Originally Posted by Tina Tiny View Post
I do love the slow descent. Drooping clothes, dangling legs.... <3

Note, I haven't read it yet, but I like the preview.
The whole being unaware and making it worse until suddenly *SNAP* she could see how small she was.... that felt excellent.

Originally Posted by OhZone View Post
mmMm Some nice process there! One of the better ones for that.

Now, I wonder if I could get the recipe?

But then you'd be too small to post on the forums! D:

You'd have to make sure you baked a small enough cake that you could eat ALL of it before you got too small to finish it. Imagine never being able to tell you were less than a millimeter tall because you couldn't finish the last slice of cake...
I clicked on it by accident in yellowbelt's signature... but it was fun so now I have one!
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