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The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Here the start of the latest illustrated story written by myself and art by Caiman2. Be sure to check his work out here.

Night had fallen over the town of Dunlin and most people were asleep as they had busy mornings ahead of them. The village itself had been almost destroyed by a freak flood almost a century earlier but had since been rebuilt. It sat on the banks of a river which helped with trade and was an easy source of water for the townspeople.

Not everyone was asleep as there was one person in particular who was awake. His name was Liam and he wandered the streets looking for anything that he thought was edible. The only thing he owned was the clothes that he was wearing. He was a boy who was barely ten years old with short brown hair and green eyes. Six short months ago his life had been happy as he lived with his parents and had a stable life. But then his parents were both afflicted by an illness that no doctor could seemingly cure. Before he knew it, they were both dead and he was living by himself. Now his clothes were in tatters and he didn’t even have any shoes to call his own.

With no family members close by help him Liam had tried to make it on his own on the streets but he had found this to be incredibly difficult. He even had to resort to stealing food and coin which in the end forced him out of his hometown. His travels had led him to Dunlin where he hoped that things would be better. So far, he had been able to steal himself a loaf of bread but it wasn’t enough to keep him going.

Liam’s search for food led him to the outskirts of the town, an area that he had yet to explore. Where he had found himself was certainly different to the other parts of Dunlin. Before he had found this place, there had been wooden buildings with cobbled roads. A few of the buildings had been made with bricks but this was few and far between. Now he found himself in a small field with several plants growing. In the low light he could see flowers but most importantly there was some fruit and vegetables that were also growing in this field. Just on the edge of the field he could see a relatively large building but for the time being he paid no mind to it.

Instead Liam quickly made his way toward one of the tomato plants and picked a couple of tomatoes off of their vines. He wasn’t too big of a fan of tomatoes but he was so hungry that he simply didn’t care. Instead he took a bite out of them and he realised that it wasn’t ripe yet. The tomato was hard and it almost broke one of his teeth. Despite this he couldn’t help but continue to eat it.

One thing that he didn’t realise was that he was being noisier than he was supposed to be. The rustling of the leaves that he was causing did attract the attention of a particular person. Liam for the time being continued on with what he was doing. He was picking as much fruit and vegetables as he could carry. He hoped that it would last him some time, then he might come back again to pick some more.
He was too busy with what he was doing to notice that someone was standing not too far away from where he was. This figure had their arms crossed and looked down at him as he continued to pick his food. He did chuckle to himself as he thought that he was going to get
away freely.

“What are you doing?” asked a female voice. This caused Liam to stop what he was doing and turn to where he had heard the voice.
He looked up slightly as he expected to be looking at the face of an adult. However, he soon realised that he wasn’t looking up far enough. His neck was craning up and up as he his eyes continued to move upwards. After a few moments his eyes met the eyes of the woman standing a short distance away but her appearance shocked him greatly.

The moonlight shone on her white hair and her eyes were a sapphire blue. She was a very pretty woman and looked quite young, Liam guessed that she was in her mid-twenties. She wore a green dress along with a pair of matching low heels. These were not the most shocking parts of her appearance. It was her overall height, as he expected she was much taller than him but she was also more than twice as tall as the tallest person that he had ever seen. Her height was an incredibly fifteen feet and this caused him to drop the fruit and vegetables that he had stolen.

Liam took a step back and thought about running but he could see that she still had her arms crossed and she had a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t look angry or even aggressive at all, she was just curious. He had heard about giants from stories such as fairy tales but he thought that they were simply mythological creatures. The fact that there was one standing before him was almost too much for his mind to process.

“I’ll ask you again,” said the Giantess. Her tone was somewhat firm but still had a softness to it. “What are you doing?”

Liam tried to think about what he was going to say but with everything that was happening he couldn’t help but begin to cry. He went down to his knees and put his hands together, all he could do was hope that she wouldn’t hurt him.

“Please don’t hurt me,” cried Liam. “I didn’t know that they were yours. I’ll put them back I swear.”

“It’s alright, you don’t need to cry.” Her voice had become much softer and when he looked up he could see that she was crouching down and that she had a worried look on her face. “Please tell me your name.”

“L-Liam.” He wiped some of the tears from his eyes and whatever fear he felt had dissipated somewhat.

“Ok Liam, my name is Rina and I’m not going to hurt you. Do you understand?” She watched as he nodded and she gave him a pleasant smile. “Good, now can you tell me what you’re doing out here all by yourself in the middle of the night?” This time when she delivered the question it was much softer and made him feel at ease.

“I-I was hungry and these were here. I couldn’t help myself, I promise that I’ll pay you back for them.” He hadn’t gotten back to his feet yet but his tears were beginning to subside.

“Why are you hungry? Where are your parents?” She was beginning to piece together what was happening as she could see that Liam’s clothing was in tatters. Something that a parent wouldn’t likely allow to happen.

“My parents are dead ma’am, I’ve been trying to live by myself but, but.” He began to think of his parents and this caused him to cry again. He saw her expression change to that of worry. She held out her enormous hand to him.

“You know you shouldn’t be out here by yourself, why don’t you stop with me tonight? You can eat what you want and then I can take you to the proper authorities tomorrow, how does that sound to you?”

“G-Good.” He could only say this through his tears.

“Great, now let me help you up.” Liam grabbed onto one of Rina’s fingers and she helped him back up to his feet. He looked up to her again and he saw that she was smiling again. “Now that you’re up would you like me to carry you or would you like to walk?”

“I-I’ll walk.”

“Ok, now follow me. If you can’t keep up don’t hesitate to tell me.” She smiled again as he nodded his head.
With that Rina began to walk away. Liam wiped his tears away again and followed her. He had to move fairly quickly at first to catch her up but he saw that she was walking at a slower pace than she would normal walk. She wanted him to keep up and he didn’t know it at first but his life was changing for the better.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

With Rina walking at a slower pace Liam was able to keep up with her and he saw that they were approaching the large building that was close by. From a distance he didn’t realise just how large it actually was. It was around thirty feet tall and was a single storey, in the moonlight he could see that it was made out of wood and had some flowers growing along it. In his mind it was like a house that he had seen in a painting a couple of years ago. He thought it was the most beautiful house that he had seen in person.

He continued to follow Rina as she opened the large and heavy looking door to enter the house itself. When Liam stepped inside he saw that it looked much like a normal house but all the furniture and items were scaled up to her scale. Next to Rina they looked normal and he had to remind himself that she and everything around him was gigantic and that he hadn’t shrunk down.

The ceiling was thirty feet above him and he could see a couple of plants that were around the main room that he had found himself in. He could see that Rina was rummaging through some items and eventually he saw her turn to him. In her hands were a table and chair that were of normal size. She then placed them on the ground near to where Liam was standing and he looked up at her again.

“I’m sorry but it might be a little dusty,” said Rina as she brushed the table off with her large hand as well as she could. “But I haven’t had anyone stop for dinner in a while. Take a seat and I’ll make you something.”

Liam was still in a small shock sat down at the chair and watched Rina walk away into the nearby kitchen. She began to chop away at something but he couldn’t see what it was, that was until he saw her come out with a normal size plate. On the plate was a collection of
vegetables and some bread. She walked toward him and then placed it on the table just in front of him.

“It might not be much but it’ll tie you over until tomorrow,” said Rina. She had a small smile on her face. “Then I’ll cook you something properly to eat.”

“T-Thank you,” replied Liam. He looked down at the food and he didn’t care too much about what was on there. He just picked it up and began to stuff his face with it, it was the first real meal that he had for a while and he wanted to enjoy it as much as he could.

Rina watched on but she was also making a small amount of food for herself. She made herself a quick salad and ate it while she still kept an eye on him. She felt very sympathetic to him as she didn’t like to think about a child losing both of their parents. She was also thinking about what she should do with him. She couldn’t let him leave if he had nowhere else to go but she couldn’t keep him either as she was not related to him and was not his legal guardian either. She knew what she needed to do but she would have to do it in the morning rather than doing anything about it now.

Within minutes Liam had finished what he was eating and he lay back on his chair. He hadn’t been too particularly fond vegetables but he had still enjoyed what he had eaten. He saw Rina approaching him and she bent down so that she didn’t seem so tall to him. Even bending down she was still the tallest human being that he had ever seen.

“Did you enjoy that?” asked Rina. Her smile was still there and any fear that he had for his safety was gone.

“Y-Yes thank you,” replied Liam. He remembered how his parents taught him to be thankful to those who gave him something of value.

“That’s great, I couldn’t simply let you go walking around hungry like that. At least now you have some much-needed food in that belly of yours.” She chuckled for a moment and he could see that he had a small amount of confusion in his face. “What’s the matter?”

“Why are you so big?” His question was quick and blunt much like that which would come from a child. Rather than being offended by it she simply chuckled again and then carefully grabbed him around the sides.

“I’ll tell you but first I think it’s best that I put you…” She lifted him up gently and then began to look around. She saw a table close by and then placed him on top of it. “Here.” She then bent down to pick up the table and chair that Liam had been sitting at. She put them to one side before she took a few steps back and looked at him. “You could say that I am simply Rina, I’ve been big for as long as I can remember but my size runs deeper than that. Much deeper.”

Liam looked at Rina and noticed something different about her, he couldn’t put his finger on it at first but when he looked further he could see that she was taller. It was only a few feet from what she had been before but it quickly increased in a small amount of time. Liam got up and took a few steps back as he saw the giantess growing taller and taller before him. His fear was back for a moment and he saw her head push up against the high ceiling. For a moment he thinks that she is going to crash through it but her growth spurt suddenly stopped. Now she was easily twice as tall as she was before.

“Y-You grew,” said Liam in shock. He had never seen such a thing before and a small amount of fear that he had felt before suddenly returned.

“Yep and if it wasn’t for this pesky ceiling I would have made myself even bigger,” replied Rina in a cheerful voice. Her tone of voice did ease him a little but he still looked up in wonder of her. She made the gigantic furniture seem small. “But then again the people of Dunlin don’t like me growing above a certain height.

Liam then watched as Rina began to shrink herself down. The process was slower and less grand than the growth spurt. Within a few seconds her height was back down to fifteen feet, it was still impressive but her size was not as impressive as it had been just a few moments ago.

“Can you shrink yourself smaller?” asked Liam was confused by the fact that she was still this size even she could change it at will.

“Unfortunately for me and my pocketbook this is as small as I can get,” replied Rina. She laughed for a moment at her joke before taking a few steps toward him. She then squatted down so that her eye level was at his. “But my abilities can work in other ways.” She then pinched her nose and began to blow. Liam wondered what she was doing but then he heard a popping sound. Suddenly he saw that her ears had grown significantly. Now they were at least three times their original size and poking out through her white hair. It made her look ridiculous and it even made him giggle. “Don’t I look funny?” She had released her nose and was giggling along with him. “I look like an elephant don’t I with these ears?”

“Y-Yes you do.” He was too busy giggling and barely noticed her shrink her ears back down to their original size.

“As you saw I can enlarge any part of my body without making everything else bigger. And I can do this.” He watched as Rina’s body changed again, this time it came from her neck which began to grow longer, it was different from when her ears grow. Then they had grown in proportion but this time her neck was simply stretching. It was like her head was being pushed up but the rest of her body remained where it was. The neck occupied the space between the body and the head and was stretching more and more. When it eventually stopped her neck was roughly eight feet long which now made a significant portion of her height. “Now I look like a giraffe, I’m sure that I can graze from the tops of the trees with such a long neck like this.”

“T-That’s amazing.” He was still in disbelief over what he was seeing. Something inside of him was also telling him that she wasn’t quite human either.

“Oh, you better believe it.” Her neck began to retract which brought her head down until it was back to it’s original length. “It’s fun being able to do that but most of the time I prefer to have my body like it should be now.” She could see that he was still amazed by her demonstration but she could also see that he was fatigued. This changed her expression to one of concern. “Liam you’re tired, I think it’s best that you go to bed. Besides you’ll probably be quite busy tomorrow.”

“W-What, why?” he was confused by this continued to look at her.

“I’m going to have to take you to the mayor. He’ll decide what will be done about you. You’ll stay here tonight but after that I’m not sure what’ll happen, hopefully it’ll go in a way that’ll benefit you.”

Liam went to protest but found himself too tired to protest. He didn’t even show any kind of resistance when Rina picked him up once again. He was more tired than he realised as she carried him out of the room and into a much smaller room. It was small in comparison to her but it was comfortable for him. He saw that there was a bed scaled for a normal size person along with a small table and a chair. She gently placed him on the bed and then squatted down once again.

“W-What is this?” asked Liam who was still tired from everything that had happened in the last few hours.

“My guest room,” replied Rina. “It might be a little messy but it will do for tonight.” She continued to smile at him. “Just make yourself comfortable and get as much sleep as you can. You must be tired after everything.” Liam didn’t respond and simply yawned loudly, he could barely keep his eyes open. He watched as she stood up again and smiled down at him. “If you need me for anything don’t hesitate to call me. Goodnight, have pleasant dreams.”

With that she stepped out and closed the door behind her. Liam climbed into the bed and almost as soon as his head struck the pillow he was fast asleep. It was the best place that he had slept in for a while and he couldn’t help but feel that his fortunes were turning for the better.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

I'm enjoying this story. I hope it continues.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

Oh there will be more, just deciding on the next part.
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Re: The Giantess's Garden: Illustrated Story

When Liam woke up the next morning for a moment he forgot where he was. It took a few seconds for him to remember about Rina and that he was sleeping in her giant home. He also remembered that his parents were still dead and this made him sad. It was enough for him to shed a few tears.

Eventually he did climb out of the bed and was able to open the door to the room. Although it was gigantic there was a smaller door built into it so that a normal size person could use it. No sooner had he opened it and stepped out he could see that the gigantic furniture was still around him. Each was almost three times the size of a normal and he saw the woman herself Rina resting on a chair nearby.

When Liam saw her, he could see that her clothes were different from what they were the night before. Now she was wearing a bright summer dress and a single strap sandals on her feet. She was reading a book and was wearing glasses as she read, the book she was reading was normal size and she brought it close to her face so that she could read it.

For a moment she shifted her focus away from the book and she saw Liam standing there. She quickly placed a marker on the book and closed it. She lifted her glasses and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“Good morning,” said Rina. “Did you have a nice sleep?”

“Y-Yes thank you,” replied Liam. He was still adjusting to the size of the woman sitting before him. He remembered the demonstration that he had seen the night before and it was something that he was unlikely to ever forget.

“You slept for a very long time, you must have been really tired.”

“I-I was.” His stomach began to growl.

“And from the sounds of that you’re hungry as well.” She placed the book down and then stood up. “Come along now, let’s make you some breakfast.”

Liam didn’t argue with her and followed her to the kitchen. There she made him a quick breakfast which consisted of pancakes. He ate them quickly as he was hungry and it was the first time he had eaten pancakes for a fair while. Rina made sure that there was plenty of syrup to go along with it. When he was done he felt like he had just eaten his weight in pancakes.

She was more than happy to feed him but she did notice that he smelled. This was fixed once she ran him a bath and allowed him to bathe himself. She knew that he was old enough to bathe himself so she left him to it as she prepared for a few other things that were happening that day.

Liam’s bath lasted for a few minutes but he was disappointed to find that the only clothes that he had were the dirty ones that he had been wearing for months on end. Even though he was clean his clothes still stank and he knew that Rina could smell it. With little choice he still put it back on and went back to her. He found her cleaning up after breakfast and at first, she didn’t spot him.

At one point she noticed that somehow a small amount of syrup had made its way onto the ceiling. He watched as she dampened a cloth and the elongated her arm until she could reach the syrup. At this point in time her as was as long as the entirety of her body, it was a very abnormal thing for him to see but he didn’t say anything about it.

“Rina,” said Liam after she had finished cleaning the ceiling. He watched as her as she retracted her arm, within moments it was back down to its normal length.

“Yes, what is it?” replied Rina as she took a few steps toward him. She had the usual smile on her face and even though she was huge he felt perfectly safe.

“I’m finished now, but my clothes still stink.” He looked down at his clothes for a moment and he felt embarrassed to be wearing them.

“Don’t worry about that for now. In the meantime, we have to make our way to the mayor’s office. It’s up to him on what’s going to happen to you.”

“What do you mean by that?” He was becoming scared and confused. “He’s not going to make me go out on the streets again is he?”

“Of course not, he would never do anything as terrible as that. Nah, we just need to figure out where you’re going to go. As much as I loved having you over here I don’t think I can legally keep you here.”

“O-Oh I see.” He was still nervous as he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. He didn’t want to be sent out on the streets again but he just didn’t know what to think. Rina’s presence was comforting for him though.

Around an hour later Liam stepped out of the house with Rina following close behind. It was a beautiful sunny day and she took a deep breath so that she could feel relaxed. Liam also looked out and only now could he see how colourful her garden was. It was more beautiful than he could have imagined and she looked at him while he observed it. She seemed proud by what she had created and she allowed him to observe for a little while longer before she decided that it was time to move on.

While Liam was looking at the garden he failed to notice Rina growing even larger. It wasn’t until her shadow enveloped him that he realised what had happened. When he turned to look at her he saw that her height had doubled. She was now as tall as her home and she was looking down at him with her smile. He was confused for a moment and even took a step back from her.

“Y-You grew,” said Liam with some surprise. He knew full well that she could grow but he didn’t expect her to do it right there and then.

“Of course, it’s better to carry you at this size and don’t worry,” replied Rina. “I’m as tall as I’m allowed to be.” She pointed to a marker on top of the house which she just tall enough for her head to reach. “See, not too tall.” She then looked at him again. “You don’t mind me carrying you, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind.” He then saw her bend down and wrap her huge hands around him. She then effortlessly lifted him up and placed him on her shoulder. It was a little small for him but she was able to increase the size of her shoulder without increased the rest of her body. It looked very odd but since she was still under the thirty-foot limit she was perfectly fine. She also wrapped some of her hair around him for his own protection.

“Now off we go, Rina’s taxi service is on the move.” She giggled as she said this and she simply began to walk toward Dunlin. There was a somewhat loud thud with each footstep she took and not only did she look where she was going but she also kept an eye on him as well. The last thing she wanted was for him to fall.

Liam marvelled over the view that he was seeing from Rina’s shoulder. It was like he was in a moving tree and he could see the tops of the houses in Dunlin and everyone who walked below seemed to be like toys. He thought that this was how she felt every time she went out of her house. It was a very surreal thing for him to experience.

One thing that Liam did notice was that a few people said hello to Rina as she walked by and she would smile and say hello back. It was odd for him to see a woman as large as her walking through a street like a normal person and interacting with them. It was almost like something out of one of his books.

Eventually they came to another building and she placed him onto the ground. Liam looked at the building for a moment and he was confused. He thought that he was going to see the mayor but instead he found himself outside of a shop. His confusion only grew as he saw Rina giggling at him.

“Does the mayor work here?” asked Liam with confusion in his voice.

“Of course, not silly,” replied Rina. She giggled for a moment before it subsided. “I’ve brought you here so that you can get some new clothes. You don’t want to see the mayor wearing that.” Suddenly she spotted someone coming out of the store, this woman had been expecting them and she looked up at Rina. She was slightly overweight and looked to be around fifty. She was wearing normal clothing and didn’t seem to be phased by Rina’s size. She then looked at Liam after she had said hello to her and focused her gaze on the boy standing before her.

“I see why you’ve brought him here,” said the woman.

“Yeah, he needs some new clothes to wear. Have you got anything that will suit him?”

“Of course.” She then gestured his hand toward the door of the store. “If you would like to make your way inside.”

Liam with some hesitation did walk inside and he could see rows upon rows of clothes inside. They had clothes for men, women, children and any size that he could think of. He was amazed with what he was seeing but he soon found the store owner standing beside him. It was her responsibility to get what she felt was right.

For the next half an hour Liam tried several different clothes. Most of them he didn’t really like but eventually he came across some a set that he felt truly suited him. It consisted of a red shirt with blue trousers and some nice shoes to go along with it. Out of everything that he wore it was the one that he felt most comfortable with.

For a moment he did wonder how he was going to pay for it but the store owner told him that Rina had already paid for it and that he didn’t have to worry. Once he was done he stepped back outside and he could see Rina looking down with a smile on her face. She seemed to like what she was seeing and he too seemed to be happy as well.

“Don’t you look adorable,” said Rina as she continued to look at him.

“Do you really think so?” replied Liam. He held his shirt out for a moment and looked at it. “I thought you’d think it was a little bland.”

“Of course not, it’s perfect for you.” She then bent down and held her hand to him. “Shall we keep going?”

Liam nodded and allowed Rina to pick him up again and place him on her shoulder. When she was sure that he was secure she carried on with their journey and Liam could only hope that their visit to the mayor would go for the best.
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