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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Esssssential Oilsssss [female / snake]
A cursed lotion causes a woman to change at work.
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I know I shouldn't answer my phone when I don't recognize the number calling and I don't recognize the name I'd saved with it. I don't know who "Terry" is and I usually have a pretty good memory for people.

I shouldn't answer it but I do, holding the phone to my ear as I stare at my spreadsheet. It's mid-morning Sunday and the office is almost completely empty. I don't need to be here but I'm near the bottom rung of the ladder and pulling extra work is the only way I know how to move up. I think I can see a way to-

"Hello?" I ask, my eyes scanning rows of raw data. Pivot chart here, maybe?

"Jenny?" an excitable voice asks on the other end.

Huh. A woman. Well. I guess my relationship and sex starved mind thought maybe Terry was a guy. Maybe someone I dated briefly in college? College. Way more simpler times. Not that I thought so back then.

"Yes, this is her," I say cautiously, giving a little more attention to the phone call. "Who is this?"

"Terry! It's Terry," she tells me. "From, we had- we took classes together? Well, one class. At WTU?"

"Ahh- ahhh?" I venture, still not sure who she is.

"You don't remember, do you?" she asks, her voice dropping a little. "Well, that's okay! Listen! I was in town and wondering if you had time for lunch? I'm only here for a little bit and it would mean the world to me if you could make time. My treat!"

"I-" I hesitate. I should say no but, seriously, my apartment is a cave at this point. I haven't made time to get out and socialize and I am hungry. I rub at my left hand, scratching my knuckle idly. It's getting colder and I keep forgetting to put lotion on. I dry up easily. "I guess, yeah. Yeah, that'd be good."

"Awesome!" she nearly shouts. What is with this woman? Wait. Waaaait. Something. A red headed girl? Curly hair? English 101? Maybe? A quiet goth, I thought. Maybe that's not right but something about the name and the voice sounds a little familiar. I think we had a group assignment together and that's where I got her number. "There's a little cafe near where I'm staying. The Golden Goose?"

"Yes, I know it," I tell her. It's a pretty popular spot for the non-managers at the office. My coworkers have invited me a few times but I bring my lunch. Because I'm at the bottom of the stupid corporate ladder and I have student loans that I'll never be able to pay off. Goddammit. "Your treat? I can be there in five minutes."

"Oh my gosh," she says in a rush. "You have no idea how happy that makes me. I'm so excited to see you again!"

"Uh, sure, me too," I lie, hanging up and staring at my phone. Now I wish I had said no. Same old knee-jerk no-confidence reaction. I could just not go? Or call back and say work is suddenly- No, I'll go. I'm hungry and can cut it short with work as an excuse.

Locking my computer, I grab my phone and purse and walk out. Charles is the only one here and he has his headphones on, nodding to some hidden beat while- ah, Netflix on the right monitor, some indecipherable text on the left. Programming stuff. I thought they did that at home. Jesus. Is he listening to music while watching some cartoon thing and working at the same time?

I pass him, head out of the lobby and into the chill air, pulling my scarf tight around my neck. It's a short walk to the cafe and I need to stretch my legs before getting back into it. Plus, a little bit of exercise never hurts. A few cars pass the mostly empty sidewalks but I'm daydreaming about the spreadsheet I'm working on until I look up in surprise and realize I've passed the cafe. So, I turn and, yeah. The redhead from my English class. She's waving to me inside, decidedly not gothy and, instead dressed in pants, a light green top and a grey jacket.

Her hand drops, her fixed smile cracks and she half turns to look over her left shoulder before freezing and then turning back, her smile wider than before.

Is there- is there something there? My hand hesitates at the door handle as some faint reddish haze appears to hover behind her, just to her left. But, I blink and it's gone. Huh.

She stands as I open the door and squeals before hugging me so I awkwardly hug her back and then try to get away from her. I am not into hugs and I don't even know this girl.

"Jenny!" she says loudly. "You came! Come on over! Order whatever you like."

I stop at the counter, scan the menu and ask for a turkey sandwich with a bag of chips and soda and then make my way over to the crazy girl.

Oh no.

She has a small case open on the table next to her with a few vials and bottles and some handmade cards.

Oh no.

Damn my hunger and inability to just confidently walk away.

"How long has it been?" Terry asks, eyeing me as I force myself into a seat opposite her.

She sounds off in a weird way I can't place. Talking too fast almost. She seems nervous and there's this weird smell. Bad eggs? I swear to god, if I get sick from eating here, I'm going to sue. I don't have time to get sick.

Let's get this over with.

"Five years, I think," I tell her as the owner sets a red plastic tray in front of me with my food. I'm pretty sure I can devour it in five minutes and then run for it.

"Too long!" she says with that weird wide smile. She leans forward, licking her lips and lowering her voice. I stop to stare at her with my sandwich halfway to my open mouth. "Listen, I have fantastic news."

"Oh?" I say before biting into my sandwich.

"Yes," she says, still leaning forward. "I found this great business and I'm willing to share it with you. It's a deal you literally can't refuse. I know I couldn't!"

She laughs but it's wild and her eyes move to the left for a brief second.

"Listen, Terry," I start to say as I wonder if I could shove the entire sandwich into my mouth at once. Competitive food eaters do it right? I could soften the whole mixture with the soda and then swallow in one go and run. "I'm not really interested-"

"I have some of everything!" she rolls right along. "I have things to make your hair grow, I have hair coloring things, I have things to give you energy and, oh! No, I know what you need!"

She pulls out a small blue bottle and sets it in front of me triumphantly.

"Dry skin," she says and then sits back.

I automatically scratch at my hand and then hide them both as she nods at me. So I take a gigantic bite of my sandwich to hide my shame. And almost choke. So, a huge sip of my soda follows.

She taps the bottle.

"This will fix it up," she tells me. "Trust me."

I don't. Trust her, I mean.

"I can't really afford-" I try to say but she cuts me off again.

"It's free," she says.

Uh-huh. I'm not dumb. I know how this works. Just sign up for Whatever Pyramid Company (TM), sell to twenty other friends and you get this bottle free. Sure.

"I know it's not-" I try but she's not having it.

"Literally free," she says, glancing to the left again. I wrinkle my nose at the smell in the cafe and glance at the owner but he's sitting and reading a newspaper. "You just have to take it and use it."

"And sign up to some pyramid company?" I ask in a rare bout of bluntness.

"No, no, no," she says, shaking her head. "Literally free. You don't sign up for anything. I don't call you again. You just agree to take the sample and try it out and that's it. If you want- If you- You could sign up to... sell but you don't have to. You don't."

It almost seems like she's trying to convince herself of that. This whole conversation is weird but I've been force-feeding myself while she's been talking so I can get out of here quickly. If it's as simple as she says then I'm fine with it.

So, I reach out and take the bottle. Her hand snaps out to close around mine and I nearly shriek in surprise.

"So, you agree to take it?" she asks, her tone suddenly as serious as her intense gaze.

"Y- yes?" I tell her.

"Good!" she says, taking her hand away with that wide, crazy smile again.

She slides a card toward me and I stare at it as she packs her little case and stands.

"Wait," I say, staring at the card. "That's it? That's really it?"

The ends of her lips curl down, her smile fading inch by inch. She looks sad for a moment and glances to her left. She starts to say something but there's a sudden intense pressure and, I swear to god I'm not making this up, her eyes go vertical and her ears quiver. She yowls in a weird way and then it's all gone and she hangs her head.

"Yes," she gasps. "That's it. That's all. I have to go. I'm meeting someone else. Thank you. Thank you."

And she leaves. Just like that. So, I finish my food and leave.

I'm holding the bottle in my pocket while walking back to work. Rolling it in my fingers. Bouncing it a little. My keycard lets me in and I walk past Charles again. I can hear his music clearly as I pass him. I honestly have no idea how his ears aren't destroyed by now.

Sitting at my desk, I place the little bottle beside my keyboard. I push it a little bit. It's got a tiny cork stopper and seems harmless enough. And I do have pretty dry skin. I didn't use lotion this morning so this would hold me over. Then I could just tell Terry it didn't work when she calls again to try to get me to sign up. Because I know she will. That's how this always works.

Unplugging the bottle, I bring it to my nose out of curiosity and breathe in deeply. It smells sweet. Almost like mint. Almost but not quite. It's mixed with a spice I can't quite identify.

The tip of my tongue reaches out, stretching as it flicks up and down so I can taste the scent a little more closely. Not bad actually.

My tongue lengthens further, unspooling. I stare at the bottle, not noticing as the rounded, fleshy tip of my tongue splits into a fork. Black lines fill the gaps in the bumps of my tongue as they flatten. Fleshy pink begins to fade to darkness as I reel my tongue in. It sits oddly in my small mouth, writhing and exploring my teeth and gums like it was a separate animal.

I tip the bottle on the back of my hand and it oozes out in a translucent green glob. Not exactly appealing, honestly.

My pupils are widening. No, rather, they appear to be widening as my dull brown eyes erode into glossy ebony. Once more my tongue flicks out, tasting the air as I begin to rub the mixture into my skin.

It feels good going in. Warm. Soothing. I twist my hands together as the gaps between my teeth begin to vanish. They meld together and my lips attach to them, folding over and then down. Segmented lines appear in my lips as my dark eyes focus on my hands.

The warmth from the oil spreads up my arms and I close my eyes. The skin from my eyelids fades from pink to gray to transparency and I "open" my eyes with a clear scale now protecting them.

Holding my hands up, I turn them, twisting them back and forth. My hands still look dry. Maybe it takes time? My tongue flicks out in annoyance but the warmth is still traveling my body, rising up to my neck.

Small bones begin to form beneath the skin of my neck. Tiny ribs that grow as new muscles join them. I massage the dull pain it causes and my skin feels strangely loose.


Ah, that felt damn good. My neck cracks. More ribs form. My skull travels further on my body and I twist my now longer neck as it pops again. And grows longer.

The loose skin along my growing neck is hardening. Cracking at the edges. The new muscles forming within attach to the new ribs and the skin flares out into a wide hood.


Fuck, the release is almost sensual. I glance around the office, sitting high enough now to see over my partition. Charles isn't in my line of sight to see me and there's nobody else around.

I slip a hand beneath the band of my pencil skirt as my tongue flicks out. I'm wet. Holy crap, I'm wet. The tip of my pointer finger toys with my clit and then I slid my hand down between my thighs, slipping between my wet folds.

Touching myself in the office is taboo but oh so sexy. It's been a while since I've let the pressure off and doing it here? Delicious. My tongue slips free, flicking up and freezing as I groan.

My jaw aches but I lean my long neck back as my hood flares out beside me and I scoot my ass down.

Skin presses together between my wet thighs, pushing my hand up. Bones are dissolving and changing beneath my hand but I'm lost in my ecstasy. Playing with myself as my pussy is forced forward by the skin sealing my thighs together.

"Yesssss," I gasp as quietly as I can. Tiny fangs pierce my bottom jaw as a venom gland begins to form in a sheath behind my eyes. My vision wavers for a moment but quickly returns and I jerk from a mini orgasm. I'm shoving my fingers down into my flat, opened pussy as the skin between my legs grows down to my knees.

And then a bigger orgasm hits me.

And I shove my hand against my face.

And I feel two long fangs flaring out on a wide face.

My face.

My fangs.

I look down and the world does this weird thing. Or my brain does. Everything is in the wrong place and I'm too far away from myself. I feel disconnected.

But, holy shit, my legs!

"Holy shit!" I scream, pushing back from my desk.

I fall to the ground when I try to stand. My skirt tears down the side to show bare skin that appears to glisten in the overhead lighting.

I claw at it and my skin is weird. It's slippery smooth and beginning to show little cracks. My nails tear at my skirt and I feel sharp pain on my skin. Bending my long neck (that's even more weird!) I look and see clear, thick claws lining each finger.

And I'm half naked. On the floor. In my cubicle. Writhing on the floor as my calves begin to press together.

I concentrate on my legs but my muscles aren't working right down there. I move my ankles but my lower body also twists and turns in response because I'm apparently moving entirely new muscles. The rest of my skirt tears free as my lower body begins expanding, the skin stretching over powerful, dense muscles.

My calves are gone and I panic, trying to tell my body to stand. To please, for the love of god, stand!

Instead, I twist, my lower body swiveling beneath me and I rise on a proto-tail that's still expanding. I can feel my toes touching the ground behind me like I'm kneeling but it's all wrong.

The heat is returning as the process changing my tail begins to move up my body. I look down to see my pussy lips folding inward and my pussy itself becoming a slit that closes to leave a thin, wet line in the middle of cracked, green-ish skin.

But then my skin begin to dry and I start to see it for what it is - scales.

I hiss in alarm and my hood widens dramatically. The ribs flare and my shirt strains to contain it before tearing down the back to reveal smooth, pale emerald skin. My hands immediately go to my tits to hide them but that's a mistake because they're oddly sensitive.

The changes progress inhibited and my pudgy tummy flattens into a harden rack of muscle. Further it travels and I feel my chest grow heavy. My pale skin grows white before taking on the almost sickly green hue but I don't care about that. I care that my breasts over overflowing my arms. They swell painfully but also in a strangely erotic way.

I move and my still growing tail uncoils, lowering my body. My breasts strain, skin cracking in drying scales that surround my hardened nipples.

I hiss, my tongue flicking as I feel my pussy clench in a weird way. I twist and look down to see my slit opening to reveal pink, wet muscles. Eager and hot.

Brown hair slips to the ground around me as the changes reach my head. Pain flares in my nasal cavity as my skull flattens and elongates. I push my palms against my temples only to feel my ears pulling back into the side of my wide body.

And then it all stops. Except for the ache lower in my body. I ignore it, looking down at pale white skin that's turning to a brilliant jade as it dries. My belly is whiter than the-

Goddammit. I can't! It's still there! Painful now. I can almost hear a cackling laugh and my tongue tastes the smell of rotten eggs as I push forward, slithering awkwardly on my tail like a baby taking its first steps.

As I round the corner and wriggle more confidently down the corridor, Charles notices me in the reflection of his monitor.

He turns and screams but I grab him and my biceps bulge as I hold him in place.

"Charlessss," I hiss. My pussy is open and dripping, clear liquid leaking down my slick scales.

"Pleasssssse," I beg. "I need thissss. Pleasssse."

His pupils widen as I talk and his mouth gapes open. I reach down with my other hand to rub his cock and it slow grows hard.

"Yessss," I tell him, tasting the scent of him on his cheek with my tongue. Kissing him. He's not that attractive but I don't care. I can't care. "Yessss, pleasse. Charlesss."

I lean back to show him my pussy and he nods slowly, undoing his zipper. His cock springs forth and I lead him to me, laying back. His hands grip my tail, shockingly warm on my body but I gasp and hiss as he presses into me.

My claws draw blood on his back when I hold him tight, rocking my tail back and forth and lowering myself further until he's at the right angle. I can't stop my tail from curling around his warmth. Encircling him with my scales. Holding him in place as he wraps himself against me. I steal his body heat as he kisses my wide, powerful stomach.

"Fuck me! Hard!" I command him and he pounds into me silently, his skin slapping against my scales.

I've been on edge since I started changing and it takes no time before I cum, hissing loudly while the tip of my tail thrashes behind me, thumping the ground.

And still Charles doesn't stop. I haven't told him to stop. So he continues to fuck me like the good little servant he is. Grunting and groaning as he holds back his orgasm. Veins stand out on his forehead as his face reddens and I barely notice as I lose myself in the ecstasy, clenching and unclenching against his hard manhood.

He's keening as he slams into me and his eyes are rolled back, concentrating hard on obeying me. My claws grip his hair as I shake from another orgasm and my hood flares as I writhe. God, it's so intense. That rotten smell fills the air again and my tongue flicks forth automatically but I ignore it. I need this. I need it more than anything.

"Cum in me," I whisper to him, holding him against my body, caressing his warm skin as he shouts from the release I've granted him.

He shudders as he fills me, pulsing with each gout of his hot cum. I groan as I take all of it and feel it leaking free, coating my slick, hardened scales.

I should be done. I should be satisfied. But I feel empty inside and I know it'll take more than that. More than just him.

"I need more, Charlessss," I tell him, lowering my breast to his mouth. My nipples is immediately stiff as he eagerly sucks at it. I can't get enough of how warm he is. "Call Troy. Tell him there'ssss sssome emergensssy. Or whatever you need to sssay to get him here."

"But, his wife," he says, breaking away before I push his head to my other breast.

"I don't care," I answer, moaning as I lean my hooded head back. My mouth opens wide to show my fangs as the edge of another orgasm begins to build. "Both. Have them both come. I need it."

I hold him inside of me as I swivel to grab his cellphone and hand it to him. His voice is artificially cheerful as he continues to thrust his cock inside of me. He's shrunken but it's still enough until I make him use his mouth and fingers. My own hands slid across my chest, grasping my huge, heavy tit to bring it up to my long, forked tongue.

Charles' phone drops to the ground as he ends the call and resumes focus on me. I lose track of time until I hear the front door open. Pushing Charles away, I move with surprising speed through the hallway, pining Troy and his wife Nancy just as she begins to scream.

The woman's scream cuts off as I stare into her eyes. I wrap them both with my tail, leeching their heat, and they grow limp and complacent.

I whisper commands in their ears and they undress. Charles comes to me, joining Nancy as they both suckle on my breasts and Troy presses his large cock into my wet slit.

"Fuck her," Nancy gasps between breaths. She's massaging my breast as her tongue wraps around my hardened nipple. "Fuck her and fill her and make her cum!"

I grab Charles' cock with one clawed hand and my other wraps around Nancy's warm, bare ass. She jerks as I slip a finger into her soppy wet pussy and we twist together, lost in our pleasures as dark laughter fills the air.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

What Goes Around [Platypus]
So... an otter, a beaver, and a duck walk into a bar...

This story is the result of a joke from my patrons on Discord, from years ago and appropriately posted on April 1st two and a half years ago. Damn. Time flies.
The sky was a perfect, boundless blue without a single imperfection. A gentle breeze whirled past, carrying the scent of the nearby ocean as Penelope sauntered down the sidewalk. She adjusted the duffle bag against her white t-shirt before pulling at her bikini top's strap on her left shoulder.

In the distance, children laughed and yelled as seagulls cried high above. The girl's flip-flops smacked against the concrete in a slow staccato. She passed the post office in her small town and the scenery opened up to show trees kept in beautiful condition by the local parks department. In the distance, the path curved toward the ocean. She glanced up and covered her nose with a frown as an ancient station wagon rattled past, the windows open to allow the ear-piercing shrieks of five small children to fill the air.

As the car growled past, a different sound replaced it - a raspy trilling sound. Penelope paused on her walk to look around until she found the source.

A small, fluffy but hideously bulky baby bird floundered on the ground next to her, twisting and turning as it flapped its nubby wings.

"Oh, gross," she said, stepping away from the small creature. It appeared to be a bulky little creature with a yellow beak and yellow claws and its body was lined in what looked like dirty lint.

Giving it wide berth, she almost continued on her way until she spotted a cat standing on the wide wall surrounding the post office behind her. Its ears flicked and it circled, tail lashing.

"Here, kitty kitty," Penelope crooned, getting the sleek white cat's attention. It turned to her, sitting for a moment with its tail curled around its paws. Until she pointed toward the baby bird.

The cat immediately hunkered down, staring at the bird. With a quick glance to the sky and the nearby ground, it launched itself, grabbing the small, struggling creature in its jaws. It turned immediately, looking back at Penelope to see if she would challenge its catch but the girl just waved it away.

"It's all yours," she told it. "Just, eww, just kill it somewhere else."

When she didn't stop it, the cat dragged the bird into the bushes and the girl continued on her way, swinging her hair to settle her frosted blonde hair against her back.

High overhead, a large eagle cried loudly while circling endlessly.

Penelope continued on her walk, her long, tanned legs working tirelessly until her flip-flops crunched on fine sand. With the weekend just started, the beach was packed with families, teenagers and old couples on vacation. She sighed, glancing around the pristine white sand before spotting an empty spot near an old pier.

A single distant rumbling filled the otherwise perfect day as the young woman walked past the crowds. The small hairs lining her body suddenly lifted at once and then settled as a sharp scent filled her nose. The smell passed as she glanced around and she shrugged before walking under the huge rotting beams of the pier.

The sounds from the crowds dimmed as she lay her bag on the beach. Grabbing the edge of her shirt, she pulled to undress down to her tiny bikini before tucking her shirt into her bag. She grabbed a huge towel and unrolled it next to her bag.

Sitting on the blanket with her knees wide, Penelope reached in to grab a bottle of sunscreen. A splashing sound caught her attention, forcing her to look up.

Under the pier, just at the edge of the water, a furred head peeked over the lapping waves.

"Awww," Penelope cooed.

The little creature stared at her curiously as she stood up

"Hey little guy," the girl said as she walked slowly to the water. The creature floated for a moment and then swam toward the shore, barely hesitating before waddling onto the sand. "Oh, you're so precious! Hi!"

The otter glanced at her, wrinkling its whiskers as she walked closer. Penelope knelt and reached her hand out carefully. It regarded her with its beady black eyes and then walked closer on webbed, clawed feet. Its sleek, wet body glistened in the bright summer sun.

"Aww, hey. H- hey?" Penelope said, suddenly uncertain.

The otter shook itself and began to grow while pulsing with an expanding golden glow. Its back feet dragged against the sand as it lengthened. It continued to watch her, its expression unreadable as it gained bulk. The young girl fell back onto the sand with her mouth agape.

Now human sized but far larger than the woman it lay before, the otter pressed itself up, raising on two feet with its huge tail counterbalancing it in place. Its arms and legs shifted, stretching into strangely human proportions until it loomed over her.

"Wh- wh- wh-" Penelope stuttered.

Despite how bestial it still appeared, and how threatening it seemed as it stood over her, she found herself somehow enthralled by it. She couldn't look away and was astonished to find herself growing aroused at its presence.

Penelope blinked, shaking her head against the fuzz filling her brain. She tried to push herself back but the gigantic otter creature fell down to ground over her, pinning her in place. She gasped as its cold, wet fur surrounded her. She struggled but the weight of the creature was immense. Worse, she found herself growing weak and excited as it pressed itself against her.

A spot of warmth appeared lower on her body. It was smooth and slick as it dragged down her belly. Only when she felt it probe between her legs did she realize what it was.

"No! N-mmmph!" she cut off as she felt the creature's gigantic cock thrust against her and its fur smothered her. Her bikini bottom slid against her pussy as it writhed and pushed and thrusted until the bottom was pushed aside. Her traitorous hands gripped the fur lining the creatures back as she clung to it, gasping in fear and excitement.

Pain filled her as the creature's cock forced her open. She gasped as he entered her but the pain faded away as she grew wet under its advances. It filled her completely and she moaned, losing herself in its supernatural charms.

"Y- yes," she gasped, pushing her hips up to match the creature's rhythms. Its cock, surprisingly human shaped, was gigantic. More than she'd ever had before and it was driving her wild.

It moved, thrusting again and again until it squealed with an unearthly chirping noise. She felt its cum explode into her and she bit at the thing's fur, gagging on the dirty, salty taste of its coat as it emptied itself inside of her. She was on edge, close to her own orgasm but not close enough and faintly disappointed despite the monstrosity of the beast.

Once finished, it pulled out. Penelope quivered as it did, watching through wide eyes as it stood over her. She followed its movements, numb and sore but wanting more as it turned and ambled into the water. It grew shorter and more compact with each step until its small, furred head vanished beneath a wave.

She could feel its cum covering her. The pain returned, dull and distant, pounding in time with her heartbeat like a sharp needle. Slowly, the pain began to change. Her fingers dug into the sand as the ache twisted inside of her to become an itching pleasure. She could still feel him inside her somehow, an echo of his eager mating that matched the rhythm of her heartbeat. She was spent. Relaxed. Hot. Needy. Blood rushed to her face as she tried to ignore the feelings rising up within her body.

Penelope reached a tentative hand down her body and her hand brushed thick fur. She squealed, sitting up to stare down her body. She lay in a pool of cum with her bikini bottom broken, leaving her lower half bare.

Brown fur stood out on her mound. She always kept herself smooth and had even shaved that morning but she watched now as the fur began to spread, racing down her thighs. She groaned, grabbing handfuls of sand as the sensation dug deep beneath her skin, toying with every single nerve. She pulled at the hair and cried at the pain as she tugged her own fur.

The creature's white cum stood out in stark contrast against the brown pelt she was growing. She watched in fascinated horror as it began to crawl up her body. Her trim stomach slowly vanished beneath a dense pelt.

Someone grabbed her by her waist and yanked as hard as they could. Penelope shrieked in surprise and pain, twisting to see who it was. Her heart raced but she saw nobody. And still the pain remained. She turned and then reached behind herself.

Her hand closed around a dense lump of skin protruding from her lower back. She pulled and her body raised with it. It was a part of her and she could feel it writhing in her grasp as if it wanted to be free. Tiny ticklish sensations pricked her palm as hairs begin to grow to cover the expanding lump of her tail.

As her tail grew, it pushed against the ground, forcing her to turn to her forearms and knees. She could feel it pulling on her spine and she spread her furred thighs to give it room.

"God!" Penelope yelled as bones within her hips snapped, forcing her to her side. Her tail thumped the ground and she curled it between her thighs instinctually as she pulled her knees into a fetal position. Dull pressure blossomed in her waist as she began to take on muscle and fat.

Her fur slipped beneath her bikini top as it surrounded her breasts in an undeniably erotic tingling. She gasped as she felt a sudden weight against her. Her top strained against her growing mass until it was pulled up to reveal the furred mounds of her breasts. She gasped and then quickly hyperventilated as she felt her breasts grow full and heavy and the fur covering her chest shifted over her swelling tits.

Penelope quickly lost track of her changes as pressure built in her head. She rolled on the ground as lighter colored fur sprouted from her jaw before spreading up to her cheeks and into her scalp. She could feel bones moving beneath her hands as her face began to push forward. Worse, her ears moved, sliding against the palm of her hands as they flattened against her expanding skull.

The young woman sneezed suddenly as the bridge of her nose cracked and lengthened. She licked her lips and briefly felt the sharp points of her sprouting whiskers. Her nose flattened against her expanding muzzle as the delicate pink coloring began to darken to a dull, flat black.

On her side still, she could feel her tail sliding against her thighs and then the hot sand beneath her while it continued to grow. As wide as her hips at the base, it grew narrow but still thick until it passed her feet.

Finally, the changes stopped. Penelope lay panting, swallowing and gasping for air as every single part of her changed body screamed for attention. She glanced down her heavy brown coat of fur and her eyes caught people walking in her direction in the distance.

"No!" she yelled, twisting to try and stand. Her tail caught her and she fell to her hands and feet. With a squeal, she ran, awkwardly raising her hips and tail in a wave as she moved away from the crowds and headed towards the trees beyond the water.

After she passed the trees, she paused, gasping for air. The young woman hooked her nails into the trunk of the tree next to her and then turned to stare at her fuzzy hand. Three of her nails had fallen away to reveal curved black claws. Her eyes widened as the short webbing between each of her fingers began to slide upwards to her first knuckle. She winced as her other two nails were pushed away to reveal the tips of new claws.

Lifting her other hand, she was horrified to see it similarly transformed, without her notice. She flexed her fingers to find them oddly stiff and sore. The skin of her palm was distended and bruised but, as she watched, it grew darker and began to form lumps. She waved her hands in front of her as if hoping to shake off what was happening but the thick padding continued to grow in.

A lance of pain in her feet made her look down to see them growing but she refused to watch.

Penelope ran, stumbling on lengthening, webbed toes. She lost herself in the woods as she followed a small river. Weak and out of breath, she crashed to the ground and lay awkwardly against the trunk of an old tree. Her huge tail curled to press against her feet as they finished growing.

Water ran through a complex, chaotic dam made of sticks and a few pieces of trash. She focused on it for a time and, slowly, a few beavers made themselves known to her. They were curious, rotund little creatures that would pause and lift themselves up to stretch towards her every so often.

Two of the beavers crept close to her. She pulled her knees to her chest, bumping into her larger breasts while wrapping her long, clawed fingers around her shins. She could feel the padding against the skin beneath her fur.

As the two beavers waddled near, she sniffled and wiped a tear away. As unused to her muzzle as she was, her hand bumped awkwardly into her cheek.

The beaver on the left began glowing with a golden light and the other beaver squeaked before turning and running back to the dam.

"No, oh no, no, no," Penelope moaned. She turned, wincing as she pressed her side painfully against her tail while trying to scrabble away. But she turned, mesmerized as before. "No, please."

Her mouth opened as she watched the beaver unfold. It grunted, pushing its upper body forward while shaking itself. Joints and bones popped as its arms and legs lengthened to support a humanoid figure that sat crouched on the ground. It - no, he, she knew - was majestic in its brilliance and she began to feel a warmth between her thighs.

"No," she whispered, pushing at her lower belly. She jerked as her leathery pads rubbed a sore teat. At her touch, she felt more aching points lower on her belly that mirrored the first.

Unable to contain herself, she spread her thighs and reached over her head to anchor her claws in the tree behind her. She pulled herself up, lifting her hips in a lewd display of offering. She knew it was wrong. She hated- no, that was a lie she was telling herself as the creature stood on powerful legs. He was beautiful and powerful and she chirped for him as he came to her.

"Please, I can't-" she tried to say, a piece of her mind still resisting.

The creature's hands were gentle as he reached down to grab her wide, furred thighs and pull her down. She turned, blushing shamefully as she went to her hands and knees instead, mindful of her tail and the urges whispering in her brain.

He grabbed the base of her tail with one hand and a firm, round ass cheek with the other, pulling on her tail roughly. She purred and raised herself as she felt him lay his cock against her. Despite his form, it was still human shaped and, this time, he found little resistance in her as he pushed his hard manhood into her sopping wet sex.

Penelope dug her webbed fingers into the dirt as the creature thrust into her. She purred and then chirped as he went to all fours over her, their fur brushing together as he pumped into her. She lost herself to the rhythm of it, feeling her orgasm grow close as the head of his cock brushed her cervix.

"Ha- ha- harder," she whispered, gritting her sharp little fangs in embarrassment as the creature listened and began pounding. She snarled, her little earls twisting as her face was forced into the dirt but she pushed back, moaning as he slammed into her powerful ass. "Fuck! Yes!"

The beast came as quickly as before but, now riled and enjoying it more, Penelope found herself pushed over the edge as he pulsed deep within her. She squeezed him as she cried out, milking his huge cock as he spilled his seed. Her strong legs trembled and she buckled, falling to her knees.

When the creature pulled back and out of her, a second, much smaller orgasm erupted within and she squirted, spilling his cum upon the ground. Penelope looked back but the beast was already shrinking, folding into itself as it walked back to the dam to disappear among the ranks of the other beavers.

"God. Dammit," she gasped, collapsing to her stomach on weak legs. Her ears burned as she realized what she'd done. And how much she'd enjoyed it. And how much she still wanted it. She tensed the muscles within her pussy while enjoying, for a brief moment, the warmth that still filled her.

The girl's reverie was broken as spasms filled her tail. She cried out, reaching back to grab her tail while it lifted behind her. A stick lay nearby and she bit into it, snarling through the pain as her tail began to flatten. It wavered above her as it stretched, light brown and gray fur quickly growing to replace the bald skin uncovered by its new growth.

Her tail lay behind her, paddle-like in its shape, as it finished its transformation. As she relaxed, it slapped down against her ass and thighs, causing her to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

She could see the beavers watching her cautiously near their dam but none of them glowed. Taking a deep breath, she knelt and her tail slid against the ground behind her. With another breath, she stood, wobbling slightly as she adjusted to her new tail. The broad tip lightly brushed the ground behind her.

Just as she started to take a step, that same invisible force as before latched onto her back. Penelope grabbed the tree next to where she stood, laying her forehead against its rough bark. Her hair brushed against her fur as the bones in her already widened hips pushed further. She shivered, rolling her shoulders as more muscles formed beneath her skin, giving her the added strength to move her enormous tail effortlessly.

When she moved away from the tree, she surprised herself by how light she felt.

The reality of the situation soon re-asserted itself as she remembered what had happened. And what she looked like. And what danger may still lurk nearby.

She moved away from the dam and her enormous tail bounced against her ass with every step, distracting her as her ample hips swayed seductively with their new, luscious curves. She stepped over logs and beneath boughs as she tried to find her way free of the forest.

Bright sunlight far overhead filtered through the limbs of trees as she moved. A clearing lay ahead and she hurried, nearly stumbling over exposed roots until she pushed past the edge of the trees surrounding her.

A gigantic lake shimmered in the center of the clearing. It was peaceful here with the sound of quiet quacking and small insects churring and rasping in their hidden spots. Penelope sat on a moss covered log to take a moment to rest.

"God, why?" Penelope sighed, bowing her head.

Blinding light burst from the surface of the pond. She shielded her eyes with her arm but, nearly invisible in the bright light, she spied angelic wings spread wide.

Maybe, she thought, trying to focus on the magnificent angel before her. Maybe this was all a test? Like, like what's his name that got eaten by the whale. Oh god. Or was that Pinocchio? Wasn't there someone in the Bible who-

The light faded to reveal, not an angel but a huge duck in the shape of a man. It glowed with its own internal light and her stomach sank as she felt an odd vibration between her thighs.

Penelope yelped and flung herself backward, crawling away as she felt the intense desire begin to worm its way through her body. She panted, dragging her aching, sensitive breasts along the ground as her throbbing pussy began to leak, betraying her with its neediness. She trembled, raising her flat tail while spreading her thighs and panting like a beast in heat.

"Why?" she gasped, trembling. Waiting. Wanting. "What. Did I do?"

"The eagle," a deep male voice answered her. "A sacred animal for me."

"I don't, oh god, please, I'm so hot, please," she begged. Closing her eyes, she focused. "I don't remember an eagle."

"The eaglet," the voice answered. Closer. She raised her ass higher, eager. "You condemned it to death. Calling the cat's attention. Its mother witnessed the act but was too late to intercept. I heard her cries."

"Please, please, please," her breath huffed on the ground as she reached a finger under her body. She jerked as her claw rubbed her swollen, aching labia but slipped it inside, unable to stop from pleasuring herself in the creature's presence. "I didn't kill it."

"No," he said, his breath on her neck as its soft, downy feathers pressed against her fur. "But you carelessly and wilfully tried."

"Just fuck me! Please!" she screamed, spreading herself open with two webbed fingers. "I can't take it! Please!"

Her eyes widened as his cock spread her fully open. Despite the times before, his girth and length amazed her. Yet she slammed herself back, slapping his soft chest with her tail in her eagerness. Penelope wasted no time, rocking back and forth as fast as she could. He'd cum quickly before and she had to orgasm. She had to. It would drive her-

The beast held her tight, grunting as he shoved himself painfully deep. His beak nipped at her neck as he made tiny thrusting motions that drove her wild. She babbled, telling him how amazing his cock was, how she was his little furry slut, how much she loved to be fucked by him and many other things that would shame her later.

Penelope lost consciousness for a brief moment under the most intense orgasm of her life. She clenched her pussy against the creature's cock and he grunted once before his own release. So full was she of his cum now that she felt it burst from her, coating her fur in his scent.

The young woman gasped and collapsed and the creature pulled free. She kicked away from him, her muscles moving involuntarily as the waves of her orgasm continued to crash into her. He stood over her, changing once again. Yet, instead of returning to the form of a lake duck, his feathers dropped to reveal smooth, muscle-lined skin. His face and legs reshaped until he stood behind her as a man.

She eyed him, her mouth working as she tried to speak.

"Wh- who?" she rasped finally.

"You know me as Zeus," he answered before waving his arm. "And this is my kingdom."

Another man stepped from the trees cautiously. He was horned like a goat with furred legs and hooves yet he bent knee to the figure behind Penelope, kneeling with his head bowed.

"Want. Home," she managed.

"This is your home now," he told her, kneeling to her side. "You carry my daughter within you. A minor demi-god but one of my own. You will live here and give birth to her from the egg you carry. Only then will your penance be over."

"Eh- egg?" she asked.

Pain tore through her uterus as it rearranged itself. She gasped, clutching her arms against her sides, her claws digging into her flesh. Spittle flew from her mouth as she growled, her throat vibrating as her eyes watered and her nostrils burned.

She watched her nose pushed away from her face. Her eyes crossed as she felt it slide up her muzzle and then flow outward. It anchored itself to her skull painfully. She shook her head and her whiskers fell freely as the growth latched onto her lips, pulling outward in a broad bill. She growled again, rubbing the bill together as it curved slightly. For a moment, she panicked as she realized she couldn't breathe through her nose but openings appeared in the bill and she exhaled in a sharp breath.

Penelope dug into the soil with her snout in order to ease the pain. It worked as a spade and she flung dirt over her shoulder until it finished expanding.

Zeus was gone and the clearing was silent. She reached up to touch her bill but her fingers didn't seem to work right. Her hand strained as bones were pushed apart within her palm. The webbing that connected the first knuckles of her fingers was spreading again. Her hand widened as the skin grew thick and long, flowing past her second knuckles and beyond the fingertips themselves.

The woman rolled to her ass, lifting her huge tail before she sat. She grabbed her feet in a futile attempt to stop the change she knew would be coming. Her toes swelled and lengthened as the connective webbing slid up to attach higher until they were past the ends of her toes.

And then the changes were finished with her.

Penelope sat with her legs straight and her tail flat on the ground. Dirt pressed against her slick pussy but she ignored it. An hour or go or more she would've been disgusted at herself but now, she couldn't seem to care. She was more animal than human. It just seemed like a small thing to her at the moment. She felt numb but empty with a seed of warmth hiding in her guts. His touch, deep inside of her. A part of her, not small, missed his touch already.

"Miss?" came a quiet, anxious voice.

She glanced up to see the goat man nearby. His short tail flicked as he licked his lips.

"Are you here to-" she started to say.

"Oh no! No, no, no! I would never dare!" he said quickly. "No, I'm here to guide you to the priestesses. Lord Zeus rarely seems fit to ... visit... mortals these days and his children are fewer. You will be well cared for until he comes for you again."

"Comes for- you mean when I give birth?" she asked, accepting his hand as he helped her stand. She touched her snout carefully as she wondered how she could still speak intelligibly.

"Noooo," the man said slowly "No, I'm sorry, no. Our Lord has quite the appetite, I'm sorry."

"I'm. Huh. I'm not?" she said, frowning and touching her soft pelt. "That's terrible. I should be. Maybe it'll wear off the longer he's gone. I just. No, no, it'll wear off. It has to."

"Please, this way," the goat man said.

She followed him, starting slowly at first as she learned to use her new feet. A gigantic marble structure appeared beyond the trees. After some time, she found she could walk fairly easily in an odd shambling waddle.

In the distance, a large squirrel-shaped human scampered down a path, her bushy tail bouncing behind her as a young woman followed. They yelled indistinctly at each other before vanishing in the distance.

"Tsk," the goat man said, shaking his head. "Interlopers."

"They'll be quite pleased to have you, my lady," he told her as they continued toward the temple. "And I'll be certain to find you a nice heated pond to relax in."

"Sure," she said, staring all around and then up as a winged horse streaked across the sky. "Sure. Goddamn eagles."


A white cat sat beside a white wall, cleaning itself carefully. It bent to lick at its side to clean the red that streaked its fur. Three bloody marks lined its side but it had seen worse in its life on the streets.

Pausing mid-wash, it glanced up at the sky as a huge eagle flew away with a small gray eaglet clutched in one of its claws. The cat narrowed its eyes for a brief moment and then resumed cleaning itself, already forgetting the incident while its belly rumbled in hunger.
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The Den [female / werewolf]
Three young women check out a new club without realizing it's home to a pack of werewolves.
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"Are you sure you can't go?" Riley asked, her fingers hooked into the front belt loops of her husband's blue jeans. "Just picture it. Me on the dance floor, shaking my ass all alone while sex-starved men circle like animals. I'll be all alone. Helpless. Vulnerable. Out there twerking my booty, unaware of the approaching predators."

"Oh please, David Attenborough," Carter laughed. He pressed the palm of his hand against her cheek and she gently nuzzled back against him before he traced a finger up and over her ear. "You'll have Zoey and Brooklyn there with you and I trust you more than I'd trust Mr. Rogers. Even with you out there, dazzling the crowd."

Riley smiled up at her husband, thrilled by his compliment. Her loose curly braid brushed her bare back as she pulled her husband close. Despite her long legs, she had to go to her tiptoes to kiss her husband. She allowed him a quick kiss in return before laughing and spinning away, her braid twirling out. Stopping mid-spin, she pushed against him with her back bent, grinding against his crotch.

"Mmm," she teased, turning her narrow jaw to the side to smile at him. Raising and lowering her hips, she could feel him growing hard against her ass. His rough, large hands grabbed at her sides and she lowered her head in pleasure as his fingers dug into her skin. "But look at what you'll be missing."

Suddenly, he reared back to slap her ass playfully. She yelped but turned back to him to kiss him quickly, her breath hot on his cheek as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Any more of that and I'll stay home with you instead," she whispered in his ear. His hands roamed her back before reaching down to grab her toned ass. She sighed, pressing harder against him as she felt his cock against her stomach.

With another quick kiss, he gently pushed her away.

"I gotta get ready, babe," he told her, leaning down to kiss her again.

"I know," she told him. "It's just that we'd had the night planned out and I was looking forward to dancing with you. It won't be the same with just the girls. Brooklyn will be a mess since she just broke up with Greg and Zoey's still in that gross 'I love you so much, snookie-wookums' phase with her boyfriend. I'll have to guard Brooklyn all night so she doesn't go home with the first douchebag to call her pretty. And not drinking since you won't be there to carry me home."

"You've got this," he told her as he walked from the living room to their bedroom. She followed behind, already dreading the evening. "And I'll make it up to you tomorrow night. I already told Justin that he owes me."

She sat on the edge of their bed, palms flat on their comforter while swinging her feet slowly back and forth. The soft carpet brushed her toes while she watched her husband change from his casual "home clothes" to his work clothes. He managed the warehouse at a local packing company but the night shift supervisor had called out when his wife suddenly went into labor three weeks early.

After almost ten years of marriage, she still loved him deeply and she smiled at his strong back when he pulled his t-shirt off. She knew she should start getting ready but without her husband joining her, she had extra time. She didn't need to put on as much makeup as she'd planned if he wasn't there to admire her. No need to dazzle anyone else or give anyone an extra excuse to hit on her. She would've canceled and stayed home if she hadn't already promised to meet her friends there.

She watched him, both of them comfortable in their shared silence as he finished getting ready.

"Kiss me goodbye?" he asked.

"Always," she told him with a smile, taking his hand while he led her to the front door. She waited patiently as he shoved his feet into his work boots and then lay her fingers in his hands when he turned to her. She started to rise to kiss him but he bent down first. Their lips met and she melted against him as his mouth opened to her. His short stubble scratched her face but she loved the feel of it against her smooth, dark skin.

"Bye, babe," he told her with a fond look. He brushed her cheek with his thumb and she kissed his fingers. "Be safe."

"Always," she told him again while he unlocked the door. "You be safe out there. I'll see you when you're home."

The door closed and she sighed before locking the deadbolt.

"Now," she asked herself quietly, scanning the room with her eyes narrowed. "Where did I put my phone?"

She could almost hear her husband's exasperated sigh as she dug around cushions and on the various counters around their home. He always put everything in the same place and it drove him wild that she couldn't do the same thing. Yet he somehow seemed to know exactly where she'd left her purse or keys or phone. She knew he took malicious pleasure in watching her search before finally telling her where she'd left them.

This time she found her phone in the bathroom. She woke it and texted Brooklyn to ask if she still wanted to go out dancing, hoping the girl would want to cancel.

Yes. And I'm already pre-gaming, came the reply.

Riley shook her head with a grimace. Just as she lay her phone down, it beeped again and she woke it.

That asshole posted an update on Facebook and some bitch liked the post, the new text read.

"Oh god," Riley said, holding her phone against her stomach. The phone vibrated against her once, twice and then a third time but she lay it on her dresser without looking. It beeped and vibrated a fourth time but she knew her friend would just be venting.

Ignoring the sporadic beeping of her phone, Riley told her smart speaker to play her dancing playlist. She sang along to the music as she twirled in her room until she went to her closet to pull out her clothes. She nodded and sang and stepped lightly as she picked out a thin black dress that ended just above her knees. Laying the dress down on the bed, she dug through her dresser to find matching panties and bra.

When her phone buzzed again, she sighed and glanced at her messages to see a block of text from Brooklyn ranting about how her ex boyfriend had probably cheated on her. Their breakup was recent and she'd calm eventually but the pain was too raw for her and she always kept her emotions on the surface.

Putting her phone away, she stripped, turning to the side in front of her vanity mirror with her hand pressed against her belly. She had a tiny paunch and a little extra fat on her hips that she pretended didn't bother her but it did and she'd recently decided to take some spin and Zumba classes at the local gym. Still, she smiled at herself as she turned, lifting her breasts and checking her hair before grabbing her underclothes.

Riley's phone beeped several more times as she dressed but she ignored it as she made her way to the bathroom. The right side (and most of the middle and left, she admitted) of the bathroom sink was full of the various products she used. She grabbed her articulating mirror and sat before it. Carter grumbled occasionally at how her things gave little room for him but her doe eyes, long, slowly blinking lashes and innocent face usually made him forgive her.

Plus, she told herself as she touched up her face expertly. All he has is a toothbrush and a razor. He doesn't even need all that space.

Once she was satisfied with the bit of makeup she added, she stood and looked over herself a final time.

"Carter's loss," she told her reflection. "But I'll look even better for him tomorrow night."

Singing quietly to the music still playing, she walked back to her room to dig through her shoes. She had four pairs that would work with the dress she wore and it took trying on three pairs before she was satisfied with her pick.

For once, her purse was by the back door with her keys hanging half out of the side pocket. She grabbed them both, unlocked the door and then hesitated.

Oh, my phone! Now where did I put it?

An incoming text from Brooklyn saved her from tearing the house apart. She grabbed her phone, sighed at the novel her friend was still writing and shoved the phone in her purse before leaving.


Cursing her husband quietly from the driver's seat of her parked car, Riley stared at the club. The parking lot was nearly full and it was her first time visiting.

The Den, as the club was called, was located outside the city. The loud music thumped every time the doors opened but the surrounding forest seemed to absorb the sound. The club had opened two weeks ago and had quickly become a hotspot. She glanced at the stream of people coming and going and wished yet again that her husband had come with her.

"I'm getting old," she sighed. In her college years, she would've joined the crowd in a heartbeat and lost herself to the rhythm. Now she yearned for the safety and quiet of her home in her husband's absence.

A new set of people approached the doors and she spotted Zoey and her boyfriend at back of the group. Riley opened her car door quietly and made her way past parked cars until she stood by her friend.

"Riley!" Zoey said loudly, alcohol thick on her breath. She hugged her friend and then wrapped her arm around her boyfriend's side. "I'm sorry Carter couldn't make it but damn, girl, you are looking fine tonight."

"Every night," Riley replied as she reached into her purse for her wallet and driver's license. "I almost didn't come but Brooklyn's coming and you know how she's going to be."

"She'll have a new boyfriend before she even leaves the club," Zoey laughed. She shook her head and her blonde curls bounced against her shoulders. With her hot pink lips and glittering eye shadow, the petite, drunken girl had little room to talk. Her latest boyfriend - Riley didn't even know the man's name yet - was one in a long string. The relationships never seemed to end badly, they just ended and a new boyfriend stepped in to replace the old.

The newest boyfriend smiled at Riley. He was bald with kind eyes and skin the color of walnut - darker than her own, but his grin was far too charming for his own good and he knew it.

"And he'll be worse than the last one," Riley sighed. She followed the pair through the crowds until she reached the bouncer. He waved her in without a glance at her license. The music pounded inside, reaching deep into her skin and her very bones. Still, she couldn't help but tap her feet as she waited her turn to pay her cover.

"Welcome to my club," a deep, cultured voice said from her side.

"Excuse me?" Riley asked, turning to look at the older gentleman standing by her side. She approached the man standing behind the podium but the gentleman beside her waved his hand. Zoey and her boyfriend paid and walked past without a second glance. The man behind the counter reached into a box to grab a single red wristband. Riley held her arm out as the man wrapped it carefully around her wrist.

"No cover for you," the gentleman said, resting his hand lightly against her arm for one brief moment. "Welcome to the Den. I'm Benjamin. I own the club and I'm taking the time to greet some of my guests. To get a feel for them and see what draws them in."

"Oh," Riley said, glancing towards her friends as they vanished into the crowds. She felt anxious and unsettled but couldn't tell if it was due to the unwanted attention from the owner or from losing track of her friends. "Well, my friend, who just went inside, saw some advertisements online. She asked me to come with her. And I'm expecting another friend. And my husband. He'll be here later."

"Surely he will," Benjamin said with a wide smile that showed far too many teeth. She couldn't tell how old he was but there was gray at his temples. He looked incredibly fit for his age and he appeared to loom over her, despite being shorter than her husband. "Enjoy your time and I hope to see you again soon."

Riley submerged herself in the crowds, eager to be away from the owner. She turned, pretending to look to the side while glancing at the man from the corner of her eyes. He watched her still, tracking her movements with the smile wiped from his face. She shivered and pushed further into the club as she searched for her friends.

"Riley!" a voice shouted. "Riley over here!"

She turned, looking around the club until she found Brooklyn at the edge of the dance floor, waving an arm full of bracelets and a red wristband. A tall, thin man with deep-set eyes and a rough, scraggly beard danced next to the girl. He grabbed her waist aggressively and she laughed, spinning to dance with him. Zoey and her boyfriend clung to each other nearby, writhing in time to the beat.

Riley frowned at Brooklyn and the man she danced with. She zig-zagged through the crowd until she reached her friends and then chose a table next to her friends.

She felt anxious. Her urge to dance with the rest of them had vanished and she resigned herself to sit and watch. Already on edge from the meeting with the owner, she now felt her unease increasing as she watched the thin man dancing with Brooklyn.

She'd joked with her husband earlier about the men in the club but this man actually seemed hungry. Unlike everyone around him, he wasn't enjoying himself. He wasn't smiling and losing himself in the music. He was watching Brooklyn closely. His motions were possessive and rough and he pushed people away if they danced too close.

Time to go in and- she thought to herself before someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Are you here alone?" a man asked. Riley looked up at him and her eyes widened.

She could only describe the newcomer as beautiful. His short beard was immaculate and his dark hair was slicked back over spotless, tanned skin. She wondered if he was from the Middle East but his smooth voice had no accent. He seemed sharp in a way she couldn't define. From his movements to his expensive suit to his very jawline. He glanced at her wrist and then seemed to examine her closely.

"No, I'm here with my friends," Riley finally remembered to say, gesturing towards Zoey and Brooklyn.

"They're dancing and enjoying themselves but you sit here alone. Dance with me," he told her, reaching his hand out. It felt like a command more than anything else and a chill ran down her spine.

Still, she stared at his hand as pressure built in her temples. The music became formless and she licked her lips until the spell was broken and she breathed deeply.

"I'm waiting for my husband," she said weakly.

The man lifted his chin and his nostrils flared. He looked back down at her, his hand still out.

"It's a poor man that leaves a beauty such as yourself alone," he told her, his eyes freely roaming the curves of her breasts and her hips. She found herself sitting up straight despite herself. "I am here now and he isn't. Dance with me."

Again, it felt a command and she almost acquiesced. Whether just to keep herself occupied or because of his presence. Instead, she folded her arms and shook her head, her black curls brushing her smooth back.

"No, he'll be here soon," she lied. "I'll wait."

The man glanced down at her arm again and grew angry in a flash. He turned on his heel to stalk away and she watched him until he was gone. Only then did she breathe out while relaxing. She could feel her body unspooling and she was surprised at the tension she'd held.

Riley glanced back and then stood as she found Brooklyn against the wall. The thin man held her tight, kissing and rubbing against the other girl. The girl's dress was up high enough to expose her ass cheek and Riley could see the man's fingers pressing hard enough into Brooklyn's skin to leave red marks.

She walked quickly to the pair and the man snapped around to glare at her.

"Brooklyn!" Riley said with false bravado. "Dance with me!"

"No," the man snarled but he reluctantly fell away as Brooklyn reached out breathlessly for her friend.

"Riley, you made it!" Brooklyn said, stumbling into her friends arms. The shorter brunette giggled as she grabbed Riley's hands, pulling her onto the dance floor.

Riley let herself move automatically as she kept the thin man in her sight. He glowered at both of them in between pawing at the obvious erection at the front of his pants.

"I don't like that guy!" Riley yelled into her friend's ears. As she leaned in, she spotted a large bruise on the curve of the other girl's neck. Small white dots lined the bruise. Bite marks, she realized. "He only wants to fuck you, Brooklyn. He looks really mean!"

"No, no," Brooklyn laughed, grabbing her friend's hips. "He's nice! He's really nice! And he's a real good kisser. And he smells really fucking good."

"Something's wrong with him," Riley insisted. "I'm being serious here, Brooklyn. I really-"

"She's mine!" the thin man said. He was suddenly in between them, grabbing Brooklyn away from Riley. The brunette laughed and pressed herself against him as he turned her to shove his erection against her ass.

Goddammit, Riley thought to herself. She walked back to the booth she'd claimed in order to grab her purse before turning to track down Zoey and her boyfriend. They were nearby, dancing slowly to a fast beat.

"Zoey, I don't like the guy dancing with Brooklyn," Riley told her friend.

Zoey turned, looking around the dance floor until she spotted the third girl. She watched for a moment and then shrugged.

"They're just dancing," Zoey said. "I mean, dancing close but that's just Brooklyn. You know how she is. She'll be fine. Just some new guy for her to get overly attached to."

"I just- he's just-" Riley floundered, realizing how she sounded while trying to describe the eerie feeling he gave off.

She watched as the man kissed Brooklyn roughly but the short-haired brunette kissed him back, grabbing and clawing at his back. They broke apart and the man said something in the other girl's ears. Brooklyn smiled wide and nodded, letting the man take her hand and pull her through the crowd.

Riley followed them but was surprised when they turned away from the bathrooms and made their way to the front.

I am not letting him drive her anywhere, she decided as she moved more quickly.

The thin man stopped at the entrance to speak to the man behind the podium. They exchanged a few words and then continued outside. Riley bumped into a few people in her hurry to follow.

"Hey," the man at the front said, grabbing her arm. She pulled herself free. "Where's your chaperone?"

"My what?" Riley asked, staring at the door leading outside.

"Your chaperone," the man repeated, as if she knew exactly what she'd meant.

"The fuck do I need a chaperone for?" Riley demanded hotly. Normally reserved, she felt her anger boil over at the strangeness of the place and the way she'd been treated.

Rather than wait for him to answer, she pushed forward to leave.

"Hey. Hey! You can't just- You have to wait-!" the man said as she stalked past a young man holding the door for his partner.

The air outside was cool and quiet. Riley searched the parking lot, turning and going to her toes to look for Brooklyn and the man with her. She almost gave up, frustrated that she was too late until she finally spotted them.

The pair headed toward the trees. Riley frowned as Brooklyn stumbled and fell to her hands and knees. The brunette stretched out her back legs while raising her head high. The odd movement pulled her too-short dress up to show her bare ass and a small part of Riley's mind was not surprised to see her without panties. The man beside Brooklyn grabbed her up quickly and pulled her into the woods.

"Oh, hell no," Riley said, quickly moving through the packed parking lot.

She fell behind as she dodged cars and people but persisted until she reached the grass beyond the parking lot. Her heels sunk into the soft dirt and she stumbled, catching herself on the hood of a nearby car.

"Dammit," she hissed, undoing the straps for her shoes to stand barefoot on the cold, wet ground.

"Dammit. Dammit. Dammit," Riley said quietly with every step she took. Her shoes dangled from her left hand as she stepped as carefully as she could through the underbrush.

A peculiar sound came to her as she pushed deeper into the woods. It was oddly familiar to her but she couldn't place it until she found Brooklyn and then man she'd danced with.

Her friend was bent over, holding the trunk of the tree in front of her with the bottom of her dress up over her hips. The man was behind her, holding her waist and pounding into her over and over. The sound she heard was the wet slapping of their bodies and an almost guttural grunting sound.

The sound was coming from Brooklyn.

"Fu- fuck me!" Brooklyn cried, shoving herself back. "Fuck! Fuck my wet pussy you fucking argh-!"

Riley's eyes widened as Brooklyn arched her back. The other girl trembled and the dress pulled tight against her before tearing down the center to fall beneath her.

Pale white skin lay exposed to moonlight and a thick tuft of fur run down the girl's back. She leaned her head back and snarled.

"What the- what the fu-" Riley gasped.

"There you are, you bitch," came a familiar voice.

Riley whirled to find the man who had approached her earlier. The one who had demanded a dance from her.

"You're mine," the man told her, grabbing her wrist.

Riley slapped the man as hard as she could. He released her with a snarl and she turned to run but molten, fiery pain exploded along her back. She tried to scream as she fell to the ground. Her dress was shredded but cling to her waist and she could feel searing agony between her shoulders and down the left side of her body.

She turned, hissing as dirt, grass and sticks scraped against her throbbing back. Her spurned dance partner stood over her, his fingers curled. Blood dripped from the tips of his sharp claws and his clothes strained against his body. But her eyes focused on his face. On his sharp ears and sharper fangs.

Leaning back on her elbows, Riley kicked up as hard as she could to slam her shin into the man's crotch. He howled silently, grabbing his balls as he knelt in front of her. She wasted no time in pushing herself up and running. Her torn dress caught on every passing branch and she struggled with it, pulling at the ragged edge until it split completely. She threw the dress, leaving her completely naked.

"You fucking bitch!" the man screamed behind her. His voice sounded rougher now and she shivered, not entirely from the way the air surrounded her body. Her back was seething with pain but, as she ran, it began to recede and she was grateful for it.

"Find you. Fuck you. Until you're fucking bloody!" the voice called after her. "And you'll love. Every. Goddamn. Minute of it!"

She glanced back and her foot caught an exposed root. Riley fell, tumbling end over end down a sloping bank. She flipped and the world spun around her until she landed in icy water. She gasped as the cold invaded her body.

Unwilling to wait to see if the man still followed her, Riley forced herself up, splashing in the water as she frantically made her way for the far bank. The further she went, the deeper the water ran until she was forced to swim, the current dragging her downstream.

As her throat and chest began to burn from fighting the swiftly moving water, her toes brushed smooth rocks beneath her. She paddled quickly until she could stand and she struggled through the current.

Finally free of the water, she shook her head, flinging droplets around her. She bent over, continuing to shake her body until she stood hunched and mostly dry.

The pain had lessened in her back but she growled quietly as the echoes of it seemed to flare along her spine.

Still, the scent of her blood was gone, washed away by the river. If the man would track her, he would have a hard time with it.

The pain pooling along the middle of her back shifted and she groaned as he spread slowly, like golden honey oozing over wheatcakes. It was torturous and slow and exotic and she could feel everything. The few hairs she'd missed while shaving over the past week stood on end as the sensation spreading beneath her skin warmed her.

Black hairs pushed from the scarred claw marks covering her back. Riley wrinkled her nose and dug her fingers into the ground as the warmth reached her guts. She groaned and then suddenly jerked as her traitorous body shoved her forward, forcing her ass in the air with her thighs spread. She moaned, turning her head to stare at the full, silvery moon casting its glow upon her naked body.

Tiny daggers stabbed into her lower belly, spearing through her guts and into her hips. Her body twisted painfully to one side and then the other as her tailbone cracked and separated. Muscles grew, dense and powerful and she felt it as the daggers turn to hot knives. Her ass swelled until the cheeks pressed together above her pussy.

"What's-" Riley gasped before growling as she felt her muscles cramping in her thighs and ass. She fell to her knees, squeezing her legs together. Incredibly, she could feel her pussy lips against her bare thighs.

Her slick, engorged lips pounded with each beat of her heart. She growled again and her body disobeyed her once more. Her breasts pressed to the cold ground as her widened, trembling hips raised to the ground. Showing her eagerness. Notifying any nearby males that she was ready for breeding. Hungry for it. Aching for it.

The sudden image of Brooklyn against the tree came to mind and Riley's eyes widened again.

Changing, she realized. Changing like her. Oh god. Oh god, that thing marked me and now I'm changing!

The girl's ears twitched. Skin twisted as the soft ridges and antihelixes of her ears stretched. She rolled her head as a dull pounding formed behind her eyes. Slowly, the rounded, folded edges of her ears began to flow, sliding back and up into points as more skin formed.

Gray and black hairs pierced the backs of her newly pointed ears and they flicked at an angle as she heard something crashing through the trees on the opposite bank.

He's there! she realized. Riley coiled her heavily muscled legs and pushed, launching herself in the air. She opened her mouth to scream but the ground rushed up quickly beneath her and she caught herself, rolling along rocks and dirt that collected into the thickening fur spreading along her back.

Pain flared above her ass cheeks as she rolled onto the bones of her forming tail.

With a quiet yip, she went to all fours and then stood, instinctually going to the balls of her feet before settling back flat-footed.

She ran, faster than she ever had before, leaping over logs and ducking beneath branches until she paused in the roots of a gigantic tree.

Her heart pounded but the pressure in her face was expanding and tears leaked from her eyes. She pressed her palms against her cheeks and her hands felt like ice. No, she realized - her face was burning. Her cheekbones cracked and she hissed while pulling her hands away.

The world spun around her as bone formed beneath her skin, pushing at her jaw. Creating her muzzle. She pushed against her face once more, uselessly trying to undo what was happening. Expecting smooth skin, she was surprised to find fuzzy little hairs instead. She explored and her fingertips brushed soft blacks hairs and bare skin. More hairs grew forth as she touched her face.

Riley closed her eyes against the pain and sweat rolled down her clenched brow. She pounded the ground with a moan, shoving her snout against the bark of the tree next to her, scratching the growing fur and aching bones.

The pain stopped suddenly. She leaned back and opened her eyes.

The forest was alive in front of her. It was lighter and the moonlight seemed to cling to places around her. It clumped and swirled in lines that extended in different directions. The lines shifted and flowed and she raised her long jaw to breathe deeply.

And then breathe out in a huff. It was scents. Combined with changed eyesight and the moonlight itself. Animals. Prey. Racing to hide. To hide from her as they saw her change.

The heat pulled her back and she moaned, biting at one of the roots with her teeth. Her mouth ached and she gnawed as her ears flattened against her head, the fur lining the back of them brushing against her black curls.

Fangs split her gums to fill the gaps between her teeth. They grew, pushing out her old teeth so new, sharp teeth could replace them. Her cheeks flared and she sawed through the root with deadly teeth.

Through all of it, she could feel the hungry void between her thighs.

I could- she panted, her tongue slipping between her jaws as she released the root. It stretched and widened as drool dripped from the tip. I could. Give myself away. Go to him. Fuck. Fuck him. Raise my ass to him until his cock splits me open and fills me. Red and thick and hard and filling me with cum until-

God! God, no! she gasped, grabbing at her sides.

With her hands pressed against her chest, she felt her ribcage flare out. The bones pressed against her skin and her breathing grew deep and powerful. Her metabolism spiraled out of control and the excess skin around her wide hips and belly pulled tight to reveal hardened lines of muscle. Her upper body began to expand to match her hips, ass and thighs.

Carter, she reminded herself.

Riley turned, gripping the roots with her hands as she shoved her ass against the tree behind her. She spread her thighs and snapped at the air in front of her as she rubbed her pussy against the tree.

The male was forgotten in her urge to quench the fire within.

The girl's breasts quaked as she pounded herself back. Stretch marks appeared at the edges of the soft, brown skin. The marks vanished and re-formed as fatty tissue grew beneath her tits. She ignored them, continuing to shove herself back as her growing breasts began to slap against her body.

She could see the man from the club. Could see his blood-stained claws. Could feel him behind her. She growled and replaced him with Carter but her mind kept slipping.

The beast was taking her and it knew its own.

Fur grew from her swollen labia as she frantically rubbed herself against the tree. Already slick from her juices, her fur spread down over her thighs and up over her dark mound.

"Fuck," Riley grunted, grabbing a huge tit in one hand to massage it roughly. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Carter, fuck me. Pound me. Fucking hurt me. Bite me. Fuck me and change me. Sink your teeth into me and rub your fur onto my body and fill me."

Pain twisted in Riley's guts once more, forcing her to her knees. She pressed her muzzle to the ground as her hips shook. Her tail, short but furred, curled back and she spread her thighs. A quick, sharp cramp exploded between her thighs as bones broke and moved, raising her pussy higher. Readying her for being mounted. Blood raced to her labia and they folded over the inner lips until they began to press together. Her mound, hidden behind thick black fur, pressed up and skin began to grow to cover her clit until, still moving, it pressed against her outer labia.

Her thick lips, surrounded by a heavy tangle of slicked-back fur, swelled further until they were exposed. Clear liquid seeped between the folded labia and she whined, slipping a hand beneath her to rub her new pussy.

Her fingernails brushed the fur spreading on her lower belly and she jerked as she scratched a tiny, sensitive nipple hidden beneath the fur.

"Ohhhh god," Riley moaned, grabbing the fur in her hand and pulling while shoving her ass back. She clawed at her lower belly, feeling the aching points begging for attention. Skin shriveled beneath her finger before twisting into a second teat that connected to milk ducts beneath her belly.

Sounds forced her to stillness and she grinded her fangs together to ignore her own heat. She scented the air and the fur on the nape of her neck stood at attention. A gentle breeze brought his scent to her.

It would be so easy to let him take her. Or to take him. To lose herself in it. She wanted it badly enough to she was willing to ignore her vows. That, in the moment, she was sure she'd never wanted anything more than to fuck beneath the moonlight with a stranger.

As her spreading fur brushed the bottom of her heavy breasts, she shook her muzzle. She could still feel the air on bare skin. She wasn't taken completely yet. She could fight it. She could remember her husband.

The other wolf (man! she yelled at herself) entered her line of sight. Her eyes tracked to his black-furred sheath and the exposed red cock and she almost lost herself to him.

Instead, she hardened her mind and dug her nails into the palms of her hands. She felt tough skin beneath her fingers. Her hands throbbed and she rubbed her palm with her fingertips, feeling the leather padding as it began to form.

Now, she willed herself. Hurry now. Claws. Claws for striking. For hurting. For hunting. Now. Now. Now.

Riley's nails bent back to reveal her black claws. They anchored to her fingerbones as her hand widened and the fingers lengthened. She watched the other wolf, ignoring his hardened cock as she scratched her palm over and over. Until the claws were fully formed.

She knelt, huge and powerful, at the base of the tree under the moon's soft light. It glistened off her silky black fur and she felt is a loving warmth. She could feel her mind slipping further. Oddly enough, she wasn't terrified. She felt relaxed despite the anger and quick emotions of the wolf that filled her body. It was part of her now, and she a part of it. She sunk into it and welcomed its embrace. It was powerful and ancient and would do whatever it took to keep her alive.

Readying herself, she pushed her toes into the ground as they began to throb. Just as her fingers had.

Time fractured as she hunted the male. As much as she tried to focus, she saw only bits and pieces.

A fight. Blood. PAIN. Snapping teeth. Tearing.



Being chased.

A torn arm, hanging limp. Her claw in his eye. Rolling. Tumbling. Falling.



Blood. His. Hers.

A changed man. Fur receding.

The man in the club.

Hunger. Pain. Anger. Fear. Fierceness.

The man's face kept changing to Carter.

Unnatural hatred.

Carter in pain and bleeding.


"Carter!" Riley gasped, sitting up in bed.

The sheet clung to her naked body. Cold air filled the room but it washed off of her. She knew it was cold but she felt hot, despite her nudity. The bedroom window and most of the frame surrounding it was broken.

She sat wrapped in a bed sheet that was covered in dried blood and dirt and a million black hairs.

Memories swirled and she clung to them, trying to remember. Desperately trying to make sense of them.

Nobody came to see her or what had caused her to shout.

"Carter!" Riley shouted again, rolling off of the bed and running from the room to search for him. Panic built within her body as she raced through the house.

His face haunted her memories. It flickered.

The terror in his expression. The blood. So much blood.

Riley returned to the bedroom and collapsed, sobbing as she grabbed the bed sheet to pull it around her.


Her human ears twitched as keys jingled in the lock and the deadbolt twisted. She jumped to her feet and smelled him before she turned the corner to see him.

"Babe! There's a huge dead deer at the intersection. The cops are even oof-!" Carter said as Riley slammed into him. His keys dropped to the ground as she wrapped herself around him, crying in relief.

"Babe? Why're you crying? Wait, why are you naked? And why do you smell like- like- what is that? Is that blood?"

"Oh god, oh god, Carter," she said, kissing his cheek before crushing him against her.

"Hey, ow, hey, you're hurting me," Carter told her, gently trying to pry her off.

"I thought you were dead! God! I thought- I thought- You- You smell good," she said, pressing her nose into the crook of his neck. She sniffed him while pressing her body against him. "You smell. Oh. You smell- You smell really good. Really fucking good."

"Hey, ow! Babe! Watch your nails!" Carter said.

She released him with a growl, dropping to her knees while struggling with his pants.

"Hey, why are you- whoa, whoa, slow do- oh, hell!" Carter, moaned, his hands going to his wife's thick hair as she ran her rough, wide tongue over his limp cock.

She moaned, shoving her nose into the corner of his thigh while grabbing his manhood, pumping him hard before rearing back to shove her mouth down over him. Riley gagged for a brief moment but pushed further, moaning as Carter's fingers tightened in her hair. She dug her fingernails into his ass as she began to bob up and down.

The smell of blood filled the air as she dragged the sharp black tips of her claws down her husband's bare ass. Black hairs stood up on the nape of her neck, slowly spreading down her spine as she felt herself grow wet.

"God!" Carter moaned, laying back against the wall. He looked down at his wife as she frantically shoved herself up and down on his cock.

A powerful scent filled the man's nose and his throat vibrated into a growl as he clawed at the wall next to him with his free hand. Riley pulled off of him, drool connecting from his cock from the corner of his wife's mouth before she cleaned him off. Her eyes were a brilliant golden color and dark hairs lined her jaw but he was distracted by the smell that burned his eyes. His eyes watered as his jaw crunched and he tightened his other hand in her hair.

Riley moaned loudly as her husband pulled her away. He snarled and shoved her to the ground and she cried out in pleasure at the show of his dominance.

Pure, clear liquid seeped from her trembling labia as they began to bulge away from her body. She glanced back to see her husband clawing at his shirt, tearing it away from his body to show a chest lined with short, light brown fur. Red tinged his cock as he fell to all fours over her.

She screamed, shoving her widening hips back against his cock as his teeth sunk into her shoulder. She could feel his fangs spearing into her as he rubbed himself against her swollen, wet, aching pussy. Thick skin rubbed against her bulging pussy lips and she shivered as his forming sheath grew tiny hairs that teased her sensitive lips.

Carter reared back and the head of his cock slipped down to press into her changing pussy. He howled as he entered her, shoving her down. Her growing breasts flattened on the ground beneath her as her husband slammed into her.

The wolf, barely restrained within her soul, snarled and shook at the chains that still held it tight. She knew it would be free soon but she held on as long as she could so she could remember this later. This intense passion. The pain and pleasure mixing as her husband's knot began to push against her. The way he licked the healing scars he'd given her when he bit her shoulder. The way their fur brushed as they rutted.

But the wolf broke free and she floated, pushing herself up to all fours and then twisting, shoving her husband back, her claws resting on a patch of bare skin on his chest as she grabbed his huge, red cock. Pressing herself down onto him as his hands grabbed her breasts. She could feel his padding forming. It scratched against her aching nipples until, fully grown, the skin softened.

Riley rode her husband, her stubby tail growing behind her. She could feel the orgasm coming - building to an intense relief that was denied to her the night before. She rocked against him again and again as the tight muscles of her pussy flared in an attempt to take her husband's knot.

Her orgasm surprised her and her feet clawed at the carpet, tearing gouges through the backing and the floor beneath. He slipped completely inside of her as her pussy pulsed around his cock and she screamed in a deep, ragged voice as her claws marked his chest.

A second orgasm rocked her, nearly as powerful as the first and then a third followed when her husband pulled her close and bruised her cervix by shoving deeply inside of her. She felt him grow even larger inside as he came and she trembled against his body, her sharp ears held back with her thick tail curled over her body.

As much as she tried to hold onto the moment, the wolf consumed her and she again lost track of time.

She mated through most of the day. And then they were outside. Woods. Mating again. Hunting together. Nightfall - the second night of the fall moon. Blessing them. She could feel its warmth even as deep as she was inside her own body.

When she woke this time, she lay on the ground near her bed with her husband wrapped around her.

There was a new smell in the house and she jerked alert, extracting herself from her husband. He grumbled and tossed and turned but she padded through the wrecked home without him, sighing at the broken furniture as the scent trail led her to the front door.

A single envelope lay on the ground in the entryway.

Riley kicked the letter with her foot and then frowned, bending to grab it. It was unsealed with nothing written on the outside. The smell was familiar but she couldn't place it until she read the contents.

It read:

You've killed your progenitor. He was an old friend of mine but I don't blame you. I can't blame you. You or the wolf that's taken root inside of you.

Stay away from my territory. If I see you here, I'll kill you. And I won't be alone.

Your friend belongs to us now. I've marked her and she'll kill you as quickly as I would.

We can live peaceably together.

Let this be your warning.

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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Great stuff.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Whoa! A comment here! I, uh, kinda thought my breath stank or something.

But, seriously, I really appreciate you taking the time to stop in and leave a comment.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Dont worry people lurk on my stuff and dont leave comments. Makes you think "why even bother sharing?"
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Thumbs up Re: The Den

I greatly enjoyed "The Den". I agree with the comment on Fur Affinity that it was satisfying for Riley to resist and win.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

@xyhphiros - thank you! As I've said other places, I really appreciate when people take the time to comment It seems her resisting was a popular thing based on comments from all kinds of places so, yay! Maybe she'll share it her gift eventually...

@Jimbo - yeah, sometimes but sometimes I get really nice comments and that helps. Definitely helps posting other places as well.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A New Familiar
A young warlock forcefully binds a new familiar.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at:
The house is quiet but I know that won't last. My kid sister is home from college and she's brought her roommate with her. It's okay since I'm not home much longer. In fact, I'll be gone quite a while but they don't know that yet.

They - the anonymous "they" - always said that college would open doors for me but they never said what kind of doors. Or to what dimension those doors would lead.

When I was a kid, I cracked my head good at the playground. An exposed bolt beneath the slide that should've been covered. My parents sued, got tons of money and did what they could for me and the kids that played on the playground. Honestly, I love them dearly and they've both been amazing from start to finish.

I turned out alright. I just saw things different afterwards.

Very different.

Half hidden things lurking in the shadows beneath the corners of the world. My father used to sit with me every night. Every. Night. That's how good of a person he is. Every night he would hold my hand to keep me safe from what lurked in my room. He couldn't see them, of course. And he never believed me but that's okay. He believed that I believed and that's all that mattered.

I shooed them away from my baby sister even though they never bothered anyone. I learned to ignore them. To pretend they didn't exist. I went to high school. Then college.

They found me my sophomore year. The specific "they" this time. An order. Ancient and small. Conjurers and witches and warlocks and shamen and other holy men. Specifically a witch found me.

In a coffee shop. She stopped in and did that slow turn thing you see in the movie. Came right up to me and said "You see them, don't you?"

It took me a moment to understand what the crazy woman meant but then I did. I told her I had no idea what she was saying.

Then she did something to me and I followed her to her room and told her everything I knew from childhood to that moment. She apologized afterwards and said it was extremely bad manners to bewitch someone as she'd done but she had to be certain. Plus, I learned my first lesson there: morals are very relative and extremely flexible in what we actually know of the universe.

I left college and began learning other things. That was four years ago and I'm still incredibly new at everything. Oh, I've picked up some tricks but I have a long, long way to go.

Literally and metaphorically. I'm leaving tonight for several years. A trip all of us must make. Alone. Well. It doesn't have to be completely alone.

I spent the night before growing some gold in my parent's property and setting up events for them to find it. It'll leave them quite well off.

"-right back!" I hear my sister say. She's a freakin' delightful kid. Even growing up. Smart and kind and the best of people.

I wait for a second and then head to the bathroom but I stop for a moment by her room.

"-tonight," a girl says from my sister's room. The roommate, of course. "No, why would I want her to come with us? She's boring. No. I sent her out for some food. I'm just here because I bummed a ride from her. Haha, are you serious? She doesn't even drink. You'll have more than just molly, right? Fucking good. Yeah, I'll leave around 9. Just text me the address."

So. One weird thing I learned is that, while there isn't a capital-G God that we know about, the universe seems awfully funny. Ordered in a weird way that seems purposeful sometimes. We make a big deal out of pretending it's not (unless you're religious then, sure) but, really, it's almost got a weird life of its own. Like it takes enjoyment out of making some things happen.

Earlier, I said I was taking a trip alone. I have to - it's the laws. A spirit journey of a kind. We all do it. Those of us that see things.

You are, however, allowed to bring a familiar.

Oh-hoh, you think, what are familiars?

Let me show you.

I walk into my sister's room and this girl looks up at me. She's - hold on. A bit of concentration, a bit of willpower and a bit of magic.

She's third generation Japanese. Both parents are Japanese. Grandparents on one side from Osaka and the other from, ah, also Osaka. I stop the magic there otherwise it'd just keep going and filling me in. It can get annoyingly verbose in its enthusiasm.

She's pretty. Shoulder length straight black hair and very Americanized. Slim, petite and catty.

See, that's what I mean about a funny universe. Here I am, about to go on a spirit trip without a familiar and the universe provides.

"Your sister went to the store," the girl tells me with a bored glance. She's already back on her phone, browsing whatever.

"I know," I answer, walking close. Starting the magic.

She's comfortable in her safety until I'm at the edge of the bed. Then primal monkey instincts kick in and she looks up. Worried.

It's too late.

I lay my hand on her forehead and she jerks back.

Again. Too late.

"What the fuck, freak?" she yells, rubbing her head.

My parents left their old rocking chair in my sister's room. They used to rock her to sleep with it. Me, they had to sit on the washing machine to get me to pass out but she was good after being rocked. I take it for now, sitting while facing the girl.

"Your name is Emi," I tell her. The spell earlier informed me. "We're going to leave in the morning. Me and you."

She laughs. It's actually a pretty laugh but her ugly personality twists it. My spell earlier confirmed a lot of what I suspected from her short phone call. She's a bitch. To just about everyone.

"What the fuck makes you think-" she starts to say but cuts off when I raise my hand. Her eyes widen as her mouth works.

"You're my familiar now," I tell her. "And you'll listen to me. We'll both learn from the trip and we'll be gone for a long time. I'll put together a convenient spell to hide your disappearance so it doesn't match with mine. It won't be too hard."

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" she sputters.

"Well, I could be all old fashion and say I'm your master now but," I tell her, pausing and tapping my chin. "No, actually that is what I am. I've bonded you."

She starts to say something but I hold my finger up again and her voice doesn't work. She'll need some training.

"I've twinned your soul with an animal," I tell her. "Because that's how it's done. Apparently for millenia. A cat because I like cats. It'll be hard on you. We've changed so much from the animals around us. Separated ourselves in so many ways. Having an animal ride your soul, well. It changes you apparently. In quite a few ways."

"You- you're crazy," she whispers, her hands reaching for her phone.

"You'll tell nobody," I command her and she snatches her hand back. "When I leave, you'll pretend everything is fine. You'll actually think things are fine and you'll be too embarrassed to say anything. The rest is up to you. I'll see you later tonight."

I stand and she blinks, scratching the side of her head.

"Freak," she whispers as I leave.

I head back to my room, close and lock (and then seal) my room. Nobody will hear anything from my room and can't get in unless they know how to unlock magic. Which, they don't.

A simple spell shows me my sister's room in three dimensions, complete with sounds. I place the image on my desk as I begin working on a spell to remove Emi from the world. It'll take a while but that's okay.

I look up when my sister enters her room. She has a bag of fast food and she hands some over to Emi who eats in relative silence. I dim the sound coming from the spell as they talk randomly but when I take a break from the spell I'm crafting, I watch.

It wasn't a lie. Bonding an animal to someone's spirit does all kinds of things to them. I spot the beginning of it when Emi's hand keeps straying to her thighs. She snatches it back but it slowly moves right back. She'll place her hand on her knee as if she doesn't know what she's doing and then it slides up her thigh.

Ah. There we go. Emi slips her hand between her thighs and her head dips before she grabs it away.

Only a few things truly drive us at a very, very basic level and one of them is the urge to reproduce. We've repressed it as humans. Tamed it. But animals need it to survive. They don't know control. When it hits, it hits.

One of my masters keeps cats and I've been around plenty of times when they go into heat.

I almost feel bad for the girl. Almost.

Again, her hand moves up her leg, pressing into the gap between her crossed thighs. A simple gesture zooms in as she presses fingers into her pants. She's rubbing herself and I see the pants growing dark. Wet.

But, yet again, she pulls her hand back. She shakes from time to time now and I catch her glancing at the door.

"How's your brother?" I hear Emi ask. She's laying both of her hands against the inside of her thighs and she's dug her nails in deep.

"Owen? He's good," my sister says, surprised to hear the question. "Just back for a little bit, he said."

"I thought I saw him before," Emi says nervously, glancing to the door. She scratches her cheek and chin and then quickly licks the back of her hand anxiously. "Tall guy? Handsome? I think he came from the room next door."

"Handsome?" my sister asks with a smile. "Emi, he's my brother. Come on. But, yeah, he's got the room next to me."

The other girl nods and then looks towards my room as she scratches at her upper lips. Tiny little holes have opened along her lip. She's shaking again and she grabs her sides as the wet patch grows between her thighs. She grabs one of the many pillows my sister has and lays it on her lap, resting her left arm on it. Her right hand slips beneath the pillow and she looks away while biting her lip.

It's almost time. I look outside and see how dark it's getting.

"Sleep," I whisper, making a pushing motion towards my sister. She yawns, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I'm thinking about going to sleep early," my sister says, yawning again. "I'll sleep on the mat on the floor so you can have the bed."

"O- okay," Emi says, her right arm jerking slightly.

My sister unrolls a mat and grabs a blanket and pillow from her closet, laying down and falling asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.

Emi is up as soon as my sister closes her eyes. She practically leaps over the other girl, bolts from the room and then tries to open my door. Of course it doesn't work.

She knocks quietly.

"Owen!" the girl says. "Owen, please! Something- something's- what did you do?"

I wait and she knocks again. And then again.

"God," the girl says. "Gooood."

"I can't- I can't controooowwwwl," she yowls, clawing at the door. I relent, gesture and the door opens.

Emi stumbles in, falling on her hands and knees in front of me. She's breathing hard, looking up at me and showing her bosom. I can see her dark, left nipple.

"What did you doooo," she moans, grabbing at the carpet.

Sitting and staring at her, I see her brown irises begin to lighten to a dark sandy color. It expands, consuming the whites of her eyes. At the same time, the holes above her lips open wider and clear whiskers peek out.

She grits her teeth, closes her eyes and her hand presses against her crotch beneath her as she holds herself up on one hand.

When she opens her eyes again, her pupils are open wide before they narrow to vertical slits in the bright lights.

I stand and go to her and she draws back before the heat consuming her keeps her in place. I kneel and brush her soft cheek, rubbing my finger along the skin. I can feel a light fuzziness there and her skin darkens as black hairs begin to sprout.

"I can't- I can't-" she mumbles, straining for me, pressing her cheek into my hand. "I can't stop thinking of sex. I need it. I need it so bad. Please. Please, I need it."

"I know," I tell her while sitting back on my bed.

She yowls again and sits back on her knees. She has a sweater on over a long sleeve white shirt and both of her nipples are clearly visible. Hard and eager.

Without a word, she grabs her sweater and pulls it off, flinging it into the corner of the room. For a brief moment, I see her midriff - bare, white skin and so smooth. She's shaking and her fingers fumble with her buttons, starting at the top. I watch, feeling myself grow hard as the third button shows her cleavage. The fourth comes undone and she hisses in frustration.

Rather than waiting to undo the rest, she pulls and the button pop free to show a slim, thin bra on her toned frame. She's blushing furiously.

I can smell her arousal and I'm just a mostly normal human. She's soaked through her slacks and she's slowly writhing on her hips as her body tells her what it wants her to do.

She rolls her head and I see a faint trail of black fur along her shoulders and down the nape of her neck. She drops to her hands and knees and comes to me, swaying her hips in an exaggerated fashion until her head is between my knees.

Gently, she places her hands on my knees.

I can feel her warmth but I let her do what she needs.

"I can't stop myself," she's panting, starting up at me with her tawny eyes.

She's kneading at my thighs and I look down. Her pink nail polish is cracking as her nails bend. I watch them thicken and then sink into the flesh at the tip of her fingers. She flexes and clear claws spear out to dig into my pants.

"Soorrrry," she moans, pushing herself up with her hands to kiss my lips. She forces her tongue into my mouth and then nuzzles her soft, furred cheek against mine.

When she sits back on her heels, her face is nearly completely consumed by the fur. It's short but growing longer where it first grew. I brush her whiskers with my thumb and she closes her eyes. Her throat vibrates in a deep purr that startles her. She grab at her throat and then touches her skin carefully to feel the fur that's spreading down from her chin.

Her hand touches my crotch but she stops to look for permission and I nod. Her fingers are awkward but she unzips me and her purr returns when she sees my hardened cock.

"Oh, god, I don't- I don't know-" she says, starting at it.

Her hand reaches out and she strokes me gently. She turns her wrist and I see pink forming just beneath her fingers.

"I'm a-" she swallows. "I'm a virgin."

I reach forward, gently running my hand through her hair and her purr grows louder. Pulling her hair back, I see the tips of her ears growing to sharp points. They thin as they move and, when I touch them, they flick. I pull her towards me and feel her hot breath on my cock. She kisses it, unsure of herself and I nod again.

Her hand cradles my dick and I move it up and down to encourage her. Her padding is growing out as she grips me softly. She groans and her tongue gives me a quick, explorative lick.

"Yes," I tell her.

She grabs my thigh with her other hand and licks me from the base to the tip, swirling the head with her tongue. I shiver and grip her furry ear with my fingers, rubbing it as I hold her head tightly. She licks again and I start to feel a roughness. Little barbs forming as she gets more into it.

And then, as she's eagerly cleaning my pre-cum, I push her head down. She opens her mouth and I feel the brush of her elongating canines. She moans and then begins to purr and I jerk from the odd sensation around my sensitive head. I pull her up and push her down and she following, slowly working her head up and then down, backing off when she starts to gag.

The tongue and the purring is killing me.

I reach down to undo her bra straps and then scratch the thick line of fur creeping down her back.

"Oh fuck!" she moans, freezing in place as I scratch her harder. She grips my cock and rests her head on my thighs as I claw her back, scratching the spreading fur.

Emi mews, rubbing her cheek into my thigh until I push her back. She stares down at the ground, her arms at her side. Her ears flick anxiously and I imagine she's blushing beneath the black fur.

Tiny bulges push at her lower belly. She rolls her head and grips her small breasts, squeezing them as black fur surrounds and encompases them.

"Strip," I tell her.

She sits back, scratching and clawing at her pants until she kicks them free.

Strings of clear liquid connect from her pussy to her panties as she pulls them off.

"Lay back," I command and she does, her hands to her sides.

I kneel before her and kiss her mound. She jerks and grabs my hair, lifting her hips to me. I kiss higher and she yowls quietly. I kiss one of the small mounds and she claws the ground. My tongue works around the smooth, loose skin and she's thrashing beneath me. The skin is hardening in my mouth.

"Yes," Emi moans. "Yes, yes."

I can feel her small, prickly fur against my tongue as it sprouts around her new teat. I kiss each of them and she shudders.

Once done, I take off my shirt and then stand to let my pants and underwear fall free. She hides her breasts for a second before putting her hands to the side. I can see her dark brown nipple in the sea of black fur. Her sharp ears twitch back as I kneel before her.

Lowering my face to her pussy, I can feel the heat.

"Wait," she tells me. I don't, getting closer to her.

"Wait, wait, I'm not- wait- ooooooooowwwwl!" she screeches as my mouth touches her pussy. She incredibly wet and her pink lips glisten in the light.

She bucks under me as I kiss and lick her pussy. Licking my finger, I pull her hood back and carefully rub her clit as I suck at her pussy lips. She's screaming and mewling and yowling and clawing at my hair with her knees pressed hard against my face until I pull back, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

Her furred chest is rising and falling so fast. I can see the fur creeping down her arms as strands sprout from the back of her hands.

I grab her right foot carefully, my thumb gently pressing against her small, smooth arch. Not a single blemish shows on her skin as I kiss the sole of her feet. Starting beneath her big toe, I kiss the ball of her foot, moving slowly outward until I reach beneath her little toe.

She shudders and twists as I massage and kiss her feet. As I massage her foot, I feel a kind of dense lump forming just beneath the skin. I massage her as the white skin stretches, kissing her again as the white fades to pink padding.

Holding her slim calf muscle, her growing hairs prick me as they pierce her skin.

I lay her foot down on my lap and pick up her other foot to repeat the process, rubbing and kneading the skin.

While I stroke her, she feels my cock with the foot in my lap. Unbidden, she slides her foot against me, spreading her toes in a cute attempt to jack me off with her foot. I let her as she gets into it as her other foot begins to change. She's awkward with it but enjoys herself, toying with her teats as she rubs my cock with her soft foot.

I gently pull her away and then kiss her before rolling her over. She goes easily to her hands and knees, lowering her upper body and spreading her thighs automatically to ensure her swollen pussy is visible.

She has a light dusting of black fur covering her ass. I squeeze her and she pushes back.

"Take me," she moans, laying her head down on her cheek to look back at me. "Take me, please. My virginity. It hurts. It hurts so bad. I've never felt it like this. Never. Never, please. Please. I'm losing my mind. I'm ooooooowwwl! Losing owwwwwl! Please!"

I rub the small of her back and feel the looseness there. The fur has grown dense and thick and I pull at it, to which she eagerly responds. But then I massage her more as a bone presses against my hand. Her skin bubbles up around it and pushes away so I kiss the tip of her new tail.

And then I grip the short base and she screams, shoving herself against my stomach and rubbing herself, marking me with her cum.

Holding the base of her slowly growing tail with one hand, I grab her ass with the other, my thumb near her pussy. I spread her open and then lay the head of my cock against her opened pussy.

She tries to impale herself on me. She frantically tries to push back but I hold her in place, tugging on her tail while squeezing her ass. And I slowly enter her. She cries out and claws at the floor as a hint of blood mixes with her juices. I push slowly but she's still trying to shove herself back, despite the pain.

Further. Further until I bottom out and she's purring and mewling and begging me to fuck her. I pull back and she squeezes her pussy against me, instinctually trying to hold me in place. She's so incredibly tight that it blows my mind.

I grab her slim hips and begin to move in earnest.

"Yes, please, yes!" she cries out. "Yes, god, it's better- better than I- imagined! God, yes yes yes! Fuck me!"

"Sir", I tell her, freezing in place.

She tries to move but I hold her. Her tail is long enough that the tip thumps angrily against my chest as I hold her still. It's as thick as my wrist and strong but I tug and she moans.

"Call me 'sir'," I tell her.

"Sir!" she gasps. "Sir, please fuck me, sir!"

I slam into her and she slides on the carpet. I'm close but I want her to cum. So, I cheat. I scratch at her back while pulling her tail and her eyes widen while her mouth drops open. She's shaking, talking gibberish and clawing.

When she cums, she squeezes my cock painfully and squirts, covering me as she flails, squeezing and gripping my dick. I pull her back hard by her tail and she screams again. It's more than enough and I cum deep inside, holding her tight as she squeezes my cum from her tight pussy. It squirts free, shockingly white against her the black fur of her ass and thighs.

"More," she gasps as she collapses on the floor. "More, sir. More. Please. Please."

"Soon," I tell her, scratching her side. She purrs and pushes into me. "We have to get ready. You'll have years and years ahead of you. And I don't know if you'll ever get enough."
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A Close Companion
A young man hypnotizes and physically changes his female classmate
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As always, on the first day of one of these new events, I'm anxious. I'm not good around people but I've been trying to get out more. To put myself out there and make an effort.

My therapist says I'm doing well. Even that was a difficult first step - seeing a therapist - but she's kind and patient, even when it took a few sessions before I opened up. I could go through the laundry list of issues that I think led to my problems but, ultimately, my mother kept me away from people. That's it. Mostly.

She had a hard life, on the constant run from my abusive father. I could never go out. I could never have friends over or take pictures for the yearbook or anything. She was all I had. For most of my life.

I think I would've been a lot worse if it wasn't for little Gumdrop. And Sunshine after her when Gumdrop got too old. They were both mutts that my mother got from, well, I'm not sure where. She just came home with Gumdrop one day. She was a scrawny dog with scars but still big enough to scare me. And yet she was persistent in wanting to love me and I eventually gave in.

We were inseparable, Gumdrop and me. When she died, I locked myself away. To this day it still hurts to remember. In my dark little corner of whatever place we were living at the time. Reading and ignoring life. Until Sunshine showed up. I was mean to her at first because she wasn't Gumdrop. She wasn't. She was smaller with longer fur and an overbite that wasn't cute. And she didn't even try to be my friend like Gumdrop.

I think loneliness won out for both of us and we slowly bonded over it. She passed two years ago and it hurt just as bad this time, even though I was on my own and finally in a stable place. I'd moved out.

Well, no. My mother moved out. And away. I don't know where she is. I graduated high school years before and got an easy job in a warehouse where I don't have to talk to people. One day, I came home and she just wasn't there. No note but she'd taken all of her personal belongings. It hurt less than when Gumdrop and Sunshine passed.

My therapist says I'm making good progress. Slow but good. I'm not so sure but she says that it's important that I want to go to these things. These events. And I do. It's good for me, I know that.

But I still sit in the back row of the old community college. The teacher nods in my general direction but I stare down at the ancient desk, scratched and scarred and inked by thousands and thousands of students.

Others file in slowly and I sneak glances at them as I open my notebook. And click my pen. And watch. And click my pen. And click my pen. And click my pen.

It's a small group, mostly girls and nearly all young but there's a few older people as well.

I can see the teacher doing a silent count before he nods again.

"Welcome to creative writing!" he says. His voice is chipper and he smiles before I look back down at my desk. And click my pen. He seems nice. Smaller. Thin. Going a little bald but a full, thick black beard. "Let's start by introducing ourselves, shall we?"

Oh no.

I can already feel my mouth run dry as I stare at the carved corner of my desk. I hate this part. I hate it. My pen clicks in my hand. And then again. And again.

They talk. I listen, sneaking glances and trying to pay attention but I've already forgotten their names.

And then it's my turn. The teacher nods in encouragement and they're all looking at me. My cheeks burn. And I click my pen.

"I- I- I'm T- Todd," I stutter, clicking my pen. "I- I like to r- read and I w-want to wr-write, too."

The teacher smiles and I grip my pen hard in my hand.

"And what's going on in Todd's life right now?" he asks me.

"I- I'm tr-trying- h-hoping to a-a-a-adopt a d-dog soon," I say. It's painful to talk in front of them. I hate it so much.

"Wonderful," the teacher says and I almost believe him. "Now, everyone, let's talk about goals."

The class passes quickly and I surprise myself by enjoying it. I've written before, for myself as part of therapy and for fun but I thought taking a class would be good. A small step in rejoining society, as my therapist would say.

When the class ends, I gather my notebook and pens and then freeze as a shadow falls across my desk. My hand shakes as I squeeze the pen in my hand. The release pulls the nub back but I click it again.

"Hi," comes a sweet voice in front of me. I look up to see a young girl, maybe a year or two older than me. She's slim with long, brown hair but I look down before I can see much more. A pink - no, I need to practice being more descriptive - a magenta sweater over a white shirt.

There's a pause and I realize she's waiting for me to say something.

"H-hi," I tell her. Her shoes almost match her sweater. Almost. They're darker with white highlights. It's frustrating that they don't match. It can't be that hard to find a color that matches. If you're going to try to color coordinate, why wouldn't you find something that matches it exactly? It's so frustrating.

"I don't mean to be a busy-body," she says. At the corner of my eyes I can see her gripping the straps of her backpack. "I heard you talk about adopting and I think that's great! I volunteer at the shelter sometimes. If you ever need any help or advice, just let me know. I grew up with dogs and plan to adopt a couple once I have a bigger place."

"Oh. M-me too," I tell her, looking up briefly to see her dimples and her wide, bright eyes. They're green but dark and shot with shards of brown. She's very pretty and my heart skips a beat or two before I look back down. "I-I-I had d-dogs, too."

"They're awesome," she sighs. "I miss mine but I still get to go home and see them sometimes so it helps until I can get my own."

I don't have anything to say to that so I just nod.

"Anyway," she says, pulling at her backpack. "I'll see you next week? Oh. My name is Bailey."

"T-Todd," I reply.

"I know," she says. "I remember. See you next week, Todd!"

I watch her go, finally looking up as the classroom empties. Her bluejeans are very tight and I wonder how she can be comfortable with them. Still, I can't help but stare at the way it accentuates her body.

She waves at another classmate and then exits. She seems very sweet. Sometimes people talk to me and it's obvious that they're pitying me. I'm not slow. I'm not. I just- I just don't know what to say sometimes. And sometimes it all gets backed up. I'm not-

I click my pen. And then click it again.

I'm not good with people. I'm not.


The second creative writing class is more interesting. The teacher is talking about story structure - actually details now rather than introductions and brief overviews. I can already see where it will help with my own writing. To streamline it.

It's just hard to focus because I'm more excited about something else.

When the class is finished, I take a few deep breaths and quickly grab my bag while carrying my notebook. I wait a moment for people to leave and then walk down the rows to the very front.

"H-hey, B-B-Bailey," I stutter, blushing and staring at the ornate metal legs of the old desks.

"Oh!" she says, with obvious surprise. Is she surprised I talked to her? Was her offer fake? More of the fake politeness I've come to expect from people? When they see someone they pity and decide to talk to them to assuage old guilt? "Todd! How's it going?"

"G-G-Good," I tell her. Shuffling my feet, I decide I don't care. As my therapist would say, baby steps. "I-I-I was h-hoping you'd h-h-help me. I've f-f-found a d-dog to adopt."

"Oh my gosh!" she beams. Perfect teeth on a perfect face. How can some people just project confidence and happiness all the time? "What is he?"

"She," I tell her. "D-d-don't laugh. Her n-name is also B-Bailey."

"Oh no," she groans but she smiles at the same time. "Where are you getting her from?"

"A f-friend," I say. "I w-wa-was h-hoping you c-c-could h-help. I n-need some s-supplies. Th-there's a sh-sh-shop off Fourth and C-C-Commerce. D-d-do you have t-t-time?"

A slight frown flickers across her face. I watch the transition from the corner of my eyes. The flow of uncertainty. She has a small freckle in front of her left ear and one of the bridge of her nose. I think she won't do it and I prepare myself for disappointment but then she smiles again.

"Sure!" she says, confident once more. Her sweater is plum colored this time. But she's still wearing those pink shoes. "I can meet you there in an hour, if that's okay?"

"Y-Y-Yeah!" I say, smiling at her.


An hour passes and I begin to worry she won't show up. I've been standing directly on the corner of Fourth and Commerce for thirty minutes, watching and waiting anxiously.

"Hey Todd!" comes a voice behind me.

I jump and turn and she's there. No backpack or purse but still smiling. Someone has braided her hair in a complicated pattern since class finished. Unless she can do it herself? I don't know how that works. My mother always just wore her hair loose. A mess. So frustrating. I always wanted to fix it.

"H-h-hey," I say, trying to smile back at her.

It's Saturday afternoon but we're not in the busy part of town and the foot traffic is light.

"So, where are we going?" she asks, looking around. Despite her smile, I can see how tense she is. In a strange place with a guy she hardly knows. I can understand. "I know most of the big name brand places but I don't know any around here."

"It's n-n-not a big place," I tell her. "I kn-know the guy who r-r-runs it. I'll sh-sh-show you."

I walk first so she can follow and see where I'm going. Less worry for her. The store is further along fourth. It's narrow and dappled with red bricks and a simple sign above the door: "Pets".

"H-h-here," I tell her, pushing the door open.

She follows, hesitant until she sees the inside of the store. She relaxes as she sees various leashes and collars and dog beds. It's bare compared to most pet stores but nearly everything is handmade. I don't want cheap Chinese junk.

"Welcome!" says the large man behind the counter. He's got half-rim glasses low on his nose and his black hair is slick and pulled back into a ponytail. His Hawaiian shirt barely contains his bulk but he doesn't seem to care. "Todd! Hey, good to see you again, as usual."

"You know each other?" Bailey asks as she steps through the few shelves in the store. She picks up a studded leather collar and then lays it back down again before standing next to me at the counter.

"Oh, yeah," the man tells her. "We're part of a roleplaying group that meets every so often. Took him a while before he joined in but I'm glad he did."

He turns to me and raises his eyebrows.

"Didn't think I'd see you here," he says. "What can I do for you?"

"I n-n-need a na-na-name tag, W-W-William" I tell him.

He pauses, purses his lips and then nods.

"Be right back," he says, his voice no longer quite so jovial. More serious. Business-like.

"Not a lot of products," Bailey says, crouching to look at a large metal food dish. "And everything's really expensive. I'm all about getting the best for your dog but, seriously, this is like five times what you'd pay at a normal place. At least five times"

"I-I-It's f-fine," I tell her as my friend comes back with a small case.

William sets the little wooden case gently on the counter. He opens it to reveal a sharp metal tool and then reaches beneath the counter for a larger case.

"What color do you want for the name tag?" William asks.

I hadn't thought of that yet.

"Wh-wh-what do y-you th-think?" I ask Bailey.

"Me?" she asks, turning to the both of us. "It's your dog."

"B-But," I stutter. "The c-c-color d-doesn't m-matter to m-me. C-can you h-help me p-pick?"

"Well," she says, walking over to the counter with a thoughtful expression. She taps a metal bone-shaped name tag nestled within the velvet of the case. "I like purple."

"Okay, then," William says, lifting the name tag.

He pauses again.

"What's her name?"

I blush, embarrassed again and my heart beats faster. So I take a deep breath.

"Bailey," I tell him. "Bee, ayy-"

"I know how to spell it," William says.

He adjusts his little glasses and then leans forward with the metal tool. While he works, I walk around to look at other items. Nervous. My hands are sweating and I catch myself wiping them on my pants a couple times as we look around. I clench my hands against my sides. And then again. And then I grab at the sides of my pants and hold them tight.

"Done," William says.

My heart races as I walk to the counter. He's attached the purple name tag to a dark leather collar. The tag itself seems to glisten in the light like a small dollop of an oil spill, shimmering between purple and blue.

"Oh, it's pretty," Bailey says from my side.

I lift it to look at it and turn to her. It's attached via a tiny swivel.

I bring it up higher.

And then I flick the name tag, causing it to spin rapidly.

Bailey's pupils widen, nearly consuming her irises. Her mouth falls open slightly and her shoulders drop. I flick the name tag again and she doesn't even blink.

"It is pretty, isn't it?" I ask her.

She nods slowly, her eyes locked to the rotating tag.

"It's yours," I tell her.

"Mine?" she asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes, of c-course it is," I assure her. "It b-belongs to you."

"Yes," she whispers and her eyes grow even larger as the name tag begins to slow down.

When the tag stops, the name faces Bailey. Suddenly, she blinks and shudders, taking a sharp breath. She shakes herself and wipes her mouth.

"Y-Y-you kn-know," I say, looking at the name tag. "I d-d-don't th-think pur-purple s-suits me."

Bailey reaches for the tag but stops herself as an almost inaudible whine escapes her lips.

"I th-th-think y-you sh-sh-should have it," I tell her, dangling it from my fingers.

"Me?" Bailey asks, staring at it. "But, I don't-"

"Y-Y-You c-could wear it as a bracelet," I tell her. "It d-d-does have your name."

"Yeah, it does," she says, licking her lips. "And it is pretty.

She takes it from me hesitantly but then lays it against her slim wrist, pulling back the sleeve of her sweater to expose her pale skin.

"The leather is really nice," she says. "It's a little wider than I'd like but it feels good."

She slips it on and buckles it before twisting her wrist to see it from different angles. The little prong goes all the way to the last hole but it fits snugly on her hand.

I reach out and touch her shoulder gently. She looks up at me, surprised and I take my hand away.

"It f-f-fits you," I tell her.

And she nods.


At the third class, I stop paying so much attention to the teacher.

Bailey is in the front and she's still wearing the collar on her wrist. The name tag catches the light occasionally. She starts the class focused but slowly grows distracted.

I catch her glancing at people. And sniffing. I can see her nostrils lift and her chest move as she inhales quickly.

She looks up at me and smiles but then her eyebrows knit and she looks away with a frown.

And then she scratches at her neck. At first it's a quick nail against her neck but then she digs in, pushing fingers beneath the collar of the shirt under her sweater as she raises her chin and scratches herself deeply.

The rest of the class passes with her fidgeting. Throughout the period, she occasionally glances at me before turning to stare at her notebook.

From where I sit at the corner of the room, I watch as her tongue slips past her lips. Her mouth is open as she doodles on her paper and her tongue hangs from her mouth. She wears dark red lipstick that easily contrasts against her pink tongue. And so I watch as her tongue widens, the edges stretching. She licks her lips and the tip of her tongue brushes the bottom of her nose.

Once more, she glances at me. She looks confused. Now I see her reddened cheeks on her pale face. She looks away when she sees me watching and she grips the edge of her desk while shaking her head.

The faint tone of the bell chimes and everyone stands. Everyone except for me and Bailey.

I take my time to gather my things and then stand, making my way down. I see her lift her head and breathe in before turning to see me. She smiles wide and then looks confused before scratching her side.

"H-h-hey B-Bailey," say, standing close.

"Todd," she says with a toothy smile. "Did you enjoy class?"

I move a little closer and she leans slightly in my direction. Reaching up, she brushes her hair back and over her ear.

There are a few strands of hair on the corner of her jaw. They're light brown, almost blonde and easy to miss but I can see them as she slides towards me.

"Y-Yeah," I tell her. "You?"

"Yeah," she says. "I'm just out of it, I think. I got distracted."

I watch the teacher leave and then point at her wrist.

"Y-Y-you k-kept the tag?" I ask her.

She lifts it and stares at it. I touch it, causing it to slowly rotate and she watches it.

"Yeah," she says, her voice distant.

"Th-that's good," I tell her, flicking the name tag again.

"Good," she repeats, her eyes focusing on the spinning tag.

"Yeah," I say. "You're a good girl."

She shivers, closing her eyes and sliding further until her leg brushes me. I pat her back and she presses against my hand with a heavy sigh. I can see her left ear moving. Reshaping. The rounded folds along the top come undone, leaving her ears flatter than before. Sharper, with a slight point.

When her eyes open, she shakes herself and I step back. Tiny dark lines appear in the tip of her cute nose. The color spreads but stops as she rubs her nose with the back of her hand.

"I'm really out of it," she says with a yawn. Her jaw cracks as she opens her mouth wide. She rubs her chin and then scratches herself lightly as a few blonde hairs emerge from the flawless skin of her cheeks.

With her mouth closed, she grinds her teeth together. They don't fit as perfectly before. The tips of her canines press together and, when she closes her mouth completely, her lips bulge over them.

"I should get going," she tells me as she finally gathers her belongings. She moves quickly now but I see her eyes shift in my direction and she drops her pen in her haste.

"O-O-Okay," I tell her, watching as she straightens and steps away.

Bailey stops in the middle of the classroom, near the whiteboard. She grips the leather collar on her left wrist, turning it against her skin.

"Do you-" she says and then stops. "Would-"

I wait but she doesn't finish and, instead, hurries from the room.


As usual, at the next class, I sit before everyone arrives. The usual people filter in, talking in their small groups. The teacher comes in and I worry she won't be here. But she finally shows up.

She's not wearing a sweater this time. She has the undershirt she wears - the white long sleeve shirt with the wide collars and her bluejeans. Stopping at the entrance to the room, she looks around, barely concealing the way she's scenting the air.

When she spots me, she grins widely and I can see her canines easily now, even from this distance. She walks up to the seats and pauses at her normal spot up front. Glancing in my direction, she licks her lips and then stares at her seat. I watch as she slips a hand beneath her hair to scratch at her neck and then glance my way again.

Finally, she makes a decision and walks towards me.

The hair on her cheeks is thicker and harder to miss if you look directly at her. It's beyond simple peach fuzz now and I wonder if anyone's said anything to her about it. I'd imagine simple politeness would stop it from happening.

The image of her in public, standing near people while covered in even a small amount of fur turns me on quite a bit. Standing there without knowing what's happening or what she looks like while people wonder why she looks different.

Her nostrils are almost pure black and a few lines of dark coloring are creeping up and over the top of her nose.

She squirms in front of me.

Her shirt isn't tucked in. I can see a mixture of wispy brown and blonde hairs above the band of her jeans just beneath the tails of her shirt. And there's a smell. Light. Faint. I could be imagining it. She's playing with the collar on her left wrist.

Her sleeves are rolled back and buttoned. The hair on her left arm is thicker and darker than the hair on her right. As with her cheeks, it could almost pass as natural, untrimmed hair but it's a bit more than that, especially on her left arm.

"Can- can I sit next to you?" Bailey asks. She licks her lips and nose with her wide tongue and whines with her cute, high pitched voice.

I'm still having a hard time looking at her. Especially without her sweater. Her shirt isn't buttoned all the way up and it shows her cleavage. She's not small and the shirt strains against the swell of her full breasts.

"Y-Y-Yeah," I tell her. "Of c-c-course."

She smiles wide and sits down to my left. She pulls her notebook and pen from her bag and opens her notebook.

I watch her carefully and see her hair shift at the side of her head. Where her ears are. The long, pointed tip of her right ear slips through her thick hair as it rotates slightly to focus on the teacher. There's dark brown fur along the edge of her ears.

For a while, she keeps her mouth closed. Her pouting lips are pushed forward by her lengthened canines. As her concentration slips, she opens her mouth and her tongue hangs free.

She scratches at her side, just beneath her right breast and then up behind her ear. When she does, I can see how long and thick they've grown. Her dense hair barely covers them and they look so soft. I want to pet them so bad.

Bailey turns to me and then freezes. I can hear her smelling the air with short, loud huffs. She grips the top of her desk and her wriggles her hips in short, swiveling motion.

"Y-You okay?" I ask quietly.

"Yes," she answers quickly.

She bites her lips with her sharp teeth and drags her hand slowly along the desk. Small slivers of wood peel away. I watch her fingers and see her nails bend in the middle. They bulge upward and then flow down to cover her fingertips while pushing forward into a short curve that cuts into the soft wood of the old desks.

"You smell good," Bailey pants, bowing her head before realizing what she's said. Scarlet suffuses her cheeks as she looks over to me in shock. "I'm so- I'm sorry!"

"It-it's okay," I tell her. I take a risk and reach over to pat her leg. When she doesn't pull away, I scratch her a little.

The girl closes her eyes and moans quietly.

"I d-don't mind," I tell her, reassuringly. "I like when you tell me that. Th-things like that."

"You- you do?" she says, her cheeks still on fire. "I can't- It's hard- You just smell like-"

"Why don't you sit next to me?" I ask her.

"I am, though?" she says, her tone changing to a question as she becomes unsure of what I mean.

"Here," I tell her, tapping the floor next to my chair. "I think it'd be comfortable for you. Next to me."

"I-" she licks her lips and claws at her neck while grinding her sharp teeth. Her budding claws leave red marks on her skin that fade as her blush flows down her cheeks to her chest.

"Sit," I command.

She whines and shuffles to the side while lowering herself to the ground next to me. Her hand clamps the collar at her wrist. There's brown fur surrounding the collar now, radiating out from the edge of the leather.

"Th-That's a good girl," I tell her.

Her hands dig against her thighs, sliding down to her crotch as her eyes flutter.

"Don't- Don't call me- You don't know me well enough to-" Bailey says quietly.

With the teacher focused on his board, I reach down. She shies away from me at first but not enough and I scratch the back of her neck. She tenses but, slowly relaxes as I work my nails against her skin.

I can feel soft fur on my fingers and I push her hair slightly to see a tuft of hair running down her hairline and into the back of her shirt.

"Y-you like it," I whisper to her, watching the teacher. "D-Don't you?"

"Yessss," Bailey whispers. She leans towards me and I scratch further, finding where the fur fades to bare skin and the edge of her bra strap. "But, you can't- don't- I'm not-"

The teacher turns and I pull my hand free as smoothly as I can. Bailey whines quietly next to me.

"You have to be quiet," I tell her.

"I am," she replies. "I am being quiet. I'm just sitting here, paying attention to the class. You don't have to tell me to be quiet."

Over the rest of the class, she slowly moves closer to me. I'm not even sure she knows she's doing it but, near the end, her shoulder touches my leg. Despite the movement and how close she is, she focuses on the teacher with her sharp, alert ears rotated towards him.

I take a chance as the teacher talks with another student.

Reaching down, I grab her ear between my thumb and index finger. She gasps as I rub the soft, furred skin between my fingers.

"S-stop!" she says but she can't help leaning her head towards me. "You can't just touch- ohhhhh-"

She turns, her eyes unfocused and kisses my fingers. Before I pull my hand away, she licks it and then smiles widely at me. And then I watch as awareness returns. She seems confused for a moment but turns back to the teacher.

"Oh," Bailey says quietly.

I look down as she pulls her hand away from her crotch. There's a small wet spot between her thighs.

"No, don't look!" she hisses, covering herself. "I just- I don't- Don't look!"

The class is wrapping up as the teacher finishes his lecture. Bailey begins to move, trying to hide her shame behind her spread hand.

"Stay," I command and she whines, freezing in place.

The girl's nails dig into her jeans and she groans as the sharp tips slide against her pants and the skin beneath. Her claws are beginning to darken as they harden to rough points.

"I have to go," Bailey pants, her head bowed. The wet spot spreads slightly and I feel my cock stir in my pants.

As the teacher leaves, I brush my hand against her cheeks. The fur covering her face is incredibly soft, like velvet. She stares at me, conflicted. Yet I can see the desire within and her hand raises to my knee. Her small fingers grip my leg as her claws press into my skin. I slide my fingers around to scratch at the back of her neck and she bows her head again with her tongue hanging free as I scratch her.

I take her hand and undo the collar on her wrist. She snatches at it with her right hand but I gently pull it away and then remove the collar.

"Give it back!" she whisper-yells. "That's mine! Put it back!"

I flick the tag and it spins, flashing in the light.

"Give it- Give-" her words fade as her eyes widen and her mouth droops open. Her tongue slips free, slightly folded as it hangs between her bottom canines.

"B-be good," I tell her and she nods, sitting up on her knees with her hands on her thighs.

Reaching forward, I push her hair back behind her tall ears. She sighs as my hands rub against them.

I can see the short tuft of fur along the nape of her neck and a few loose strands stand up along the curve of her neck. I bring the collar up and she pants in restrained excitement, wiggling her hips back and forth as I reach back to secure the clasp. To ensure her name tag is facing forward.

"Yes!" she exclaims, licking my wrist and arm before settling back. "Yes! Yes!"

Reclining back, I watch as she mentally re-emerges. Her eyes dilate and then even out and her head snaps back in a small, jerking motion. As if in a delayed response to what I've done.

Bailey reaches her fingers up to touch her collar and her eyes bulge.

"Why is- I can't wear this!" she yells, grabbing at it.

"Y-you can," I tell her firmly, pulling her hand away. "And you will."

"I ca-aaaargh!" she growls, pressing her palms against her jaw. I reach up and feel bone scraping against bone. Her skin strains and stretches, pulling her mouth forward into a short, still human-like muzzle. "Hurts."

I stroke her furred cheek and she settles, leaning into my motion while whimpering.

"Wear it," I tell her and she nods quietly, touching it again. "And when you get home, take your bra off. I don't want you to wear one again. Or panties."

"But people will see!" she says, jerkin back with her hands across her breasts. "I'm- I'm not small. People will see my nipples and-"

I scratch under her chin and she melts. Leaning forward, I press my cheek to hers. She's so warm and her short, almost invisible fur is silky against my skin. Her ear twitches as I whisper to her.

"It d-doesn't matter to you anymore," I tell her. She shivers and rubs her cheek on mine. "It's just human trappings and that's not who you are anymore, is it?"

"No," she moans in my ear. Her mouth opens and she turns to lick at my face. "No, I'm not."

"And it'll f-feel g-good, won't it?" I ask her. "To be free. To f-feel the air on your f-fur."

"God, yessss," she moans again, her hands running down her sides. Her shirt jerks and tugs as her claws dig in. "Free."

I pull away but she leans back in and surprises me with a kiss. Her large tongue crowds my mouth and I go to move but she's needy, trying to hold me as her tongue works against mine. When I finally break free, she pants, her eyes dark with hunger.

"Remember what I told you," I say, grabbing my things and moving away as she leans in to smell at my crotch. My erection presses against my pants and she growls while licking her lips. "Go."

She stands before me and shakes her head to settle her hair. The very tips of her ears are visible but are easily missed if you aren't looking. She seems to have forgotten she's soaked a spot in her pants and I'm almost tempted to tell her but, I don't.

I want her to revel in her animalism. To not be constrained by human shame.

"Next week?" Bailey asks, her voice on the edge of a whine. "You're here again next week?"

"Yes, next week," I tell her.

She leaves but turns several times to look for me, hesitating and wanting more. I wait and then follow, doing my best to hide myself from her. I want to see her in public. I want to see how she deals with it.

Bailey moves through the hallway, pausing briefly by office doors for a quick sniff. She stops to look down a corridor, towards the bathrooms with her head raised as she breathes deeply but then continues to move.

I can see a bulge at the back of her tight jeans. Sometimes when she moves, her shirt shows bare skin and I see hair there, above her ass. Brown and dotted with blonde.

At the doors out, she kneels and leans in to smell the wide handle. Her muzzle is fascinating. Like her ears, if you aren't looking directly and know what to expect, you could be forgiven for thinking she was just slightly abnormal.

I think she's beautiful.

She huffs at the door and then pushes out into the warm air. I watch as she shies away from crowds on the paths and walks towards the grassy areas. A few students turn to watch her, tilting their heads as something in their brains flags her as different.

I pass by two young woman that are staring at her.

"Did you see the collar she was wearing?" one of the girls asks.

"Yeah, what the hell was that?" the other says. "It had a tag on it! Like a fucking dog collar."

"Seriously? I just thought it was some BDSM thing," the first says. "What a freak."

And I continue until she kneels on the grass and then lays flat, rolling from one side to the other. A passing young man laughs and shakes his head, causing her to freeze and then pull herself up in a hurry. She says something to herself while hugging her body but I'm too far to hear.

I continue to follow her off-campus and she slowly realizes the looks people are giving her. She touches the collar and I swear I hear her growl at an older woman when the woman tells her she's setting a bad example for others.

When I reach my bus stop, I let her go, watching as she vanishes in the crowd.


Walking into the classroom, I'm surprised to see the lights are already on.

Bailey is kneeling next to my seat and she's grinning widely at me when she sees me. I smile at her and make my way up the rows of chairs. She starts wiggling as I approach and it gets more exaggerated the closer I get.

Her nipples are stiff against the baby blue shirt she's wearing and the first few buttons are undone. Her breasts are nearly popping out of her shirt.

A patch of blonde fur fans out above her breasts. She's panting and licking her lips and pawing at the floor as I approach. The tips of her ears are way more prominent now and her nose is dark gray.

Unable to contain herself, she jumps and hugs me and then whines as she rubs herself against my growing erection.

"I waited for you!" she says, licking my cheek and ear.

"Sit," I tell her and she whines but obeys, kneeling beside my desk.

Her hand reaches up and she glances at me, confused at the urges pushing her, at her desire as it conflicts against her human side. Her hand trembles as she reaches for my cock but I move away and she sighs.

"I'm not wearing panties like you said," she tells me eagerly. Her dimples are slightly reduced in her short muzzle and nearly hidden beneath longer fur. "Or a bra. Like you said. Just like you said."

"Good," I tell her, rubbing her ears. "Th-that's good."

"Am I?" she asks, sniffing and then licking my hand. She claws at my thigh but I move her hand away as the door opens to admit a student. "Am I good?"

"Yes," I whisper to her and she wriggles fiercely at the compliment.

As more students arrive, she tugs at my shirt with a whimper.

"I'm hot, Todd," she tells me, pawing at my leg. "I had to change my pants before I left. I wet them with my cum. I kept thinking about you stroking me. Commanding me. Telling me I was good. Oh, oh god, it's- I'm so wet. It's happening again. I can feel it and smell it. I just want to touch myself and I want you to-"

"Bailey, huh-hush," I whisper to her.

I can smell her arousal. Looking down, I see her rocking her hips against the floor, back and forth, back and forth. The lump at her back is bigger now but still mostly covered by her shirt.

Watching the room, I reach down and scratch the bump where her tail will form. She shakes and starts to moan until I tell her to be silent. Instead, she hangs her head and bites her lips while raising her hips for me. The girl turns her head to watch me and it exposes her ears. They tremble and I see her nostrils flaring as she tries to hold it all in.

Beneath the skin, I can feel loose bones moving. The fur covering it is short but thick, almost wiry.

"Almost," she pants. "Almost there. More. Please. Almost there. Almost. Don't stop."

But I do and she licks my pant legs while grabbing my arm to put it back.

"Sit," I command and she drops her ass down to her heels while leaning forward to her hands.

I'm so hard that it hurts but I ignore Bailey. I want the urges to grow unabated. I want them to permeate her until they've laid deep roots in her subconscious.

She tries to touch my cock a few times, whining and whimpering each time but I move her hand away. The girl is relentless and needy but obedient. So far.

When class is finished, I mentally urge the other students to leave.

"Please, right here," Bailey whispers. "Just fuck me right here. Please. Mount me. Oh god. Oh god, yes. Mount me. I can see it. I can picture it so good. Oh god."

She raises herself onto all fours, turning to thrust her ass against me. There's a huge wet spot on her jeans and I can easily smell her soaked pussy. As she widens her knees, her jeans pull even tighter and outline her engorged lips. Her shirt slips down her back to expose the furred lump of her tail. I can see the short tip of it moving beneath her jeans.

With the classroom empty and my heart racing, I reach into my backpack to pull a leash free. It's a thick, braided black leash and I clip it to her collar before she notices.

Bailey immediately sits up and touches the clip.

"What? Is that-" she touches the leash and her eyes follow it to my hand.

"You- you can't," she whines. "People will see!"

"Yes," I tell her, standing and tugging on the leash. "That's the idea."

"No," she tells me, pulling against the leash. "I can't. I can't go out like this. Please. Please don't make me do this."

I reach for her hand with mine and pull on both the leash and her hand until she's standing. She twists her legs together and bites at her lips. They're completely black now, matching the color of her nose.

"You're mine," I tell her. "Completely mine."

"No, I can't," she says. "I'm not-"

I reach up and cradle her breast. She moans and shudders and bites her lip.

Standing there in the midst of the classroom where anyone could see, I undo her top-most button and then pull the shirt aside to free her breast.

"Please," she moans, looking around the classroom.

I flick her nipple and she grips me tight, pulling me towards her. I go, leaning down to kiss the nipple and she growls above me as I swirl the nipple in my mouth.

But then I pull away, ignoring her high pitched whine. I pull the shirt back but leave the button free. The fur has crept down between her breasts. For a moment, I run my hand through it and then pull at the leash.

"Come," I tell her.

And she does.

I lead her through the hallway, ignoring the stares and whispers.

"Keep it in the bedroom, Jesus," some young man says as we pass.

"They're staring at me," Bailey whines.

When we get outside, I stop her.

"Take off your shoes," I tell her. "You don't need them."

"But, my feet-" she says anxiously.

I pull on the leash to reminder her who and what she is. She licks her lips and writhes with a quiet moan in return. The beast is slowly working its threads into her. Bailey kneels and undoes her laces. When she starts to pick her shoes up, I stop her.

"Just leave them," I tell her. "It's not who you are anymore."

We continue to walk. I catch her going to the balls of her feet a few times and I let her walk on the grass while I take the path, the division between us clear.

A few more people jeer us and some older couples make loud comments but we ignore them until I get to my bus stop. It's as empty as it always is.

"Sit," I tell her, gesturing to the ground beneath the metal bench.

Bailey kneels beside me without hesitation. I scratch at the back of her neck, pulling gently at the fur there and she groans loudly, without thinking of the people passing. When the bus arrives, she stays kneeling until I tell her to 'come' and we walk up the steps.

The bus driver's eyes bulge from his face and he shakes his head as we pass but he says nothing. We pass two people that barely notice us, their eyes closed as music thumps from their headsets and earbuds. When I sit at the wide bench at the back, I pat the seat next to me and Bailey eagerly sits.

"Thank you," she whispers, licking my face. She immediately whines and covers her mouth. "Sorry! I'm sorry!"

"It's okay," I tell her. "You're f-fine. Just s-sit and we'll be ho-home soon."

She leans into me as the bus travels and I idly scratch her back. Her hand slips down my body but I push it away. The bus bumps and swerves around the roads and her hand creeps over to my thigh, just above my knee.

She thinks she's being so sneaky.

Slowly, her hand moves up my thigh and I pretend not to notice until she brushes my cock. She growls quietly and then licks my ear as she starts to caress me. Her earlier worry about being in public seems to have vanished as her fingers touch my zipper.

"No," I tell her, gently grabbing her wrist.

She whines and lowers herself to kneel before me, looking up at me with pleading eyes. Her blackened lips and nose tremble and then open and she reaches for me again.

"Please," she whimpers. "Just a kiss. Just a taste. It smells so good. I can't stop myself. It's driving me crazy. You don't know. You don't know what it's like. I feel so empty and-"

"Sit," I tell her, patting the seat next to me.

Bailey bows her head and squeezes my cock but then comes up to sit next to me again. She feels incredibly warm as she leans against me.

"Just want to please you," she whispers, her traitorous hand sliding down my body again. "I need to be your good girl, Todd."

When we reach my stop and I pull her leash gently. She follows eagerly, glancing at of the windows while we exit the bus. Bailey leads me to my tiny house. As soon as we step off of the bus, she starts sniffing the air and pulling at the leash. I let her take the lead and watch as she paces and backtracks down the sidewalk.

She stands on the balls of her feet now and, as she lifts one foot, I see the skin covering them has grown puffy and thick. She yips with excitement suddenly and pulls hard, leading me directly to my home.

"Here!" she says happily. "You live here!"

"Y-Yes," I smile, rubbing her back. "You're exactly r-right."

As I'm unlocking the door, Bailey claws through the buttons of her shirt, exposing herself in public. She shrugs out of her shirt before I open the door and she pulls me inside, kneeling before me as I close the door.

I stare down her body as she unzips my pants. The line of fur has grown far past the nape of her neck and between her shoulders. It's beginning to spread but hasn't yet reached the fur growing from her tail.

"God, god yes," she groans as she frees me. "Finally. Finally. Finally, yes, god, yes."

Without hesitating, Bailey licks the length of my cock. She swirls the head with her flat, wide tongue and then leans forward to take all of me. I grab her ear with one hand and her hair with the other as she begins bobbing up and down, taking the length of my dick easily with her lengthened muzzle.

"Cum," she gasps, pulling free. "Cum for me. Cum on me. Cover me with your scent. Mark me! Maaaargh!"

She falls to her back, raising her hips to the air as she growls with pain and the heat burning through her body. She fumbles at her pants and then pushes them down to expose bare thighs covered in her clear cum.

"It hurts!" she howls, rubbing her pussy with her thick, clawed fingers. Her pussy lips are reddened but streaked with black and incredibly swollen. Her finger plunges between her lips and she snaps at the air with her sharp fangs while thrusting up at me.

Strands of wet, tangled hair covers her crotch and inner thighs. It could be mistaken for a woman that's never groomed herself. It doesn't look like fur, not yet, but like pubic hair grown wild and dense. The hair traps the scent of her cum. The smell is maddening.

"S-s-something's wr-wrong!" Bailey groans, her voice growing deeper. Her palm smacks wetly against her crotch as she pounds her fingers into her aching sex. She growls and then pushes at her pussy before pulling on the lips.

I go down and she shoves her pussy against my face before I'm even there. She grinds against me and I wrap my arms around her waist to try to hold her still. I suck at her thick lips and feel them moving in my mouth. Leaning back, I pull them open to lick deep inside of her and she shudders before squirting with an intense, powerful orgasm, covering me with her juices.

Now I growl and lean back in to continue sucking on her as she writhes against me. Her lips are twisting and folding in my mouth and I want to watch but it's hard to stop sucking her pussy.

Finally, I pull back.

"No! I'm almost there, please! Please god, please! Don't stop!" she whines before growling and touching herself.

I lay over her and can feel the intense heat of her sex against my cock.

"You're my bitch," I tell her. She nods and growls and claws at my back. "So get on all fours and present yourself to me."

She moves immediately, twisting until she's on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. I grab her hips, feeling the short, fuzzy fur covering them while rubbing my cock against her swollen pussy lips. They curl against me and then expand, pushing away from her body as they grow into their more animalistic form.

I hold myself steady and push the head of my cock against the three folded lips and she shoves back, forcing me inside. Her pussy clenches tightly against me as I push deep inside of her.

Bailey howls with her head to the ceiling and I pound into her, slamming my hips against her ass. She cums, again spraying the ground while her feet claw beneath her body.

"More!" the girl screams, shoving herself back. "Fill me! Cum in me! Mark me with your cum, please!"

Although it's awkward for me, I go to all fours above her.

"Yes, like that, yes!" she whines, flexing her back up to me.

I mount my bitch and pound into her, losing myself in the feel of her. In the feel of the patches of her fur against my chest and stomach. In the tight wetness of her changed pussy. I can feel her swollen pussy lips against my body when I push deep inside of her. I nuzzle into the tuft along her nape and hold myself back as well as I can. Her fur is soaked with her sweat and tinged with the scent of her sex.

It doesn't take long. My fantasy is before me. Hungry and hot. I cum, filling her again and again. She spasms and collapses but forces herself back up on trembling arms. She begs me to keep fucking but I need a moment to catch my breath so I pull free.

Bailey is immediately on me, licking my face and chest before moving down to suck on my cock. I watch her, watch the way her breasts shake as she frantically milks my dick. Watch the contrast of her black lips and fangs against my pink cock. I grab the fur on her neck and shoulders as I grow too sensitive.

Eventually, I'm ready to go again and she nearly cries in excitement.

As evening falls, I lead her to her bed. I bought it from the same pet store as her collar and it's luxurious, as far as dog beds go. At first she's confused and pouts when I tell her she's not sleeping in my bed so I lay her down in her bed and sit next to her and stroke the short fur on her back. Over time, her breathing slows.

I can see a few red spots low on her belly and I know her teats will form soon. The rest of the changes will take weeks and I'm glad of it because I want to walk her around town for a while first. To show her off. To watch her embarrassed but eager face as she comes to accept who she is.

Eventually I go to my own bed.

When I wake, she's there, curled up against me. Such a bratty little pet. Covered in my cum and hers. Covered in our scents but uncaring. She'll need more training but that's okay

She whimpers in her bed and I stroke her back. A single, thin line of fur has grown overnight, running down her spine to connect to her growing tail.

Bailey moves and her hand slides against me and then grips my cock. Her palms feel softer and I wonder if she's starting to grow her paw pads.

"I'm so hot, Todd. Again," she whispers sleepily. "I don't know what's come over me but I'm just- I just need-"

The covers shift as she sits up and kneels. She grabs my hand and brings it to her breast and I squeeze, making her moan. She turns and goes to her hands and knees. I grab her ass and pull, staring at her exposed, swollen pussy. I touch the velvety, spade shaped lips and she growls, shoving herself back.

"I can't- can't get the thought out of my mind," she whimpers, lowering herself to drag her breasts against the bed.

"The thought of what?" I ask as I press a single finger between her lips. She feels like she's burning up. Clear liquid seeps free to cover my finger and drip to the bed.

"You," she gasps, rocking her hips. "Above me. All fours. Like a beast. Like an animal."

She walks on her hands and knees, looking back at me before crawling off the bed. I sit up and stare as she goes to her hands and feet at the foot of the bed. She flexes her back to raise her ass and then lowers herself to her knees. Her long ears are angled back and her cheeks are bright red. More of her back is covered in fur than not now.

"I need it," she groans. "Like that. Again. Like that. Mount me. Please, Todd. Please. Like a dog. Please."

So I go to her.


"It sounds like you're done very well," my therapist says with a smile. "Your stutter is nearly gone, I've noticed."

"Yes," I tell her, smiling in return. "I've f-found a companion."

"Companion?" she asks in confusion. "A partner?"

"No," I tell her. "No, s-sorry. A dog. It's taken time b-but I've finally decided I was ready."

"That's wonderful," she says, flashing white teeth. "However, I think you've also been working on yourself for quite a while."

"Yes," I nod. "Still, I th-think I owe her a lot of praise for h-helping me."

"I'm so glad to hear that, Todd," she says.

"I'm thinking of getting her a playmate," I say, digging into my pocket. "So she won't be so lonely when I'm not there."

"Well, if you-"

I pull a thin leather collar from my pocket. I raise it and my therapist stops talking as the light reflects off of the pink name tag.

As I have the last two times in her office, I flick the tag and her eyes focus on it while growing blank. She opens her mouth to expose her lengthened canines as her tongue falls free to touch her chin.

I wonder what her clients have thought of the small changes. Have they noticed her fangs?

Have they noticed her fat nipples and her puffy areola, visible in her silky white shirt? Do they wonder if she's doing it for them? She resisted the suggestion less than Bailey did and I was surprised.

"I think now is the right time," I tell her. "Don't you?"

"Yes," my therapist gasps, watching the tag. I can see her nipples grow hard at the thought, denting the shirt she's wearing as she breathes deeply, instinctively, to show herself to me.

"Come," I command. It's the first time I'm trying a command with her but she's been so incredibly receptive so far.

She stands and walks towards me, her hips swaying in her long skirt as she crosses one leg in front of the other.

"Sit," I tell her.

She kneels before the expensive leather chair I'm sitting in, eager for more.

The black hairs covering her dark cheeks are more noticeable than Bailey's were and her eyes are changing to gold. I wonder what the difference is? Why her eyes are changing but not Bailey's eyes? I stroke her hair and see that her ears must've begun to change already, since my last appointment. They're short but pointed and flopping over at the tips.

"Beg," I command, holding the collar out.

She stares at it and licks her lips. There's conflict there. Repression. She hasn't given in completely. Not yet. And I'm happy for that. I want her to struggle a little. I want to watch her give in over time.

"Please," she tells me, bowing her head and exposing her neck. "Please. I want it."

"Beg!" I say louder. "Whuh-what do you want?!"

"The collar!" she whines, pulling at her shirt while gnashing her teeth. Her translucent, perfectly manicured nails, still human, are growing dark. "Please! I want it!"

"Good," I say, lifting her chin and scratching at the short hairs beneath it. She pants and licks my fingers carefully but there's still resistance.

"I can smell her on you, Master," she whines, her hands going down her skirt to slip beneath the band. She reaches her other hand up to stroke me. "I want-"

"What do you want?" I ask, watching her.

"Want to taste her," she says as she unzips me and frees my cock. Her hips drop as she moans again and grips my erection. "Want to taste her. My. My playmate. Want you. I want you."

I pull her head gently and feel the hesitation still there but she finally goes and leans forward to kiss my cock. Her tongue wraps around my thickness and I lean back as she takes her next step.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Beast of Burden Ch. 01
Early in the 17th century, the wife of an Ottoman is brought low by a curse

A commission for one of my patrons that was a lot of fun to work on - lots of historical details to research and try to integrate!
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The meal was eaten in silence but the barely repressed anger of the host filled the room as one harried servant took the place of many.

At the head of the table the host sat on a lowered, cushioned couch, his back utterly straight as he glared at his food. Despite the small size of the room and the meager trappings, the meal itself was rich. Plates of fruits lay in an elegant pattern between bowls of thick, rich stews. Two long baskets of bread edged the table and a large pot of scented rice dominated the center.

Spiced coffee steamed to the side of the guest's plate. He waited patiently until all was set before bowing from his seat.

"It is, indeed, a feast, Omid," the Englishman said. "I'm honored that you would choose to sit with me this evening."

"Please, eat," Omid said, waving his arm. "I know of you. I know of the Levant Company with which you're employed. I've traded with them before-"

Grunting, the host stroked his short beard, tugging it briefly to hide the snarl that briefly arose on his face. He ignored the plates set before him as he focused on his guest.

"Your Persian is quite good, Oswyn," the host continued after a moment.

"Thank you," Oswyn replied, raising his glass to show his respect. "I've spent many years in court and trading with your beautiful country. It has been a privilege given to few and I'm eternally grateful for it. It's a beautiful language."

"Trading," the host grunted again with a sour look. "With our enemies."

"With anyone," Oswyn said carefully. "Luxury goods. Nothing suitable for war and I pay heavy dues to all in order to travel freely. My commission-"

"I'm aware," Omid said, ending that thread of the conversation. "But, understand my frustrations."

Oswyn nodded as he broke a piece of his bread to show his lack of affront.

"Un usurper lives in my home," the host continued. "I have been given this- this domicile as we work to reclaim our lands. It is nothing. A fraction of what I had. Filled with what little I could take in the night."

"Your loss pains me," Oswyn told him, softening his expression to show his empathy. He wasn't fooled, despite the truth in the words. "But, the court whispers that you're a skilled merchant. One such as yourself could trade a fig for a bag of rice and the rice for a bracelet until you've secured a fleet - all with a humble fig as your seed."

"Bah," Omid said, sipping at his coffee to hide his smile. "You seek to feed my ego but words will not feed my family."

"No," the Englishman agreed. "Gold will, however. Traded in kind for the silk you took with you when you were forced to flee your home."

"Good quality silk," came the reply as the bearded host held his sleeves back to eat from a bowl of thick stew. "Finer than what you would find from my fellow displaced countrymen."

"Indeed," Oswyn agreed. "But, my own clients are not as cultured. I could sell them a bolt of cotton and claim it was silk - they would scarcely know the difference. I've been approached by others, selling their own stock of far less quality for a pittance."

"Desperation drives a poor bargain," Omid said, his jaw flaring as he stared at his guest. "I'm aware of it. Just as aware as I am of the exquisiteness of my goods."

The Englishman directed his eyes to his food, giving his host a moment of silence to think on his position.

"If not for that thief," the bearded man groused. "I would-"

The servant stood from his place in the corner to refresh their drinks and the silence continued.

"Do you know his name?" Oswyn asked, his voice as even as he could make it.

"Yes," the host said. "Yes, of course I do. Afterwards, I spent coin to learn of it. A Sipahi cavalryman. Granted my land for his timar. He sits there still now, a pig wallowing in clean sheets. Davud bin Musa."

The name was spoken with a sudden, intense fury that made Oswyn look up. Frowning, he glanced back down at his food while pushing a piece of bread around with his finger.

"The Shirvan province?" he asked.

"Yes," Omid answered, the flesh around his tired, dark eyes tightening as he became suspicious of the direct questioning.

"I trade near there next," the Englishman said, biting at his bottom lip. "Before appearing before the Sultan."

"Where are you going with this?" the host asked, scratching at his beard. "Not to prod me, I think. Not to goad me with thoughts of my homeland."

"No," Oswyn said. "No, not that."

"Speak, then!"

"I could bring him low," he told his host. "In exchange for a very, very favorable deal today, you would see your tormentor dishonored in front of front of-"

"How?" Omid asked, leaning forward eagerly.

"My Lord," the Englishman said uneasily. "I don't wish to-"

"How?!" Omid demanded, slamming the table with his fists and causing the servant to jump.

"Please," Oswyn said, pained as he raised his hands to placate his guest. "I hesitate to even bring it up. To mention details of it would- it's- I have someone in my employ. Please, I beg you. Ask for no details. Know only that if you agree, it shall be done and spare yourself the details. You are a righteous man and I am a man of honor. I will not dishonor you or your house with the details. We can come to an agreement you and I. Your silk for half of your asking price and, within a fortnight, Davud bin Musa will find himself exiled from court in shame. And that, my Lord, will be the most lenient sentence he can expect."

"Half," the bearded host said in disbelief. His knuckles whitened on the delicate mug set before him until it shattered, spraying hot coffee across his clothing and the table.

The servant leapt with a cry to clean the mess but Omid held a single finger up, staying the youth. Blood coursed down his arm as he stared at his guest.

"And if you- fail?" he asked, the unsaid word 'lie' sitting heavily in the air.

"I won't," Oswyn assured him.

"But if you do?"

"If Davud bin Musa has not been exiled in shame, or worse, within a fortnight, I will return your goods and pay you four times more than what I pay you tonight. No official record shall be made of this but my word is stronger than parchment. I have never broken an agreement."

"Then I agree," Omid said finally, nodding to his servant to clean the table. "Let us talk no more of trade until our bellies are full."


Four elegant oil lamps illuminated the large room. They stood atop slim pedestals at the corners of the room - banishing shadows with the soft pool of light.

She stood before one of her most prized possessions - an oblong Italian mirror with an inlaid silver and gold frame. Her feet and ankles, hidden behind her embroidered buskins, protected her feet from the cold stone beneath her until she stepped onto a plush rug with a dizzying pattern of black lines against a garnet red fabric.

Turning, she parted her dress to pat and smooth the šalvār she wore beneath. Her honey-hued tresses were pulled tight at her brow in a short, intricate pattern that loosened until her long hair tumbled freely to brush against her hips. Her lips curled at the edges as she admired herself and the huge room beyond.

Imported furniture lined the room from her enormous bed to the three chaise longues peppered throughout the room and the paintings lining the wall.

A servant knelt by the door. It bothered her that she could see him from the corner of her eyes. He'd entered a few minutes ago to invite her to dinner and she'd forced him to kneel and await her readiness. Davud was hosting an important foreign guest and she was being granted a rare honor to dine with him.

The woman's perfectly manicured nail touched her pale, white cheek as she leaned in to assure that, as usual, her makeup was perfection. Tiny white flowers dotted her hair at precisely chosen intervals made to look random. Her eyes, green mixed with gold radiating outward to grey at the edges, flicked around her face.

Finally satisfied with her appearance, she stepped back while gathering her dress in her small hands.

"Lead me," she commanded the servant while staring over his shoulder at the door of her chambers.

The man climbed quickly to both feet to open the door with a bow. She glided through her room with her back straight. As she walked, she focused on a spot forever in the distance over the man's head.

Laughter made the young woman pause.

"Wait," she said, as they approached an open doorway.

The servant flattened himself against the wall as she slid past him on her leather soled shoes. Conversation ceased as she entered the nearby room and two women glanced upwards. The youngest, a darker skinned girl displaced and discovered from an East India Company trading post, flashed a moment of annoyance that quickly vanished beneath trained obsequience. The second woman, older than both with a stately maturity, barely raised an eyebrow at the other woman's entrance.

Standing in the doorway, she regarded them both before allowing herself to smile, focusing on a complex appearance of pleasure, derision and haughtiness.

"Canhabibe," the woman said warmly, nodding her head towards the older woman. She turned to the youngest and inclined her head again. "Nefise. What a pleasant evening. I hope the air inside the estate has not grown too stale for either of you. I missed you both on my stroll today."

"Emine," Canhabibe said quickly, as Nefise opened her mouth to retort. Her ivory complexion matched her nearly white, blonde hair. It was rumored that she was distantly related to Rudolf II - a rumor Davud fanned vigorously. "Indeed, the air was fine as of a moment ago. I wonder how we missed each other as Nefise and I enjoyed the kiss of the sun shortly after breaking our fast. Rest is vital for our beauty and, my dear, may I say you're looking rather radiant today?"

"I sup with Davud and his guest tonight," Emine replied, ignoring the barb. "I shall miss the utter calm you both bring with your company."

"I'm sure," the older woman agreed. "We're needed elsewhere, later. A fine, delicate vase may be made for viewing alone but its austere minimalism means it should never feel the touch of the earth or the caress of a flower."

"And you-!" Emine began hotly before composing herself. "I'm needed and I won't keep the master waiting."

She turned and left without another word, her dress flaring as she spun. The waiting servant ducked as he caught up to her and passed her in order to lead the way. Emine fumed as she stalked down the hallway and she nearly turned back as she heard loud laughter from both women behind her.

The audacity of that- that- old crone! she thought to herself, struggling to contain her quick anger. They sit in their shared room and they think they're better than me?! Me? I have my own room! Davud forbids me nothing when I ask it. He visits me nightly and, and, and-

The woman's fingers curled into her dress until her knuckles whitened. She paused at the door to the dining room and relaxed, smoothing the wrinkles in the fabric that were caused with her grip.

"The lady Emine Hatun bint Hasan," the servant intoned as he opened the door and stepped inside.

Again, Emine paused for a brief moment before quickly composing herself and flashing her radiant, sly smile while slipping past the servant to dominate the room.

The foreigner, a middle aged man with a row of the wrinkles lining his forehead, stood and smiled with a slight inclination of his head. Despite the obvious distance of his travels, he was dressed impeccably in gray breeches with matching doublet. She raised her chin minutely in response to his measured bow.

"Please, sit," Davud said airily. He was a stocky, powerful man that projected an air of laziness. Beneath the relaxed exterior, his eyes tracked both Emine and the foreigner, noting how both were received. "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

"Very much so," the foreigner agreed as he lowered himself to the ground. "I've of course heard talk of Circassian beauty but never witnessed it for myself. I'm pleased to note the rumors pale when compared to the truth. You're a very lucky man."

"Yes, I think so as well," Davud nodded. "She has been in my household for nearly two years now. A particularly strong convert to the true religion. Fierce and beautiful, indeed, but docile in strong hands. I had to have her as soon as I laid eyes on her. Expensive but worth her weight in gold. Which isn't much, hah! She's slim as a gazelle at the edge of an oasis."

Emine bowed her head as she settled herself at the table. As pleased as she was with her status, that period in time rankled her. She pushed the intruding thoughts aside as she studied the foreigner carefully, ensuring they began eating before she did.

"I had thought, however," the Englishman said, glancing at the young woman. "That this would be a private conversation?"

"Bah," Davud grunted as he picked food from his plate. "You can discuss anything in front of her."

"I serve at your pleasure," the man acquiesced. His eyes shifted fractionally as he looked up and over to Emine without betraying his scrutiny. "Indeed, she must be highly regarded to dine with us and hear of our affairs."

"Just so, Oswyn," Davud agreed with a toothy smile. "She is my jewel. Canhabibe and Nefise, they are both beautiful and intelligent but common types among my peers. Emine is, well, a rare find."

Oswyn, Emine noted as she grazed on her food. The earlier frustration from her conversation with the other two women melted away at the praise she continued to receive. She watched the Englishman as he seemed to have an internal debate with himself.

"You've put me in a terrible position, my friend," Oswyn final spoke. "You are a gracious host and the offer to accompany you on my journey to Šāhanšāh is one I happily accept. I have many gifts, including the clock I've already given you. However, I brought none for the Lady Emine."

"It is nothing," Davud told him. "You couldn't have known. And, besides, she is mine to spoil. I still hope to introduce you to my Sanjak-bey and my fellow timariots."

"I may," Oswyn said with a small bow. "Yet I can't help but feel I've been an ungrateful guest. And honor dictates I make amends. Please. Allow me to present another gift. I know exactly the one needed to complement her beauty."

"You English," Davud sighed, shaking his head. He waved his hand before focusing on his meal.

Oswyn motioned for a servant waiting on the side of the room. Emine strained her ears while appearing disinterested but she heard nothing as the servant nodded and left the room. The meal continued in silence as they waited for the return.

He is handsome enough, Emine finally decided. Clean. Shaven.

The spices from the food did little to hide the rough scent from Davud. He busied himself with training and walking the grounds or riding and the smell of sweat and earth clung to him. While he doted on her and was generally kind, he contained a cruel streak heightened by years of warfare and politicking. He was rough where she savored a gentle, loving hand.

After a short time, the servant returned, immediately stepping to Oswyn's side to kneel and present a leather wrapped object. The Englishman nodded his thanks while holding the item.

"There is a creature," Oswyn began as he slowly unwrapped the gift. "Gone now- hunted to extinction. On my travels through Almany, I passed a remote village where they kept one as a pet. They had no name for it. It's skin was said to have made the most supple leather. Comparable to silk, if you can believe it. I traded fairly with the villagers and they gifted me strands of its fur in return."

The merchant lay the square of leather on the table next to his bowl. A necklace lay centered in the hide. A fine, gold chain connected to a large ring wrapped with tight brown threads. Emine furrowed her brow as she frowned at it.

"It doesn't look like much," Oswyn admitted, as if sensing their disappointment. "However, realize that this creature no long exists. As you own a unique woman, I thought that a proper gift would be one just as rare. The creatures were thought to bring good luck and I'm sure it will do the same here."

"Good! It is good, Oswyn," Davud said loudly. "Emine, see how admired you are? Wear it. Let me see how it looks on you."

Before her hesitation could be construed as ungratefulness, Emine accepted the gift. She carefully reached back, conscious of Davud's lustful eyes on her bosom, as she worked the clasp. Finally, she settled the large ring above her breasts. The brown from the fur was dull compared to the vibrant colors of her dress.

"Is it not beautiful?" Davud asked, uncertainty in his voice as he tried to praise the unique gift.

"Yes," Emine said quietly as she stared down at the ugly necklace. "Thank you."

"Oswyn," the host said, turning the conversation away from the gift. "Tell me what you will bring for trade."

As the two men talked, Emine quickly slipped the necklace out of sight beneath her dress. It scratched as it slid against her skin but settled smoothly against her breasts. The move was a risk at insulting their guest but she was certain Davud was not impressed with it, despite its origins. Even with it pressed against her chest, she could feel the soft hairs with every movement. She resolved to take it off and hide it as soon as she was back in her room.

Hunger gnawed at Emine's stomach as she continued to sample her food. She ignored it as she always did, scratching at her chest while taking a small piece of bread to eat. The conversation was dwindling as Davud and the Englishman finalized their plans for the trip.

Her stomach rumbled. She frowned and grabbed a cotton cloth, bringing it to her face as if to wipe a crumb. Instead, she burped, breathing out as quietly as possible as a sour taste filled her mouth. With a quick look to ensure it wasn't caught, she wiped her mouth and placed the napkin down on the table.

"Master," Emine said during a break in the discussion. "May I be excused? If I am to accompany you to your Sanjak-bey, I wish to be well rested."

"Of course, Emine, of course," Davud said.

As she stood, she realized her master was leering at her openly and she knew he would be visiting her tonight. She sighed internally as she bowed and made her way from the room.

The hallway outside the dining room was silent. Oil lamps flickered tongues of steady flames along the passageway as she made her way.

Emine paused, resting her left hand against the wall as she raised her right hand to hide her mouth. She felt a pocket of gas moving through her stomach. As it rose, she tried to force it back and ignore it but, again, she burped, wrinkling her nose at the smell that came with it.

Quiet conversation drew her forth. She pressed her palm against her belly and then stood straight while continuing her walk. As she approached the still-open doorway, she pulled the necklace free from her dress and walked into the room.

"Ah, Emine," Canhabibe said while resting her hand lightly on Nefise's thigh. "Please, come in."

"Thank you," Emine said as she gathered her dress. She arranged herself as she sat opposite them in a gray chaise longue with her arm over the back and her leg tucked beneath her.

"What was the foreigner like?" Nefise asked eagerly, sitting up on her knees with her hands together.

"Slowly, Nefise," Canhabibe chastised. "It's like making love. You entice and draw him in slowly until he's whimpering in the palm of your hand. You don't simply straddle him right away. Well. I suppose that depends on your lover."

The older woman paused to look pointedly at Emine.

"And your skill," the older woman continued.

"Disgusting as always, Canhabibe," Emine said, looking away while she pressed her palm against her roiling stomach. She felt the ghostly echo of her monthly cramps digging low in her belly but she ignored it. It wasn't her time yet and she couldn't just run away from these two.

"She has to learn," the pale, older woman said. Her flawless marble skin cracked as she smiled with perfect white teeth. "And? How was dinner, Emine?"

"You don't give a damn about the dinner," Emine retorted. She grimaced, squeezing her taut belly when a sudden cramp filled her. It dissipated, leaving behind an acidic mass that filled her stomach. "We leave tomorrow to visit Davud's Sanjak-bey and the foreigner, an Englishman, will follow."

"What's he like?" Nefise asked again. "Is he handsome?"

"Yes, he is," Emine said, lording her knowledge over the pair. She swallowed and then swallowed again as saliva gathered in her mouth. "And sharply dressed. And well mannered. He said he'd never seen a more beautiful woman. He gave me a gift, even."

Emine smile as she grinded her teeth to keep the acid from the back of her throat. The other two women watched her, waiting for her to continue her story. She found herself growing annoyed as they failed to notice what she was talking about.

"The necklace!" Emine said finally.

"The- the gold necklace?" Nefise asked, her doubt plain on her face.

"Not just gold," Emine said while rolling her eyes. She scratched at her chest as she held it out before herself. "A gold necklace threaded with the hair from a beast no longer living. Hunted for extinction from Almany, he said. It was-"

She glanced down. The golden ring was bare and twisting back and forth at the end of the chain. It was simple and dull with a dent along the edge. She frowned at it as she turned it around in her fingers.

"It would appear he told the truth about that," Canhabibe said dryly. "Not even the hair remains from this mythical beast."

"That's- It was-" Emine barely had time to cover her mouth with the back of her wrist as she burped, turning her head away while her cheeks flamed red.

"Are you alright?" Nefise asked.

"I'm fine," she replied, standing from the couch. "Just something from the dinner. I think I'll retire to my room."

"Do you think she's okay?" the younger girl asked behind Emine.

"Well, to that, it's hard to say," the older woman's voice followed, fading as Emine fled. "Oh, or do you mean physically?"

Damn them, Emine thought as she rushed to her room. She was hunched over and her throat burned as her mouth filled with saliva again. The young woman tried to reach her wardrobe, where she kept her handkerchiefs but her stomach rebelled.

Just as she feared the worst, her stomach began to settle. She waited anxiously, sure that it would return but the burning from her throat receded and the cramps seizing her lower belly released. Her exhaled breath shuddered as she felt herself relax the tension she'd been holding.

She undressed herself carefully in the middle of her room and yet the nausea and cramping still didn't return. Once undressed and now feeling the cold of the evening air, she moved quickly to her wardrobe. As she reached for her night dress, she remembered the look Davud had given at dinner. The girl sighed and made her way to her bed where she slipped under the thick covers.

From her nightstand, Emine took her copy of the Qabus nama, pulling at the silk bookmark that lay near the beginning of the tome. She settled it between her knees and focused on it, her lips moving slowly as she read.

A spray of short, sand-colored hairs fanned out above her breasts. Her nails scratched idly at the hairs as she read from her book. As the minutes passed, she found herself toying with the hairs, subconsciously enjoying the light tickling it made as she rocked them back and forth with her fingertips.

She saw him from the corner of her eyes and knew not how long he watched her. Davud stood in her doorway, dressed in an open robe that showed thick black chest hair covering dense muscle. Emine froze as he grinned at her.

"Come," he said, twirling to walk down the hallway.

Without hesitation, she lay her book aside and stood, following her master towards his lavish bedroom. Her knees throbbed as she hurried, the pain low and tolerable but noticeable. She wished he'd chosen one of the other women tonight but she knew he wouldn't. Not after showing her off to the foreigner. And, even without that, she was favored.

Davud stood by his bedside. The huge bed lay low to the ground and was covered in blankets and pillows that appeared to shine in the lamps. She shivered as she undressed herself under his gaze and she let her underclothes drop until she stood naked before him. Davud eyed her appreciatively from her toes to her face and she watched him grow hard through the gap in his open robe.

Again, without direction, she made her way to the bed. Her knees, reddened and slightly swollen, clicked twice before she turned away from him and knelt at the edge of the soft mattress.

Emine looked back to Davud as she rested with one aching knee on the bed and her other foot on the floor. She supported herself with her hands and her soft breasts hung beneath her. Her master was stripping and she looked away under the pretense of crawling further onto the bed.

By habit, she turned and lay on her back as Davud crawled into bed next to her. She steadied herself as he straddled her legs before bending to kiss the inside of her thighs. The young woman pressed her lips together as his beard scratched her delicate skin. He moved slowly, raising himself until he kissed her belly button. Further. She grabbed the bedsheets with her fists.

Davud's cock lay against her mound as he roughly grasped her breasts to suckle on her nipples. She turned her head while he rubbed against her and squeezed her. His smell flooded her nose - the unwashed earth and sweat converging with the spices from dinner.

And she found herself growing aroused, against her will. She breathed deeply by reflex and she could see the dirt and sand surrounding their estate. She could almost taste and feel it and the thought of him there, riding his horse set her nerves afire. In her mind's eye, she saw him practicing with his sword while wearing his sweat-soaked cuirass. She wanted to bury her nose in him.

Emine moaned, releasing the bedsheet to grab Davud, who froze in surprise. Quickly, he recovered, moving down to feel her wetness against the head of his cock. He growled in surprised but as he began to guide himself into her, Emine, placed her palm against his chest.

"Wait, wait," she gasped, twining her fingers through the dense forest of his chest hair.

The girl moved, twisting to go to her hands and knees. She'd never taken control - had never shown initiative with him but she suddenly had to have him over her. She pushed her ass back, raising it as his cock pressed between her thighs. It was an extremely unusual position for her but she wanted to feel his hair on her skin and his weight against her back.

That thought brought another loud moan forth as she pictured him above her, pressing down on her. Bearing his weight.

The defined lines of Emine's back, bought with hard dieting and self control, began to slowly fill out as fat deposits formed. Her back grew smooth as Davud guided himself into her. The man's thick, wide thumbs pressed deep into the swollen, fatty flesh above her hips as the head of his cock slipped between her slick pussy lips.

"Yes, like that!" Emine cried out. She took his wrist and pulled him forward, hoping he got the hint. Praying he would go to all fours above her. "Like that! Yes!"

Davud entered her easily and she shuddered as she gripped his cock with her pussy. When he didn't press down against her, she raised herself up into him, rubbing her skin against his body. She couldn't get enough of his smell.

Wish, oh yes, oh yes! She thought to herself as she shoved herself back. Wish. Wish this was outside. In the dirt, Oh. Oh! All fours, yes! Davud above me. Sweating in the sun. Mixing our scents! Covered in- oh yes! YES!

Emine moaned and the sound distorted, lower in pitch rather than her normal sweet high voice. She could feel him trembling as his breathing grew erratic. She knew he'd be close already. Her pussy clenched around him as she worked her hips up and down against him, eyes closed as she pictured herself being held down in the grass and dirt.

"Wait," she gasped. "Back. On my back! Cum! On my back, please!"

She gibbered, close to the edge and losing herself in the moment. She was fastidious. She always washed after a session and cleaned herself thoroughly but now she wanted nothing more than to feel his hot cum against her skin. To feel it against her body.

Davud grunted and then pulled out. Emine reached back, grabbing for him, already forgetting what she'd begged for him to do as she felt the loss of his cock and the press of his body. His fist closed around her hair and he pulled, forcing her to cry out at the painful, animalistic roughness. He'd almost always treated her more gently than not but he seemed to lose himself in her directions and the passion she showed.

Gouts of warm cum washed over her skin. The young woman cried out, reaching beneath her body to rub her swollen, aching clit as Davud coated her. She surprised herself with a sudden orgasm as she lost herself in her daydream - picturing herself awash with Davud's sweat and the dirt below as he covered her body with his semen. She kicked and her throbbing knee clicked loudly as she collapsed, breathlessly, to the bed.

Emine's smooth back shook gently as the fat deposits quivered with the motion.

She panted on the bed as Davud lay next to her. Her eyes closed as his heavy arm settled against her and his right leg pressed against her thighs. His absence was painful - she ached deep within and wanted him inside of her still. Yet, as she lay there with his weight on her, she felt a strange thrill. She pictured him above her, pressing into her again but the image kept slipping and showing him atop her - as if he was somehow riding on her. It was disconcerting and she kept forcing it back, only for it to slip again and show him astride her body.

And the thought of him there was driving her wild.

A sudden, loud snort snapped her out of her reverie and the images dissolved. She lay beneath her master, covered in his cum as he began to snore next to her. It was a scene that played many nights and she normally extricated herself quickly in order to wash him and the deed off of her body but she found herself distracted. Still empty and wanting and enjoying his body against hers. And the earthy smell of him.

Still, she gently moved under him and gathered her underclothes. It seemed not as cold as it had before and she gave a final look to her master before walking from the room.

Only when she was halfway to her own room did she realize she walked the hall naked for any passing servant to see. Stifling a surprised shriek, she ran the rest of the way to her room. Pain flared in the joints of her legs with each jolt of her bare feet against the rough ground.

Emine gasped as she hurried into her room. Once inside, she hesitated, on the verge of calling for a bath as she had every night. She should, she knew she should but, for some reason she wanted to keep Davud's smell close. His cum had dried on her back and, as she moved, she could feel it flaking. She should've been disgusted by it but she felt herself growing warmer as she remembered the feel of it - being on her stomach as he treated her roughly. As he manhandled her.

Glancing at the door, she dropped her clothes and crept naked to her bed to slip beneath the covers. Her routine, after a bath, would be to sleep but her hand trailed down her body, brushing patches of almost invisible brown hairs. Her golden pubic hairs were slick with her wetness. She looked again towards the doors as her cheeks brightened to betray the lust that was rising in her body.

A single finger slipped between her slick lips and she bit her lip to hide her reflexive moan.

The rough treatment from earlier rose in her mind again as she fingered herself. Davud's hand in her hair, pulling her hard as she pushed against him. Yanking at her head as if her hair was the rope tied to a halter.

"Ohhh," Emine sighed, losing herself in her pleasure. She rolled to her side and then her belly as she tried to recreate the moment. "Ha-harder."

In her mind, Davud smacked her ass and she bucked, raising her hips beneath the covers at the thought of it. A second finger joined the first.

"Harder!" she gasped out loud as her fingers sped up. She could feel her pussy drooling and coating her fingers and wrist.

It was a rod now, in her mind's eye. Striking her ass hard enough to leave a mark.

Emine bucked and shrieked as she came yet she didn't stop and a third finger joined the others. The rod struck her side as Davud showed his impatience with her.

"Ye-ye-yes!" the girl moaned.

Bones groaned in Emine's legs as they slowly lengthened. Stretch marks appeared around her knees and shins before the skin healed to show smooth, perfect skin. Her delicate knees continued to swell.

A single sand-colored hair pushed through the skin of her mound. It twisted around the slick hair surrounding it. A second and third hair joined it, the darker hairs mixing with the soft, light hairs until her pubes were a tangled mess of light and dark.

More rough hairs emerged from her thick kneecaps.

Emine pressed her face into her bed as she screamed and shook. The imaginary rod struck her side. Davud held it as a faceless man mounted her in her mind. More waited their turn behind him. Their turn to use her as her master struck her. As he beat her like he'd beat a willful animal needing to be broken.

The fat along her back shook as a powerful orgasm took her. Her pussy spasmed, ejecting her fingers away from her tight opening and she spasmed on the bed, kicking her knobby knees and long legs from the aftershocks that rode through her.

Panting, her eyes fluttering from the intense feeling, she sighed and fought unsuccessfully against the sleep that began to claim her.
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Beast of Burden Ch. 02
Early in the 17th century, the wife of an Ottoman is brought low by a curse

The thrilling conclusion!

An old commission for one of my patrons that was a lot of fun to work on - lots of historical details to research and try to integrate
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Dreams flowed through Emine's mind as she wavered between wakefulness and sleep. She felt disconnected from her body, frustrated with her inability to influence the images shuffling through her mind. Her awareness was smothered by the remnants of her slumber.

Daxeliyne, a voice whispered deep within the dream world. Her mother's voice, nearly forgotten. Her mother calling her and using her name. Her true name. Not the one given when she was sold.

There was a heaviness to her thoughts. A plodding pace that she wanted to rebel against but felt constrained by it as it settled upon her. She moaned as she twisted in her bed to rest on her belly and her voice was low. Anxiety permeated the dream. Something was missing. Something she'd forgotten to do. She was needed somewhere.

There was heat, the never-ending sun and a train of people.

The upcoming trip.

Emine's eyes fluttered as the thought mixed with her dreams, nearly pulling her into reality before being submerged once again.

Eyes stared at her as she sat upon cushions beneath a canopy, swaying with the motion while she was pulled along. Judging eyes. She could hear the toneless voices echoing in the dream.

"You don't belong here," they told her. Accusing eyes. "Lazy creature."

She wanted to yell at them and spit in their faces but, instead, found herself growing uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in the shelter. Uncomfortable sitting. Uncomfortable in the luxury of her caravan while her herd bore her burden.

Fingers in her hair- flashing to Davud grabbing her hair - pulling her - pulling her hard as he forced himself into her - from her seat. Hot sand around her as a rod slammed into her side - hand slapped hard against her ass, fist in her hair as she rutted with her master - and a voice roared in her ears.

A burden on her shoulders as she lay on all fours. In the dream world, she was naked and had always been naked and shame filled her. But she took the weight and began to crawl, horrified that it felt right. The driver beat her again and she shivered, wanting to please him. Wanting to do her duty. Wanting him to-

The horror of the situation began to fade to pleasure as Emine climbed the depths of her sleep into the waking world.

Emine gasped as she pushed herself up on her hands. Her blanket lay coiled around her feet as she stared at the sheets beneath her, trying to remember the strange dream before it fled her subconscious. The chill morning air surrounded her but she surprised herself by not feeling cold.

More strangely, as she rested on all fours, feeling the ghost of the handler's hand, she was even surprised to find a warmth between her thighs. Holding herself with one arm, she reached beneath, her delicate fingers brushing through the mixture of her soft golden pubic hairs and the thicker sand colored hairs. She gasped as she touched her engorged clit and the slick lips beneath it.

Pulling her hand away, her own scent of arousal followed. As she breathed in, other smells mixed with it - Davud's cum, the fragrance of their sex and the smell of the hard work he'd put in the day before. The musk of his own sweat and the animals he-

Emine shuddered as a fragment of her dream resurfaced. She clutched at it to try to remember what she could but it left behind mere impressions: control, an urge to please, a need to be useful. She shook herself and sat back on her heels. As she did her, her swollen knees clicked quietly.

The young woman rolled her head and her long, golden hair brushed the smooth, lineless skin covering her back. The fat deposits beneath the skin of her back pulled down to form a gentle, nearly invisible bulge above her hips. Her hand slid between her thighs as her curly locks brushed against patches of short, wiry tan hairs.

Distracted and smiling, she touched herself and closed her eyes as the faint sounds of people moving around the household finally reached her ears. She could still remember the feel of Davud inside of her, could remember his commanding presence and the way he treated her roughly. Sighing, she let a finger slip into her tight sex.

The passionate memory of his fist around her long hair, tugging her head back while smacking her ass-

A moan escaped the girl's lips but she frowned and her hand jerked as she missed the rhythm in the motion.

Something was wrong and her hand slowed until she pulled it away to rest against her lower belly. Her body was sensitive and begging to be caressed as her blood coursed through her and her excitement grew. But, she was restless, unable to concentrate on pleasuring herself.

She felt... lazy and unhappy because of it. Normally she took her time and pampered herself throughout the day but a strange energy filled her as pressure built within. The household was preparing for the journey to visit Davud's Sanjak-bey and she worried that she was needed, despite knowing deep within that she could do nothing to help. However, the more she picked at the strange feeling, the worse it grew until she pushed herself away from her bed.

As she stood, she wobbled on longer legs and her knobby knees knocked together. The girl took two halting steps before pressing her palm against the post at the corner of her bed, spreading her feet apart until she found her balance.

Briefly, she worried if she'd over-extended herself the night before but, as she took another step, she became more sure of herself. Her anxiety urged her forward and she dressed quickly, gathering her scattered clothing from around the room.

The cool silk of her šalvār slid over her bare feet. She pulled the waistband over her legs and up, pausing as the tapered bottom hems pressed against her ankles. The waistband rested against her thighs and she frowned as she continued to pull them up, watching as the trousers rose higher to expose her ankle and nearly half of her shin before it finally came up to her hips.

"What in the world?" she asked herself quietly, pulling at the trousers. Her šalvār were all handmade for her to fit perfectly but now they bared more than just her bare ankles.

Emine clothed herself carefully as she pulled her daraʿa on. Again, the long dress slid up to expose her ankles, ending below her šalvār.

Worse, as she finished dressing, she felt constricted by the clothing. Her stomach rumbled as if to mock her while she pressed her hands against her thighs, stomach and sides. Yet, glancing at the mirror showed a slim belly with the curves she'd developed naturally over the years. She pressed her lips together as she turned to inspect herself. Despite the hunger gnawing at her bones, she firmly resolved to cut back on her meals even more.

And to perhaps go for more walks. The thought thrilled her suddenly and she turned in the rough direction of the sparse garden her master had within their walls. The garden and the land beyond. Suddenly, the thought of just walking enticed her. Of just stepping outside for a stroll and continuing until she was exhausted from it. Her hands trembled in anticipation but she held herself back. It was foolishness, a thing an idle, lazy creature would do when she knew she was needed. Needed for- needed for-

Needed for-

She rubbed her arms as she tried to think of why she felt so pressured to do work.

It was foolish. She was Davud's favored. She was waited on by all and her whims were often anticipated before she made her demands. If she wanted to spend the day resting in bed until they requested her presence, she could. She knew she could. And nobody would think less of her. It was her prerogative as the master's consort.

Just- just she couldn't stay still. She couldn't focus and her breathing was quick as she began to pace in her room while staring at her door.

Fatty tissue expanded in her back and her dress pulled tighter against her body. The nearly invisible low-hanging bulge of skin along her back grew more pronounced.

Strands of the dark, wiry hair grew along the soft skin of her slowly forming hump, outlining the edges of it. She reached behind to scratch herself but the tightened dress restrained her movements. As she turned to look back, something popped loudly in her neck and she hissed from the sudden pain of it. The young woman turned back slowly and reached up to massage the twinge.

A pure white ring appeared in the tanned flesh of Emine's neck. Deep beneath the skin, the outer shell of her vertebra formed additional bone, straining the surrounding muscle and cartilage until they adapted. The growth was slight but enough to force her head higher. A thin band of new skin marked the change.

Unable to resist the urge any longer, she pushed the door open.

Servants passed quickly in the hallway, sketching hurried half-bows towards Emine before rushing to finish their tasks. She ignored them, as always, and continued down the hall until she reached the room shared by Canhabibe and Nefise. Slowing before the doorway, she listened to the room and peeked around the corner but neither of them appeared to be inside.

Emine breathed out a quiet sigh of relief and continued. Her knees knocked together for a few steps until she once again widened her stance. She barely paid attention to the adjustment as she wandered the estate.

The buzz of the workers grew louder as the young woman approached the courtyard. The bands of sunlight showing through the open architecture increased until the walls ended and she found herself in the open air Emine breathed in sharply with a smile as the warm air surrounded her.

Workers cried out and cursed as they assembled the caravan. A few bowed as they passed her but most remained focused on their tasks while she surveyed them.

Pain lanced through the girl's foot as she idly wiggled her toes in her leather shoes. She felt her toenails click together and realized that her toes seemed tightly bound within the soft slippers. Emine retired to a shaded bench set against the wall of the house. Each step brought fresh, sharp pain that forced her to limp. Halfway to the bench, she felt an unpleasant rubbing against the toes of her right foot. Unable to withstand the discomfort, she found herself walking on the heels of her feet until she lowered herself to the bench.

Her toes felt crushed as she bent to undo the laces and the shoes resisted her efforts when she pulled at them. Finally frustrated, she yanked with force and then gasped at the sight.

The nail of the big toe on her left foot was yellowed and dense, curving up from the nail bed and down over the tip of her toe while flaring out to the side. She noticed where the sharp edges cut into the nearby toe but, as she tried to pull the smaller toe to look at the wound, she realized the nails had grown together.

Worse, holding her foot for inspection, she felt the coarse texture of the sole of her foot against her soft hands. She turned her foot and ran a thumb from the ball of her foot to her heel.

Her arch was gone, leaving behind a completely flat foot.

She stared at it in shock, sure she was wrong or simply confusing herself with a trick of the light. Emine set her foot down slowly. She hid the shocked 'o' of her lips behind a dainty hand as she felt the hot stone against every inch of her foot. Her big toe splayed out and the large, yellowed nail clicked against the ground.

In the short time she'd taken to inspect the bottom of her foot, she realized the nails of her other three toes had followed the first two, thick keratin forming in layers like a greedy oyster coating a grain of sand with nacre. As with the two bigger toes, the nails of the lesser three had grown connected.

Pain in the woman's right foot drew her attention and she hissed as she quickly undid the laces of her remaining shoe.

With her focused attention, she could feel something give way within her foot. The side of her shoe bulged as her right foot flattened to the ground. Leather parted as the sharp edge of her thick toenail sliced through the material. Emine pulled the shoe free to expose a twin of her left foot, bulky and flat with two groups of connected toes.

She blinked at her toes.

Slowly, imperceptibly, her already full lashes lengthened, curving further away from her painted eyes - elongating to aid in protecting her eyes from the harsh desert winds as she began to transition further.

Emine's heart felt heavy in her chest as pressure built in her temples while she stared at her feet. Her mind turned over several times as she tried to grasp what had happened. Minutes passed before she realized she couldn't feel the burning stone against her normally tender feet. She turned her ankle and her eyes widened once more when she saw the dark tinge covering the bottom of her toes and the foot itself.

"I don't understand," she whispered, her long lashes fluttering as she blinked rapidly. "I don't-"

A rude shout grabbed her attention and she looked up to see a powerful man shoving a passing worker. He was imposing and rough, wide of shoulders with a short, dark beard and a crooked nose. His left hand clenched a brush while he roughly tapped a lean man with his right.

The smaller man ducked his head in apology and ran off but Emine ignored him. She'd seen the tall man before. Around her husband. She couldn't remember his name but he tended the horses and always seemed to show her proper respect.

While she watched, he dropped the brush and sat on a worn stool in front of a giant beast of a gray horse. The man tapped two fingers against the horse's powerful leg and it raised its hoof to rest gently against the man's knee. From a rolled leather satchel, the bearded man pulled a short knife that he pressed against the edge of the creature's hoof. She watched as he worked slowly, peeling away errant slivers of the horse's hoof until he nodded in satisfaction.

Blood rushed to Emine's cheeks but she pursed her lips together while she grabbed her shoe. As she pressed her toes into the slippers, they bulged dangerously. She tugged, grunting with embarrassment, until her wide, heavy feet were partially hidden. Her ragged new nails tore at the sides of the shoes as she stood and carefully walked towards the groom.

Emine paused at the archway leading to the open courtyard. She rested a hand against a thin, ornate pillar as the man distracted her. He stood now, sleeveless in the sun with the brush once more in his hand. The man's lips moved while he stroked the horse with the brush. The movement of his hands against the animal's flank was mesmerising, as was the way his muscles flexed when he moved.

Yet, it was the way he cared for the animal that drew her (...rough hands in my hair, pulling and beating my side as he plunged...) attention. The groom took his time, stroking the animal soothingly with his free hand while brushing the dirt and sand from the horse's coat. It wasn't an annoying task for him, no. She could see the care (...pressing against me, skin to skin...) in his attention and the feeling transferred to her.

The girl's hand closed against the pillar as she felt the ghost of his hand against her. As she imagined him stroking her side. Brushing her hair as she lay in bed before him. Naked like the beast she was. She gasped at the thought when she pictured him naked, too. Beside her. Coarse bristles dragging through her fur as he whispered sweet words as he did with the mare.

Wind blew through the courtyard, forming tiny dust devils while tugging at her dress. She shivered as the silky fabric brushed against her suddenly over-sensitive skin.

Beneath the dress, wiry fur began to spread from the edges of her tiny hump toward the center of her back. She pulled herself close to the pillar and then turned, anchoring herself to the stone with her hands behind her.

With a quiet groan, she slowly rubbed her back against the sharp edges of the twisting pillar. The stone dug into the fatty flesh of her small hump, scratching against the fur slowly spreading over her body.

But in her mind, it was the groom's brush against her back and his hot breath in her ear rather than the mare's. Telling her how beautiful she was. How enticing her curves were as she lay prostrate before him. How soft her fur was-

Emine rocked her ass back as an involuntary gasp forced through her full, pouty lips. Her hump quivered beneath her tight dress as she shoved hard while opening her thighs. A moan, low and animalistic, followed her gasp as her engorged pussy rubbed the stone.

"What-?" the girl asked herself quietly as she realized what she'd done. "What is wrong with me?!"

Before she could dwell on what she'd do, she pulled her dress class and walked as quickly as she could while ensuring her slippers stayed on her feet. They smacked against her heel with each step until her shadow darkened his view.

"Lady Emine," the groom said, startled by her sudden appearance.

"Daxeliyne," she corrected him suddenly. She'd rarely given her birth name, instead answering to the name given by Davud. Yet something forced the word from her lips as she stood before the man. It seemed important in the heat of the moment.

"My lady?" he said, confused by the strange word.

"My name," she told him while tapping her wide foot. "My name is Daxeliyne. Not Emine. Lady Daxeliyne."

"My- My Lady Dah-chuh-line?" he fumbled, his mouth mangling the unfamiliar syllables.

"Daxeliyne," she sighed. "Daka-leena. Daxeliyne"

"Mistress," he said, bowing his head as sweat rolled down his cheeks.

"I need your knife," she told him while her heart began to race.

"Of course, my lady," the man answered, immediately grabbing it from his bag. He flipped it over, holding it by the blade while presenting the handle towards her.

Internally, Emine relaxed. She'd thought he would question her and was relieved when his face showed a lack of curiosity. It was a plain yet honest face and began to wonder how his cracked lips would feel against her. His eyes were lowered differentially as he waited with the knife held out until she took it from him gingerly. The worn handle sported a large crack but it was surprisingly light and she held it carefully against her side, as if to hide it in her dress.

"What's your name?" she asked him as she turned the knife back and forth between her fingers. "I've seen you many times."

"Yosef, my lady," he told her, ducking his head lower.

"Have you worked for my master long?" she asked, watching his soft eyes and strong cheekbones. She stepped back from him and gestured to the mare beside them. "Please, don't let me stop you from your work."

"Years, my lady," he replied. Despite her urging, his hands stayed at his sides. Strong hands, she noted. The knuckles were split and rough but his fingers were wide. She could almost feel them on her body again, as she had when watching him from the side.

Emine looked around and then gestured. A child ran to them, holding a large leather bag against his back. He held the bag out to Emine but she pointed to Yosef instead, who looked up in surprise.

"You're thirsty. Drink," she told him, watching as he reluctantly took the bag from the porter. "You shouldn't neglect your own needs."

Yosef wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He held it out to Emine but she shook her head and he handed it back to the youth.

"Do they enjoy it?" she inquired suddenly.

"Mistress?" Yosef asked carefully.

"The horses," she clarified. "Do they enjoy the brushing and attention?"

Throbbing pain flared in her elbows and she winced in pain, dropping the knife as her fingers spasmed suddenly. The bones beneath her skin cracked in microfractures from her wrist to her shoulder. Her arm slipped past the open sleeve of her dress as the bones knit back together while lengthening.

"Lady Emine, are you alright?" the man asked in alarm.

"It's nothing," she told him through clenched teeth.

The young woman bent and reached down to retrieve the knife but her knuckles slammed against the ground. She grunted in surprise at the imbalance in her proprioception, suddenly unused to the position and length of her limbs. She snatched the knife quickly to hide her embarrassment.

"They- yes, I think so," he told her, patting the mare's side while trying to divert her shame. "Others, they beat their horses to break them and leave them until they're infested. Unless it's a prize stallion. The beasts of burden, they are alive as well. They think, they play, they raise their own little families and show affection, yes. Even to me. They're beautiful creatures. We keep them and they cannot care for themselves so I do it."

Distracted by his own narration, the man smiled and brushed the horse's coat, stopping only when a cloud of dust wafted away.

Emine tentatively touched the mare and the horse's tail swished from side-to-side. The creature's muscular body felt like warm marble as she slid her fingers against its side.

"And is that what she does? Carry things?" Emine asked as she dragged her nails into its side.

"No, my lady," the man said. "She pulls. Carts or wagons or sleds."

Useful, Emine thought to herself, moving to caress the mare's haunches.

The horse's tail flicked again and she trembled to see it - thick and fine ivory strands. Paler than her own hair. Hair Davud pulled. She breathed out heavily, transfixed as she remembered it. The young woman inhaled, breathing in the scent of the stable and the sweat of the animal as her mind flashed to her on all fours in bed. The horse's tail overlaid her hair and her imagery cracked as she remembered Davud slapping her ass. The rod against her. Davud, in her imagination with the others waiting behind her. Yosef's words echoed in her mind and her nostrils flared as she felt her wetness against her thighs and her knobby knees trembled.

... beat their horses to break them...

Trained and used. Shamed and mounted to provide pleasure to those who want it. Taking from her until she begs them to fill her, to show them how useful she is. How happy she was to service them. Stabled in her bed, nude and senseless until she felt hands on her ass and a hard cock against her pussy. Waiting to be used.

"Yes," Emine whispered.

"Mistress?" Yosef said.

"I-" Emine said, stepping away from the horse. She blinked rapidly, confused by her thoughts but the urge remained. She licked her lips while forcing her trembling hand from lowering to her thighs.

Without answering, she fled, rushing back into the estate to find the comfort of her own rooms. Servants yelped as she passed but they pressed against the walls to make room. Somewhere along the way, without noticing, her feet slipped free from her shoes and she ran silently on her wide, flat feet - the thin layer of leathery padding softening her foot fall.

Bone melted away from her toes and her heel, dissolving as a pocket of fat formed in place of her shrinking heel. The remaining bones pulled back as her feet began to swell. Tiny tan hairs sprouted from her ankle and the top of her feet, short and nearly invisible against her pale skin.

Once inside her room, she threw herself onto her bed, facing away from the doorway with the knife clutched in her hand. Bending her knees, she leaned forward with her longer neck - and nearly dropped her knife in shock.

Dirt lined the skin between her toes - toes that had nearly merged into two separate groups. Thick layers of dense curved yellow nails rose from her nail beds.

Emine bit her tongue carefully as she brought the knife between her big toe and the toe next to it. The edge of the blade stuck into the hard nail but she carefully sawed through until the toes were once again separate. Once finished, she followed Yosef's example and shaved the edges into approximations of her original nails. She repeated the procedure until all ten of her toes were freed.

Despite the obvious swollen nature of her feet, she smiled triumphantly and wiggled her toes. Or tried to. The knife slipped from her fingers as she realized she couldn't feel her toes. She grabbed them in her hands, digging her fingernails in but felt dull, distant pressure in return.

"No," she whispered to herself.

She remembered, suddenly, a relative of the master who had lived with them previously. His legs and feet were bloated and he claimed he could feel nothing when touched. He had delighted in making guests feel uncomfortable by pricking his legs till they bleed - all while smiling merrily. At least until his toes began to rot away and his eyes failed him. They'd buried him months ago.

"No, no, no," she whispered frantically, rubbing at her feet. The rigid sand-colored hairs dotting the tops of her feet brushed against her palm and she found herself foolishly pleased that she could still feel something. As she set her feet on the ground, more hairs emerged from the mound of her foot, spreading slowly until they reached her ankle.

She knew she should seek out the physician. She knew she should. But, she was favored. She prided herself on her appearance and her standing. Canhabibe would eat her alive if she found one simple flaw. Something like this would destroy her forever.

No, she would hide it. It must be a temporary thing. Related to her stomach being upset. Something she'd eaten. It would settle. The swelling would go down. She was perfect. She was. She had to be.

With new resolve, she stood and swept to her wardrobe. Her collection of clothing was enormous and she remembered a dress she had that trailed on the floor. It was more ceremonial than her usual dresses but Davud and his hosts would not know the difference.

Or so she hoped.

Emine slipped out of her current dress, letting it fall to the ground where a servant would collect it later. She reached for her new dress, oblivious to how high her šalvār now rode on her legs. Although the new dress was significantly more loose than the one she'd discarded, it still felt tight against her body. She fussed with it in front of the mirror, turning and admiring herself.

The curve of Emine's hump was visible in the Italian made mirror as she stood sideways. She frowned at what she assumed was her poor posture and forced herself to stand straighter. The slight bulge at the back of her dress smoothed slightly. Flexing her back, her frown deepened until a knock sounded from her doorway.

"Lady Emine," the meek voice said. She turned to find a small boy in tan and gray, bowing at the doorway. "The caravan is ready and the master sends for you."

"Thank you," she told him, her slightly dulled mind already forgetting her concern over her back. "I'll attend mo- mono- mon- shortly. I'll attend shortly."

The boy left and she followed, the edges of the long dress barely brushing the floor. Her steps were silent on her dull feet. The sway of her dress revealed her nails spreading and reattaching. Further down the hallway, the webbing continued to grow, joining her toes into two solid lumps per foot. A tiny part of her mind reveled in the freedom of walking barefooted.

A passing servant, gray and back bent with a wooden framework full of boxes paused and stood aside ahead of Emine. The sight of the servant set an itch between Emine's shoulders as she stared at the burden the woman carried. Dream voices echoed in her mind.

Lazy beast

The hairs lining her hump spread further, completely covering the sagging flesh. She whimpered as a strange, powerful urge took hold of her.

"You," Emine said to the bowing servant. The young woman licked her lips while rolling her back. A single bead of sweat rolled down her temple. She groaned, straining her lengthened neck as the bones within elongated slightly.

She tried to resist and another bead of sweat formed. The urge grew physical. Powerful. She flexed her back at the thought of it but still, she resisted.

"My lady?" the old woman asked.


It dug deeper inside as the dream forced its reality on her. A beast to be used, two images of carrying the heavy load while also shackled in a stall, naked on all fours with cum dripping from her gaping vagina and a lustful smile on her lips.

"I'll carry your burden," Emine gasped as warmth flooded her loins. She desperately wanted to touch herself as she pictured Yosef attending her in the stall. Kind and gentle but hunger in his eyes as his hands stroked her side. "Please."

"No!" the servant shouted, bowing deeper. "I- I cannot! Please. I cannot let you carry this! The master - he would- please, I cannot."

Emine groaned as she dug her hands into her thighs.

"Go," she said tersely, before she forcefully took the pack the woman wore. Her heart pounded in her chest as she closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

"Emine," a deep voice said behind her, startling her.

"Davud!" the girl squeaked.

"I came to find you," he chastised her. He approached, draping an arm around her waist. "Are you alright?"

"Yes," she said, staring into his eyes as he squeezed her body. "Davud. We have time. I need you."

"Emine," he said, his eyes wide at her advances. "They wait for us even now. There will be time tonight."

"Please," the girl said, reaching down with her long, aching arms to squeeze his cock. "I don't care. You could- oh, oh- you could take me here. Or in the yard. I don't care. On my knees. In the dirt. Yes. I- I don't care. It doesn't have to be your room. It doesn't have to be your bed. Please, Davud, I ache."

The ring of tan fur above her breasts, where the necklace had touched her skin the night before, thickened. The short hairs pushed through her skin in a spiral that quickly filled before spreading outward to her shoulders. The hairs above her breasts grew long and curly and she moaned at the sensation of the fur crawling across her body.

"Emine," the man said, swallowing but taking her hand away. "Save your passions for tonight. I don't know what's come over you but I have no time for this now. Go. Sit with the others until you're needed."

The command vibrated through her core and the thought of being forced to wait to service him drove her wild. She twisted her legs, feeling the wetness leaking between her plump pussy lips.

"Yes!" she breathed out heavily, turning to follow Davud as he stomped through the hallway.

An image flashed, overlaid on her vision. Davud holding a rope. Attached to a halter. A halter she wore as he led her away. She moaned and stumbled and the vision cleared as bright sunlight welcomed her into the courtyard.

The caravan wound its way out past the estate and she walked the length of it slowly, losing Davud when he mounted his brilliant gray stallion.

Small hairs stood on the back of Emine's neck. She paused and turned to find Oswyn staring at her. The man's smile flicked on like the flame of a lamp and he bowed but she turned to the wagon behind him. Small slits were set into the side of the wagon and she could feel a weight behind the opening. Shivering, she continued until she found the covered cart she shared with Canhabibe and Nefise.

A servant set down steps for her and she climbed them to join the two women.

"Emine," Canhabibe said dismissively. But, as the other girl passed, the stately beauty wrinkled her nose. "My dear, did that brute not leave you time to bathe?"

"What?" Emine asked. Her ears twitched beneath her long hair as she settled herself down, folding her awkward legs to the side. Light, wispy white hairs grew out from the interior of her ears as the edges of her ears folded. She rubbed at the side of her head with both hands.

"I bathed," Emine said, waving her hand vaguely. "Yesterday? Yesterday. Yesterday morning."

"You smell a little," Nefise told her. "Like the stalls where-"

"Nefise!" Canhabibe scolded. "Too blunt, girl. Despite your feelings for another, you must practice diplomacy. Ugly thoughts manifest themselves physically."

Daxeliyne, she wanted to tell the other woman. Emboldened by her interaction with the groom, the name sat on the tip of her tongue until she swallowed it. It was foolishness. Canhabibe would just mock her further. She'd fought that battle many times in the past.

"I smell fine," Emine told her. The girl's ears shifted, tilting to angle back as the tips slid through the golden curls surrounding them. She massaged her jaw, her thumb pressing just above her mandible. "It's just the other beasts you're smelling."

The other two women stared at each other silently with eyebrows raised.

"Are you- alright?" Canhabibe asked. "Barbs aside, you sound... different."

"I'm fine," Emine said, turning to look at her. Her head moved slower than she expected on her longer neck and she was forced to push further. The silky hairs lining the inside of her ears tickled her skin and her ears flicked in annoyance. "Just tired."

And she was. Exhausted from the physical changes taking hold as well as dealing with the urges pulsing and flowing within. She lay back, resting her head against her arm as the cart bumped and shuddered into motion.


The cobalt evening sky welcomed Emine as she woke, stiff from her travels. She groaned when she sat up, massaging her sore neck and jaw. Camp was already set up with servants running between the carts and wagons but she'd been left to rest. As she moved, she realized her loose dress was as tight as ever, outlining her form in a way that left little to the imagination.

She pushed herself up and the dress lifted to show her bare, furred feet. The young woman stepped carefully on long, bony legs until she let herself down the stairs at the side of the cart. After many trips with her master, she knew his tent but, even without knowing, it was obvious who stayed in the largest tent at the center of camp.

Emine walked through the twilight on thick, rounded feet. The sand, still burning from the sun sitting on the horizon, barely bothered the padding lining her soles. Her hips rocked with the gait her changed feet forced upon her - raising and lowering her feet as if stamping. Sounds and laughter distracted her, forcing her hair-lined ears to swivel as she made her way to her master.

Smiling in the fading light, she could already feel his touch as her lower belly began to grow warm. She felt so incredibly empty since their lovemaking the night before and being riled all day.

When she reached the tent, the two cebelu standing at the entrance moved as if to stop her. She ignored them, pushing aside the flap to step inside.

Canhabibe and Nefise lady naked and writhing against Davud but they all stopped at her entrance. Nefise wrinkled her nose and then hid her face behind Davud's head as she clung to him with her lithe, dark body.

Davud leered at her tightened dress, staring at the way it seemed to mold itself to her sore breasts.

"Gah," Davud said suddenly, freeing an arm to wave in front of his face. "Go bathe, Emine. You smell like you've slept with the horses. Go. Go! Bathe and then come back to me and join the others."

Red crept into Emine's face and she bit her lip in shame as she stared at the rugs lining the tent floor. She breathed deeply but smelled nothing unusual and she wondered what she'd done wrong to be so insulted.

"Ye- yes," she muttered before turning and stumbling away. Her strange former grace vanished, leaving her spindly legs as awkward as before. She yelped and swung her arms as she tripped over a small stone.

"Careful!" a voice told her, catching her before she hit the ground.

It took a moment to recognize the voice through the fog filling her mind but the accent gave him away and she broke apart to find Oswyn standing nearby.

"Mistress Emine," the man said with a nod. "Are you well?"

Emine writhed as fur marched down her chest to cover her breasts, the tiny hairs prickling her skin in an intense wave.

"Yesssss," the girl hissed with fluttering eyes. Her arousal, momentarily destroyed after leaving Davud's tent, began to reassert itself as her body grew sensitive and her fur teased her soft skin. "Yes. Sorry, yes. I'm fine."

"I'm surprised to see you apart from your master," Oswyn said, glancing towards the tent.

"I'm- I was-" she muttered, cursing her suddenly slow wit. "I have to go bathe. Please, excuse me."

"Really?" Oswyn said, taking a step closer. She shuffled her large feet but avoided his gaze. "And why is that?"

"They said," she swallowed, scratching at her belly. "They said I smell. Like animals."

"Ahh," Oswyn nodded. "Ah. I see. Do you know what I say to that?"

"What?" she asked, finally looking up to meet his eyes.

"They lack passion," he whispered. "Tell me. Do you find Davud a competent lover?"

"I- I-" she stammered.

"Bathe?" he scoffed. "Where's the intimacy? Where's the passion? Where is the heat you feel standing together in the moment and you decide that you don't care about anything else than bedding your lover?"

She blushed as her body hummed with growing need.

"Do you think animals stop to bathe before breeding?" Davud whispered. "Do you think, when they mate, they stop and swim through the river to cleanse themselves?"

"I'm- I'm not a-" Emine stuttered.

"No. No," Oswyn said, whispering fiercely. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close, their faces inches apart. "You are an animal. Prized and owned as a pet, your room as much a stable as your master's stallion. You're kept. Given silks and painted and shown to others as a trophy. Bedded on command. Filled with your master's seed and given in to the lusts and urges coursing through you. At your master's whim, whether it be his bed or in the field or in the middle of camp, surrounded by a leering, jeering crowd waiting their turn."

"Yesssss," Emine hissed, her eyes glazed as the heat coursed through her body to cloud her mind. She could feel the hands on her, grabbing and pulling as she offered herself up - as she pleasured the men on all fours until she lay exhausted and filled.

Her rose-colored lips, already full, began to push outward. Her right hand slid up to massage her jaw and then over, her fingertips brushing and tugging the growing flesh. Along the side of her head, her hair shifted as her ears lengthened, the ends vibrating as the movement tickled her skin. The inside of her slightly folded ears were concealed by white hairs. Her hands traveled up to tug and pull at her ears before moving down her body once more, her nails clawing at her sides.

"And isn't that right?" the Englishman asked. "Isn't that normal for a beast like yourself? To take a man's burden? To ease his stress and troubles and obey his command? To serve at his desire whenever and wherever he wants? It's natural for you to want this. Just as natural as the earth and sand and dirt around you. Animals don't need clothing or perfume or finery. Do they?

"No," the girl said, her eyes dilated as her hands roamed her body, squeezing her aching breasts and pulling at the curly sand-colored hairs lining her belly. A grating, cracking creaking sounded throughout her body as her neck elongated another fraction of an inch. "No, I don't need any of that."

Emine leaned forward, her thick lips parted as she tried to kiss Oswyn. He held a hand out gently against her breastbone and she blinked at him with her long, thick lashes in confusion. She was so incredibly horny and he was right there for her. She just wanted to make him happy.

"Not me," he told her gently. "I am not for you. I do not lie with beasts. But, surely you can think of others if your master is occupied? Someone more suited to a creature like you?"

"But," Emine pouted, shoving a hand between her thighs, groaning as she rubbed herself. "I don't-"

An image bloomed in her mind, a strong hand brushing the smooth coat of a fine mare. She shivered and moaned and stumbled away, Oswyn already forgotten as she followed the scent of other animals. She could see them at the edge of camp, staked in a line near the tall form of the groom and the smaller forms of children helping with water and food and excrement.

She wasted no time in heading straight for the man as he bent to check hooves.

"Dah-cha-leen," her ears caught on the wind. Yosef worked and spoke quietly to himself. "Dah-chaaa-leenuh. Dah-cha-leenuh."

A rumble began deep in the back of her throat as the heady, rich smell of the animals filled her head. As she approached, the rumble turned into a growl and she pulled at her tight dress, hating the way the clothing felt against her. Oswyn's words tumbled in her mind and she ached to be free and naked. To be natural.

Yosef turned and stumbled backwards in surprise as she stepped close to him. Emine bleated and wrapped her arms around the man's waist.

"M-my lady?" Yosef stammered, gently prying her arms away from his body. He glanced around quickly but the horses blocked the torches, leaving him partially cloaked in shadows.

Emine stepped forward, bleating again as her pussy lips bulged and rubbed against her thighs to show her heightened state of animalistic arousal. She could feel the soft skin, stubbled with tan hairs as she pawed at the muscular man. Her hand snaked out, grabbing at his cock as she pulled at the clasps holding her dress together.

"Lady Emine!" The man said in alarm as her clothing began to loosen. "The master, he'll kill me! Please!"

Silk strained against the woman's chest as fatty tissue formed beneath her breasts. She felt them press together as they grew engorged and full and her nipples dragged torturously against the fabric.

Yosef's cock was hard beneath his trousers and Emine moaned when she freed it. Before he could complain again, she knelt and took him in her mouth, wrapping her swollen, full lips around his thickness. Her jaw clicked and bones groaned, forcing her face forward as she bobbed against him, her hair falling around her slowly lengthening face as her long ears laid back.

With her left hand at the base of his manhood, her right worked awkwardly at her dress. Her fingers pulled painfully at thick hair between her still-growing breasts but she stripped herself, bleating triumphantly as the wind finally caressed her bare skin.

"Oh, Lady Emine, I-" Yosef groaned, his fingers aching to touch her but unwilling to dishonor her by making the move. He forced his hands behind his back and looked away, making fists while forcing his mouth closed.

The Lady Emine knelt in the sparse grass, her delicate fingers gripping and pulling as her warm, wet tongue expertly wrapped around Yosef's cock. She worked her head in circles before pulling back to lick his length, a line of spit connecting them temporarily. Her rumbling growl sounded again as her sex ached but she held fast and pushed her head down, forcing herself forward until her lips touched his base. His hairs brushed his cheeks and her nostrils flared to take in the unwashed smell of his cock and, despite herself, it only drove her more wild.

Bones cracked and snapped in her expanding waist. She pulled her head back with a wet pop and tore at her trousers, shoving them down to expose her swollen pussy. Emine lowered herself with a low moan and raised her hips while pawing at the sand.

She was losing herself in the moment, driven wild by the act of mating in the open air, surrounded by animals like herself. By common beasts like herself. She belonged here and needed Yosef to take her. She knew that instinctually, deep within her core as the magic rolled through her.

"Please, my lady, please," Yosef panted, stroking his cock slowly while staring at her exposed, dripping pussy. He desperately wanted to look away but he couldn't.

Emine's ass strained and stretched as her hips grew wide to accommodate her growing bulk and the muscle and sinew forming around her tailbone. A tiny bulge appeared above her ass and she shuddered, looking over her shoulder to stare at Yosef.

"I can't stand it," she groaned, her voice full of lust and need. Tiny hairs emerged along the sharp line of her expanded jaw. "I can't think. I can't think straight. I need it. Need you. Please. I'll go mad, please. Breed me, please. Please! Use me!"

Yosef's mouth worked but he lowered himself slowly, hidden between two mares that stomped and snorted. He guided himself into her pussy without touching her, hissing between his teeth as she shoved herself back, swallowing his entire length. She bellowed and Yosef closed his eyes to pray that nobody would find them. His hands twitched to hold her waist but he gripped them behind his back instead and let Emine do the work, looking away as his cheeks burned.

The tiny hump lining Emine's back filled and twisted, flopping over to its side as it became more pronounced. Beneath it, the lump her tail expanded into a small tip that thrashed as she slammed herself back, gasping and groaning and clawing at the ground while her thickened knees and long legs dug into the ground.

Conflicting thoughts entered her mind. She wanted to yell for him to slap her ass, no - to beat her like an animal, no, to call her a filthy, slutty whore, no - to tether her to the ground to be used again and again. She desperately wanted to feel the harness around her face and the tug of the rope against her and she could feel herself grow more slippery and wet as she squeezed Yosef's cock with her pussy. She bleated, frustrated that she couldn't express her needs as her orgasm neared.

"Ch- choke me!" she finally said, raising up and back with her immense breasts flopping and slapping against her furry belly. His hands would suffice in place of the rope she yearned for. "Choke me!"

Yosef groaned, biting his lips while glancing around. He could see movement at the other end of the picket line but the night grew dark and he prayed his eyes played tricks on him. Emine's ass slapped against him as she tensed herself as if milking his cock and he felt himself on the edge. It had been a very long time since he'd been with a lover and the Lady Emine was beautiful beyond compare for-

Emine jerked, panting and groaning as Yosef's fat cock rubbed against the ridges within her sex. She huffed in frustration when the man didn't wrap his fingers around her neck but she was so close to the edge that she didn't care. A crackling, grating snap filled her ears as her head was forced further away from her shoulders. She opened her long jaw but words failed her as Yosef filled her completely.

The orgasm was explosive and she bleated in shock while spraying Yosef in her overstimulated excitement. The thick scent of her cum filled the air. Her hips jerked and she bleated again when Yosef's fingers finally dug into her wide hips.

"Lady Emine, I can't-" Yosef grunted.

"Fill me! Breed me!" Emine shouted, her voice breaking into a lustful growling rumble as she rocked back against him.

Yosef shouted as he allowed himself the release he craved. He swelled within her and she gasped, falling to her chest while writhing with a second orgasm. The hairs lining her short muzzle trapped dirt as she rolled her head and fluttered her eyes, control of her body temporarily lost while she shuddered and gasped and bleated until Yosef pulled out.

"I shouldn't-" Yosef panted, looking away while clenching his fists. "I shouldn't have done that. I'm a dead man. I'm a dead man."

"No," Emine said weakly, collapsing to her stomach. "No, I won't allow it. I won't. Mine."

Heat filled her cheeks as she lay in the sand and grass, all the tension draining from her body as she relaxed in the glow of the act.

Brush me, she wanted to ask as she felt sand against her body. The thought of it made her shiver and the tip of her tail wagged briefly.

"I'm dead," Yosef repeated sadly. "When Davud hears of this-"

"He won't," Emine told him. "Not from me. I don't want Davud. I want you. The master of the beasts. My master. Mine now. Your beast. I won't tell him."

"Lady Emine," Yosef said, reaching out a hand before pulling it away. "Dah- Dah-cha-lin-uh."

""I'll go," she told him, pushing herself up.

Standing in the dim light of the waning moon and the dying fires, highlighted in indigo curves, Yosef thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd seen and his heart ached for her.

"Wait!" Yosef said as she turned to leave. He pulled a simple brown cloak from a peg in the picket line and handed it to her.

Emine stared at the cloak, wondering about its purpose until a voice reminded her she was unclothed. She shook her head and the voice grew louder until she took the cloak and draped it over her shoulders while pulling it tight against her body. Her newly heavy breasts kept the cloak from closing completely and the finger-thick opening showed her naked body and the curly tan fur beneath.

The chaos of the camp confused her as she wandered through it. Nearly everyone was inside their tents but a few sat together around low fires and she avoided them while trying to find her own tent. It would be near Davud's tent and her brow furrowed as she tried to remember what it looked like.

Cum leaked from her pussy, tangling with curly hair covering the inside of her thighs.

Gray streaks began to replace the pink coloring of her lips. The tip of her nose moved, slowly pulling downward on her elongated face until her nostrils were slits, adapted to protect against sandstorms. Dull pewter coloring spread along her protruding lips and up to her nose.

Emine's ears flicked in annoyance until she suddenly remembered that Davud's tent would be bigger than everyone else's tent. She bleated in happiness and pride at how smart she was. Two tents lay next to his and turned to the one on the right.

A young girl knelt beside the closed flap of Emine's tent. She rocked forward and pressed her upper body to the ground.

"Your food lies within. Still warm, Lady Emine," the girl said.

Emine nodded as her belly rumbled. She entered and made for the table in the center of the room, sitting before the plates of meat and cheese and bread and the covered bowl of soup. Drool surged in her mouth as she removed the cover of the soup. Without thought, she shoved her head forward into the soup, slurping and swallowing until it was empty. Her tongue lashed out, growing thick from the base to the tip as it worked around the bowl to clean it.

Still her belly rumbled and she gorged herself on the food left out, her tail flicking happily against her ass. It slid, curling beneath the cloak to cover the gap of her ass as prickly, wiry hairs emerged from it. Her cloak slid from her shoulders to leave her bare.

Once more, she bent to the plates, licking crumbs as her breasts swung from her vigorous efforts.

Four dark spots appeared just above her mound, in two rows. She sighed, reclining backward while playing with the tuft of fur covering her mound. She could still smell her master's scent on her and her finger dipped down to coat itself in his cum before twirling it back into the fur. She allowed more fingers to creep between her thighs and she slowly covered herself in Yosef's scent, rubbing his cum into her fur and bare skin until he was all she could smell.

Now sated, her eyes began to droop. Tiny black hairs pierced her eyelid as a second pair of lashes grew forth. Her eyes closed and she lowered herself to her side.

Hairs sprouted from the bare patches of skin below her breasts and along her arm. They twisted and wrapped themselves around each other as they emerged, marching along her stomach and down to her hips in a slow, creeping wave to the top of her feet.

Emine shifted suddenly in her sleep, bleating softly in a fevered sex dream as Yosef led her to his room with a tight halter. Her tail thumped the ground as her thighs slid together and the large, curved claws tipping her toes clacked against the low table next to her, shoving it aside as powerful muscles bulged beneath the skin of her thighs.


"Lady Emine," a soft voice said from outside the tent.

Emine groaned, turning her head slowly on her long neck. She smacked her thick lips and blinked her eyelashes over a translucent inner eyelid before completely opening her eyes.

She pressed herself up on her hands and her breasts pulled down against her body, hidden beneath her pelt. Four tiny teats sagged on her lower belly, the nipples nearly black in contrast to the thick pink nipples atop her breasts. She felt heavy and slow this morning and overly warm in the clothing she'd worn to bed.

"Lady Emine, shall I bring your breakfast?" the voice asked.

"Yes," Emine slurred, still not awake.

"At once, my lady," the girl said, hurrying away.

Emine rumbled a deep growl as she pushed herself up. Her slightly sagging hump counter-balanced her larger breasts and her tail wriggled briefly as she made her way to the mirror standing in the corner of the tent.

The night was a blur but she felt deeply satisfied - and anxious. She frowned as she scratched her furred belly, just above her small teats. The sensation encouraged the teats to grow and the onyx nipples pushed through her curly fur before dipping downward under their own weight. She felt a curious sensation as her milk came in and she began to look down until her reflection stole her breath.

Emine's hands flew to her face. She bleated in horror as she saw her monstrous form and, for a moment, her brain refused to believe what it was seeing. The girl turned, expecting to see a two legged beast standing behind her but nobody was there. She turned back slowly, trembling as she steadied herself for what she'd see.

Her tail caught her attention first as it swung behind her. It was wrist thick with long hair at the end of it and she could feel it brushing against her ass. Movement along her belly distracted her from close inspection. Short, sandy fur covered her arms and hands but it thickened as it reached her torso until it grow in soft, curly tufts.

Black nipples pushed through the fur between her hips. She reached down bit at her lips after accidentally squeezing one of her growing teats. When Emine pulled her hand away, a thin line of liquid streamed away from the teat as she accidentally expressed her own milk.

Worse, it felt amazing and she shivered while licking her lips.

"Lady Emine," the girl's voice said from outside her tent.

Startled, Emine stumbled on her wide feet, catching herself as her powerful legs steadied her long, heavy body. Her tail slapped against the back of her thigh and she hid her breasts and sex uselessly behind her arm and hand.

Only now, due to her slow mind, did she realize that she'd felt warm not because of clothes she'd worn in the night but because of her heavy pelt.

"Leave it!" Emine yelled. "Leave the food outside! And- and go! I'll call you if I re- if I req- if I need you!"

"Mistress," the voice agreed. "They await your meal before readying your tent for transport."

She turned, swallowing as she noticed how overgrown her bust and hips were. Nothing she had would fit her. She'd have to-

Emine's belly rumbled and her slit-nostrils opened to smell the flavorful food outside.

"No," she told herself. "No. I can't eat now. I just-"

But the smell of the food wafted over and she spat drool from her mouth before wiping her soft grey slip with her furry arm.

"Just a bite," she told herself, padding over to the tent flap on wide feet that flattened with every step.

As quickly as she could, she pulled the corner of the tent flap aside and grabbed the tray. Reason fled and she shoved her elongated face down, biting and swallowing with tasting until she was licking the dishes clean.

Emine froze.


She remembered herself on her knees before him, licking his cock. Sucking him until she begged him to fuck her. Seeing the terror in his eyes but ignoring it as lust took her.

As he filled her.

As she pleased him.

A soft moan escaped her lips. Despite the horror of the situation, she felt her sex stir, arousal rearing its head as it woke and she remembered the feel of him inside of her. And the thought-

"Oh," she said, closing her eyes at the thought of being tethered and led like an animal. She shivered, her nails digging at the dirt-covered fur on her sides and the skin beneath. She couldn't dislodge the image from her mind. Of standing next to a pole with a rope holding her in place while Yosef inspected her. Nude. Waiting. Trembling.

Emine bleated and touched herself.

"No!" she yelled, pulling her hand away. She breathed quickly, her heavy chest heaving as her face burned and her long, fur-lined ears angled back. "No."

They would be waiting impatiently for her now, eager to be moving. She stood in a panic, rushing to her chest of clothes on long, spindly legs. Emine tossed clothes aside until she found a looser set she'd kept on a whim. She tore the legs of the trousers as the two huge nails on each foot easily ripped through the material but she didn't care, instead pulling them up until they stopped mid-thigh. The dress wouldn't close but it reached down to cover her waist.

"I look ridi- ri- dumb," she said, frowning at herself with her strange mouth. The dress lay open in the middle, baring her breasts and teats and the engorged lips between her thighs. She felt her heart pounding and the echo of it in her swollen, aching, needy sex. "I need to be brushed."

The thought made her eyes widen. It was a natural thought - a need and desire arising from having slept nude and being fucked by the other animals.

No, she tried to tell herself. Not the other animals. I'm not an animal. By the horses. I'm not-

But the ease at which she thought she needed to be brushed scared her.

"Lady Emine," came the docile voice from outside her tent. "The master shows his impatience."

"Leave," Emine said, staring at her body. "I'll be done sh- shuh-"

The young woman stamped her foot in frustration as words slipped from her mind.

"Soon!" she snapped. "I'll be done soon!"

Fur covered fingers grabbed the discarded cloak and she wrapped it around her body, holding it as tightly as she could while pulling the hood over her head.

Hunched over to hide her body, she ran from the tent.

Servants bustled about, loading packages and breaking down the remaining tents. A horde of them waited outside her tent and she bent lower to hide from them as they swarmed her tent. Emine's tail swished in agitation until she focused on it, finding new muscles that resisted her efforts to control it.

The covered wagon reserved for the Davud's consorts lay near the rear of the train and she hurried towards it, surprised at how quickly and easily she could walk on her feet. Thinking of her feet made her stumble, both by realizing how different they were and the fact that she had left without covering them.

She climbed into her empty wagon quickly, pushing to the rear while curling up as well as she could, moving the cloak carefully until it covered her body.

Hidden away with her heart pounding, she waited.

"- do you make him ready again?" Nefise said, her voice growing louder as she came closer.

"My mouth, dear," Canhabibe answered lazily. "Davud has simple things that make him excited. If you kiss his head, the lower one, while stroking him with one hand and you fondle him below, stroking one finger near his, well, below, it makes him very excited."

"Can you show me?" Nefise asked, rocking the cart as she stepped into it.

"No, dear," Canhabibe laughed. "Not exactly, no. But we'll play and you'll get a general idea for next time."

The cart moved again as the older woman entered and the pair settled into their cushions. They were silent as Emine's wide eyes stared at the wall of the cart, her heart pounding in her chest. She hated the feel of the clothing against her fur.

Body! she scolded herself. Against my body, not fur!

"Emine," Canhabibe said carefully. "I- Listen, I'm sorry. I know we're often at odds but-"

The silence stretched as calls came for the caravan to move.

"Well," Canhabibe resumed. "Emine, are you alright?"

"Yes," she replied quickly. "I'm fine."

"You-" Canhabibe paused. "Well, you smell. I'm sorry. I don't know a way to put it diplomatically. Worse than last night. I know you're usually very fastidious and I'm concerned-"

"I'm fine," Emine reiterated. Her cheeks burned but she inhaled, breathing in several times with her nostrils opening beneath the hood. She didn't think she smelled bad. In fact, she found herself growing warm at the smells wafting from her body. Earthy, natural smells. And Yosef. His seed upon her. Coating her. Something she'd done. Her ears seemed to ignite from sudden embarrassment but she barely held back a moan at the memory. "Just tired. Going to sleep."

The rocking of the cart and her built up stress lulled Emine to sleep but she dared not drift off in case she gave away the changes. Instead, she replayed the past few days. Her memories seemed diminished and harder to grasp and her tail thrashed in frustration. She felt as if the answers were on the tip of her tongue several times but it all vanished like smoke when she tried to focus too hard.

Her master would know what had happened and what she should do. She knew he would. Yosef was kind and intelligent and he cared for her. Emine sucked her lip into her mouth to nibble at it as she passed time imagining him with her. Laying next to him to provide him comfort, warmth and a place to rest his head. With his pack on her shoulders.

Time passed slowly but her addled, simplistic mind barely noticed until shouts echoed down the caravan and the cart creaked to a halt. Nefise and Canhabibe yawned and stretched, raising their arms and then standing to raise and lower their legs. They left the cart without a word but Emine's ears swiveled as they talked out of earshot.

"-worried about her," Nefise said.

"-talk- her- again," Canhabibe told her, her voice fading away.

Emine unrolled herself painfully. She felt an urge to go to all fours and strain against her body to work the kinks from her joints but she held herself back. The clothes were unwieldy on her and she hated them. Hated the brush of silk against her soft fur. Hated how they dug into her body. Hated how they kept the wind from her pelt. Hated how unnatural they were.

Clothes, she reminded herself. I need the clothes. I can't be seen like this. I can't. I'm a beast. I am. I'm a beast. And that's- that's not- I'm not like them and they won't like that. I need to find Yosef.

A few steps away from the cart, a servant approached.

"Lady Emine," the boy said, bowing at the waist. "Master Davud requests your appearance as he greets his Sanjak-bey. He's sent me to guide you."

"Okay," Emine said docilely. She slouched and followed the boy while trying to spot the groom.

Animals roamed the huge estate, followed by servants and slaves and merchants. As they walked, the young girl felt anxious. She remembered Davud turning her away and she knew he would be shocked to see her. Fear dug its fingers into her body, heightened by the crush of people.

After some time, she realized it was the people making her anxious.

She didn't belong with them. She yearned to be near the beasts - the horses and camels and goats as they were driven to their destinations.

Yosef. His touch. His guidance. She needed her master. She needed him to show her what to do. It was hard to think but his face filled her mind and just the thought of him calmed her.

She ditched her guide, ducking between a small team of horses next to her. They made space for her and she walked with them as they curved away. More horses passed and she merged with them, looking around as much as she could without betraying her disguise.

Maybe he's caring for Davud's horse? she asked herself. I don't want to go but, maybe I have to find him. Just be careful, Dakleenuh. Be careful.

Stalking between the animals, she passed the boy who had been guiding her. His face was a mask of terror as he loudly called to see if anyone had seen her passing. She felt sorry for the boy but kept herself hidden as she stepped into the cool walls of the small palace.

It felt wrong to be indoors and she kept looking around nervously. She wanted to be out beneath the sun, free of the clothes she wore. Trudging along a path-

"Davud bin Musa," boomed a voice at the back of the large room. "Welcome! Ah, but where is your shining jewel? I have heard stories of her beauty and grace and hoped to see her for myself."

"She should be here soon, my liege," Davud said.

Emine stood back in the crowd but she could see the anger on Davud's face. Nefise and Canhabibe stood next to him with their heads submissively bowed. Scanning the room carefully, she realized that she couldn't see Yosef. The girl turned to leave until a hand grabbed her arm.

Oswyn grimaced up at her as he pulled her into the front of the crowd. As shocked as she was at being manhandled, she let herself be pulled until he thrust her into the clearing.

"She's here!" Osywn's voice called out. She watched as the Englishman shoved his way between people until he vanished from view.

"Ah!" Davud said warmly, spotting her trousers and cut of her dress. "There she-"

Emine's hood fell back to expose her face and shrieks filled the air. The girl's ears flicked and her tail thrashed as she glanced anxiously around, uncertain of what had happened. She realized they were all staring at her as her cloak slipped to the ground around her bare feet. Her dress hung open to bare her furred breasts and her trousers had split earlier to show muscled calves and thighs and her exposed sex.

"What is the-" the Sanjak-bey's voice called out angrily, cut off as others yelled and exclaimed.

"Seize her!" Davud shouted as the crowd broke into a panic.

Emine fled and the mob parted before her, unwilling to touch her or be touched by her. Her long, powerful legs carried her quickly through the estate and she lost herself in the twists and turns until she found safety in an abandoned hut far outside the palace.

The distant shouts scared her as she sat in the shadow of the shack. She'd lost her clothing in her flight and she hugged her knees to her chest with her arms wrapped around them, rocking in the sand as she tried to think of what to do next.


A single guard stood at attention in the small room, facing the cell by the single exterior door. Davud stood at the bars, fury in his dark eyes and his hands shaking at his sides.

"I'm to be stripped of my title and exiled," Davud said, his overly calm voice betraying the rage running through him. "They see her as a stain upon my honor. A blight that must be burned out. I must have done something wrong, you see. Despite my decades of unquestioning obedience, I must have displeased God in some way for him to curse me like this, through Emine."

"My lord," Yosef said, kneeling on the floor of the cell with his nose pressed to the cold ground and his arms laid flat. "I-"

"Silence!" Davud shouted. Veins throbbed in his forehead. "Nefise and Canhabibe are being absorbed into the household and the rest of my staff are to be sold as slaves. But, you."

The large man laughed but the humor never touched his eyes.

"You," he said, suddenly angry. "I begged to stay to watch you be executed. I begged for one boon. To see you beheaded. I've seen the way you've looked at her. I've allowed it because she is- was- a beautiful woman. To be admired. I don't know what sorcery you've used. I don't care. But, before I'm forced out, I will watch you die. And. I. Will. Laugh. Others saw her visit you last night. It was the last time I saw her whole. Now I wonder, which other of the animals used to be a servant? My stallion? Was he someone that displeased you? No matter. Watching your terrified eyes before the blade drops will sustain my exile for years to come."

Rather than speak, Yosef lowered himself further. Davud inhaled and then spat on him before turning away. The groom stayed in position, not allowing himself to think. He'd known as soon as Lady Emine touched him that he would die. He'd accepted it. The story of what had happened confused him but it didn't matter. He'd known his death would come.

And so he lay there, waiting for it.


Wrapped awkwardly in a sheet she'd stolen, Emine hid against the building, listening to a knot of soldiers.

"I saw it myself," the oldest of them said. Scars criss-crossed his throat and his voice sounded like he chewed sand. "Hideous. Like a woman gave birth to a camel. And the stench!"

Emine's tail flicked beneath the sheet as she realized they were talking about her. A fly buzzed around her side and her tail struggled to strike it.

"Have you seen the man?" another soldier asked.

"Davud?" the scar-faced man asked.

"No, no, the other one," the previous soldier said. "The one being blamed for it. Yosef. They're beheading him in the morning."

Emine's eyes widened and her ears shot straight up. She nearly ran to the soldier to ask what had happened but she held herself back to listen further.

"So, he's the father, is it?" the oldest soldier said. "I thought the mother must be human but it sounds like the man fathered it instead! See, Jalil, this is why we don't let you near our camels."

The others laughed loudly, slapping while the named soldier scowled with crossed arms.

Emine sucked her velvety soft lips in to chew at them while trying to think. She had to help him. Her master had done nothing wrong and she needed him. She was lost. Directionless.


For him and his touch.

An old bearded man approached the soldiers, who immediately became stern.

"What do you want, old man?" Jalil asked.

"I want to see the freak," the man said, ducking his head. "The one they said used magic on that poor girl."

"He's not for show," Jalil said, gripping his spear. "You'll see him in the morning."

"He'll be dead then!" the old man argued.

Emine lowered herself. The soldiers faced away from the building, blocking the old man's view. She crept slowly on silent, padded feet until she reached the door. As carefully as she could, while still crouched, she unlatched the door and stepped in through the slim opening, banging her wide hips painfully against the stone. She still wasn't used to her new body size.

"What are-" the guard inside said next to her.

In a panic, instincts took over. She turned and kicked out and her foot struck the guard's head. He crumpled to the ground without a sound.

"Yosef!" Emine said, immediately standing and rushing to the cell. "It's Emine! Dah-cah-line. Dah-cah-linuh!I came for you!"

"Lady Emine?" Yosef asked, looking up from his crouched position. "You're-"

The man's eyes opened in shock and he fell back, staring wildly at what he could see through Emine's exposed disguise.

Despite their claims, he hadn't believed them. Yet, here she stood, smiling at him with her strange, long face.

"I came for you!" she said again, hopping on both feet while reaching through the bars. Her massive breasts shook, pulling at the makeshift outfit until it slid down to show her bare chest. It slid further to show teats peeking through heavy fur and the generous curve of her hips. "Master, look, I came for you!"

It was her voice but more simple minded. And oddly pure.

Yosef's heart leapt to his throat. It was his fault. He'd done this to her. He'd sinned, taking her in his master's camp and causing her to be cursed to change like one of the beasts he cared for.

"Lady Emine," he said carefully. "You have to leave. You have to run. They'll- they- they won't be kind to you if they find you."

"We'll leave together!" Emine said brightly but her smile dropped and the sheet moved behind her until the tip of her tail slipped free.

"I cannot," Yosef said. "I have sinned and this is my punishment."

"No," Emine said. "No, I- I- Emine- Dahcah- Dah- Emine can't do this. Emine can't do this without her master. I'm- Emine is lost without you. Please."

"Lady Emine," Yosef begged weakly.

"Master, please," Emine said again, her lips trembling as a tear leaked from her eye to tangle in her fur. "Master, please, Dahcah. Argh! I can't- I can't remember my name! I'm-

"Dah-cha-leena," Yosef told her quietly.

"Dah- yes," she said, smiling with the ends of her grey lips pulled back. "Yes! You remember! I need you. I- I won't survive alone. I need you. Please, master."

She was his responsibility. He knew it in his heart as she stood there, reaching for him while tears raced down her cheeks. Yosef looked to the guard. The young man's chest rest and fell but his cheek was bright red with a tinge of purple. She'd kicked him hard enough to drop him but he knew she hadn't done it willfully.

He knew because he knew the animals in his care. He knew their temperament and their nature and hers was a gentle one.

"Emine," he said, licking his lips . "The guard has a key. I need you to get it. But- but I want you to not let him see you, yes? In case he- in case he wakes up. Don't look at his face or let him look at you. Yes?"

"Yes!" Emine said, sniffling and wiping her cheek. "Yes, Emine- I- I can do that!"

The young girl walked wide and the sheet slipped from the rest of her body. He stared in amazement as she knelt beside the guard with her hand up to the side of her face. Just from the way she crouched and moved, he could see the strength in her. He blushed as he remembered the night before and his cock stirred.

"I have it!" Emine whispered loudly, still hiding her face from the guard as she walked to the cell. "I found it!"

"Good, Lady Emine," Yosef said carefully. "Dah-cha-leena. Now, the lock is here and you insert the key just so-"

"Like this?" Emine asked, inserting the key and then turning it. The lock clicked and the door swung partially open. Emine smiled widely. "I did it! Yosef, I did it!"

"Yes," he told her, smiling in return. "Yes, you- oof!"

She threw herself at him, crushing him in a hug that he awkwardly returned. The fur covering her back was thick and dirty and he couldn't stop himself from stroking her. She was incredibly warm and her breasts pressed into his chest. Her long legs brought her equal to his height. Beneath her fur was a gentle, sloping curve. She shivered and pressed harder into him when he caressed her hump.

"That feels nice," Emine said, sniffing again. She stepped away, wiping her face with a simple smile. "How do we get out? There's bad men outside."

"Not bad," he told her, looking around the room. "They're men of God. Following their sworn duty."

"Bad," Emine huffed, crossing her chest. Yosef looked away quickly when the movement shoved her breasts forward.

A trapdoor lay in the corner of the room with a large iron ring in it. Yosef pulled and it opened to reveal stairs leading down into a stone corridor.

"Scary," Emine said from his shoulder.

"I think it leads to-" Yosef said before finishing the statement. "I think we can leave from here. I'll gather some supplies and-"

"Emine will do it!" Emine said, rushing off to grab the sheet she'd worn. She grabbed food and a few other supplies while he forced himself to look away from her nakedness. Once finished, she tied it into a bag and hefted it over her shoulder.

"I'll carry it, Lady Emine," Yosef said, holding out his hand.

"No!" Emine said, backing away while pulling it tighter against her body.

"Please, Lady Emine, let me-"

"No!" she pouted, backing into the corner.

"Disobedient!" he yelled, suddenly frustrated at the entire situation until he realized he wasn't speaking to one of his animals.

Emine slumped and her lips trembled but she held the sack even tighter.

"Lady Emine," Yosef said, bowing deeply. "I am incredibly sorry for calling you such."

"No," Emine said quickly. "No, master. Emine is hard-headed. Emine- I- I know I am. But, I will carry. This. I have to. I need to. Please. We'll go. Please."

"Yes," he told her finally, reaching out a hand that she took.

They descended into the cool darkness, both crouching when Emine's ears brushed the short ceiling. After nearly 30 minutes of walking, they reached another set of stairs leading up to a door. Yosef pushed the door open slowly to peek out before opening it completely.

A wooden platform sat near the door with a large wooden block. A bucket lay nearby.

"Smells bad," Emine said, wrinkling her nose.

"Yes," Yosef said slowly, staring at the wooden block.

"Where will we go, master?" Emine asked as Yosef helped her up. She pressed herself against the man before wrapping her arm around his waist.

Yosef pulled himself away gently but she pushed herself back and he sighed as the bulge of her breasts pushed against his arm.

Willful indeed, he told himself. She'll need training-

He caught himself, forcing his eyes closed as he realized what he'd been thinking. Yet, with her soft curves against him and the memory of the night they'd shared, he couldn't help how she made him feel.

"Away, Lady Emine," Yosef said. "We'll find our own way."

He turned, picked a direction and began walking as Emine started chattering cheerfully next to him. When he broke into a quick trot, she easily kept pace and the estate vanished behind them as the sliver of the silver moon illuminated their path.
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