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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

Thanks, it is something I enjoy as well.
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Re: Super Tall Sabine Wren From Star Wars Rebels

The man formerly known as Yarin Tulolon had woken up that morning in a state of shock. However, he had abandoned that name when he had joined the Empire and now went by the simple codename TG-815. He had gone to bed early the previous day as he to start his shift at the crack of dawn.

Like every morning he began cleaning himself up and putting on his white Stormtrooper armour. He took great pride in ensuring that it was clean and up to Imperial standards. Although when wearing his armour, he looked exactly like his colleagues he felt like he was a step above them. In his mind he was a few short months away from a much-deserved promotion for both his skill and loyalty to the Empire.

Once he was ready he began his patrol around the Imperial Compound on the planet of Lothal and it eventually brought him to the AT-ATs. These vehicles were amongst the largest land vehicles in the Imperial army and would strike fear into those who found themselves on the wrong side of its blaster cannons. When a soldier was piloting one of these gigantic walking machines they felt like they were truly invincible.

There was something different about one particular AT-AT that morning. It functioned just as it did yesterday and if it was in the field of battle it would be a terror for the eye to see. But on it’s left side was something that hadn’t been there the previous day. In orange paint was the symbol of what looked to be a flying bird in a circular shape. Many would see it as a work of art but to Yarin and his superiors they saw it as a blatant slap to the face of Empire.

Within minutes his commanding officer named Gulot Rexium arrived on the scene with a couple of Stormtroopers alongside him. He had recently been promoted and so far, it had gone to his head. He didn’t waste an opportunity to remind those beneath him of the authority that had been granted to him. Yarin wanted nothing more than to knock him down a peg and bring him back to his senses.

For now, this wasn’t important as Gulot continued to look at the symbol that had been left on the side of the AT-AT and he seemed to be more irritated with each passing moment. He wanted nothing more than to capture the person responsible and have them paraded in front of Grand Moff Tarkin and made an example of. But since the culprit was not in sight his rage turned to Yarin who was also looking up at the symbol. His mind was trying to comprehend how it had gotten there.

“Disgraceful,” said Gulot with a very annoyed tone. “Who would dare try and humiliate the Empire in this manner?”

“Most likely Rebels sir,” replied Yarin. Even though he didn’t like Gulot he still remembered to call him sir. “There have been causing us some minor problems on the planet over the last few months.”

“I want them found and brought to me immediately.” He then looked at one of the other stormtroopers who stood close by. “Get that order out as soon as possible.” The stormtrooper complied and quickly moved away. Gulot looked up at the symbol again. “The Rebels must have used a ship in order to put that abomination on our walker.”

“I don’t think they did sir.” Gulot glared at Yarin as if he had just given him a personal insult. “If they had we would have heard them. Even the quietest of ships make enough noise for at least some of us to hear.”

“Then how did they get up there then? To our knowledge there are no sentient creatures on this planet capable of climbing up there.”

“They didn’t climb.” He then pointed down which got Gulot’s attention. As he looked down he could see an odd and large shape in the ground right next to the AT-AT. He believed that it was the shape of a small vehicle but if he didn’t know better he would think that it was a giant footprint. “Something reached it.”

“Are you insane, no sentient creature can reach that high. Even if there was we’d know if it was in the area.”

“That’s not what I can see sir. From where I’m looking at some point last night someone or something entered the compound undetected and painted that symbol on our walker without raising the alarm. Whatever it was it was tall enough to reach our walker without the aid of a vehicle or a jetpack and then left before anyone realised. And mistake me if I’m wrong but I swear I’ve seen that symbol before, I’m sure its of a rebel who has eluded us for some time.”

“Then I want him found immediately. We’ll find this rebel and make them pay for humiliating us!”

With that Gulot walked away so that he could relay the order to others while Yarin continued to look at both the symbol and the footprint. He had once caught a young woman wearing a coloured Madalorian armour a while back but she had escaped when he had given chase. The symbol he was looking at was the exact same that she had left behind. He could see that it was the same style that would be hard if not impossible for someone else to replicate.

As insane as he thought it was he knew that in the time that he had last seen her the rebel had somehow grown tall enough to be able to reach the AT-AT and paint the symbol on the side. He guessed that she must have been pretty close to match the height of the AT-AT in order to complete the task. All he could do now was wonder if his theory was true and if he it was he didn’t want to meet her in battle.
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All hail the Decepticon cause! ALL HAIL LORD GALVATRON! (Formerly Megatron)
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