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Re: AI Generated 'Art'

Ok, so this is one I know a bit about, my wife works with AI, neural networks, yanno, that stuff.

First off, the AI part is kind of a misnomer there's not intelligence there, similar to "hoverboards" they don't hover and they're not boards.

How this tech works is it scrapes and samples existing artwork based on search parameters, then blends that art based upon the user selection. Like, for instance, NovelAI a very popular one due to it's nice filtering. Will sample literally thousands of very likely Pixiv shots, in order to compile a single image. Is it directly stolen art? No. It's a derivative, much in the way that some people will trace other people's artwork, then recolor it, and perhaps change the pose a bit. Which... some people do claim that as stolen, in which case I guess it would be. But the core is, it's an art permutator, rather than something which draws art.

As to where it's going? It's probably going to improve, it won't make original art, ever. Because that's not how the system works, but it likely will get much better at stitching art together over time. In many respects it will likely act as a tool for non artists and companies to get "Quick art" for a cheap price.

As to the ramifications of said art... uh, well that's likely to be varied. I sincerely don't see the skilled artist going away any time soon, someone's got to make that original art to sample off, after all. But, I think it will make entry level art much, much more challenging in the near future.
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