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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

After that day Huan and Yasha continued to see each other on practically a daily basis. They would talk to one another and it was helping to build their friendship. People were also becoming more and more used to the size changing woman and it wouldn’t be long until they were completely used to her. Many people already saw her as a functioning member of their community who helped out others whenever she could.

The damage caused to Mrs Zeng’s home and furniture had also been repaired. Yasha had taken great care in her attempts to repair the damage and other members of the village also helped out as Mrs Zeng was amongst their oldest residents. It seemed like everything was going right for her, which was something that made her happy.

One problem that Yasha was having was that her natural height was still increasing. Sometimes she would try to ignore it but others it was too obvious for her to ignore and it really annoyed her. She still didn’t know why she was growing but she couldn’t seem to do anything to stop it. This caused her some fear as she didn’t know how tall she was going to become.

On one particular Day Yasha asked for Huan’s assistance to help measure her. There was a wall in Mrs Zeng’s home that she was using to help keep track of her growth. She stood by the wall while Huan stood on a stool and used a brush in order to paint a small black line just on top of Yasha’s head. He had done this a few times before but each time the mark was moving up and up and up. He still remembered how short she had been when they first met, now it was like he was seeing a different person.

“So, what’s the damage?” asked Yasha as she watched him step down from the stool. He looked very short to her, almost like a mother looking at their child.

“I can’t tell,” replied Huan. “Just step away from the wall for a moment and then we can see.” He watched as the super tall Yasha stepped away from the wall and he could see the mark. There was another mark that he had placed a week or so ago which showed the seven-foot mark. The new mark was a few inches above it and this surprised him. “I’d say that you’re somewhere between seven foot three to seven foot four.”

“I-It’s worse than I thought.” She gave a disappointed sigh as she wasn’t entirely surprised by what he had said. “Thanks for the help anyway.”

“You’re welcome.” He looked up at her and he had to keep reminding himself that she wasn’t using her powers. Her body did seem longer than it had before and he couldn’t help but be taken aback by what he was seeing. “There has been something that I’ve been meaning to ask you as well, there’s a little something that I could do with your assistance with.”

“Oh, and what’s that?” For the moment this took her mind off of her present predicament and allowed her to focus on something else.

“I need to go and pick up a few supplies from another village that’s a few miles from here. I’d like for you to accompany me if you wish. I could do with a hand with some of the lifting and I’d appreciate the company.”

“You want me to go along with you?”

“Of course, it would be a pleasure.”

This caused Yasha to blush for a moment before she regained her composure. She didn’t notice that her height also increased by a fraction of an inch. She smiled down at him and she could see him smiling back at her.

“I accept your invitation and I’d be happy to help you,” said Yasha with the smile still on her face. It seemed a little funny to see as her body was lengthened a little thickened in some places but her head remained the same size.

“Good, we’ll go first thing in the morning. Hopefully if things go well we’ll be back before dusk. The roads around here can be pretty treacherous at night.”

Yasha bent down and gave Huan a hug for his efforts. He was more than happy to hug her back but it was an odd sensation hugging a woman as tall as Yasha. It was a little awkward at first but he eventually got the hang of it. He even felt himself get lifted off of his feet as she stood up with him still in her arms. She smiled again as the hug continued and she didn’t want it to ever end. Unfortunately, everything eventually came to an end.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

The next morning Huan waited by his trusted horse for the arrival of Yasha. He had attached a cart to his horse and made sure that it was secure. The last thing he wanted was a strap to tear off while they were on their journey. It would be difficult to get it replaced and would waste valuable time.

Just as he thought that Yasha wasn’t coming he saw the towering woman approaching him. The first thing that he noticed was her head as it was slowly coming up an embankment. He then saw her shoulders, then her hips and then her knees as she continued to walk toward him. She looked a little tired but other than that she seemed to be in good health.

One thing that Huan noticed when Yasha finally stood near him was that she looked a little taller than she did the previous day. He had kept a mental marker of where he came to her and that marker had risen by almost an inch. He thought that she must be close to being seven and a half feet tall.

“Good morning Yasha,” said Huan. He thought about commenting on the fact that she looked taller but he decided to keep it to himself.

“I’m glad to see that you’re up and about this morning.”

“Thanks,” replied Yasha. She looked down at him and she saw that he only came up to her chest. This worried her but she didn’t want to mention it. “It did take me a little while to get out of bed. I had to rush to get out and I even bumped my head on the doorframe.” She pointed to a small red patch on her forehead. She chuckled for a moment. “Guess I sometimes forget just how tall I actually am.”

“Well you better not forget, or else you’ll be having more bruises.” He chuckled before he gestured his hand toward the cart. “Ladies first.”
Yasha nodded with agreement as she stepped toward the cart. There was a small section at the front which was designed to allow two people to sit in it. She climbed onto the front and the cart rocked a little thanks to her weight. She then tried to sit down properly in it but there was a bar in front that helped attach the straps to the horse. Because of this she couldn’t get her long legs to fit underneath it properly and caused her some discomfort. It seemed obvious that it wasn’t designed for someone of her height in mind.

Despite her discomfort Yasha showed that she was ready and Huan carefully climbed onto the seat so that he could steer the cart. He whipped the reins a little and the horse began to move forward, it was likely going to be a long journey and he had brought some food and water for them to sustain themselves as well as food for the horse.

As the hours went by Yasha was having difficulty hiding her discomfort. She put on a brave face but it was getting too much for her to bear. Huan looked up to her from time to time and he would ask her if she was alright which she would respond that she was even though she wasn’t. They were in the middle of nowhere and finally she had to get her discomfort off her chest.

“Can you pull over please?” asked Yasha.

“Y-Yeah sure,” replied Huan. He was able to steer the cart to the side of the road and no sooner had he done this Yasha got out and finally stood up to her full height. She quickly bent down and rubbed her legs and gave a small groan of relief.

“That feels better. I swear if I was going to endure that for another minute I would have torn out my hair.”

“If you weren’t comfortable you could have told me.” He smiled to her as he found the situation somewhat humorous.

“I didn’t want to spoil our trip.” She finished rubbing her legs and then looked over to him properly. “Here’s an idea, why don’t I just enlarge myself to the point that I can carry you and the cart? Then I take you to where we need to go and then take you back home. It’ll be faster and I won’t have to sit in discomfort.”

“That is a good idea but the problem is that when you make yourself bigger you become a lot more intimidating to regular folk. The last thing I want is for some kind of local militia trying to harm you. Besides we’re in no real rush.”

“Fine.” She crossed her arms and looked to be annoyed by this but she did agree with what he was saying. “But when we get back you owe me one for having to put up with this.”

“Well you can ride in the back of the cart if you wish, there’s plenty of leg room there.”

This caused a dilemma in Yasha’s mind. She had been thoroughly enjoying sitting besides Huan and she didn’t want to lose that feeling. However, having her knees up against the bar constantly was too much for her really bear.

Out of the nearby bushes four men suddenly jumped out which startled both of them. They quickly surrounded the cart and Huan quickly got out and stood next to Yasha. They could see that the men had masked their lower faces and were wielding daggers which was obviously not used for slicing food. Huan knew why they were there but he wanted to try and end the confrontation without the need for violence.

Each of the men thought that they had the upper hand and their clothing was somewhat in tatters which showed Huan that they were not likely very well off. This attack was more out of desperation more than anything else. He thought that he could use this to his advantage.

“Hey there friends,” said Huan. “What brings you here today?”

“We want your gold and whatever valuables you have,” replied one of the bandits. He took a step closer to Huan.

“Unfortunately, we have nothing of value, if you wouldn’t mind we would like to be on our way.”

“You’re lying.” His voice was sharp and frustrated. “I’m not going to ask you again, give me your valuables or pay with your lives.”

“He told you to leave, do as he tells you,” replied Yasha. The Bandits looked up at her and they marvelled over her height for a few moments. However, they weren’t intimidated as they were armed and had numbers on their side.

“I see that this isn’t going to be resolved peacefully,” stated Huan. He then raised his hands to a fighting position. “If you try and attack us then we will be forced to protect ourselves. I give you one last warning, leave now.”

There were a few moments of silence. Yasha had a somewhat worried expression on her face but it soon changed to that of determination. She was tempted to simply grow and intimidate the bandits that way but she didn’t think it would be as fun. Instead she raised her arms much like Huan. They stood back to back and although their height difference did seem funny the situation was not humorous in the slightest.

“Are you ready for this?” asked Huan as he looked up at Yasha. His voice was quiet so that only she could hear him.

“You bet,” replied Yasha. She gave him a confident smile before she focused on the bandits again. When she glared at them she could see that they were a little intimidated.

Before another word could be spoken the bandits struck.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

The first bandit darted toward Huan with his blade in his hand. He was confident that his attack was going to go off without a hitch but he soon found his blade on the ground near his feet. Faster than he had thought possible Huan had struck the bandit’s hand causing him to drop his dagger. Before he knew what was happening he felt a straight punch to his face that sent him flying to the ground.

Yasha was having the same amount of luck as Huan as another bandit came toward her. Even though she was almost two feet taller than him he didn’t seem to show any fear. That changed when she gave him a straight kick to his chest that instantly knocked the wind out of him. She had hit him with enough force to cause him to fly back by several feet.

The remaining bandits paused for a moment as they suddenly realised that the people that they had held up were not the pushovers that the had been expecting. Huan and Yasha had just been able to take down two members of their group within a few moments. They knew that they needed back-up and quickly.

One of the bandits unleashed a high pitch whistle that was an indication to some other bandits that were hiding close by. With the sound of the whistle they quickly came out of hiding and surrounded the pair. It was obvious to them that the only way to truly take what they owned was to kill them, much like they had done to others in the past.

Huan and Yasha stayed next to one another as they knew that the numbers were not on their side. They saw as the bandits came toward them with some haste, their superior numbers did give them an advantage but they could not match the sheer fighting prowess of both of them. With a series of punches, chops and kicks they were able to keep the bandits at bay. A few of them were even being put out of the fight.

One of the bandits were just able to slash the arm of Huan as they were able to attack just as he was striking another bandit. The wound was not deep and wasn’t very long, however this was noticed by Yasha who became very angry. The rage that she felt caused her body to shoot up quickly causing the bandits to stop in their tracks. Within the space of a few seconds her height skyrocketed from almost seven and a half feet all the way up to around two hundred.

Yasha loomed over the battlefield like a person looking down at insects scurrying around. All the bandits were completely taken aback by what they were seeing as most didn’t want to believe what they were seeing in front of them. They had heard rumours of a giant woman in the area but they didn’t expect anything like this.

“You’re all going to walk away,” said Yasha in an intimidating voice. “NOW!” The bandits didn’t waste any time in taking her words to mind. Quicker than they appeared the bandits fled to wherever they felt safe. From someone like Yasha it was far, far away from there.

Huan looked up at Yasha, he had seen her grow in the past but he had never seen her this large before. He felt truly small in comparison but he felt no fear whatsoever, any fear that he had toward her had long faded and he watched as the gargantuan woman bent down and placed her hand on the ground. Without hesitation he stepped onto it and he felt himself get lifted into the air. He clearly saw her face but with its current magnification he saw details that had eluded him when she was smaller.

“Are you alright?” asked Yasha with a lot of concern in her voice. It was nowhere near the intimidating tone that she had used a few moments earlier.

“I’m fine,” replied Huan. He saw her focus her vision on his arm that had began to trickle some blood.

“You don’t look fine to me.”

“It’s just a scratch, you left a bigger mark when we first met.” She fell silent as she didn’t know how to respond. She wanted to do everything she could to treat his injury but she knew that it wasn’t serious. “Besides don’t you think you’ve over done it a little, I somewhat expected you to make yourself bigger but this is a little much.”

“Oh, sorry about that.” Her face blushed as she felt embarrassed. “I was only supposed to grow by a few feet but I accidentally became this size. I guess my powers are still not working properly, first I steadily get taller and now this, I’m starting to think that I’ve become a novice again.”

“If it makes you feel any better you’re still infinitely more experienced at size changing than me.” He looked down to the ground and he could see that his horse and cart was still there. The horse had not bolted after the attack or Yasha’s growth spurt. “But now we have the problem that we discussed earlier.” He then gave a sigh. “I guess we’ll just have to go with your suggestion.”

“Do you mean the faster way?” She watched as he nodded. “In that case I think it’s best that I put you here.” Carefully she lifted him further so that she could place him on her shoulder. “I’m going to need both hands for our other passenger.” With that she bent down and picked up the horse and cart. She could have performed the task with one hand but she felt that it was best that she used them both. It was also another way that she could get him closer to her. When everything was secure she looked over to Huan who was still sitting on her shoulder. “Are you comfortable there?”

“Of course, your shoulder is very soft.”

“Ok, just sit tight and I’ll get us there in no time.” She chuckled and began to continue on with the walk. It was still some distance away from their destination but at her current size it would not take them long. They also wouldn’t have to worry about any more bandit attacks but it was unlikely that the rest of the journey would be uneventful.
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Oops...she did it again.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Really loving this.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Thanks, I really appreciate it.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

The still gigantic Yasha continued to walk with Huan sitting on her shoulder. She didn’t want to admit that she was enjoying more than was normal. He also felt that it was odd sitting on the shoulder of someone as large as her. He felt truly small and that his life was in her hands, a drop from this height would sure kill him.

The horse and cart were still secure in Yasha’s hand and any time it really began to move she would be able to cup it to ensure that it didn’t fall. It would make sounds at her every now and again but she was making sure that it remained calm. Like Huan a fall for the horse would likely result in its untimely death.

Thanks to Yasha’s great size the journey wasn’t taking as long as they had expected. Her strides made her travel faster than a galloping horse and they didn’t have to worry about any bandits. If there were any still in the area they knew better than to try and steal from them. One move could kill them with ease.

Huan continued to sit on the shoulder and he began to think. He did enjoy the vantage point that he had and he would look at the towering woman who was carrying him. He still found it hard to believe that when they first met that she had been much shorter than him and even tried to kill him. Now she was probably his best friend and would do anything to save his life.

“Hmm it’s such a beautiful day,” said Yasha as she looked forward. She briefly looked up at the sky and then looked at Huan. “Not even a cloud in the sky.”

“Yeah it is very nice,” replied Huan. “Best to stay focused as you don’t want to accidentally step on anyone.”

“Oh, I know.” She smiled at him but then she felt a strong gust of wind. It wasn’t anything that could cause her any problems and even Huan was able to endure it.

One thing that they didn’t notice was that it caused a few leaves to blow off of the nearby trees. Most of them fell to the ground but there was one leaf that was taken upwards into the air by the wind. It began to float towards Yasha’s head and it was too small for her to notice.
Instead she just kept walking.

Unfortunately the leaf floated near the nose of the towering giantess and as she breathed in the leaf went inside as well. This was instantly noticed by Yasha who stopped dead in her tracks. It was causing her nose to begin to twitch. Huan instantly knew what was happening and he quickly tried to find something to grab onto.

Yasha could feel a sneeze coming and she was trying everything she could to try and stop it from happening. Huan tried to grab some of her hair but it was too short for him to reach and he could do nothing but hope for the best when the sneeze finally came.

The sneeze was like a sonic boom as it could be heard for miles in every direction. Even she was taken aback by how big the sneeze had been and as she rubbed her nose she noticed an odd feeling between her breasts. As she looked down she could see that Huan had fallen down and landed between her breasts, it had saved him from falling to his doom and he looked up at her with a small amount of panic in his face.

Carefully Yasha put the horse and cart down on the ground below before standing up and looking at Huan. Rather than trying to get him out of her breasts she rubbed him gently with her finger and began to blush. She enjoyed having him there and if she could she would leave him there for as long as she wanted.

“Are you comfortable?” asked Yasha with a smile on her face.

“Very but can you get me out please,” replied Huan. He began to move and this only caused the pleasure that she could feel to increase.
The first indication to Huan that something was wrong was when he felt the breasts around him beginning to expand. As he looked up he could see that Yasha’s head was becoming further and further away from him. He realised that she was growing again but she hadn’t really noticed at first as she was simply enjoying having him between her breasts.

He wanted to try and tell her about what was happening but he found his mouth covered by the flesh of breasts and he couldn’t say anything. Her eyes were closed as she was simply enjoying what was taking place. It was something that she had dreamed of doing for sometime and now it was finally happening.

Not only were the breasts growing but the gap between them was growing as well as the rest of her body. She was growing taller and taller by the second and had still not noticed either. The increasing gap did cause Huan to begin to slip and he tried to hold on as best as he could but he found himself falling again. Just as he fell he was able to shout her name which snapped her back to reality.
Huan fell through the breasts and found himself falling down alongside her belly. He tried to grab onto her belly button but he found himself unable to. But he did fall onto the shorts that she was wearing. At first, he was able to remain on the fabric but he soon fell inside of them and found himself in a world of darkness.

Yasha knew where he was but with him now in her private area the wave of pleasure that she felt only grew and also sent her growth spurt into overdrive. She was growing faster than she ever had before and she had her hands around her crouch area in an attempt to try and somehow curb her pleasure.

She was feeling very good at that moment in time but Huan was terrified. He could feel the hairs of her private parts around him but he could also feel them growing around him and he began to become intertwined in them. He didn’t want to imagine just how large she was now but at that moment in time survival was all he could think about. He climbed up the hair as much as he could but his simple touch caused her to Yasha to groan in pleasure and she was doing everything she could to try and keep everything in.

Eventually her feelings of pleasure eventually gave way to the fact that Huan was still in her private parts. She soon realised this and quickly tried to save Huan before anything else happened. From the point of view of the normal size man he thought that he might be done for but then he saw a light above him. As he looked up he saw the fabric of Yasha’s shorts open up and the largest finger he had ever seen come down. Not taking his chances he jumped and grabbed onto it. He soon felt himself get taken back into the light and what he saw next shocked him greatly.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

When Huan was back in the sunlight he could see Yasha before him however she was much, much larger than she had been before. The trees below them now only stood around her ankle and everything else above was purely her. He was on her finger and never in his life had he truly felt so small. Before when he had seen her gigantic he could still fathom her size, now she truly looked like a goddess above lesser beings.

Yasha’s body looked mighty but her facial expression said otherwise. She had a very worried look on her face as she looked at Huan. She still couldn’t believe what had happened, although it felt very pleasurable she felt guilty and ashamed by it. She thought that any chance she had of building a relationship that was beyond a friend with him had been shattered. She hung her head in shame but she was glad to see that he was fine, there were no obvious signs of injury but she feared that there were those that couldn’t be seen.

“Huan I’m so sorry,” said Yasha after a long pause. She had been thinking about the best thing to say but that was all that she could come up with think of. “I don’t know what happened, I was trying to get you out but then I began to grow again. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“It’s alright Yasha,” replied Huan. He knew what had been happening and he tried to seem as understanding as possible. It was just like what had happened at their dinner a few weeks before but on a much larger scale.

“No, it’s not, I can’t be around you if I keep growing like this. What if I accidentally step on someone, or on you? I couldn’t live with myself if I did something like that. I don’t know why this keeps happening, it never happened before I left the temple.”

“There is a logical answer to this.” He placed his hand on her finger, not just for safety but to show that he was there for her. “There is something that you’re repressing, something that is trying to burst out. The only way to regain control of your powers is to admit what you’re repressing, only then you can move on.”

“But it’s not that easy.” She wasn’t denying what he was saying and she found it funny that even at his seemingly tiny size that he could cut her deeper than any weapon.

“Yes, it is, the only one holding you back is you. Please, just let it out, whatever you’re feeling just let it out now.”

“I love you!” Her voice was louder than she expected and there was a silence that hung over them both. Neither made the next move yet but she was sure to keep her finger still, the last thing she wanted was for him to fall. “There I’ve said it, I love you. I respected your fighting abilities when we fought at the temple and over the time I’ve known you I’ve become fonder of you with each passing day. You’re not like any other man I’ve met, you’re mighty with your fists but gentle in nature. You never fight for personal gain or malice. It makes me feel new feelings that I’ve never felt before. It was too much for me to take and my body’s been changing because of it.”

“Yasha.” He wanted to say something but the colossal woman prevented him from doing so.

“My worst fear was that I would tell you how I truly felt but you would reject me.”

“Why would I reject you?”

“Look at me.” There was a small amount of frustration in her voice. “How many other women can grow like this? I’ll tell you, none. Those are normal women, that’s something that I’ll never be. You deserve a woman, not a freak.”

“Yasha you couldn’t be more wrong. You’re not a freak, you’re the most amazing woman that I’ve ever met. Never have I felt anything less of you.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Of course, and I admit that my feelings for you are very strong.” He paused for a moment so that he could think of the best thing to say next. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and the only one who can actually keep up with my fists. You truly are the most remarkable woman on Earth.”

Yasha didn’t say a word as her eyes began to well up. Not only was the fact that she loved Huan now out in the open, the fact that he returned her love was more than she could have hoped for. Her tears of joy fell down to the ground leaving large salty puddles below. She couldn’t help but bring him closer to her lips so that she could plant a kiss on him. He did nothing to stop this and soon he found his face placed onto her lips as they embraced in a kiss.

The kiss lasted for several moments before Yasha began to feel an odd sensation all across her body. It was a familiar but yet different feeling, she fully expected to grow again and she quickly broke the kiss off. She thought that Huan was about to become even smaller in comparison to her but she saw something odd. Rather than him seemingly shrinking the opposite was happening, it was her that was becoming smaller.

Her body seemed to be shrinking in spurts as she lost around ten percent of her height with each spurt. Quickly she placed Huan on the ground who could nothing but watch as she shrank smaller and smaller. Yasha was shocked by what was happening as she had never shrank in this manner before, it had always been over a fairly long period of time. Now she was shrinking as quickly as she grew and she didn’t think it was possible.

As the seconds went by she shrank smaller and eventually Huan came up to her knees, then her hips, then her breasts and she expected to continue to shrink. Instead she stopped at around seven and a half feet tall. She was as tall as she was when they had set out that day and they both stood in silence, it still seemed very bizarre for a woman who had been hundreds and hundreds of feet tall down to a size which was much more manageable. They still remained silent for a few seconds before Huan finally spoke.

“Well I guess that’s it then,” said Huan. He smiled and stood on his tip toes so that he could place his hand on the top of her head. “I thought that you’d shrink to as small as when we first met.”

“I guess my love for you was too much for that little body to contain, so it had to make itself bigger in order to fit it all in. I still don’t think there’s enough room.” She smiled back at him as she knew that a new and important chapter of her life had just started. She watched as he held his hand to her.

“Now, shall we continue on with our journey? We can discuss more of our future when we return home.”

“Y-Yes, I’d like that very much.”

Without hesitation she gently grabbed his hand and they made their way back to the horse and cart. Despite what had happened it still hadn’t moved very far away and it was easy for the couple to find it. However, the rest of their lives would now be entirely different to what it had been before they set out.
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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Almost two years to the day Huan found himself working in the fields. In the time since his little trip with Yasha he had decided to grow a beard. It was something that he had thought about doing for a while and now seemed to be a good time. He was still becoming accustomed to it and he thought that it suited him even though it made his sister laugh.

Today just happened to be a warm day and he was wiping the sweat from his brow as he continued to work. He thought about stopping to take a break but since there wasn’t much more to do he preferred to get it out of the way. One thing that was constantly on his mind was Yasha, she wasn’t in her usually spry self at that moment in time and it got him worried although he knew the source of her health.

“Huan,” said a female voice. This made him stop what he was doing and he looked toward where the voice was coming from. There he saw the towering figure of his wife slowly walking toward him. This put a smile on his face as he thought that she was beautiful.

Like Huan Yasha looked different to how she was a couple of years ago. She had decided to grow her hair which went down to just below her shoulders. It was tied back into a pony tail but this was her most minor change. When she had gone on her little trip with Huan she had been seven and a half feet tall. Afterwards her natural height continued to increase steadily. They both feared that she wouldn’t stop growing but to both of their reliefs she eventually did. By then she was a staggering nine feet tall, not only was she the tallest person in the country but also in the entire world. She was too tall for the majority of rooms and she still possessed the ability to grow as tall as she wanted.

Even with her longer hair and taller height there was still one big change that was completely obvious for everyone to see. She was heavily
pregnant with the couple’s first child, the news that they were going to be parents had caused Yasha to cry tears of joy. Holding her own child was something that she had always dreamed of and now she was only a few short days from having that dream become a reality. Thanks to her pregnancy her belly had inflated significantly, most would think that there was more than one child in her womb but she knew that there was only one. If her prediction was true it would likely become the largest baby ever born.

“What are you doing out here?” asked Huan. There was a slightly worried tone in his voice that made his wife chuckle. “You shouldn’t be out here in your condition.”

“Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t use my legs,” replied Yasha with a soothing tone. “Besides you’re working yourself too hard out here, I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t push yourself too far.”

“Well I guess I could do with a break.” He looked far up to the face of his wife that loomed over him by more than three feet. He then looked down at her large belly before looking up at her face again. Her hand was rubbing against her belly as she smiled. “I’m seeing it but I still can’t believe it, this time next week we’ll have our own child. A son to help me in the fields one day or a daughter to help brighten up our day.”

“We’re having a daughter.” There was joy in her voice and she even felt Huan feeling her belly as well. It was at level with his head which would seem insane to anyone else but he had grown used to it.

“And how do you know that?”

“I don’t know, something’s just telling me that we’re going to have a daughter. She’s going to become the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“And the tallest, don’t forget about that.”

“Yes, and the tallest, maybe one day she’ll even beat me.” She paused for a moment as both of them felt their unborn child kick. This made them both smile.

For Yasha she had gone from being the guardian of an elixir to being married and on the verge of becoming a mother. She had married the man who had first won her respect and then her love. She didn’t fully know what the future held for them both but there was one thing that she was certain of. She was happy.

The End
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