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Wink The Waltz: Transformation Park Sneak Peek (TG)

The Waltz: An Excerpt from Transformation Park by T.F. Wright

“Twenty minutes to magic time!” squealed Katrina vivaciously as she pressed her hands against her cheeks. “I’m so excited, feel my goosebumps!” she said, running over to Landon as fast as her white chiffon dress would allow.

“Wow, those are really…uh, there…” said Landon, a shy, shrimpy geek. He was careful not to let his hand linger long on her arm.

“You’re going to do fantastic, hun, I just know it,” she gushed.

“If you say so,” Landon said with a disinterested shrug.

“Hey, you never got to go to prom – now you’ll get to see what you missed out on!” said Katrina.

Landon gazed down at his feet, kicking a little pebble instead of speaking up. He hadn’t gone to prom because he’d only ever liked one girl – his best friend, Katrina. But she was a couple of inches taller than him, with a gorgeous, statuesque figure, a 4.0 GPA, and personality so overwhelmingly outgoing that Landon felt like lump on a log by comparison. He’d never had the courage to ask her out, and the few guys that did were always politely refused.

“Hey, why the long face?” Katrina said, grabbing his chin and pointing it upwards to look her in the eye. Feeling her warm hands on his face brought back a little smile, at least, temporarily, but he knew he still owed Katrina an answer.

“I know you say teaching me to dance will be a snap,” began Landon, his voice shaking a little. He hated lying to her. “But…but maybe you’d have more fun with somebody that already knows their stuff,” he concluded. It was as close to the truth as he could get.

“Trust me, Landon,” Katrina said. “I’m definitely going to have a good time. And so is everyone, right?”

“Yeah!” cheered the other two women in their troupe, the redheaded artist Daphne and Melissa, who’d had a brief stint as a professional gymnast.

“Sure,” their boyfriends Hikaru and Simon agreed, their tone thoroughly disinterested.

While Katrina, Daphne, and Melissa took selfies together, Landon trudged over to where their beaus were seated.

“Oh, man, I don’t get why Melissa wants to do this again,” said Hikaru, a mountain of a man who was attending college on a football scholarship. “It was bad enough at prom. If she wasn’t so…you know, graceful and all that…I would have knocked her over like three times!”

“Is dancing really that bad?” Landon asked, feeling more nervous than ever.

“Of course!” said Simon, a student from France who spoke with a distinct, lilting accent. “Why don’t girls just go dancing by themselves? I don’t think there’s a…how you say? There’s not a…straight man alive who really likes dancing.”

“Well, at least for you two, you’re actually dancing with your girlfriend,” Landon pointed out.

“You going to finally ask her out?” Simon asked.

“I will…I will…when it’s the right time,” Landon replied, feeling no compunction about lying to Simon. The truth was he’d delay that day forever if he could, since he was certain what the answer would be.

“She asked you to come to this dance, right?” asked Hikaru. “You never know, man, maybe that was her way of asking you out.”

Landon let out a feeble laugh. “Yeah, right. In my dreams! She’s turned down the best of the best, I’m sure she’s just gagging for a guy like me.”


“One, two, three. One, two three,” Katrina counted. The inside of the Digital Disco looked like a classical Victorian ballroom, with shiny wooden floors and an ornate, golden chandelier where the disco ball was supposed to be.

“Ok, now you step forwards as I twirl, ok?” said Katrina.

“Ok,” he said. Landon stepped forwards, but froze as he gazed upon Katrina’s beautiful dress swirling around her as she twirled – and subsequently, he forgot to step back, and Katrina stepped onto his toes.

“Terribly sorry,” Katrina said.

“Oh, no, no…my fault,” Landon puttered. “Guess I’m not very good at leading.”

“That’s something I’ve always wondered – why is it that men always are supposed to lead?” Katrina asked.

“I…I…hmm…” Landon paused. “Tradition, maybe? The expectation of men taking the initiative…”

“Not all couples are the same. Maybe some couples would have better rhythm with the woman leading, right?” Katrina interrupted.

“Yeah, I guess,” Landon halfheartedly agreed. What she said certainly made sense on its face, but was this Katrina’s way of trying to gently tell him he wasn’t man enough to lead her?

“But if guys aren’t leading, they’ll have do the girl part,” Landon reminded her. “I mean, what am I supposed to do? Your twirl?”

“Why not? I’d love to see you try?” Katrina said.

Landon rolled his eyes, but Katrina pursed her lips. “Oh, come on. Pretty pretty please?”

“Alright, alright, just once,” Landon agreed. It hadn’t been a difficult concession – he’d have run across hot coals if she’d asked him to like that.

“That’s a good girl,” said Katrina, under her breath.


“Nothing, nothing,” said Katrina. “Come on, let me twirl you!”

Katrina stepped forwards, a determined, confident glint in her eye. Landon stepped back a little, and she grasped his left hand and the right side of his waist – precisely how he’d been holding her a moment ago. She took a step backwards, pulling him with her.

“See…isn’t this nice?” she said, as she leaned in and whispered his ear.

Feeling her breath on his skin would have made any experience nice in Landon’s book. But that aside, he had to admit that, yeah, he was enjoying himself. Since he’d started following her lead, he hadn’t made a single footwork mistake.

Finally, Katrina leaned forwards and raised her arm around his head. Landon stepped back and did the twirl.

It felt great – enchanted, even – but Landon could have sworn he’d seen the strangest thing as he spun around. Were Hikaru and Simon twirling with their partners, too?

When he glanced back towards Katrina, she seemed a little taller. Was she standing on her tip-toes? No, she wouldn’t do that while dancing, would she?

“Katrina?” he asked, his voice sounding a little pinched. “What’s going…”

“Shh…” she started, abandoning the Waltz pose and rushing forwards, pulling Landon into an embrace so tight and so unexpected that it nearly knocked the wind out of him. “You did beautifully on that twirl, Landon. You’re really a natural.”

He was a natural? Landon didn’t know what to say to that. He rested his chin on her shoulder – which somehow were the perfect height for him to do so – as Katrina calmly rocked him back and forth.

Landon glanced to the left, towards the large mirror on the wall, in hopes of getting another glance at the other couples.

Instead, the first thing he saw was Katrina dancing with someone, a girl, who he didn’t recognize.

“Is that one of those funhouse mirrors?” Landon asked, his voice sounding less nasal and more girlish.

“No, honey. Just a regular mirror,” said Katrina.

“What…? What’s happening to me?” Landon asked, attempting to break free of Katrina’s embrace and run towards the mirror and get a closer look.

But Katrina didn’t budge, and Landon wasn’t strong enough to break free. For a few seconds, she simply held him place, leaving Landon to futility squirm.

Then, she let go, saying “Of course, let’s get a closer look.”

When they’d made their way towards the mirror, Landon could see that he was indeed shorter, with longer, wavy hair and a more feminine jawline.

“Oh…oh my gosh…” Landon said softly.

“You think that’s something, check this out!” said Katrina. She grasped Landon’s hand firmly, then restarted the waltz.

Landon kept his eye on the mirror as they did the basic three step. He could see himself growing shorter and shorter, until he was barely five foot one, while his hair grew longer still, fluttering around him even at the smallest movement.

As Katrina pushed forwards and Landon did a big dip towards the mirror, he could see eyeshadow forming on his eyes and rogue on his cheeks, and his glasses had vanished. Katrina leaned into the dip and planted a kiss on his lips. When their smooch ended, Landon could see glittering lipstick on his lips – though he could see by its much lighter shade that it wasn’t rubbed off from Katrina.

Katrina pulled him back up, and then took another step forwards, lifting her arms and pushing Landon towards another twirl. This time, he saw he saw the hem of a blue dress flaring up around him, and when he stopped, his suit was gone. In its place was a blue and white sink dress, which clung to a petite set of curves. Landon cupped his small breasts in the mirror and noticed that he now had pink fingernail polish as well.

“Don’t you look gorgeous,” Katrina purred.

“You don’t exactly seem surprised,” Landon replied.

“I told you I going to have a good time, didn’t I?” she said, reaching out and twirling her finger around a few strands of his lustrous, flowing hair. “Let’s call you…Lindsay, does that sound good?”

The name danced across Landon’s ears like music. It wasn’t so much that she liked the name, it was as if she was finding out what her name already was. But the thrill of being designated with such pretty name didn’t eliminate the rest of Lindsay’s questions. “You…you wanted this to happen?”

“Of course! What girl wouldn’t?” she asked incredulously. To illustrate that point, she pointed behind them, towards the other couples.

Hikaru leaped forwards into the air towards Melissa. She caught him and started spinning him around, and with each rotation, his massive girth became smaller and smaller. When Melissa put him down, the top of his head barely came up to her breasts. He had the puffy, pink cheeks of a Japanese schoolgirl, and his hair was done up in braided pigtails.

“So kawaii!” said Melissa. “Aren’t you, little Haruka?”

“What did you call me?” Haruka asked in an impossibly high pitched voice, as her suit transformed into a pink petticoat.

Meanwhile, Daphne was dancing behind Simon, her arms wrapped around his waist, which was rapidly shrinking and becoming more wasp-like. Simon’s chest was swelling as well, making an obvious indentation in his suit, before that melted into a red sequined gown with a plunging cleavage. At least an E cup, Simon’s new figure was an impossibly curvy hourglass. As he blinked, staring at the strange person ahead of him in the mirror, his eyelashes grew longer and thicker, and then were augmented further by an overabundance of mascara.

“What do you think...Simone?” Daphne asked. But Simone was speechless – she couldn’t stop staring at her new breasts in the mirror.

“Now that we’re ready, group photo!” said Katrina. She set her phone down on a chair, and then pulled the six of them together. She, Melissa, and Daphne all stood behind their new girlfriends, as they were all taller now.

“Say cheese!” said Katrina, her voice as cheery as it might be on any ordinary girl’s night out.

The picture was taken, and the couples resumed dancing.

“Don’t be so nervous, Lindsay,” said Katrina, stroking the back of her head. “We’re an item now, you and me…just like you’d hoped.”

So, Katrina knew. She knew all along and…and…this was her way of making her wish come true.

“Come on, Lindsay…isn’t that what you always wanted?” Katrina pressed, squeezing Lindsay so hard the breath was forced from her lungs.

“Yes, yes it is,” said Lindsay, tears of joy running down her cheeks and smearing her makeup.

“Let’s go to the bathroom together and I’ll fix that face of yours,” said Katrina, as soon as Lindsay stopped.

“Okay!” Lindsay agreed, and hand in hand, they left the dance floor.

Over a dozen sexy transformation tales await you inside Transformation Park. Get the ebook on Amazon today!
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