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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Originally Posted by Jimbo View Post
Great stuff
Hahaha, thank you Again
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

I like to give praise the fellow creators since I hardly got any from others when I did share content
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Lycandope always writes some good stuff. I blame that on his muse.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Milk Stud [TFTG]
An old woman overhears an argument between husband and wife over the wife's breast reduction and decides to give the man a small taste of karma... that ends up being anything but small and leaves the man beginning to be bred by a bull.
"All I'm saying is to give it some more thought," Tyler pleaded with his wife.

"You've know I've wanted to do it," Judy answered with a long-suffering sigh. As much as she tried, she couldn't hide the stress from her decision as well as her continued disagreement with her husband.

The recently wed couple sat in the back corner of a busy local coffee shop. The lunch crowd spoke in hushed tones around them while the glass door opened to admit a steady stream of customers and the discordant sounds of the outside world.

Tyler glanced at the expensive crystal watch on his wrist before running his hands against his buzzcut. His jaw flared out as he grit his teeth but he nodded.

"I know, sweetheart," he said.

"Then why do you keep arguing with me about it?" she asked. She leaned back and then brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair aside when it caught against the metal chair.

"I just- you're beautiful the way you are and-" he tried to say.

"Always the same thing," she snorted, tapping her fingernails on the marbled surface of their table. "You know you can be honest and say you like big tits."

"Come on," Tyler hissed, leaning close while lowering his voice. "There's people around."

"That's what I'm talking about!" his wife insisted. "You're a private person. You don't like calling attention to yourself and always try to maintain a persona when you're out."

"It's part of my job to-" he interjected.

"Because you're worried you'll stand out when you don't want to stand out," she continued. "So how can you sit there and tell me not to get a reduction when I walk around with all kinds of attention on me unless I'm wearing baggy black clothes? And that's just a part of it. There's the back pain and then, when I get older-"

"Judy?" a loud voice called out from behind the horseshoe-shaped counter dominating the coffee shop. "Judy?"

The blonde stood, sliding her chair back quietly in order to make her way to the waiting barista. She grabbed the large cup that held her cappuccino and then more carefully picked up her husband's plain black coffee. It was lidless and steaming as she held it and made her way back to the table. As usual, she stared down at her feet with her arms lightly pressing against the sides of her breasts. She was sure a few of the men she passed were leering at her but she dared not look up to confront them.

Flustered by the imagined looks, she nearly tripped over a careworn leather satchel leaning against a wrought iron chair.

"I'm so sorry," Judy said, glancing up at the older woman seated in the chair.

"Not at all, dear," the woman said with a carefree smile.

Two tables away from the other woman, she set her husband's cup down first before sitting. He was half-turned and tapping out a message on his phone but he grabbed his cup and sipped it slowly until he finished his email.

"Thank you," he told her and she nodded in return as she took her lid off to blow on her drink.

He watched her for a moment but she ignored him, holding the cup in both hands as she breathed out, watching the tiny ripples flow in the tawny liquid. As was her habit, she realized she was hunched forward and slowly eased back to sit up straight.

"You're only twenty-four," he said.

"Tyler, please," she sighed, closing her eyes.

"You have a long time until you're old enough to worry," her husband continued.

"Let's talk about something else," she said, her voice as stern as she could make it. "Anything else. Literally anything other than my massive bosom. I have to think about both of them enough as it is."

"I have to go back to work soon," he told her. "There's a problem with one of my customer's orders and I'll need to yell at the purchasing department."

"Already?" she fussed, setting her drink down.

"Yeah, sorry," he answered, standing from the table. "Bathroom first. Could you get me a lid?"

Without waiting for her answer, he walked to the bathroom. A brunette stood by the tall windows, talking quietly on her phone. As he passed, he looked down to admire her ass before looking up at the curves shown through her tight hoodie. His cock stirred fitfully within his slacks but he put the woman out of his thoughts and pushed the bathroom door open, walking to the wall of empty urinals.

He pictured his wife with smaller breasts as he held his semi-erect cock to relieve himself. She was pretty and sweet but he would be lying if he didn't admit that her large breasts were what initially attracted him to her.

You could divorce her.

The thought was intrusive and he shook his head as his stream slowed to a trickle. She was a good wife and he loved her. Didn't he?

"Of course I do," he said as he shook himself off. "Not going to divorce my wife just because her tits aren't as big."

What if they're a lot smaller?

"You're not helping," he said out loud. Talking to himself was a bad habit that he'd never seemed to break and he equated the voice to the devil on his shoulder since it often prompted him with outlandish, call-of-the-void type thoughts. Like what would happen if he were to drive into oncoming traffic or if he stepped off the edge of the cliff he stood next to. Only now, with the sudden inner thought, he realized he hadn't asked how small she wanted to go. The thought of her with really small tits made him sigh.

He'd miss fondling her from behind when she was standing and minding her own business. It was one of his favorite things to do - to just go up to her and reach for a hug but to cradle and caress her breasts as he kissed the back of her neck. Holding the curves of her breasts in his wide open hands and feeling their weight while massaging her softly until she either gave into the attention or gently pushed him away. He felt himself grow hard just at the thoughts of it.

But if she was smaller...

He frowned as his reflection while washing his hands.

"No," he said again. "No way. She's a sweet girl. I'm not ending my marriage over something dumb like this."

You're young. Just married. No kids. Easy enough to find a girl that's happy with the size of her tits. Someone sexy with-

"Enough," he whispered as he pulled the door open.

An old lady stepped away from the table he shared with his wife as his wife walked towards the counter. He watched her grab a lid before he glanced back at the gray-haired woman. She tucked her long skirt beneath her thighs as she sat and then she turned, smiling in his direction before picking her book up and finding her spot.

"Who's that?" he asked, nodding in the other woman's direction. His wife glanced to the side without turning her head while pressing the lid around the top of his cup.

"Crazy old woman," his wife said quietly with her lips barely moving. She grabbed her purse, pushed the smaller cup into his hands and took her own larger drink. "We should go."

He followed behind her as they swept through the coffee shop but when they exited onto the street, he reached out for her arm.

"What happened?" he asked, searching her face as she went to her toes to look into the shop.

"She's crazy," Judy said. "Came up when you were in the bathroom. Said she couldn't help overhearing our conversation."

"Huh," Tyler grunted as they made their way through the crowd. "That's not so bad."

"No," his wife agreed. "That's not bad. But then she said she could help you understand my pain. Said she'd read the bits at the bottom of her teacup and could see your, what was it? Could see your resolve faltering. That's what she said. Something about you doubting our relationship and how you were too self-centered to see what I was going through."

Is she making this up to make me feel guilty about trying to talk her out of having the surgery?

The old woman's supposed words hit too close to home. He spared a look at his wife from the corner of his eyes but she seemed inwardly focused and upset.

"I told her she was crazy," the blonde girl said, shaking her head and pulling at the bottom of her blouse. "But she kept on and said to trust her and believe her. You know I don't like dealing with people but I told her to stay out of our business. And she looked so nice before that."

"Yeah," he said quickly, agreeing with her to move her past the old woman's eerily accurate assessment of his recent thoughts. "Sounds like a nutjob busybody. I'm proud of you for standing up for me."

"Will you be home on time tonight?" she asked, going to her tip-toes to brush her lips against his.

"I don't know," he told her, already thinking of what he'd say to Lianna for trying to push out material he needed for a particular order. It wasn't a large order but it was a rush job and he'd hoped having it ready for the customer would lead to more orders later.

And there was Annette. The new girl they hired. Not as big as his wife but younger and hot with bright red lipstick and that black eyeliner and tight clothes. Tyler subconsciously twisted his wedding ring on his finger before kissing his wife.

"I'll call you when I find out," he finally said, watching for a break in traffic in order to open the driver's side door.

When he was promoted to sales, he'd splurged and took out a loan for a lower end BMW that was almost outside his budget. His wife had complained but he'd told her it was a status symbol. He looked into his rearview and shifted, merging quickly into traffic as he reminded himself for the hundredth time to book golfing lessons. He hated golf but every single upper manager played and he'd do anything to work his way up the ladder. Outside sales was next. On the road constantly, in and out of hotels while trying to charm customers sounded like a headache but he was ready for it. And hungry for the extra money.

Traffic slowed to a crawl and he sighed. He reached over, lifting his still-warm cup to his lips for a sip.

"Feh!" he gagged as he swallowed a mouthful. He set the cup down and took the lid off, cursing as he saw the light brown coloring in the cup. "I told her I wanted it black, dammit."

Tyler snapped the lid back in place. He dropped his right hand to rest against his lap while holding the steering wheel casually with his left hand. Cars honked around him as he crept forward with the slow flow of vehicles.

He reached over to scratch at his left arm while scanning the road. A tiny black irregular speck appeared just above his wrist. His shortened nails dug at it as it spread, appearing to eat away at the surrounding tan skin like a virus. With a happy sigh, he dug his nails in and they began to lengthen. The rounded edges flowed out into long, thick clear nails that scraped against his skin.

A few short, coarse black hairs grew from the center of the spot forming on his arm.

He reached down to his inner thigh as his bronzed skin darkened into obsidian. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, moaning as the spot widened and his nails clawed his suddenly sensitive skin.

The nails on his left hand grew out. He despised files and so the edges of his fingernails were uneven. However, as they flowed outward, they came to perfect, broad curves that pressed into the palm of his hand.

"Mmmm," he moaned, smiling as he scratched higher on his thigh. His cock throbbed in his pants and he grabbed himself, thinking briefly of Annette in purchasing and her wicked smile and firm tits before picturing his wife. Naked and riding him - his favorite position. Watching her tits bounce as he pulled her down to suck on her fat nipples.

Two more spots formed on his back, one on his left shoulder blade and a second on his right hip. He squeezed his cock and then reached over to grab the coffee cup and take a long pull of the sickly sweet drink. A trail of caramel-colored coffee slid down the corner of his mouth and he reached out with his tongue. The base of it grew thick as it wrapped around and down to lap at the coffee.

The traffic light turned green and he followed the car in front of him. His right hand slid down his body and he cupped his balls. He reached up to gently squeeze the base of his cock. His ring and pinky fingers slipped down to press against his taint. For a moment, unaware of what he was doing, he rubbed himself below his cock and then grabbed the wheel with both hands to make a turn.

More cars seemed to merge in front of him and he slowed while grinding his teeth. He reached up to tug against his necktie and roll his head before tapping a button on his console to make his air conditioner colder. Taking another long sip of his coffee, he turned the air conditioner up even more and then toyed with a button on his silk vest.

The hair covering his chest brushed against the inside of his undershirt as lobules and fatty tissue began to form. The hard, defined lines of his pectorals grew smooth as the fat built up. An almost imperceptible bulge outlined the beginning of his breasts and his tiny nipples moved slowly, dragged down as gravity asserted control over his changing body.

Tyler's quarter-sized areola widened as they shifted beneath his clothing. The light brown coloring darkened to a dusky shade of charcoal while they expanded around his nipples.

The young man tugged at his tie once more before bringing his long nails down to his chest. Muscle and bone melted away beneath his hands and the skin tightened until his long, slim fingers were left to toy with the buttons lining his vest. He pushed his ass back and then forward in a rocking motion and then bit his lip when his fingers slid against his swelling breasts. They flattened against the inside of his shirt but continued to grow. His chest hair pulled free in response to the gentle friction, leaving behind unblemished soft skin.

"God, fucking horny," he whispered, glancing around before unzipping his slacks and slipping his hand into his pants. He pushed his underwear down and gripped his hardened cock, grunting as he tugged at it, pulling and guiding until his dick lay exposed between the flaps of his pants. Veins lined his manhood. "So warm. Feels so good."

Despite the passing cars and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk, Tyler masturbated openly. His thick tongue slipped out as he moaned and it worked against his cheek and up to his nose.

Pressure built low in the young man's stomach. Milk ducts formed in clusters around four points beneath his belly button. The skin around the points grew reddened and throbbed with an odd pain that quickly faded to an alien itching pleasure. His flattened shirt lifted away from his chest to show the curves of his growing breasts. His tight vest grew taut, flattening his breasts against his body. Tiny bumps showed over his erect male nipples.

A horn blared behind him and he snorted with wide eyes. Letting his cock go, he pushed the gas to reach the car in front of him. Pressure built within his chest as the adrenaline caused him to breathe quickly.

The short trimmed hairs lining his chin and cheeks retreated as the bones beneath them began to reshape.

"Asshole," he said, staring into his rearview mirror as his right hand trailed down to his chest.

His long nails clicked against the buttons as they struggled to hold his vest together. He toyed with them as he glared at the car behind him and his thumb accidentally undid a button. The relief was immediate. In response, he leaned back and undid the rest of them before grabbing his still-hard cock.

Another glance at the car behind him. He studied the man as he pumped his cock, focusing on his beard and lips. His own mouth opened with a quiet, nearly feminine gasp. His breath hitched and he jerked before grunting once more, moving his hand faster on his cock. The force caused his fledgling breasts to quiver beneath his shirt. Additional nerve endings formed inside his lips as the tiny muscles within grew more dense, forcing his lips outward in a full pout. His tongue lashed out as he continued to glance back at the man and his hand pumped faster.

The miniscule bumps of his nipples pressed into the exposed red button-down shirt beneath his opened vest. Tyler rocked his ass once and then twice, moaning again as he stared at the man's face. His face felt hot and his breathing was erratic but he couldn't stop staring. Wondering how scratchy the man's beard would be against his face. How his lips would feel.

"Fuck," Tyler groaned, squeezing and jerking. The warmth pooled in his scalp to create the sensation of a million pinpricks. His eyelashes thickened and lengthened into gentle arcs as his hair began to grow out. His cheekbones pushed slowly against his face before raising almost imperceptibly. "Yeah. Yeah, suck me off. Gonna. Ugh. Gonna fuck you."

The cars moved forward slowly before coming to a complete stop. He glanced back and then brushed a strand of long, brown hair away from his eyes. The twin bumps on his shirt widened as his nipples began to grow. Tyler let the wheel go to press the ball of his hand against the itching, needy patch of skin low on his belly as his red shirt tightened against his breasts. Low in his belly, the four scarlet patches of skin formed into four angry teats. He jerked with a loud moan when his finger brushed one of them.

"Mmmmmmm-ooh!" he screamed, bucking in his seat as he came suddenly. Thick white cum spurted, landing on his shirt and vest and face. His nostrils flared as his long lashes batted and he gasped, squeezing his cock while pulling down, over and over until he drained himself.

A single button popped free on his shirt, no longer able to contain his still expanding bosom. He grunted and stuffed his flaccid cock back into his pants, just above his underwear. When he tried to zip himself back up he found the zipper refused to move. Fatty tissue grew over the gluteal muscles he'd spent years working on in the gym and their growth pushed his underwear down to his thighs. His pants dug into his waist as he tried once more to zip himself up.

Another button popped free. His nipples continued to grow. They ached in time with the four teats lower in his belly but, before he could investigate, he caught a look at himself in the corner of the rearview mirror.

"Fucking Christ!" he shouted, wiping at his face as he suddenly realized what he'd done.

Thick ropes of cum clung to his bare cheeks and he glanced down to see more covering his body. Yet the realization of being covered in his own sperm vanished as he stared at his enormous breasts. Two buttons popped free and his undershirt pressed out into the opening provided. Through the thin white shirt, he could see his pure black nipples and wide areola.

As he watched, his already hard nipples began to lengthen further, bending as they pressed against his undershirt. The pure cotton scratched against the incredibly sensitive flesh and he cried out, grabbing the steering wheel with both hands and digging his long, clear nails into his palms. The bottom of his shirt was lifted by the size of his tits to leave his midriff exposed.

The edge of two of his teats were visible. They rested against the band of his slacks, bare for all to see. Translucent liquid well at the tips of both.

The car behind him honked twice, forcing Tyler to look up and see how far he lagged behind the leading vehicles. In a panic, he turned and slid into an open spot at the curb.

"Shit! What the shit!" he cursed, grabbing at the bottom of his shirt. He expected a trick of some kind, despite their weight against his body and the feeling of them beneath his shirt.

Tyler pulled his shirt up, struggling to get it past his heavy, full breasts. Once freed, his jet black nipples flexed and drooped. Each was twice as long as the first knuckle of his finger. He caught movement at the corner of his eyes and spied a man stumbling as he stared into Tyler's car. The other man mouthed "Holy shit" and strayed for a moment but Tyler turned to hide his body.

His breasts continued to fill and they pulled at his shoulders and back as they pressed together in the middle of his chest.

"Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!" he cursed, tapping the button on his center console to call his wife. "Come on! Come on!"

"Hey hun, what-"

"I've got tits!" Tyler yelled, huddling into himself while cradling his breasts with his arms. He could see blue veins against the pale skin. They were far larger than his wife's breasts and still continued to grow, sliding against his biceps before coming to a final rest.

A drip of clear milk fell from his fat, swollen nipple. He bit his lip and groaned, his hand raising to touch himself. Both breasts felt sore and hot to the touch and they ached for his touch.

He licked his lips as he stared at the dark nipples. His long lashes fluttered as his mouth fell open. He grabbed his left tit and moaned, long and low before raising it slowly towards his mouth. Squeezing his own soft, enormous breast caused milk to drip out once more and he felt his limp cock stir, sliding against the large black spot on his thigh. More short fur grew from the spot and it tickled the head of his dick.

"You- I'm sorry, you what?" his wife asked.

Tyler leaned forward. His cheekbones cracked as his ears folded at the tips and flicked, sliding through his lengthening brown hair. His full lips brushed the nipple.

"Mmmm-oooohh," he moaned, bringing the nipple eagerly into his mouth. His wet lips smacked as he sucked at the long nipple and surrounding areola.

His cock throbbed and tried to grow hard but, instead, pulled back, receding slightly between his thighs. The nipple swirled in his mouth as he kneaded on his breast with one hand. His other slipped between his thighs and he squeezed his small cock as his left testicle shrunk.

A twin opening formed within his body, widening with each passing second into a fully functioning fallopian tube. His shrunken testical slipped inside, squeezing past internal organs and traveling deep within his body as it began to change into his first ovary. His second testicle trembled and shriveled. Cells divided and changed, dividing again and again until it formed an ovum and pushed inside, traveling along the path to his second fallopian tube.

"Tyler? What was that noise?" Judy asked, her voice showing increasing concern. "Tyler!"

"I-" Tyler said, blinking his eyes as he released his breast. It slapped against his chest and he pressed his hands against his temples. The nipple at the tip of his left tip stood erect, in contrast to his long, limp right nipple. He felt dizzy and confused but so warm.

"Tyler? Talk to me, baby, you're making me nervous," his wife said.

"Judy!" he gasped, suddenly remembering what had happened. "Judy! I- I know you're going to think I'm crazy but I have- wait, I'll show you."

He grabbed his phone from the magnetic dock and pointed it at his breasts. In the picture, he spotted his cum covering his shirt and he took his phone away.

I can't let her see that! It's so gross. So sticky and gross. My cum. Covering my clothes. Smells- smells so good. Thick and white. So hot. So fucking hot. I just- I just want-

He reached down to scoop his cum and shoved his hand in his mouth. Again and again he grabbed the cum, sloppily cleaning it from his fingers until only dark spots were left on his clothing. He leaned his head back, grabbing at his breasts and pulling his nipples as he rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth. His shrunken cock flopped, uselessly trying to grow hard as he savored the taste of his semen.

"Show me what, Tyler? Tyler, show me what?"

Oh god. Oh God! What did I-

With a trembling hand, he grabbed his phone and pointed it down before snapping a picture. He tapped on his screen and sent the picture, dropping the phone into the seat next to him.

Yet he glanced over at the picture still covering the screen. He could barely see his belly past his enormous tits. They were so big. He moaned, brushing the bottom of his right breast as he stared at the image. A small black spot was growing on the side of his left breast. He grabbed himself there and squeezed as he looked at the picture. His fat ass rocked in the seat and he shoved himself back hard, grunting at a sharp pain in his back. The car shook as he shoved back once more and a bulge appeared at the seat of his pants.

"Baby, what- what is this?" Judy asked. "Is this some kind of joke? Is- oh no. Oh shit!"

The curse word was awkward on his wife's lips. She cursed so rarely that even in his dazed state, he noticed. His ears, sliding through his thick, curly hair, rotated forward. Tiny black hairs grew from the inside of his wide, folded ears.

"What?" he asked, suddenly alert again. "What is it?"

"The woman!" his wife answered. "The old woman! She, oh shit! She told me, remember? That she could show you what it's like! She did this somehow! She had to have. Oh god, how is this even possible. Are you- baby, are you alright?"

"Yeah," Tyler said. His eyes grew unfocused again. He pressed the seat control and it leaned back, taking him with it. His heavy breasts pulled to the side and he lifted his hips. Two drops of milk fell from his exposed teats to his bare stomach and coursed down his body. "There's- there's something else-"

"What?" Judy asked. "What is it?"


You can't tell her. You can't. Look at yourself. This is more than she can handle.

"Nothing," he said, touching the teat carefully. The dark skin around the small nipple was paler than the rest. He touched the base and his finger slid against the solid, smooth texture. While he watched, the color drained away and then shifted to a solid white. With his finger against his belly, he felt it move and press outward into a small bulge around the four teats.

"Judy," he gasped, straining to pull his hand away from his udder. "What should-"

Pain enveloped his body and he shrieked. His voice cracked and broke, rising higher and higher to a feminine pitch. A hole opened between his legs, wet and sore and empty. His new cervical canal spread, pushing everything else aside as bones cracked and popped.

Tyler's cock grew slim. Black and white hairs infiltrated his curly brown pubic hairs as flesh built up just above his shrinking cock. He grabbed at his door handle and the console next to him as Judy tried to speak to him. His dick receded while his head shrunk until the fleshy hood enveloped it.

When the skin of his cock lay flat between his thighs, it grew wrinkled and bubbled outward into his inner labia. More skin flowed to surround the lips and a slit appeared at the center. Clear liquid slid down his virgin pussy to soak the back of his pants and his seat. He shuddered in his seat and his enormous breasts quivered against his chest.

"Tyler, answer me!" Judy yelled. "What's-"

"It's- it's passed-" he said, his voice unrecognizable to him. He pressed delicate fingers to the front of his slender neck and blinked long lashes. "I- My voice. I can't-"

"Oh god, baby, it's okay," his wife said, her tone betraying her own stress. "Just- just wait for me there and I'll come get you and we'll find this woman and-"

"I can't stay here!" Tyler moaned. He pressed the button to move his seat back up but turned away from the sidewalk. "Everyone can see me!"

"Ma'am, are you okay?" a young woman asked, tapping carefully on his passenger side window. Her boyfriend stood behind her, carefully looking away from the car.

"Yes! Yes, I'm fine!" he answered, hiding his breasts once more. The other woman hesitated and then walked away with one quick glance back. "Judy, I can't stay here. I have to go inside. There's a store. It's a clothing store. Bel- Belo- Why can't I say the word? It's a long word. I can't-"

"Baby, it's okay, it's okay," his wife said, trying her best to be soothing. "What street are you on?"

"I don't know," he whined, leaning forward. His breasts pressed against the steering wheel. "I can't see. Oh! There's a grocery story. The little one where you got those chips you liked."

"Okay, I know where you are," she told him. "Can you go into the store and wait for me? Maybe- maybe in a changing room?"

"Yes!" Tyler said, bouncing in his seat and clapping his hands. His breasts shook against him. "Yes, I can do that!"

"I'll be there soon," she said. "Be safe!"

The call ended and Tyler leaned over to look at the clothing store next to him. A pair of men passed and one elbowed his friend hard in the side. They both turned to stare and Tyler smiled shyly back at them.

"Wait, no!" he yelled, pulling back to hide his body. "Goddammit! What is wrong with me?!"

His hand brushed the door handle before he pulled it back. His simple golden wedding band slid down his slim finger to the floorboard but he was distracted as he grabbed his jacket from the passenger seat. He leaned forward and shoved his arms into the right sleeve and the end of it completely covered his hand. He struggled with his other arm, crushing his breasts against the wheel as he tried to pull it on.

Finally, he sat back and slipped the three buttons in place at the bottom of the jacket. Once finished, he nodded, smiling with his full lips and slightly vacant eyes until he frowned and brushed a long bang away from his eyes. Something was off. He stared at himself, thinking through the haze.

"Oh, dammit!" he cursed.

His tits lay exposed in the middle of the jacket. He tugged his shirt down. It dragged against his long nipples and he twisted his feet while biting his lips, panting until his shirt covered his breasts. Next, he pulled his dress shirt together and struggled with those buttons, straining and grunting until he was finally able to do the buttons beneath his breasts. He didn't even bother trying his vest.

He stared down at himself. His dress shirt was open and showed his undershirt and his breasts were on full display for all to see.

The thought made him squirm and press his thick thighs together. He tensed a muscle where between his legs and his pussy clenched, the muscles inside slipping together . That made him gasp and he moaned, pressing his face and lips against the steering wheel. He could see himself tearing his shirt off on the sidewalk and kneeling in front of the gathering crowd. Raising his ass-

"Have to-" he panted. "Have to keep it together."

Grabbing his phone, he opened his door and stumbled out. His feet ached within his shoes and his toenails dug painfully into the side of his toes. The webbing between his index toes and big toes slid forth, pulling them together. At the same time, the other three grew connected until he was left with two large, separate toes on each foot.

People murmured around him and he blushed to the tips of his furred, black ears. He could feel the cooling wet spot at the seat of his pants and the air rushed into the gap of his open zipper as his underwear.

He could feel it against his soaked pussy lips.

Tyler stumbled and a loud rip made him press his thighs together. His slacks tore between his thighs as his ass continued to expand. His cheeks grew red and he rushed forward, holding his jacket together. Walking was made difficult as the underwear twisted around his thighs, forcing him to hobble.

His tits bounced with each step, pulling at his back. Muscles developed beneath the swelling soft skin of his ass, breaking and doubling and tripling as they spread to his legs and along his back. Fat grew over the muscles as they grew dense and readied him for the touch of a bull. His underwear stretched painfully tight over his thighs. His back muscles cramped as they developed but they quickly released and he found himself walking taller, which forced his breasts out.

The doors to the store opened before he got to them and he rushed inside, avoiding the welcoming sales associate as he raced to the back.

At the back of his pants, the bulge lengthened. He crashed into a rack with a squeal when his hairless tail slid down his ass. It writhed as it grew and the tip curled to slip through the tear in his slacks.

"Oh no, oh no," he whined, stepping from one foot to the other.

The changing rooms were all full. WIth each step, his shoes strained against his feet. The nails of the merged toes were growing over the tips and pushing forward. As his foot grew shorter, it widened and the soles of his shoes groaned quietly under the pressure.

Turning, he came face to face with a saleswoman who looked him up and down with a critical eye.

"B- bathroom?" he stuttered, tugging at his jacket.

"Over there, hun," she said.

I'm not-

He turned to see the women's bathrooms where the sales associate appointed.

I'm not a girl.

His cheeks burned as he walked in the direction she pointed. His jaw ached and he couldn't stop grinding his teeth over and over. A single white hair emerged from his chin and a second followed. He sneezed, wiping his nose as his jaw creaked forward. With another sneeze, he licked his nose and hurried.

The tip of his white tail continued to grow, sliding down to his thighs. It widened the hole in his slacks as it grew thick and heavy on his spine, counterbalancing the weight of his gigantic tits.

He glanced back at the sales woman who quickly looked away from him. With her gaze averted, he turned and pushed open the men's restroom. His shoes popped as he crossed the threshold and his split hooves clacked against the hard tile.

I'm not a girl, he told himself again, panting as his swelling pussy lips rubbed against his thighs. Bones spread in his hips as his body prepared himself for the girth needed for his changed form and the babies he'd birth as the result of it.

The stalls were mercifully empty. He clip-clopped to the end, shaking his feet to rid himself of the remains of his shoes but the width of his hooves kept them in place. He opened the stall and then turned to sit on the toilet seat.

As he sat, he spread his legs. His large ass and wider hips ripped his slacks and underwear completely in half. His freed tail curled behind him as he leaned forward, grunting when his breasts pressed into his thighs but his torn pants gave him a wider range of motion. His nails caught into his shoelaces, forcing him to undo them more slowly than usual but he finally loosened them and pulled the tops of his ruined shoes off. He threw them under the door and they hit the far wall.

His heart raced and he clutched the phone against his body.

Please make it soon, please, please, please-

"So I- oh, hey, what's this?" a voice said as the door opened.

Tyler picked his feet up, placing them carefully against the inside of the stalls. His ears burned and flicked and quivered as he heard feet shuffling around the bathroom.

But what distracted him more than anything was the position he was in.


With his legs spread and raised.

Staring down his massive tits.

Ready and waiting for a lover.

His favorite position for Judy.

Was this what she saw when she lowered herself on his cock? Was this what it looked like? Bouncing on his dick? Her breasts slapping until he grabbed them and held them?

"Is someone there?" the voice asked. Male. Smooth and low. It vibrated within Tyler's body and his hand lowered, sliding against his body to rest between his thighs. He rested his fingers against his hot pussy lips and his long nails pressed gently into the swollen labia. His other hand pawed at the buttons of his jacket until it opened completely and he dragged his shirt up and over his tits, baring himself completely.

"Probably just a homeless guy that got in," a second voice said. "Nice shoes, though."

The bones at the base of his toes creaked. He stared at his split toes, watching as the incredibly dense ivory nails slid against the smooth stall door while they lengthened. As detached and distracted as he was, it bothered him that he couldn't feel his feet any longer.

Beyond the stall, the two men grew quiet. Tyler's ears rotated forward and he brushed his long hair away as he tried to listen. The quiet rasp of zippers sounded and one of the men coughed.

Peeing, he realized. Just peeing.

He tried to stop the image forming but a growing part of him enthusiastically reached for it.

The one who spoke first would be larger. His voice was deep and it made sense to him. Larger with a rough beard. Not too long but a few weeks growth. Short hair.

His breath came faster as he pictured the man holding his dick out just beyond the door. It would be thick and long and hard. Just like he was. Just like Judy loved when she sat on it. Like he was sitting now. Legs spread like a dumb slut hungry for cock.

He groaned and his tail tapped quietly against the back of the toilet. Drool formed in his mouth as he pictured the man standing before him. He was on his knees while the other man looked down at him, holding himself ready.

Tyler's fingers touched his clit and his nails tapped his swollen labia, causing him to jerk. His left hand reached for his tit as he explored himself, slipping a finger between his wet folds. The sensation was intense and the sounds beyond the stall faded as he squeezed and pulled at his breast. Slowly, his left hand raised to his nipple. He tugged at it while rubbing himself.

Black hairs emerged above his breasts. Three more followed it and they expanded in a wave, flowing out and down over the inside swell of his right breast until white hairs replaced black. He felt them grow beneath the hand squeezing and milking his breast. They tickled the sensitive palm of his soft hand and he bucked, pulling hard on the nipple.

A solid stream of milk spurted from his nipple, striking the stall door. He watched it with lidded, lust-filled eyes while it raced down the door to drip to the floor.

Tyler's pointer and ring finger rubbed his labia as his index finger pressed inside his pussy. Blood rushed to his labia and they bulged over his fingers to match his changing form and larger frame until they were puckered and his three fingers slipped between them into the hot, slippery lips within.

"Mmmm," he gasped quietly, pushing his chest forward while thrusting his ass back. It felt like a puppeteer pulled his strings, forcing his body to move despite his wishes. The moan was swallowed by the sound of running water while the men washed their hands.

His nail scraped painfully against the opening of his pussy. He whimpered as the aching void called out to be filled but he didn't know what to do. He needed- he needed-

He needed to be filled. His ears angled back, parting his ears as his cheeks burned red and he panted, his massive chest bobbing before him with each breath.

Don't, his internal voice pleaded with him. Please, don't.

Tyler lowered his legs and leaned forward, groaning as his face cracked and lengthened. He stood awkwardly on his hooves, resting his palm on the side of the door. Roaring filled his head as his mouth hung open and milk dripped from his nipples. He felt pressure surrounding his teats and his knees buckled for a brief moment. The young man pressed a hand against the smooth, white skin. It felt feverish to the touch and rock hard but it pushed back against his hand while it expanded.

Don't- he groaned, struggling through the heated buzzing as his hand fumbled for the simple door latch. Don't.

He opened the door, catching himself on the edge of it as he stepped out into the bathroom to stand beneath the bright light. The bathroom door was hissing closed. He reached out and took a step. Clear liquid leaked from his distended pussy lips, connecting with the short, coarse fur on the inside of his thighs before he took another step.

"Don't go," he whispered.

The door opened again and he stumbled backwards, his eyes widening as he crossed his arms over his chest. His tail whipped behind him and his ass shook as it tugged and slapped against the rounded, soft cheeks.

Judy peeked into the bathroom. Her mouth opened in shock and she pulled herself inside before shoving back against the door.

"T- T- Tyler?" she asked. She pulled at her hair before pressing her hand to her mouth. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god."

"Judy," Tyler moaned. He pressed his arms against his tits and then sneezed as his face finished growing into a long, wide muzzle. A small black spot appeared on his oddly dainty chin and another bloomed around his right eye. His hand crept down to squeeze at his long, pink teats as they continued to push away from his body. His udder bulged above his mound. He leaned back against the stall as his hand lowered between his thighs. "I- I can't stop- can't stop touching myself. So empty. So empty. I need help, Judy. Please. I need you to help me."

"Oh god!" Judy repeated.

"Mmmm-ooooh," her husband moaned again. The wet sound of his hand slapping against his pussy filled the small bathroom. He leaned his elongated head back and his bangs parted to show two small bumps on his forehead. The young man lifted his chest and squeezed one of his teats as he slipped three fingers into his enlarged pussy. "Mmm. Mmmmmmooooooo."

"Tyler, stop!" Judy yelled, walking towards him. "That's not- you're not-"

"Mmmmooooooo," Her husband moaned once more, opening his thighs as he stared at his wife. "You don't know. You don't know what it's like. Empty inside. So empty. I need it. I need it so bad. Please. Your mouth. Or your fingers. God! God, yes!"

He lowered to his knees with a grunt, holding himself up with one hand as his tits and udder dangled beneath him. His hooves clacked on the ground as he shoved his fingers deep within his tight pussy but it wasn't enough.

"Get up," his wife hissed. She grabbed a blanket she'd been holding and wrapped it around her husband. "We're going. My car is right outside."

"Fuck me first!" Tyler yelled, grabbing at his wife's arm. "Please. I'll do anything. I need to cum! God, I need it! Can't think. Can't think of anything else."

She pulled him and then leaned back as his weight surprised her. The blanket ended mid calf and his long toe claws clacked against the floor as he resisted his wife.

"Pull your pants up!" Judy whisper-yelled.

"I caaaaan't," Tyler whined, pulling his wife's hand down to his thighs. She yanked it back and his ears flicked in frustration. The skin above his temples split to expose the nubs of his horns.

"Then. Step. Out. Of. Them," she hissed in his ear. "You can't go out like that!"

She pulled and Tyler shook his legs until the slacks slid down to pool on the floor beneath him. Milk dripped down to create small dark stains on the black fabric.

"This can't be happening," Judy told herself as she dragged him through the bathroom. "This can't be happening. This- stop touching yourself!"

"Mmmmooooo," Tyler moaned. His tail brushed the floor. He reached for it and it curled in response, sliding between his thighs until he gripped it tightly, pulling it between his aching, throbbing pussy with a happy squeal. "Can't. Need it. Need a cock. Thick cock. Need it. Inside of me."

"We're going," she told him, turning to face his slim, elongated muzzle. She watched his horns bend as they lengthened. "Keep your head down and go as fast as you can. Let go of your goddamn tail! Run!"

She pulled and they ran, knocking over displays in a mad dash through the store. People yelled and cursed as she pushed them away. Tyler reached for a man standing nearby but his wife yanked him forward.

The afternoon crowd parted before them when they emerged onto the sidewalk.

"What the fuck is that?" someone yelled as the blanket fell open.

Judy guided her husband to her small waiting car. She opened the passenger and shoved him inside while a crowd grew around them. The car rocked as he slammed into the seat, adjusting himself to make room for the tail coiled behind him.

Other people yelled at her, asking her what was happening but she ignored them, diving into her own seat, shifting and pulling into honking traffic without buckling her seat belt. She took a turn onto an empty side street and floored it as Tyler spread his thighs beside her. He grabbed at her hand but she slapped him away.

"Please," he moaned.

The smell of her husband's pussy filled the tiny car but the hint of his milk joined with it and she shook her head as it filled her nose.

"Can you- can you fucking not?" she cursed, scanning the street while her husband writhed next to her with both hands shoved against his pussy.

"Mmmoooo," he moaned, turning to stare at her before sliding one soaked hand up to his udder. He cradled the hardened skin and pulled at a teat. Milk sprayed against her dashboard.

"Fuck!" she cursed. The car swerved as she yanked the wheel and accelerated. "Fuck! I lost the blanket!"

"L- Language," he gasped, his hand raising to cup his breast. His forehead pounded as his horns grew longer. "Don't- ohhhh, can you just- just touch me?"

The short drive was tense as Judy watched for cops and other cars but when she finally pulled into the apartment parking lot, she slumped back into her seat.

"This is my fault," she groaned, closing her eyes and pressing her palms against her eyelids. "That old woman. I should've watched your drink. She must've done something."

"'S'okay," Tyler panted. He leaned back, pulling at his left nipple. He'd found a spot just inside his pussy that felt amazing as long as he kept his nails in check. "S'okay. It's. Good. Feels so good. Just. Just need more. Just need help. Oh! You have- ohhhhhhh gooood. You have toys. Yes, please! The dildo!"

"I'm not-!" she snapped. "I'm not letting my husband use my-"

"Mmmmmm," Tyler groaned, his hips jerking suddenly. "You don't know. You don't know what it's like. So empty. Need to be filled. Need it so bad."

He turned to lick his wife's face but she jerked away from him.

"We're going to have to run for it," she told him. The sweet smell of her husband's pussy was oddly intoxicating so she breathed through her mouth. "On the count of three, open the door and go. I'll go behind you to try and block anyone's view. Just- just go fast."

"'Kay," he told her, closing his eyes as his knee knocked into the door.

Judy opened her door and tensed, ready to run. Seconds passed before she turned to stare at her husband, still masturbating inside the car.

"God. Dammit," she cursed through clenched teeth. She ran to his side and opened the door, pulling at his arm to force him out.

Tyler went slowly and unwillingly. He stood next to his wife, slightly taller than her but with far wider hips and larger tits. They hung bare and full in the warm afternoon sun and the urge to lie in the grass with his legs spread for any passing male made him weak in the knees. His tail thudded into the side of the car and he turned to look for the largest patch of grass as his stomach rumbled. Nibbling on grass while waiting for a male to breed him sounded like the most amazing thing ever.

"Come on!" his wife insisted, pulling hard. He followed her with a pout on his full lips, sighing regretfully as they passed a lush swathe of green grass. His tail slapped against his calves but he went with her, hugging her arm between his breasts.

When they reached the stairs, he hesitated.

"Hurry!" Judy groaned, pulling at him.

Tyler raised his hoof and stepped carefully, holding the rail. He took another step and the tip of his tail swung to show his anxiety.

"So many stairs," he whispered, taking another step. His voice turned into a whine as he faced his girlfriend. "Can't we just stay down here and find someone to-"

"No!" she said, shoving at his firm ass. "Go! Go! Go!"

They went, clopping up the stairs until they stood in front of their apartment door. As Judy fumbled for her keys, she heard a voice low on the stairs.

"That's Will!" Tyler said, his face lighting up. "He's- he'd fuck me. Please, Judy. Please! Just ask him-"

The keys jangled in the lock and Judy shoved her husband through the suddenly open doorway, grabbing her keys and slamming back against the door.

"Oh my god," she gasped, falling to her knees. Her shoulders heaved as she tried to release the stress she'd been holding. "Oh my god."

Tyler glanced back at her and then towards the bedroom. A sly smile emerged on his long, wide face and he walked to the bedroom out of his wife's sight. He bent next to her side of the bed and pulled out a small wooden box, flipping the lid open and sighing at the sight of a tiny pink dildo. It was far, far smaller than he remembered but he grabbed it and then shoved it into his mouth, working his tongue furiously over the shaft as he lay in bed. He spread his legs with one hoof on the bed and reached his arm down but his breasts and udder blocked him. He whined as he played with his teat before finally rubbing the dildo back and forth against his swollen clit.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Judy yelled. "You can't- augh!"

The young man jerked, squeezing his teat as his wife dived for the dildo. A thick stream of milk splashed against her face and she staggered back, wiping at her mouth.

"Some got in my eye, dammit!" she yelled, turning and pawing at the wall as she made her way to the bathroom.

He watched her for a moment and then resumed rubbing his clit with the dildo, gasping and moaning and bellowing as his hips jerked in small motions. And it still wasn't enough.

"William," he moaned, turning and rolling to stand in their bedroom.

The short black and white fur on his thighs were coated from his pussy. He walked through the bedroom and then stopped, turning to see his wife bent over the bathroom sink. With a mournful glance at the door, he turned and walked to the bathroom, reaching around to hug his wife as he always had. His breasts flattened against her back while his udder settled above her ass.

Despite his concern, his hands raised up to her tits.

They moved against him. He cocked his head and looked in the mirror to see his wife's slack expression. She groaned and pressed back into him and he watched as twin dimples appeared on her shirt. The dimples bulged and she pulled at the neck of her shirt, tugging at the thin fabric until it tore. She pulled harder, moaning as her growing breasts pushed at her struggling bra. Her brown nipples flexed free, long and flecked with pink specks. And dripping milk.

"All wrong," Judy moaned, grabbing her breast. She leaned forward, squeezing herself and two drops of milk dripped into the sink. Her nipples lengthened as the pink appeared to consume the brown. "Wrong. All wrong. Can't- can't do this. Can't."

Tyler grabbed his wife's expanding tits and she moaned louder. He slid his fingers forward to her nipples and twisted them while squeezing the top of her breasts. Milk dripped faster from her nipples and she reached back to cradle her husband's head, digging her finger through Tyler's thick, curly hair.

"Yesssss," his wife moaned. "God, yessss. Feels soooo good."

"Help me," he whispered in her ear. "I need to be bred. I need it."

"Too," his wife said, rubbing back. A small white patch of skin appeared atop her right breast. "Me, too."

"William," Tyler urged.

Judy broke away, walking to the front door as her husband went back to the bedroom. She opened the door, giggling as a sudden rush of wind caressed her throbbing pink nipples. Standing naked in the hallway, she knocked on William's door.

The door opened and William's eyes widened as he glanced down at Judy's tits. Before he could speak, she went to her toes and kissed him, hugging him tightly as her tongue wrapped around his. He pushed her away and wiped his mouth.

"Judy?!" he said, staring at her again. "Your husband- you're married!"

She laughed and then gasped, thrusting her chest forward as they continued to grow.

"He- ohhhh," she moaned, squeezing her breasts. A large wet spot formed at her crotch and spread as her pants tightened to show the swollen, swelling lips of her pussy. "He wants it even more than me. I'll show you. Trust me. Please. I'm so fucking horny, WIll. I just- I just really need your cock inside of me. Tyler wants it, too. Please. I'll show you. Just come in."

Judy stripped as soon as she was inside, shoving at her pants before bending over the back of her chair, not caring that the door was still open. Tyler's high, feminine voice cried out from the bedroom but she ignored him as she spread her legs.

"I'm waiting, stud," she purred, looking behind.

The man took in his surroundings and glanced towards the bedroom.

"This is just really sudden," he said, staring at the slick, glistening lips of her pussy. His cock pressed against his pants. "Look, I just don't want to get in the middle of anything."

"He- oh god," she groaned, reaching a hand under her body to rub her clit. "He wants it, too. You'll see. Just, I can't think straight. I need you to fuck me, first. Please."

Her finger pressed into her wet folds and William groaned as he undid his belt. Licking his lips he looked to the bedroom.

"Who is that?" he asked as he stepped out of his pants.

"Tyler," Judy gasped. "Tyler."

With another woman? Damn, William thought, shaking his head. He licked his lips, rubbing his tongue against the faint, sweet taste of Tyler's milk transferred by Judy's kiss. Some freaky shit but, hell, Judy's hot and ready and smells really fucking good all the way from here.

His cock bobbed before him. He held himself steady and pressed slowly against Judy's pussy before grabbing her hips.

"Yes!" she screamed, shoving back and impaling herself. Her ass slapped against his bare crotch and he grunted, pulling back before slamming back in. She reached up to grab his hand and guide him to her breast. He felt warm milk drip against his palm before he grabbed her and squeezed. "Fuuuuuuuck, yessssss."

Leaning into her body, he snorted and pounded into her, kissing her shoulder before grabbing her other breast, squeezing and pinching her nipples while fucking her.

"Close," she gasped, clenching her hands against the back of the chair. "Already close. Harder. Harder! Fuck meeee!"

She bucked beneath him as she came, trembling and shaking. He grunted, holding her weight as her muscles turned to jelly. William lifted her to a standing position and his cock slipped free. Judy slid to the floor, gasping for breath.

"Bedroom," she panted. "Join you. In. Moment. Needs to be fucked. She needs to be fucked, too."

William grunted and rubbed his forehead. His ballsack slowly filled out to droop to the floor as his testicles swelled and his cock lengthed. Skin formed at the base while he stalked towards the bedroom. He felt the weight of his dick as it grew thick and heavy.

The musk filling the bedroom made him stop and breathe deeply. He licked his lips and stared at Tyler. The small cow woman lay twisted beneath a blanket. His ass and pussy was bare as he frantically tried to pleasure himself with the pink dildo.

William went to Tyler without asking, grabbing his soft hips roughly and pulling him up to his hands and knees. He shoved forward and the head of his cock flattened against Tyler's pussy. The cow woman's lips bulged around the man's still-growing cock. He shoved with a snort and a shake of his head and Tyler's virgin pussy enveloped him.

"What the fuck?" William groaned as Tyler's tail pressed up against the blanket. It lifted and pushed the blanket aside to reveal the broad white and black furred back, wide hips and distended pussy. "The fuck?"

Despite his confusion, he felt dazed. But, beyond that, testosterone was flooding his body. Two large lump formed on the man's head and he snorted as he forced his enormous cock deep within Tyler's tight pussy.

Tyler screamed as he finally felt the endless void being filled.

"No, don't pull out!" Tyler gasped, reaching back to grab William's cock. Milk dripped from his udder and his breasts quaked as he shoved himself back while clenching the muscles deep within his pussy. He paradoxically wanted to keep William inside of him forever while also wanting to feel the thick, flattened head of the man's cock rub against every ridge inside of him. "Please! Need you! Please!"

William grunted and grabbed Tyler's tail, pulling back before slamming inside. Tyler screamed as the head of the man's cock hit his cervix but he pushed back in return, wanting to feel every inch.

Judy came up behind William, reaching behind him to grip the base of the man's cock. Despite being buried inside Tyler's pussy, several inches of his cock were still outside. Judy stoked him, kissing his back before letting go to rub Tyler's clit for a quick second. She released them both and crawled into bed, gently pushing Tyler onto his side. William grabbed Tyler's leg and raised it as he bent to adapt to the new position.

When the man slammed back into Tyler's pussy, Tyler's udder shook and Judy groaned, leaning into it and grabbing a teat. She squeezed and pulled over and over.

"Feel good?" she gasped, rubbing herself as she played with her husband's teat. "Feel good?"

"Yessss!" Tyler screamed. He grabbed his wife's head and shoved her down, holding her in place as Judy sucked a long teat into her mouth.

William grunted as muscles bulged in his shoulders and biceps. He reared back and slammed again, burying himself completely in Tyler's aching pussy as he stretched to take the other man's length. Judy turned over and raised her hips, bouncing her ass above her husband's long muzzle. When he licked between her thighs, she jerked but continued to suck and pull at his teats.

"Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, don't stop, yes!" Tyler screamed, pulling Judy's ass down against his breasts. He clawed at her back as the sensations overpowered his meager mind. William filled him completely, pounding relentlessly into his pussy until he felt a dull pain spreading from his crotch beneath the intense, overwhelming pleasure. "I'm- I'm- I'm-!"

"MmmmmmMMMMMMOOOOOO!" Tyler bellowed, bucking and scrabbling as William held him in place. The other man snorted and then yelled and his cock exploded within Tyler. Hot cum filled Tyler's aching pussy, squeezing past William's pulsing cock to spurt free, covering his legs and the other man's crotch.

"Mmmmmmore," Tyler gasped, squeezing his own breast before pulling at his wife's ass. "More."

"Roommate," William grunted. A large patch of black fur was spreading through the hair on his chest. "Have a roommate."

The other man walked away with his enormous, cum covered cock hanging before him. The door opened but Tyler busied himself with his wife's pussy, licking at her while spreading her sweet lips. Another door opened and someone shouted.

"What the fuck!" a new voice said. "Who the fuck-? William? What the- who the- What's wrong with them?!"

Tyler looked up to see William carrying another man on his shoulders. The large naked man grabbed his roommate and set him down before pushing him toward Tyler. The other man struggled, grunting and pushing and slapping at William's hand until Judy grabbed his head and pulled him towards Tyler's teat. She squeezed and pulled and a thick spray of milk shot into the surprised man's mouth.

"Fucking sick, what the fuck!" the man said, wiping his mouth. "What the fuck!"

William released him and the new man backed away. Yet his eyes remained locked on Tyler's cum-covered pussy.

"What the fuck," he whispered, grabbing at his cock. He groaned and rose to his knees and then to his feet. The head of his cock slipped past the band of his pants.

Tyler pushed his wife away and rolled, going to his hands and knees with his tail rocking behind him. He spread his knees and shoved his ass back. William laughed and went to Judy, grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap as he sat on the bed. She rose and grabbed the man's cock, her fingers barely reaching halfway around his girth. With a loud moan, she lowered herself, grunting as she pushed down and wrapped her arms around the man's thick, muscular neck.

Four small reddened bumps formed low on Judy's belly as she rocked her ass and began to ride William's dick. He leaned forward, cupping her breast for him to suckle at her nipple while she held him tight.

"So. Thick," she moaned, laying against him as he spread her ass to open her wider. With each thrust, he worked deeper inside.

The roommate walked forward and then stopped.

"Smells. Smells good," he grunted, grabbing at his dick as he slid past his pants to touch his belly button. The head of his cock flared out and grew flat as pre-cum leaked from the tip. He unzipped himself and grabbed his cock to place it against Tyler's eager sex.

"Yes!" Tyler yelled as his well-lubed pussy opened to accept the man's cock. The roommate reared back to slap Tyler's large ass and then grabbed his tail, yanking it to pull him deeper.

"Gonna breed you," the man grunted. "Fill you up. Fuck that pussy. Fuck!"


In the predawn darkness, an old woman stood within the ruins of the apartment living room. Broken furniture littered the floor around Tyler. The young man slept on the bare floor with his arm around William. His heavy, full breasts rose and fell in a slow, steady rhythm. William lay against his chest. He was mostly human with the exception of small horns, a chest of fur, a heavy red cock with a flattened head and the start of a sheath.

She leaned to the side to see Judy tangled with the roommate. Judy's teats were small with the barest hint of a white udder beneath them.

"This was not how I expected it to go," the woman said quietly.

It was an impromptu potion and potions were her weak point. Something she still worked to perfect after decades of study. She'd merely wanted the young man to gain large breasts to see his wife's side but it had gone far beyond what she'd expected. And it was supposed to be temporary. An hour and no more.

She sighed and cleared a spot in the kitchen where she worked quietly for nearly an hour.

Finally, she stood and pressed her knuckles against her back as a wavering haze stood above a hastily scrawled diagram.

She went to Tyler and bent, touching his soft, downy furred forehead while whispering into his long, black ears. The cow girl rose in a sleepy daze and walked to the shimmering light to disappear into it. She touched the remaining three in turns and they followed until only she remained.

With a single glance around the apartment, she sighed and walked through the portal, collapsing it behind her.

The four changed people lay sleeping on the floor of her living room.

"Well," she sighed. "At least I can make them comfortable for the long years ahead. And, let's see..."

She turned and walked to an expansive bookshelf, touching old dusty spines before pulling one from the shelf. She continued her survey until she found the second book she wanted. She lay them both before her and opened each to a specific page.

The title of the first book's chapter was simply "Childbirth" while the second book's chapter was labeled "Calving". She placed a leather strip in the second book and began reading the first one.


The young woman sighed as she collected the discarded slacks in the men's bathroom. She handled them carefully as she walked back into the store.

"I would've done it," her coworker said.

"It's fine, Greg," she answered. "I hate closing so it's a good trade. I just really appreciate your help fixing the displays earlier."

A sweet aroma rose from the pants as she walked to the backroom. She breathed in deeply as she tried to place the scent and it filled her. Curiosity took hold of her and she brought it up to her nose.

Her lips brushed a lower wet spot and her tongue reflexively licked at it, tasting the milk left behind. She stopped as a slow warmth began to fill her. Still holding the pants, she brought it up to her mouth and sucked on the wet spots as she found them, moaning as she felt her pussy grow slick. Her head buzzed and she gasped, pulling the pants away and dropping them.

Pressure built in the girl's chest. Her small, pert breasts began to fill out and buttons popped on her tight shirt. She moaned, pulling the shirt apart to bare her breasts. Pink patches of skin appeared in her black nipples as they began to stretch and grow, slipping free from her lacey bra as her tits expanded, sliding down her bare chest.

"Hey, you al-" Greg asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

She turned, pulling him into a tight kiss while rubbing against his thigh. Her soaked pussy marked his slacks and she grunted as her clit rubbed against the rough seam of his pants.

"What the hell, Tracy!" the young man yelled, pulling away.

She giggled and grabbed him as she squeezed her growing breasts. They pulled at her back and shoulders but they ached to be touched so she massaged them while pulling Greg toward the lengthening nipples. Stretch marks appeared on the smooth skin before vanishing as her body repaired itself over and over and her heavy breasts pressed together.

"Just so fucking horny suddenly," she moaned. "Mmmm."

He pulled back but a thin stream of milk sprayed his lips and he fell in alarm. She followed him, shoving herself down on the erection he was trying to hide. As he struggled beneath her, she unzipped him and lowered her nipple into his open mouth. His hands pushed at her chest but he swallowed her dripping milk as she grabbed his cock and slid it beneath her skirt. Holding him in place, she used the head of his dick to push her soaked pussy aside.

Brown hairs emerged around her pussy lips as she impaled herself on his cock and white hairs grew around her widening left areola.

"Tracy, you can't- can't- oh," Greg said, grabbing her hips. Her skirt strained against her waist as fatty tissue built up within. He squeezed her ass and slammed her down. "Can't. Oh god, you're so tight."

Milk dribbled into his mouth as she rode him frantically and their voices echoed through the dark store as they both began to change.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Petting Zoo Ch. 01
A very unusual petting zoo comes to town and it changes people in its wake
The squeaky third wheel of the cart screeched in the packed grocery store, pulling the cart hard to the right before Emi pulled it back to the left. She eyed a parked cart sitting beside a display stand of mixed vegetables. It looked newer and she was sure she could move the contents to her cart before the old, bent-backed gray haired woman browsing nearby noticed.

"Any fruits?" Janelle asked, tapping a long nail against reddened lips as she turned around the area.

"What pairs well with wine?" Emi replied, sighing regretfully as they moved past the beautiful cart and its probably well-oiled wheels. "And what doesn't taste disgusting coming back up in the middle of the night?"

"Girl, how much wine are you planning to drink?" Janelle asked, cocking a slim eyebrow while looking down at her friend. "You're turning twenty-seven, not forty."

"A bottle for every year," she told her, tugging the cart back in line. "I'm single and nearing thirty. My mom keeps tagging me in posts of her friends and their brand new grandbabies. She's all like 'Oh, Emiiii, isn't this a cute baby?!' and 'Emiiiii didn't you just have your period? Aren't you ovulating? Look, Jack from your 3rd grade class just changed his status to single. I gave him your number!'"

"Come on," Janelle laughed softly.

"She did," Emi groaned, leaning forward to lay her forehead down on the handle of the cart. "Jack called me last night. He's got a kid already and he's shaped like a Matryoshka doll with less hair. The outside one. The big one. And he brays like a donkey when he laughs."

"Jesus," her friend said, shaking her head.

"I mean, yeah, it's been a bit and I could use some attention," Emi conceded. "But, Jack? Jack from 3rd grade? He used to eat mud on dares."

"What about Caleb?"

"Caleb from the club last week or Caleb that works at Starbucks?" Emi asked, turning her head to look up at her friend from the side.

"The club," came the reply.

"Dating someone else," she answered.


"No, yeah," she sighed. "I gave him my number and he called me and flirted and set up a date. I shaved, got all ready and then looked him up."

"Why?" her friend asked.

"Why what?" Emi said.

"Why the hell would you do that?" Janelle replied.

"Because he's already dating someone else," Emi said, rolling her eyes.

"No, that's what you found," her friend told her. "Why would you look him up?"

"Because he's dating someone else!" she said, throwing her hands up and then grabbing the cart again when it tried to bolt. "They all are! They're all, 'Awww, Emi, you're sooo cute and small. I could just pick you up and carry you!' and then I see the ring or their kids' names as a tattoo or, whatever. I'm old, Janelle. Shriveled up. That reminds me, maybe grab some dried apricots?"

"You just need to get out more," the girl said, shaking her head. "And stop creepin' on everyone. Just relax and enjoy yourself once in a while."

"That sounds like I need even more wine," Emi groaned. "Can you grab a box of the crackers over there? Top shelf on the left? The high fiber ones because I'm old and basically dead and far too short to reach it myself."

Rather than answer, her friend reached up to grab a box of Ritz crackers. She placed it next to a block of asiago cheese on the crowded cart.

"Four bottles are more than enough," Janelle said. "Let's go check out. I have a surprise before we go to your apartment. Something to offset all the whining you'll be doing later about your bad taste in men."

"I said we'd go dancing tomorrow," Emi pouted, pushing the cart to the front of the store. "Anyways, what surprise?"

"You'll see," the other girl smiled.


"No. Way," Emi said, leaning forward in her car seat with a gigantic smile on her face.

The building before the car was unremarkable by itself. It loomed in the middle of a gigantic parking lot and the faded K-Mart logo was still recognizable across the facade. Workers milled about and a few cars tentatively drove into the parking lot to see what was happening to the old, abandoned store.

A homemade wooden signed proclaimed, simply: "Lady Lilith's Exotic Petting Zoo"

"No way!" Emi said again, lightly punching Janelle's arm. "Do they have pigs? Little pigs? The little ones that fit in a cup? Janelle. Janelle. Can I buy one of the pigs? Oh my god."

Janelle laughed as she navigated over cracks and chunks of asphalt until she reached the front of the lot.

"They aren't open yet," Janelle told her as she pulled into a space marked by faded paint. "But I called and they said they were allowing some people a special preview. I told them about the state fair we went to last year and how you spent the entire day in the barn area playing with sheep and pigs and, well, here we are."

"You are the absolute best friend," Emi sighed. She tapped her fingers on the dashboard while staring at the large store until Janelle pushed her gently with her elbow. The smaller girl opened the door with one hand while undoing her seatbelt.

"I did not tell them that you tried to steal a pig."

"It called to me, Janelle," Emi said. "It went right up to me and wouldn't leave me alone. It followed me around with its little curly tail wiggling and went right up to my lap. It even fits in my jacket pocket! Oh my god, so tiny."

"They were actually mad at you, Em," her friend said. "And they yelled at me, too."

"I almost made it out with little Torturo," she said, her lips pressed together and her eyes dark with the loss of her pig.

"They didn't even have names," Janelle groaned.


"Gah!" Emi said, grabbing her friend's arm.

A tall woman smiled at them from the midst of the crew working around the entrance. Her black hair was braided in tight, intricate weaves that reached her thighs. She was dressed impeccably in slacks, shiny black shoes, a silver shirt with alternating black lines hidden beneath a silk vest.

"You must be Emi," the woman said with a smile. It was impossible to guess her age as she projected a maturity belied by a lack of wrinkles. When she moved in the afternoon light, she appeared to fluctuate between early 20s and late 40s. "I'm Lady Lilith and it's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Hi," Emi answered shyly. She pulled away, blushing in embarrassment. "I'm so excited to be here!"

"Well," the woman said with a sly wink. "Let me be your guide!"

She turned and a worker opened the door for them. Emi's eyes widened as she followed the other two women inside. The entire store was gutted and the tile floor replaced with dirt. Stones created a path that branched off to different sections. Low stone walls separated the animals - all who appeared content within their little areas.

"Holy shit, Janelle, look!" Emi grabbed her friend, tugging her as she pointed.

A worker dangled branches from a raised scissor lift and a graceful giraffe nibbled slowly on the leaves. The small woman watched the creature's dark purple tongue coil around the branch until it closed its mouth to pull the leaves free.

"We haven't finished stocking the zoo," Lilith said. She brought the pair to long tables laid out before the pens. "Please, grab a basket of food and follow me."

Janelle tapped Emi to get her attention away from the giraffe and they both browsed through the baskets before choosing one each.

"How do they stay where they are?" Emi asked, holding the basket close to her stomach.

The older woman shrugged. She stood for a moment, surveying the zoo until, with a backwards glance at Emi, she took the left path.

"I'm exceptionally good with animals," she told them. "I was raised with them and they understand me. I feed them well and care for them as if they were my own children. The back of the building is reserved for a place for them to run when they need exercise but they're otherwise content to rest in their areas."

"Wow," Emi said. Her eyes wandered but settled on an approaching woman. She was slight and pale with loose red hair cascading down her back and a small, happy smile on her face.

"Hey, isn't that your coworker?" Janelle started to ask.

"Yeah! Hey Siobhan!" she said loudly, waving a free arm.

"Emi? Are you off work today?" the redhead asked.

"Yeah, it's my birthday," she answered. "Isn't this place amazing! How'd you hear about it and why didn't you tell me?!"

"I saw a flier," her coworker said. "On. Uhh. On. Where was that? Well, somewhere. Emi, they have lions! Well, one. A lioness. She was beautiful."

"Did they let you pet her?" Emi asked, grabbing her co-worker's arm.

"Yes, god yes and it was amazing," the girl said. "Her eyes were so pretty and at the end, she stood up and nuzzled my stomach. I never even felt scared."

"If you please, Emi?" Lilith asked politely. "I have many things to do but I'd be a poor host if I didn't guide you through our little zoo."

"Oh, sorry," she said abashedly. "I'll see you tomorrow, Siobhan."

"Sure," the other woman said, scratching at her arms. "I have to head back to work anyway. Took a late lunch just to see what this was all about. Worth it."

They continued, nearing the giraffe before stopping two pens away from the huge beast.

"Emi," the woman said. "May I present Charlotte, our resident red kangaroo."

"Oooooh my gosh," Emi crooned quietly as the Kangaroo came to them. "She's so pretty."

It leaned forward, resting its front paws and tail on the ground before raising its long feet. Just at the edge of the wall, it stopped and stood, cocking its head with its thick ears back. It leaned forward, waving its paws before its body.

"Oh, do you want some?" Emi asked, grabbing some long grass from her basket.

The kangaroo gently grabbed Emi's arm to hold her steady. The girl turned to her friend with watery eyes and a tremulous smile.

"It's touching me oh my gosh its hands are so soft and it's touching me, Janelle," she rambled. "Please tell me it has a baby hiding in its pouch."

"No," Lilith said. "I'm afraid not. Not at the moment. However, eventually I will pair all of them off with mates. I'm simply very selective and the search takes time."

"Can I pet her head?" Emi asked.

"Oh, yes," the other woman said, waving her hand. "They're all very docile."

"Hey," Emi said, reaching out her other arm. The kangaroo's ears lowered but it stayed in place, leaning into the basket to forage for more food. "Hey there. Oh god, she's so soft."

The small woman stroked the kangaroo's head slowly from brow to her ears.

"Its nails tickle," the girl said. "This is so amazing. Janelle, do you want to-"

"Well," Lilith said. "I thought we might visit our giraffes before I hand you off to an associate to finish the tour."

"Okay," Emi said. "Bye, little one."

"She's taller than you, Em," Janelle noted.

"Everything's taller than me," the girl sighed.

"And this," Lilith said, gesturing with a sleeved arm. "Is Adaeze."

The tall giraffe ducked her head as the scissor lift began its descent. She stomped and her tail slapped against her side before she turned to spy the three women standing by her pen.

"What an-" Janelle started to say.

The giraffe ducked her head lower and its tongue lashed out to wrap around Janelle's neck. The woman shrieked but Adaeze bent lower to rub itself against the woman's face and shoulders.

"Ah, ah god, it's so sticky," Janelle groaned. "And now I'm going to smell like a gross wet animal the rest of the day. Man."

"Well," Lililth said, her thin eyebrows raising. "She's taken a liking to you, I'd say."

"Or the apples in my basket." She disentangled herself from the creature, rubbing at her neck before grabbing an apple to offer to the creature. It licked her hand and then carefully grabbed the apple with its protruding front teeth. The giraffe stepped back, dipping its head while bending its front legs. "Did she just curtsy to me?"

"I did say I'm quite good with animals," Lililth said with a smile and a nod toward the creature. "Ah, here's Rosaria to guide you the rest of the way. I'm afraid I must be off but I'm quite pleased you both stopped by. Don't forget to sign the guestbook. If you leave your phone number, we'll contact you when the zoo is officially open."

A thin, quiet brunette stood waiting nearby. She grinned at the two women as Lilith swept away.

"If you'll follow me?" the woman said, gesturing towards a pen with a monstrous looking dog.


"Janelle," Emi said once they were back in the car. "That was literally the best birthday gift I've ever had. And that's including the one time my dad got me fireworks and a BB gun to go with the dolls my mom got me."

As the car backed up, Janelle reached up to scratch at her neck. She rolled her head on her shoulders and winced at the cracking sounds beneath. The fetid, dried drool flaked away at her touch and she gagged briefly.

"I need a fucking shower," the woman grumped.

"I thought it was sweet," Emi said. She scratched at the faint red marks surrounding her left wrist.

"Well," Janelle retorted. "You weren't the one getting a tongue bath by something that probably rolls around in its own poop and drinks standing water."

"Can it roll around?" Emi mused while staring out of her window. "Does it just like, flop on its side and lay there? Or does it sleep sitting up? Does it anchor itself with its head against the ground?"

Janelle rubbed her neck in the hopes it would lessen the smell. More clear flakes fell away to reveal a small ashen gray spot in the middle of her neck amidst the surrounding brown skin.

"It is pretty strong smelling," Emi admitted, pressing her fingers against her nose.

"Yeah," the other girl grunted. She wiped her hand on her pants and then rubbed her nose, breathing deeply for a brief moment before gagging once more.

"What now?" the smaller girl asked as she drummed her fingers on her legs. She bounced her toes in the flooring of the car as the scenery raced past.

"Now," Janelle said, signaling for a turn. "Now we eat and get drunk."


Siobhan stretched next to her small car, raising up to her tiptoes and smiling at the sun with her eyes closed. She groaned happily as the warmth surrounded her and the groan deepened to a short rumble as cartilage formed against her hyoid bone. It lengthened to attach to her skull and she dropped down to her feet just as a coughing fit overtook her. She covered her mouth with the crook of her bent arm, as the harsh cough tore through her.

When the fit subsided, she growled quietly and rumbled her throat to clear the itchiness within.

Normally the young woman slept in her car during her lunch break and she'd dreaded returning to work, assuming she'd struggle throughout the rest of the day. However, as she stood in the warm evening air, she felt full of energy. She patted down her skirt, adjusted her blouse and stepped quickly on her light blue pumps, eyeing the path before her while breathing deeply of the trees surrounding her office.

Light brown cracks appeared at the inside of her chartreuse irises. They caught the sun and brightened to honey as they took root, winding slowly through the rest of her eyes until she pushed open the double glass doors to survey the office building with brilliant, alert eyes the color of marigold.

"Tom," she acknowledged with a brisk nod of her head as she entered the building.

"Hey Siobhan," he said, grabbing papers from the office copy machine. He followed beside her and his cologne rose to her nose. "How was the zoo?"

Faint tan hairs, too small to notice, emerged along the bridge of her wrinkled nose and the tip of her tongue slid between her teeth. Her mouth hung open briefly as she scented him and her throat rumbled once more.

Easy on the body wash, she told him in her imagination.

"Amazing," she said out loud. "Honestly, I have no idea how they're able to handle and show that many exotic animals. They even had a Komodo dragon!"

"Are you serious?" he asked, stopping at his cubicle. "Where was this? I want to go see."

"Oh, it was over by-" she paused, tilting her head as the location lay on the tip of her tongue. "The, uhh. It was- Huh. I think I have the flier somewhere so I'll dig it up and email you the address when I find it."

"Sounds great," he said. His smile faltered as he stared into her eyes. An ancient, primal instinct screamed at him from the depths of his unconscious but he couldn't hear it. Instead, he shuddered and rubbed his arms. "Just let me know, yeah?"

Siobhan nodded and continued on her way, her head snapping to catch movements until she sat in her rolling chair. She pushed back into it, sitting up straight as bones within her hips grated uncomfortably against each other. The redhead wiggled in her seat and then toyed with the lever for the lumbar support, shoving her ass back with a huff until her tailbone cracked and the pain vanished.

"Good," she said, pulling herself forward.

More sand-colored hairs rose along her arm. They were thin and sparse and hidden against the pale white of her skin and scattered freckles. She moved her mouse and the screen woke as her fingers found the home row on the keyboard.

Her finger reached forward for the first letter of her password. A milky white line appeared in the middle of her long nail when it suddenly bent down the middle, folding her nail in half. Skin bulged around the base of her nail bed as the nail pulled back until it barely covered the tip of her finger. Keratin flowed from the base of the nail, doubling the thickness as it widened while continuing to bend. Her other nails followed suit in random order, clacking loudly against the plastic keys as she typed out her password.

She scanned the spreadsheet on the monitor as her tongue roamed against her canines. Her jaw throbbed at the edge of pain as the teeth lengthened, pressing against their neighbors while forcing her lips outward.

A single white hair sprouted from the nub of her tragus in front of her left ear. Two more followed. A fourth joined the three already in place as a lone hair slowly pushed through the inner fold of her right ear.

Siobhan's sheaths clicked against her mouse as she pushed it around. She sat up in her seat, purposefully rubbing the rough fabric against her lower back as she looked through the large windows at the side of the office. A bird landed on a branch outside and she watched it, envious of its freedom before it zipped away.

With a sigh, she sat down, scratching at her back before focusing on her work.


Two empty wine bottles lay on the coffee table with a third opened next to them. An old cutting board held the remains of cheese, crackers and various sliced meats.

Emi giggled as she swirled the white wine in her glass. She had her toes on the edge of the rectangular table and her legs bounced restlessly. The bones within her feet ached even though she'd taken her shoes off hours before.

The small girl pushed a thumb hard against her lower back, stealing a glance at Janelle before blushing and rubbing the strangely sensitive spot. She'd discovered earlier that it felt incredibly good to massage herself there. Too good, in fact. Orgasmically good. Her hand kept finding its way back to the spot for her to knuckle into or scratch against.

"You're drunk already," Janelle sighed. She looked at the slim gold watch on her wrist but she knew it was getting late without even checking. Dusk had settled long before they'd opened the third bottle. She'd hoped one would be enough but it was Emi's birthday and the girl kept insisting.

Tiny gray spots pockmarked her neck. They reached up to her jaw and dipped down between her shoulder blades. The first to appear in the car had grown larger and lightened over time, fading to alabaster. She massaged her neck and looked away as blood rushed to her ears. Her nails clawed against her skin and she breathed deeply.

The scent from earlier filled her and she shifted in place on the couch. She wasn't sure when it happened but the smell of the drool and unwashed animal pelt had changed from disgusting to something else entirely.

She rubbed her nose and breathed in again, closing her eyes as the smell filled her. Her tongue darted out to lick her palm and then her hand raised, nails scratching through her hair. Cartilage formed high on her forehead, beneath her hair, building in circular layers that pushed against her skin. With each new growth, the previous layer ossified.

Her nails scratched against the ossicones and her tongue slipped between her lips. Magenta streaks lined her tongue and it waggled as it slid low enough to rub against her chin.

Emi's eyes drooped and her hand wavered before firming and she sipped her drink. Janelle stared at her and then glanced at her watch. She'd planned to finish out the evening and go home to sleep since it was a weeknight but she felt too awake. And as she clawed at the base of her ossicones and bit her lips to hold the quiet moan that threatened to escape, she realized she wanted to go out.

Her apartment was empty. Despite giving her friend a hard time, her own love life was embarrassingly blank at the moment. She took a sip of her wine and her tongue dipped into the glass to lap up the drink.

A stretch mark appeared low on her neck, just above her shoulders. She groaned as the cervical vertebrae within her neck widened fractionally, pulling at the discs and ligaments between. Small gray spots formed as the stretch marks slowly healed.

Janelle rubbed at her neck with a sigh and her thumb flattened soft white and black hairs growing from the nape of her neck.

"Go out dancing with me," she said suddenly, pushing at Emi's bouncing leg with her toe.

"It's late," Emi said with a yawn. She pushed the base of her palm against her thigh. Muscles beneath the normally soft skin rubbed against each other. "Had too much to drink."

"I'll drive," Janelle said.

Emi tossed back the rest of her drink. She tried to set the glass down on the end table, missed and then tried again. The skin around her knees was reddened and irritated but she ignored it as she squeezed her thigh.

Unnoticed by either of them, the small girl's legs lengthened. Her femur broke and then grew more dense as collagen filled the gaps, hardening when calcium phosphate surrounded the soft protein. Her stretching skin pulled tight to reveal lines of muscles in her thighs. The soft gray cotton shorts she wore rode higher as her legs continued to grow, until they pulled tight against her crotch.

"Come on," Janelle pleaded.

"No. No, no, no," Emi said, pushing her thumb against the taut skin and bulging muscles beneath. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as her brain tried uselessly to tell her something was wrong. "Imma sleep. You go. You go have fun. Just. Sleep just here."

Janelle looked at her watch once more. She knew she should go home and go to sleep but she felt restless. Anxious for a reason she couldn't pinpoint.

With a heavy sigh, she got up as Emi burrowed deep into the couch. She set her glass down and made her way into her friend's bedroom to steal a blanket. When she returned, Emi was snoring softly with her legs tucked against her body and her feet deep into the cushions on the back of the couch. Janelle covered her friend with a rueful shake of her head and then collected her purse and shoes.

The line of hair down the nape of her neck thickened as more hairs sprouted. White strands grew over the gray spots as black emerged around them. They brushed against her now-loose black hair as she walked to the foyer.

When the girl bent to slip into her heels, her longer neck pulled her off balance and she squawked, catching herself with a hand against the wall. Her ears slanted back in response to the sudden panic and the inner ridges began to grow smooth. She licked her lips as she stood upright and her tongue bumped against her nose. It appeared darker in the dim light overhead.

Am I okay to drive? she asked herself, suddenly unsure if she'd lost her balance due to tipsiness. Yet, as she worked her feet into her shoes, she realized she felt fine and the buzz coursing through her was due to the excitement of a night out rather than the two glasses of wine she'd had.

With the door opened, she locked the doorknob and glanced back at Emi before slipping into the night.


Siobhan paced in her living room. Pale light streamed through the open curtains from a silvery crescent moon. She'd turned the lights off earlier, finding the darkness preferable for a reason she couldn't quite understand. She'd felt too exposed.

She turned, running her hands through her hair, pulling them up and back with her fist. The motion drew her claws out briefly but she opened her hand before they could pierce her palm. She shook her head with a growl.

The girl's red hair moved against her temples and cheeks. Her ears opened as the bumps within pushed outward to leave smooth skin behind. The tips slid through her silky hair and she shivered, clawing at her sides, responding as if a lover nibbled at the sensitive flesh.

She thought she might explode from the restrained vitality within. It had continued to build throughout the day, causing her to lose focus. She barely remembered the drive home but she'd arrived famished. Empty containers of food lay open on her dining room table.

The girl rubbed her hands on her thighs and rough skin along her palms dragged against the skin-tight yoga pants she wore. Her mat lay unrolled in the corner with gashes from her claws dotting the length of it. She'd tried to relax herself with the few positions she knew but-

She missed a step at the memory of it. At raising her hips with a growl. Her legs shuddering as she sat on all fours with knees spread and the scent of her sex filled the room. The memory of it made her dig her claws into her side and she snarled.

Her yoga pants were still wet.

She could still feel her slick muscles deep within her pussy slipping against each other with every step.

Her heart raced as she fought with the urge to masturbate. To run. To chase. To fight.

Tan hairs covered her cheeks. Her tongue rasped against her black lips and the front of her darkened nostrils.

"Dammit!" she cursed, stomping over to her door. She threw it open and it slammed against the wall. Her biceps strained against the tight Dri-Fit long sleeved t-shirt she wore.

A spray of hairs tickled the inside of her constrained breasts when they grew forth. They pressed through her sports bra and she scratched at them, accidentally slicing through shirt and bra with an enormous, translucent claw.

Siobhan's fingers wrapped around her door frame. Her wide sheaths retracted to expose her dense claws in a deadly curl. They screeched as they scored the metal frame. She scented the air and slowly leaned out into the hallway of the second floor. Thick white hairs lined the inside of her ears as they lay exposed from her long hair. Tan hairs covered the backs and her hair swayed softly as her ears rotated to catch the sounds of her neighbors.

Shaking her head at her own foolishness, she stepped into the hallway, closing her door behind her.

Her bare feet crossed over each other as she walked. Calluses began to form along her forefeet and bottom of her toes. As it grew, it darkened into gray and then obsidian. Muscles swelled within her foot, pushing at her toes to spread them into wide paws that could properly hold her changing body.

Skin bubbled up at the base of the furrow lining the middle of her back. The outline of cylindrical bones appeared before more skin grew to cover the short tail.

The girl flexed her back with her hands open and wide at her side. She made a fist and growled as she rose to the balls of her feet.

Siobhan ran, the padding on her bare feet protecting her as her claws struck concrete. Her hair streamed behind her as her legs pumped. Cars passed, forcing her further and further into the darkness away from the street.

Trees replaced street lamps but her eyes adjusted, drawing in the light while her pupils dilated far beyond their ordinary means. Colors faded but she barely noticed as she leaped over logs and exposed roots. Her heart pounded and she pushed harder until she struck out, sinking her claws in the bark of a tree.


She knelt, panting with her tongue out and her teeth bared. Drunken voices and the scent of cigarettes. And weed.

The old part of her told her to go around but a newer part claimed the area for her own. It was the park near her apartments and it was hers. She wouldn't show fear in front of these men. She would show herself and let her presence be known.

Grass gave way to a dirt path that led to a large lake. She brushed her knees off and stood to walk beneath the flickering light of a lamp at the edge of the water. She could see them now, one sitting on the back of a bench while the other stood. Both had paper bags with a bottle of some alcohol hidden within. The one on the bench passed a joint to the other.

"-telling you she's not worth your fucking time, man," the one on the bench said.

The short fur along her body stood on end as she neared them.

"Yo, like, I hear you but she's banging," the other man said. The joint glowed as he dragged from it.

"Only banging is her banging every fucking guy got money for her," the first said.

"Fuck if I care as long as I get some."

They both grew quiet as Siobhan approached. She could feel their stares and her hackles rose. Her short tail, barely as long as her thumb, thrashed behind her.

"You out late, girl," laughed the man on the bench.

She slowed to stare at him. He was gaunt with haunted eyes and stubble over a ragged face. And he dared to look back at her. To leer at her body. She felt the anger rise within.

"You lookin' for somethin'?" asked the other.

"Lookin for my dick," said the first, grabbing at his baggy crotch.

Her claws dug into the dirt path as she turned to face them and her black lips drew back to show her enlarged fangs. They scraped against the nearby teeth until the pressure of their growth cracked the old teeth. She spat and her ears flattened against her skull

Siobhan roared, burning her throat and chest as she forced the air out with her claws exposed at her side and the muscles bunched at her back and legs, ready to pounce.

"Fuckin-!" the first man yelled, falling off the back of the bench.

She leaped at the other one and her fist closed around his neck as she bore him to the ground. Her claws bit into his neck and he beat at her until she squeezed and his face began to turn red.

"Grk-!" the man tried to say. His hands closed on her wrist but she held tight.

"Christ!" the man's friend yelled. She heard him running.

She roared again and the man looked away from her as spittle splattered against his face. She could smell his bladder release and she huffed, jumping up to stand beside him with her heart hammering in her chest.

The man wasted no time in scrambling away but she ignored him as she stood alone beneath the light. She swallowed her anger and wondered at the pride she felt for defending the area. Her area. It was an incredible feeling - a sense of power she'd never felt before and never realized she was missing.

And all it did was make her that much more aroused.

She clawed at her pussy, easily tearing through her pants and panties to expose her sex. Her swollen lips burned and she yowled as a thick finger slipped between the slick, puffy labia to the tender pussy beneath. Tan hairs emerged from her labia, dragging against her bushy red pubic hairs as they spread, piercing the black yoga pants when they spread down her thighs.

She moved silently along the path. Hunting.


As the trees turned to bushes and the streets reappeared, a young man leaned against a bus stop sign. He nodded along to the headphones he wore as she crept forward, listening for others. She breathed him in, growling with need at his clean scent and the masculinity of him. He wasn't overly large but he was young. Virile. Her tail rubbed painfully against the thick band of her yoga pants while she stalked towards him.

When she entered his line of sight, he glanced over at her and nodded before closing his eyes to bob his head to the beat she could clearly hear. No scent of a female on him. She licked her lips and smiled.

He turned again when she approached and his eyes widened when she grabbed him, pressing her mouth against his to force her tongue against his. He struggled as she growled, kissing him deeply while her paw grabbed at his pants. She bent her fingers, forcing her claws free and then pulled, tearing through his clothing until he stood in his boxers.

"Jesus, lady!" the young man said when she pulled back. "What the fu-oooh- fuck!"

She'd knelt immediately, grabbing his boxers and pulling down to expose him. His dark cock hung low and she yowled, pressing her face against it while cradling his balls. Leaning back, she opened her mouth and her jaw cracked, forcing her cheekbones forward while her face expanded. Her tongue wrapped around him and he hardened as she dragged the tiny spines covering it along his cock. His fingers clamped into her shoulders and he shook, crying out until she lowered her head. She held his back with her left hand while tearing at her shirt and sports bra with the right. Claws slid through the fur growing on her chest as she freed herself, baring her breasts for anyone to see.

Siobhan pushed and the man toppled, catching himself awkwardly as she continued to suck him off, bobbing her head while her tongue wrapped around him, swirling and dragging against his skin. She felt an unquenchable heat rising in her and she broke away, growling as she turned to straddle his face. She forced her torn pants down to his mouth, rubbing her engorged pussy over his mouth and chin and nose again and again as her claws dug into his leg.

She shivered when she felt his tongue against her and his hands found her ass, squeezing and pulling as he shoved his face into her. She jerked, laying her head against his thigh when her overly sensitive pussy became too much to process. Her hand squeezed him, jerking him as her hips rocked and a high pitched, drawn out yowl came from her shortened muzzle.

"More!" she yelled, pushing harder. "More! Yes, more, yes!"

The girl reached back with both hands, digging her claws into the thick fabric and she pulled, freeing her ass. Fur crept over the curves of her cheeks and up. She grabbed his hand and moved it up, closing his fingers around her tail.

"The fuck!" the man said, pulling away and jerking his hand from her back.

She turned, pinning him in place and cleaning his face with her wide, rough tongue while she grinded against his still-hard cock.

"Feel so good," she groaned in his ear, pressing her furred cheek to his. "So hot. Need it so bad. Need it. God, I'm so hot."

"Lady, something's fucking wrong-"

Her mouth met his and then she squeezed his arms painfully before jerking her head back. His cock pressed against her lips and she shoved, spearing herself on his fat cock. She shuddered, curling into him and licking his neck before pulling back and shoving down again. The wet slapping of her pussy filled the air along with her high pitched cries as her orgasm grew near. She grabbed his hand and placed it against her tail once more, tugging it to give him encouragement.

"Fuck," the man whispered, looking at her closely for the first time. "Fuck, oh god, fuck, that feels- What are you?"

"Doesn't-" she panted, shivering and clawing the ground. "Doesn't- doesn't matter. Just fuck me. Just fuck me. Just-"

Her claws dug into his chest through his jacket and shirt as she came, roaring into the night. Yet his hands gripped her tail and he pulled her down. She hung in place with her breasts over his face and he leaned up to suck on her exposed nipple as he pounded into her. When her strength returned, she worked her hips to match his rhythm.

She lost herself in it, leaning back and grabbing his hands to rub along her body. To cover herself in his scent. He explored her as they fucked and she jerked, grabbing his hand to keep it in place when his fingernail dragged against a reddened, sensitive spot low on her belly, just above the red and tan hairs covering her mound. She squeezed his finger around the tiny teat and he pulled, expressing milk as the ducts formed beneath the skin.

His orgasm surprised her and she hissed as it forced her over the edge once more. Her lips vibrated as holes opened in the skin and the transparent tips of her whiskers emerged. Siobhan dragged her tongue along his face, cleaning him as he filled her, his arms wrapped around her powerful back.

"Fuck," he moaned, thrashing as he came within, filling her again and again. "I- Fuck. Fuuuuck."

Siobhan's tongue dragged against a single black hair along his jaw and the man flexed his fingers with a growl, digging a claw into her back.

"Fuck," he groaned again. "That feels- I can't- Fuck."

She pulled herself off of him slowly, regretting the loss of each inch until she stood over him, weak-kneed and still horny. His golden eyes stared into her and she held a hand out, easily pulling him to a standing position before leading him deeper into the park, away from prying eyes.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Petting Zoo Ch. 02
The changes spread and others are drawn in and changed as well as the secret of the zoo is revealed
The hardened edge of the car's buckle dug into Janelle's hip as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Amber lights flooded the streets while she slowly made her way downtown, passing groups of smokers standing outside bars and restless homeless people setting up camp for the night.

She wore a red dress that rode high on her thighs. At a stoplight, she tugged at the edge of the dress while raising her ass in the seat. The dress was meant to be revealing but she didn't remember it being as tight as it was. When the light changed, she accelerated.

Fatty tissue slowly continued to build within her thighs and ass, forming over strands of muscle as they broke and regrew stronger than before. The bottom of the dress teased her skin while it glided higher on her bare legs. She dug her thumb between her waist and the buckle to push it away before edging sideways.

When another light changed to red, she stopped and flipped down her visor, lifting her chin to stare at her lipstick and then lowering to check her eyebrows. In her rush to change clothes and make it to the club, she hadn't made time to ensure she was properly put together, instead relying on years of experience in waking up late for work and rushing to get ready.

Her cream-colored nails scratched lightly against the black and white hairs lining the nape of her neck. The back of her head lay above her headrest now and, as she turned to check before changing lanes, her hidden ossicones scratched the fabric lining the roof of her car. Her loose black hair parted briefly to show the twin stunted bumps before she turned and her bangs settled over them.

The tip of Janelle's violet tongue slipped between her lips, resting against both cherry-red lips as she briefly considered which of her two favorite clubs to visit. Her ears angled backwards as she concentrated and then she nodded, flicking her signal before turning right.

Onyx hairs crept down the middle of her back from the end of the narrow tuft descending from her nape. The advancing fur gave way to gray in alternating patterns until they reached her tailbone. They slowed and then spread in a short, wide feathery pattern over the curve of her ass. She grunted, shoving back in her seat and rocking side-to-side to scratch the itch the new hairs left behind.

Despite it not being the weekend, cars filled the parking lot for Empire Club. A few people stood by their cars, laughing and smoking and a bouncer checked wristbands with a flashlight, just outside the entry. She turned into the parking lot, winding her way through the rows until she found an empty spot.

Pushing open her car door, she turned and cursed as she bumped her forehead against the edge of the car. She rubbed her head and glared at the frame of the door. Flexing her lengthened, graceful neck, she ducked and stepped onto the concrete.

She could already picture herself inside and her excitement built. Bending, she grabbed her wallet from her purse and then tugged at the bottom of her dress. However, as she stood, it pulled up, stopping just beneath the generous curves of her ass. She flexed her toes while she walked amongst the other cars. They tingled as if gently pricked by thorns and her nails rasped together between her inner toes. The ankle straps on her heels held her feet tightly in place but the bones grinded together regardless and she winced with each step.

A bone formed, a tiny pearl within her ankle that grew larger with each added layer as her long pastern bone grew into place and other bones began to fuse, giving shape to her new fetlock joint.

As she rifled through her purse, the brute watching the door shook his head.

"No cover for ladies tonight," he grumbled, holding out a wristband.

She gave him her arm and eyed him, staring at his arms and legs and the short but thick expanse of his neck. He clicked the wristband into place and then stared over her shoulder, bored with the routine.

Not him, she decided as he pulled the door open.

Music surrounded her when she stepped inside and her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting. Booths ringed the wide open dance floor and her ears trembled as the bass from hidden speakers threatened to overwhelm her. Yet the energy pulled her inside. Her sudden anxiety was replaced by a powerful urge to mingle, to cloak herself in the naked emotions displayed by the horde of people dancing and grinding on the floor.

A hunger rose within her when she walked to the railing to watch them. Her purple tongue slid out, narrow and long, briefly dipping below her chin before twisting around to her cheek and then her nose, licking the sweat just beginning to form. The gnawing need tightened and then spread outward and her knees clicked together, aching and knobby and weak. The girl's thighs rubbed and her dress pulled tighter as the bottom dragged upward to cup her ass, leaving the narrow strip of her dark panties bare to all.

More cartilage formed at the base of her ossicones, forcing the blunt tips just past her bangs. She reached back to grip her hair, pulling it over her shoulder to reveal the hair covering her neck and the mane of fur running down her nape. She held her hair and then released it, shaking her head. Her neck swayed as she stamped a foot, striking the ground with a thick heel from her shoes. Her glossy black hair caught on her fur until she shook her head again to settle it behind her back.

Just beyond the wide strap covering the front of her feet, her toes grew into two distinctive lumps. The skin between her right big toe and the neighboring toe slowly finished pressing together as the bones within widened and it finished merging into one of her split hooves. Pewter hairs pushed through the top of her feet, emerging randomly until they darkened near her ankles.

Her hand rested against her neck, the nails gently scratching against skin and fur as she eyed the crowd. They were mostly couples and her eyes lingered on the males, watching them entice their partners. Watched as they grabbed their females and shoved against them. Her mouth opened and she pushed a hand against her lower belly, massaging the soft skin there and the ducts forming beneath the skin. She groaned as she watched a woman spin around her boyfriend before pressing into him and leaning her head back against his shoulder.

The music changed to a different beat and the dancers slowed, changing positions as they found their footing to match the new style. She grew restless and frustrated as she watched them, suddenly sure she would be alone and have wasted her trip.

There! she told herself, leaning over the railing. The dress rose higher, slipping over her ass. A few black hairs dotted her dark skin and she uselessly tugged the dress down when she stood straight again.

A single man danced unselfconsciously by himself at the perimeter of the floor. He was Latino and shorter than men she was usually interested in but he carried himself with an immense amount of self confidence. His black shoes flashed as he spun and moved and she moaned while watching him. From his slick, dark hair to his short, perfectly trimmed beard and his loose shirt with a few curly chest hairs showing, her eyes hugged his body.

And then she moved, pushing away from the railing. Her knees clicked as her thick thighs rubbed together and her enlarged ass pushed at her dress but she kept her eyes on the man dancing alone.

The music caught her as she stepped onto the floor and she twisted when she found her rhythm, raising her arms and shaking as she moved through people, losing herself in the crowd.

And then she stood before him. Janelle didn't introduce herself, instead stepping close and matching his moves until he looked up and smiled at her. She stood inches taller than him but she didn't care; she was enraptured by the way he moved.

Near the end of the song, his hand touched her waist gently, wordlessly checking for consent. She pushed into him and his hands pressed against her back and ass as they moved and then they were apart, spinning.

The straps holding Janelle's feet in place bulged against the thick bone beneath them. She kicked and the right strap broke, bouncing the heel against her ankle as her hoof clacked against the floor. Her left heel's ankle strap broke and she stumbled but her unnamed partner caught her. Her right foot stepped on the flailing heel, snapping the ankle strap and leaving her dancing bare-footed on the floor. She barely noticed the inconvenience.

Janelle gasped as the man's hands massaged her back and she leaned forward by reflex, placing her neck against his. She bent her lengthened neck sideways, kissing the back of his head as she rubbed against him, groaning with nostrils opening wide and her violet tongue hanging low. Her eyes fluttered as she felt herself grow wet. The man's hands grabbed her ass in response, squeezing the cheeks tightly.

She reared back and kissed him. The man's eyes widened at the kiss and length of her tongue but he gladly returned the gesture. She leaned back into him, neck-to-neck, panting as her short fur rubbed against his bare skin. The music and crowd melted away around her and she grinded against his growing erection. With a grunt, she bent lower and butted her ossicones against his shoulder.

Bare skin touched her ass but she didn't flinch. Her dress rode nearly to her waist, exposing her soaked panties and the dusting of dark fur over the top of her ass and between her thighs.

"It's sexy," the man said, his voice soft and quiet, barely reaching her twitching ears. "But I think too small for you, señorita."

She kissed him again, moaning against his mouth while grabbing his hand and placing it against her mound, rubbing his fingers down the wet band of her panties and swollen labia beneath.

"Your apartment," she groaned, holding him tight and abandoning all pretense of dancing. She rubbed against him, thrusting her hips forward to try and grind her clit against his bulge. "Or house. Or car. I don't care; I need it."

He grabbed her ass once more and then took her hand, pulling her through the crowd. She followed in a daze, staring at his ass and neck and back down to his ass.

A few people glanced after her, shaking their heads at her exposed ass and legs while a few stared lustfully at her body. Her ass swelled while she walked, trapping the dress against her waist while forcing her slim panties tight between her thighs. She pulled at them, tugging them aside before realizing what she was doing and dropping her hand. Her tongue hung freely as drool formed in her mouth but she swallowed, pulling her tongue back when they stepped outside.

The man led her down the sidewalk, past the front of the club. She stopped short, pulling at him.

"Que?" he asked, turning to look up at the woman.

Janelle pulled the man into the alley. Her temples throbbed and she knew she couldn't wait. He hesitated for a moment but then followed as she stepped around puddles and trash and, finally, a large metal garbage bin.

She pulled him to her as she leaned against the wall, rubbing her neck against his before kissing him, wrapping her tongue around his and fumbling at his pants. She freed him and his cock bounced against her exposed mound until he angled back and the head rubbed against her swollen pussy lips.

"Yessss," Janelle moaned, leaning her head back against the brick wall. She grabbed at the front of her dress, pulling and snapping the thin straps. Her fingers dragged down, catching against her bra until she was topless and writhing above the man. She pulled him against her tit, gasping when his beard scratched her smooth skin. "Put it inside, god, please, put it inside."

She hooked her leg around him, pulling him hard against her to encourage him but he wasted no time, grabbing his shaft to guide it into her. She clenched against his dick immediately, moaning while wrapping her arms around his head, holding him steady against her soft breasts. Fur trailed down her neck in slow, halting movements, sable hairs broken by thick lines of gray as they reached her collarbones.

The man held her tight and slammed into her with a grunt. He rested his head against her breastbone while his hands gripped her wide, powerful ass, squeezing and kneading as her fur began to completely cover her body.

She released him, stomping her hoof against the ground as she leaned back once more with her hips forward, her narrow purple tongue hanging low as she gripped her own breasts and closed her eyes.

His head slid against her chest and two small bumps formed high on his forehead. He looked up at her with wild eyes, licking his lips with a tongue streaked with black. He grunted and then shoved his head against her, rubbing his ossicones against her body, scratching the itch deep within his skull as he rutted with the female before him.

Janelle bellowed when his head reached hers and he rubbed his neck against her. She trembled, crushing the man against her body as she came. He stopped mid-thrust to reach up and kiss her, his black tongue slipping into her mouth.

"Cum in me," she gasped, pushing him away and reaching down to play with her swollen clit. "Cum in me. God. Please. Cum inside of me."

She raised her hands, pulling at her hair. He shoved hard into her and her hip cracked, releasing a pressure she hadn't known was building within.

Skin bulged around the base of the man's cock as he furiously thrusted against Janelle. She screamed when she felt the tip of him press painfully against her cervix but she couldn't resist shoving back in return. Deep inside of her, the skin surrounding his cock grew reddened and slick and the head bent, sending Janelle into convulsions when it rubbed against her in a new and intoxicating way. It widened inside of her but she clamped herself hard against it, feeling the strange tip rub against the ridges within her pussy.

His sheath formed as his cock continued to lengthen, shoving the bent head into her again and again until he cried out, grabbing her hair with one hand and her ass with the other. His cock bulged and cum lanced out. Janelle licked his cheek, barely realizing that he was taller than her now. She cleaned his face as her heart raced but her hips betrayed her, moving and writhing on their own in an attempt to orgasm again as he continued to fill her.

The man snorted, pulling out of her painfully. His cock pulsed involuntarily once more, sending a thick jet of white cum to cover the front of her dress. Neither of them seemed to care.

He grabbed her and turned her, shoving her against the wall. Pressing into her, he nibbled on her ear as they slid through her hair. Her ass cheeks spread wetly as she bent forward and he leaned into her, the crooked head of his dick easily slipping between her engorged lips. His hand squeezed at her breast while the other slid down her stomach, sliding over four tiny bumps above her mound until he found her clit.

Janelle bellowed again, kicking the ground as he rubbed her and fucked her. She lost herself in the pleasure, relying on his building strength to hold her in place when her long, knobby legs grew weak from countless orgasms.

People passed, glancing down the alley while squinting to see the barely visible couple before moving on and enjoying their own night.


Stripes of white light slid silently down Emi's living room wall when a neighbor pulled into the apartment complex parking lot, the headlights shining through carelessly open blinds.

She shifted, groaning through dreamless sleep as pain lanced through her bones. Liquid fire coursed inside her hips and down her femur, pooling in her knees before continuing to her shins. Sweat dotted her breast bone until she moved and her loose gray top soaked it up.

Emi unfurled on the couch. She whimpered quietly as she thrust her legs out and rolled, instinctively grabbing the couch cushion next to her to hug it tightly. Strands of her short, black hair criss-crossed her face. Her mouth opened, pink lips pushing loose hair aside as her head rolled back and her eyes rolled left and right beneath closed, curved eyelids.

Trembling muscles on the verge of becoming knotted forced her toes to a point. She gasped, whispering unintelligibly with the small pillow against her body. Fat melted away, devoured by the muscles developing within. The girl's smooth skin pulled tight to outline their growth. Her toes scratched against the back of the couch as microfractures exploded along the length of her bones. The pain vanished suddenly when the changes reached her spine. Nerves grew temporarily silent and she sighed, smacking her lips while turning to face the couch once more.

The simple string bows at the side of her pajama shorts moved as her ass swelled. Unlike her thighs, fatty tissue built in tandem with muscle and her shorts pulled tight to expose the bottom curve of her cheeks. Bones within her hips, loose now to make room for a tail, spread, widening her midsection and the shorts began to dig into her crotch. The shorts rose higher still, exposing her bulging thighs completely until they cut painfully into her sides.

A camel toe appeared as her growing waist gave her a wedgie, her lacy panties stuck between her pussy lips. Three white hairs emerged from her shaved labia, held flat by her clothing as they lengthened. More hairs joined them and a single strand pushed through her panties and shorts as they crept along her body. Bronze hairs replaced white when they reached her delicate mound. Her narrow strip of black pubic hair vanished beneath a short tuft of hairs that darkened further to rust.

Emi's shirt lifted, millimeter by millimeter to expose soft skin along her side and back. The girl's skin stretched as her entire body began to lengthen. A sickening pop sounded and she groaned as sensations returned once more. Her feet lay flat against the opposite arm of the couch but she hunched forward in her sleep to relieve the pain.

A muscular sheath formed around the tip of her tailbone. She gasped and moaned, her eyes flickering open briefly as a small damp spot darkened the inside of her tighten shorts.

"Said don't lick the table," she groaned in her sleep, pulling the pillow harder against her body as her eyes closed once more.

The sheath around her tailbone expanded but the growth of it was lost in her widened hips. It lifted and skin bulged low in her back, curving in a tiny, slow wave before the lowering once more.

Emi turned again, resting against her back with the pillow covering her breasts. Her midriff lay exposed on her longer body and a fine trail of reddish hairs ran from her pubic hair to her belly button.

Low on her slim stomach, an irritated bump formed. It spread, gathering the neighboring skin while crawling left in a narrow, horizontal line centered below her belly button.

Deep within her brain, new instincts began to take root and her dreams shifted from visuals to more feral sensations soaked in emotions. She grunted and her arms moved, pushing the pillow down, shoving it against the line of skin low on her belly until she turned once again.

Bones screeched quietly within her feet. Tendons and ligaments strained as her feet pushed forward and the gentle swell of her arch grew flat. Tiny, nearly invisible black hairs grew from the backs of her toes as they slid against the arm of her couch. Her cuneiform spread, pulling her toes apart until gaps appeared between them.

Another car passed, casting rolling lines of light as the girl's changes slowed to a halt. She smacked her lips once more while mumbling incoherently and holding the pillow against her lower belly.


Awareness returned before Emi opened her eyes. She lay still while she took stock of her hangover. A thin film coated her tongue and she could feel how dry her mouth was. Worse, she was enveloped in a general sense of being off in a strange way that she couldn't clearly define.

"Geh," she mumbled, cracking her right eye open while smacking her lips and wrinkling her nose in distaste.

With a heavy sigh, she groaned and swung her legs over the edge of the couch. Her feet bumped into the floor, turning at the ankles. She squawked, opening both eyes as she looked down to see what had happened.

The girl's knees bent before her with her long toes spread and her feet flat on the ground. She turned and the world spun before her, forcing her to press her left hand against the couch.

"What the hell?" she asked herself, staring at the marbled curves of her calves. Her eyes swept up to her knees and back down to her powerful thighs. Her shorts rode high on her waist, a gray "V" shape on her elongated body.

"What the hell," she repeated, reaching down.

Rust-colored fur peeked out from her taut shorts in a wide spray that reached nearly to her hips. The crotch of the shorts pulled tight enough that she could see the side of her exposed labia. It was nearly completely covered in white hairs.

Closing her eyes, Emi breathed in deeply and then cursed when the back of her head hit the wall behind her. She rubbed her head, turning to glare at the wall before looking back down.

She was still far taller than she should be and the hairs still covered her. She reached down slowly, brushing the tips with her fingers and shivering at the tickling sensation they gave in return. Pressing deeper, she slid her hands against her lower belly before clenching her fingers and tugging.

"Ow, damn," she cursed. It was ridiculous but she'd half-expected the hairs to somehow pull away. As if glued by some random prankster. Or Janelle as a punishment for falling asleep before she left.

Just before she let go, she realized she could still see the narrow strip of black hair she'd left when trimming the night before. She lifted her hand but traced a finger along her body, watching as the hairs bent beneath her touch.

It took her a moment to realize her stomach was showing and her favorite pajama top hung awkwardly against her upper body. Distracted by the realization, she missed the line of skin on her stomach until her finger bumped against it. Goosebumps rose along her body, forcing her to jolt in a sudden shiver.

Emi leaned forward without realizing how tall she was now. Frowning, she slid her ass to the front of the couch and stared at the strange growth. It was warm to the touch and oddly sensitive with tiny red streaks just below the surface. She leaned closer still to see miniscule white hairs covering the surface.

"I am not going to work today," she told herself. She followed the little red lines from the bump on her belly but each faded to nothing almost immediately. Emi squirmed. Moving forward pulled her panties deeper into her ass so she slipped a finger beneath the band and ran it along the length to pull it.

Glancing over to the small desk in the corner of her living room, she nodded and stood. The room swayed before her. A new instinct made her lean forward as her tailbone curled beneath her hips. Skin rose low on her back as cartilage and muscle began to build around her hidden tail, finally forcing it outside her body. When the ghost of her tail failed to help steady her on the floor, she caught the edge of her coffee table instead.

Standing once more, she surveyed the room. Everything appeared slightly out of place at the corner of her eyes and brain but when she focused on any one thing, she couldn't place why it felt wrong.

She closed her eyes once more and ran her fingers through her hair while taking a deep breath.

"Okay," she told herself after breathing out. "Okay."

The girl walked to her desk and her splayed toes slapped against the floor. She caught herself leaning forward with each step and forced herself straight. Yet when she began to think of what she'd need to write to her boss, the bulge low in her back shifted and she continued to bend her upper body just before raising her left foot.

A single tap against her laptop's trackpad woke the screen. She pulled up her browser to send a quick message to her company and then opened a new tab.

Second growth spurt, she typed into the search bar. Results returned immediately showing information on growth spurts when puberty hit. She sighed and added to the search: in adults.

More accurate results were returned and she clicked through them. Most spoke about teenagers approaching their 20s and growing half a foot over a summer or over the course of a year but nothing overnight.

Emi's fingers gently played with the line of skin low on her belly. It felt pleasurable to touch and eerily similar to toying with her own nipples but not quite as erotic. She reached up to change her search before grabbing the stress ball she kept next to the laptop. Her eyes flicked through heavy lines of text discussing pituitary gland problems.

Soft fingers clenched the stress ball that rested on her strong thigh. Even in her rolling chair, her knees were bent. She focused on the screen as her free hand reached toward the line on her belly. As she read, her hand pressed the stress ball against the line and then down. She repeated the gesture multiple times before setting the squishy bag aside with a loud sigh.

"Dammit," she said, spinning slowly in her chair while stretching out her long legs. She stared at her feet and the webbing between her widened toes while mentally chewing through the articles she'd read. Some of the articles mentioned hair growth but not color changing and not the strange spread of pubic hair she had now. She flexed her feet, pulling them back and forth and watching her calf muscles bulge to the sides. "Dammit."

Standing once more, she unbuttoned her top and let it drop to the floor before digging thumbs into the band of her shorts and panties. She grunted as she pushed and walked to the bathroom, struggling out of the unreasonably tight clothing. They dragged painfully against her muscular legs until they slipped past her knees. When she lifted her foot to step out of them, her toes spread further apart automatically until she stepped down again.

Now nude, she felt oddly free and found herself raising her arms while standing on the tips of her toes. Her entire body shuddered as she stretched until she lowered her arms to gently scratch the line on her stomach. The girl's large ass flexed with each step.

When she reached the hallway beyond the living room, her hair moved. Bones cracked silently on the sides of her head. She yawned and rocked her jaw as her ears quivered. The tips brushed against her hair when they slid an inch higher than before, bones shifting around them as they transitioned. She pulled at her ears until they popped and her palms brushed tiny alabaster hairs emerging from her jawline.

Shaking her head against the strange ache deep in her skull, she stepped onto the cold bathroom floor and hopped over to the tub and the floor mat beside it. She turned the handles around the faucet and stepped from one foot to the other.

Steam slowly filled the small room. She reached her hand out, turning it palm-up to test the water. Charcoal colored hairs slid slowly from the back of her hand, trapping the water as she adjusted the temperature. Drops of water and sweat began to dot her back, some tracing an erratic line down to her ass while others stopped against copper hairs growing in sparse patches.

Emi leaned forward, knuckles against the edge of the tub. She pressed down, humming to herself as the bulge twisted against her back. The stubby tail uselessly tried to anchor itself to the floor while she lifted her feet into the bathtub.

She groaned, smiling into the nearly scalding water as she washed herself, turning to let the water course down her thick thighs and pronounced ass. A few more hairs emerged between her shoulder blades and she reached back to scratch herself with one hand while turning to let the water splash her chest.

Her right hand pressed against the skin beneath the long line of swollen flesh. Unnoticed by the girl, the skin moved at her touch, shifting slightly as if unattached to her body. Her thumb flicked against the ridge of skin before rubbing it in circles.

As she scrubbed conditioner into her short hair, she sang in a quiet, halting voice. Her nails clawed against her body while she worked body soap into skin and hair. She reached down, scratching through the tuft covering her mound and then further, carefully cleaning between her thighs.

"Jesus," she gasped, spitting water that streamed down her face.

Her hand rubbed her thighs and she was amazed at how dense her legs felt. She could feel the muscles flexing beneath the skin and she lost herself in rubbing them again and again before shaking her head to reach for her shins.

The tips of her fingers flailed for her shins and she blinked in surprise. Emi bent her long torso so her short arms could reach her legs and feet. Once again her tail rose, pressing out against the skin on her back. Her waist felt tight suddenly as muscles began to form in her hips surrounding her tailbone, readying her body for the massive tail yearning to grow.

She leaned further to clean between her toes. They spread wide for her, her toenails scraping against the tub as her pinky toe and big toe flexed beyond the sides of her feet. She frowned at her nails, picking at them when she noticed how thick and gray they appeared.

Standing once more, she rinsed her body, sighing happily as the warm water surrounded her. She reached up blindly to grab her shampoo, spurting it into her hand to rub into her hair.

A single gray line appeared in the center at the bottom of her nose. She sneezed and then bent beneath the water to allow it to wash away the shampoo. The gray darkened to black as little dark tendrils sprouted from the line, spreading until they reached the edges of her nose.

Now clean, she pushed the stopper to let the water divert to the faucet. She sat at the edge of the tub with her knees nearly to her chest before grabbing her razor. Spreading her knees, she stared at the strange pubic hair.

What if the doctor needs to see it? she asked herself, touching the hair with the blunt edge of the razor.

She thought she could smell it for a moment and it reminded her of a wet animal. Something new triggered deep in her brain and her breath caught as she groaned and breathed in deeply. Her fingers gripped the fur, pulling hard while faint impressions of something echoed through her mind. Something red and hot and hungry. She groaned again as the razor clattered to the tub. Her hips rocked slowly on the edge of the tub as she crossed her arms over her breasts.

Cream-colored hairs emerged from her forearm. They crawled up to her elbow until red began to replace white. Her nails clawed at her arms and she shuddered. Thick copper hairs grew from the nape of her neck, hidden beneath her black hair. Her fingers reached up to scratch the deep itch they left behind but she fell short. Red lines appeared in her skin as she dragged her nails down her back.

"Woooo," Emi said quietly, blinking her eyes as she unwrapped her arms. Her tongue darted out as a tiny split appeared in her top lip. "Wow."

She bent to grab her razor. Once again she breathed deep before exhaling. Her soft sigh rumbled quietly in the back of her throat as she squeezed her thighs together. Spreading them apart once more showed a single clear strand attached between her labia and right inner thigh. Her labia bulged beneath the white hairs and she touched herself carefully.

"Christ, Emi," she told herself, wiping the liquid away. "You need to get laid."

Bracing herself against the wall, she stood and stepped onto her bath mat before grabbing her towel to pat herself dry. She wrapped it around her hair, shivering as the coarse edge brushed against the short fur along her nape.

Humming once more, Emi stared at herself in the mirror to pluck loose hairs and apply subtle makeup.

Black fur spread from the hairs covering the backs of her toes, growing along the top of her feet while she leaned in to apply soft pink lipstick. She scratched at the line of skin on her belly and then put away her kit. Unwrapping her towel, she luxuriated in being bare once more.

A valley appeared in the center of her back as muscles bunched up. She rolled her shoulders and scratched herself, clawing at the red hairs still pushing through her skin while stepping over to her closet. She grabbed a pair of panties, stepping into them and pulled them up until they caught against her thigh. She glared at them and tugged harder until the material strained and threatened to tear.

Emi flung the panties away to grab another but every one she tried was the same. She stomped in frustration and her long feet thumped against the carpet.

"Dammit, dammit," she fussed, digging through her dresser until she found a shamefully unused pair of black yoga pants. She pulled them on slowly, grunting as they stretched over her calves and then again over her thighs. They stretched as she yanked and then yelped when the crotch dug into her pussy. Stepping away from her closet, she stood before her mirror to stare at herself. "Whoa."

Her ankles and over six inches of her legs were bare and a few reddish hairs peeked out from the band of the pants. The yoga pants ballooned out over her large ass and her eyes widened as she turned to stare at it.

"Fuck's sake, Emi," she gasped, admiring herself. "This can't be normal. But I sure the hell ain't going to complain. Unless it's cancer. Unless cancer somehow gave me an amazing ass and legs before rampaging through my body and killing me. Might still be worth it, though. Damn."

She leaned forward as she walked to the closet once more and her stubby tail pressed against the back of the pants. Her fingers flicked through hanging shirts until she pulled a white exercise shirt down. She struggled into it, shivering as it scratched against the sparse fur covering her back and over her oddly sensitive nipples.

Once more, a vast expanse of her belly lay exposed. She touched her stomach in wonder, amazed at how much she'd changed overnight.

"Oh," she said, looking up at the mirror.

The yoga pants stretched tight over her crotch, easily outlining her mound and pussy into a small yet visible camel toe. She blushed, tugging and pulling at the pants in the hopes that she could force it to settle but nothing she did helped. Her thighs and ass were simply too muscular for her clothing.

A thought hit her and she turned, bending to the corner of her closet. She mumbled as she dug through piles of clothing until she pulled an old hoodie free.

"Look at you, Jason," she said, holding the hoodie out. "You actually did do one good thing for me after all."

Emi pulled the large "borrowed" hoodie over her head, pulling it down until it covered her waist and crotch. Turning back to the mirror, she smiled when she saw how well it hid her tight pants.

The girl shoved her hands into the front pockets and a warmth blossomed in her belly, filling her with a strange sense of happiness. She pressed her small fists against her lower stomach, rubbing the ridge of skin as she walked to her front door to retrieve her purse and keys. Red bloomed on her chest, just above her breasts and she smiled. She felt satisfied and happy as she held her fists in the front pocket. It was a strange feeling and a wistful one. She pulled the hoodie tight against her body as the intrusive animalistic part of her reminisced over a ghost of a memory.


Two receptionists sat behind a desk in the quiet office.

"And the reason you're here today?" the second one asked as she stared at her computer. She was approaching middle age but the unhappiness she exuded appeared to permaturely age her.

"Oh, well," Emi hesitated. "I, uhh, I grew a lot. Overnight."

"I'm sorry?" the receptionist asked, turning to stare.

"I used to be about five foot two inches," Emi said. "When I woke up this morning, I was way taller. Oh. Should I have measured myself? I didn't, I'm sorry. I think maybe I'm six feet tall now? And-"

Emi bit her lip and looked down, suddenly embarrassed. The receptionist eyed her with naked skepticism, waiting for her to continue but she shuffled her feet in the long socks she'd worn. None of her shoes had fit her distended feet. She'd walked out of her place bare-footed and nearly made it to her car before she realized what she'd done.

"And?" the receptionist finally prodded.

"And, uhh," Emi mumbled, blushing deeply. "I grew hair. Uh. Hair down there. Different color. It's normally black and ohmygodwhyamItellingouthis."

"Just fill out the form and the doctor will see you shortly," the receptionist said, shaking her head as she passed a clipboard through the dividing window.

Emi snatched the clipboard and spun, stumbling on legs longer than she was used to. The tip of her tail scratched against her pants, hidden beneath her hoodie. It grew in a fit, sliding down between her ass cheeks before stopping as she sat hard in the uncomfortable chairs lining the office.

She filled out the questionnaire as carefully as possible, writing the reason for her visit under "other" as there was no section for either of the issues she was facing. She scratched the black hairs covering the back of her hands and fingers, rubbing the aching joints before continuing to mark the paper. She wrote the explanation for the line on her stomach as a possible infection since she had no other idea on how to explain it.

Once finished, she snuck the clipboard through the window, avoiding the receptionist's eyes and returning to her spot. She folded into herself, pulling her long legs close while clenching her hands together inside the pocket. The feeling of contentment and happiness returned and she found herself slowly rubbing the long bump on her belly through her ex-boyfriend's sweatshirt.

Alabaster hairs emerged from her shin, the pale tips piercing her black yoga pants as they marched along her leg, higher and higher. Just below her knees, copper hairs mixed with white before replacing them entirely. She scratched her knee idly before pulling it back into the pocket. Her ears crunched, muffling all sounds for a few seconds until she yawned. They began to move again while the tips grew to points, slicing through her hair like a pale, furred shark emerging from the water.

The warmth from earlier continued to spread and she focused inward as she enjoyed it. Her fists slid lower on her belly until she rubbed against a particularly sensitive spot. The girl jumped in surprise but then glanced around sheepishly before pulling her legs back in.

Yet her hands stayed where they were and she moved them in a tight circle. New nerves lit up, shooting sparks along her spine to the roof of her mouth and down, deep in her guts. She rubbed her tongue against her mouth while pressing her thighs together and her hands never stopped moving.

Stealing a quick glance towards the receptionist desk, she ducked her head and tensed the muscles deep inside her pussy, feeling the wetness within. She could smell that peculiar scent once more but it was now mixed with the faint smell of her arousal.

A single dark patch appeared in the center of her black yoga pants, just beneath her clit. She arched her back and her powerful muscles flexed as dense muscles swelled around her tail, pushing at the back of her pants. The wet spot spread against her tight pants as she pressed her fists harder into the tiny spot just above her mound.

The door dinged, forcing her to sit up while pressing her knees together. She stared down at her feet but looked up to see a bearded man step into the office. He was broad-shouldered in an unbuttoned long sleeved Henley shirt with curly brown hair and rough blue jeans. She swallowed and pressed her fist against her belly while leaning forward slightly.

Fine white hairs sprouted from the inside of her folded, narrow ears as they rotated forward to catch what the man was saying. His low, rumbling voice was too difficult to make out but he soon walked to a seat almost exactly opposite her on the other side of the office with a clipboard in his large hand.

Emi swallowed again, refusing to look up at him. She felt embarrassed at her own arousal but it pulsed within her, the animal part of her brain growing larger and dragging her along with its rising desires.

Her fists moved again, deep within the pockets. She grabbed them out before the temptation rose. Placing her hands flat on her seat, she fidgeted, feeling awkward with their placement. She rested them against her thighs but it still felt wrong. Finally, she hid them beneath the hoodie, pressing them against the warm, raised line of skin.

"Ohh," she moaned quietly, hanging her head. It wasn't nearly as intense as the strange spot lower on her stomach but, as her thumb slid back and forth against the line, she was forced to shift in her seat.

Emi toyed with the raised skin as her mouth slowly opened. A few short red hairs grew next to the white lining her jaw to creep glacially towards her cheeks.

Suddenly, the line of ridge of skin separated from her body and her hand slipped into her warm pouch. Emi moaned and then bit her lip but she could stop from touching herself. Black hairs lined the interior, tickling her fingers until they bumped over two short teats.

The girl's head thrust back and her legs opened briefly before she closed them again. She stared down at her stomach, her eyes a million miles away as her ears burned. A part of her knew she should stop but she couldn't. The alien sensation of the two wrinkled teats was incredibly erotic.

One of the new nipples stiffened in her fingers and she turned her head to bite the sweatshirt. Her hips rocked once but she held herself still, opening her fingers to clutch both teats together. The black fur on the back of her hand grew dense as gray-flecked keratin flowed out from her nail bed to strengthen her fingernails into claws.

She gasped, losing herself to the pleasure of it. Finally, she looked up to stare at the man across from her. He was lost in his paperwork, rubbing his nose occasionally while slowly tapping the pen against the questions.

Emi opened her knees while she eyed him, pulling and pinching the teats hidden in her pouch. Her palm rubbed the soft skin inside as the fur growing along her hand and arm tangled with the long hairs within.

Claws from her left hand rubbed against her swollen clit. She pushed against the crotch of her pants and they glimmered in the light as she soaked them with her pussy. Her hand slid down her engorged lips until her index finger reached the base of her pussy. The tip of her now-sharp claw pierced the crotch of her pants and she pulled, dragging it carefully up until her white-furred pussy lay bare. The hairs lay slick against her lips and inner thighs, drenched by her excitement. She rocked, arching her back as she slipped a finger between her pussy lips.

The man glanced up for a moment as he considered a question and then down again before his eyes snapped up to stare between Emi's wide open legs. He forced his head down but his pen froze in place. She smiled lazily at him while she toyed with her teats with one hand and her pussy with the other.

The combination felt incredible and she stopped caring about where she was or who was watching. All she knew was a male was before her. An unchallenged male, large and strong and rough looking. Perfect for breeding her. Her chin rose suddenly as a tiny orgasm burst through her and she sighed as her hand sped up.

When the man snuck a look at her again, she grinned and raised her hand. Her fingers were coated with clear liquid. She opened her mouth and her tongue stretched out while narrowing slowly. It wrapped around her fingers and she moaned clearly for him while cleaning herself off. His face burned bright red and he ducked his head once more.

Emi stood, ducking bending as she stepped forward. Her tail rose, longer now, and slipped free of her pants. She could feel it wriggling against the inside of her hoodie but she ignored it as she walked to the man sitting before her. He froze in place as she leaned forward with a wide smile and an exaggerated groan.

"I want you to fuck me," she said, rubbing her lightly furred cheek against his before licking his earlobe.

"I, uhh," the man stuttered. "I- Uhh."

She took his hand carefully and he gave no resistance as she placed it between her thighs. She held his pointer finger and slid it against her pussy, growling and licking his ear once more as she showed him how incredibly wet she was.

"Jesus," the man gasped.

She tugged him gently until he stood. Turning, she led him past the receptionist desk. One had her back turned while digging through filing cabinets while the other focused on her phone call and the computer angled away from the waiting room. Their attention was the least thing on her mind as she led the man to the bathroom beyond their desk.

The large bathroom's light clicked on automatically when she entered and she led him to the toilet.

"I. I think, uhh," the man said, swallowing and rubbing his nose once more.

Emi released his hand, took two steps and leaned forward, grasping the silver railing on the wall surrounding the toilet. She spread her thighs and the tear in her pants widened further. Her pussy lips separated wetly and a single clear drip hung from her clit.

"Do you want me?" she purred, slowly shoving her ass back. The hoodie lifted in a small tent as her tail continued to grow. The base of it slid against the rough band of her yoga pants and she moaned as if a lover's nails scratched along her body. "Please. Just fuck me."

She pressed her forehead against the wall as a high-pitched whine filled her ears. Bones cracked and clicked and her nose burned as her face pushed forward.

All pain was forgotten when she felt large hands against her round, powerful ass. Her ears flattened when she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper coming undone.

"This is such a bad-" he started to say.

Emi shoved back while raising her hips when she felt the tip of his cock bounce against her pussy lips. The man groaned, clenching a hand against her waist as she cried out. She gripped him tightly as he pressed deep into her. She reached back, grabbing his hand and pulling it higher to her tail but he misunderstood and, instead, leaned into her to reach around and grab her breast.

"You, god, so tight- You have to be quiet," he whispered fiercely, holding her chest as he pulled back. Emi groaned, squeezing his cock tightly and shaking as she felt him deep inside. The flared head of his cock rubbed against her and she gasped, biting her lip to hold back the words threatening to spill forth.

The man placed a hand in front of her against the wall and she pressed her cheek against his arm. Her face continued to lengthen, the skin breaking into stretch marks before growing smooth once more. Holes appeared above her top lip. She pressed her cheek back into the cool wall as short whiskers slipped through the holes.

Black cracks appeared in her brown eyes. They pierced her sclera as they spread and her eyes darkened into pure black. Sand colored fur sprouted from the bridge of her nose as it straightened and her folded ears flicked when the pain mixed with the enormous pleasure she felt.

Emi reached a hand down, slipping it into the warmth of her pouch. She teased her teat as the man pressed back into her, anxious over the amount of noise he was making. Her wide ass slapped his bare crotch, spattering him with her juices.

Dark points speared through the front of Emi's socks. Her nails consumed the tips of her toes, growing conical as the keratin continued to flow, layer by layer. They spread further apart while tearing into the colorful fabric.

Sweat broke out along Emi's forehead as her fur continued to spread, growing to cover her entire body. She desperately wanted to shrug out of the hoodie to get some relief but she didn't want to stop bouncing back on the man's cock. She moaned, her long tongue dangling as he filled her pussy with his dick.

"Feels so fucking good," Emi grunted.

"Have. To. God! Be. Quiet," the man grunted.

"I don't care," she gasped. Each thrust forced a moan out and she clawed at her teats with one soft hand and her breast with another. "Just fuck me. Pound into me. Slap my fat ass and fill me with your cum! Fuck me until I can't even breathe. Make me your whore, god, yes, make me your little slut. Fuck my brains out until I'm nothing more than your good little slut that follows your every command always wet for you and begging for it and needing-"

"Said quiet!" the man grunted, slapping her ass hard and making her shriek in pleasure. He reached a hand up and over her neck, gripping her softly but enough to show what he meant.

"Fuck yes!" Emi moaned, shuddering as her orgasm grew close. "Yes, choke me hard while you fuck me. I'm your slut, right? I'm your little slut? Tell me I'm your sl-urk!"

The man's hand closed around Emi's soft, furry throat and she bucked. Her fingers pinched her teat hard as she slammed herself back. She gasped as she felt the edges of faintness approach but it only made her more wild.

"Excuse me!" a voice said outside.

"My slut," the man grumbled. His jeans pulled tight against his legs. They slipped down as muscles bulged in his thighs. "You're my slut. My dirty little whore."

"Yessssss," Emi moaned loudly. Her head throbbed but the lightness only increased the pleasure. Tiny bright lights filled the edge of her vision. She was so close.

The back of the girl's hoodie pulled upward to reveal her tail, half as wide as she was and powerful, curved to a soft point.

"Excuse me!" the voice said again.

The doorknob shook as Emi reached up to grab the man's hand. He released her neck and she guided him down to her breast, holding his hand in place.

"You can't do that here!" the receptionist said clearly as the door opened. "You people- That's disgusting!"

"Don't stop," Emi whined as her hips sped up. "Almost there. Almost there. Make me cum. Make your little whore cum."

She moved his hand further, sliding it down her body until it reached her pouch and then inside. He jerked for a second but then groaned as she squeezed his fingers around the teats hidden inside. He jerked again, leaning forward to nibble on her long ears as he came deep inside of her.

Emi cried out and frantically worked her ass back, slapping it against him as the receptionist grabbed the man's arm. He shrugged her off and then groaned as his hip cracked. Emi could feel him moving against her back. His chest slid against the hoodie while his bones broke and reformed, forcing him taller as his calves flared out to handle the extra weight. He kicked his boots against the floor over and over until his cramped feet were freed. The man's long toes slapped against the ground as he pushed past his orgasm to pleasure the girl before him.

She came, finally, when he pinched both of her teats and slammed as hard as he could inside. His fingers painfully gripped the long hairs within her pouch as she shuddered before him, her strong legs suddenly weak.

"Disgusting!" the receptionist shouted. "You're both anim-"

"Now, now," a calm, matronly voice said.

Emi turned and then quivered, her eyes rolling up for a moment before she steadied herself. Lady Lilith stood at the entrance of the bathroom with two large men behind her. She watched the older woman gently hand the receptionist off to one of the men before drawing a small vial from her pocket. She opened it and carefully tipped it over against the prone woman's bare arm, rubbing it back and forth until the vial was empty. The receptionist lay limply in the man's grip.

"Well, well," Lilith said, turning back to Emi. "Look at the both of you."

"Who the hell-" the man started to say.

"Hush, now," Lilith said, calming him. "Go with Francis here. Willingly and quietly. We have a van waiting."

The man's eyes glazed over. Emi shook as he pulled out of her and she reached for him, wanting him to stay. Wanting him back inside of her. He was bare from the waist down, except for plain black socks. Dense gray nails pierced the tips of his socks and he leaned forward slightly with each step.

"Emi, what a beautiful girl you are," Lilith said approvingly. Emi ducked her head shyly but felt happy at the compliment.

"Here, let me help," the older woman said. She took the hoodie gently and pulled it off, folding it and handing it to the guard standing nearby. Emi took her own shirt to pull it off, once more feeling freed as she stood in her torn socks and a brilliant pelt of white and red.

The woman stroked Emi's long muzzle before sliding a hand through the girl's black hair to scratch her elongated ears. Emi moaned, sliding a paw down her belly to her dripping pussy.

"Plenty of time for that," Lilith laughed. "Come with me."

She followed the older man docilely, looking around quickly for her mate.

No, that's not right, she frowned as she shook her head. The m- oh god, I had sex with a random man in the doctor's bathroom!

Suddenly in a panic, she covered her breasts with one arm and her pussy with one black-furred hand. She hid behind Lilith but the office was silent.

"They won't bother us," the other woman said. She turned to tap the guard and he lifted the receptionist in both arms to carry her more easily. "Come now, I have a second van waiting."

"This isn't right," Emi muttered, unable to stop herself from following the strange woman. She leaned forward and her tail pressed against the cold ground, startling her and causing her to scream. "What the hell is that?!"

"Your tail, dear," Lilith said, patting the scared girl's arm. "You'll grow used to it quite quickly, trust me."

"Oh god," Emi groaned. She reached back to touch it and then pulled her hand away. "Oh god! I can feel his- his stuff coming out!"

"'Stuff'?" Lilith laughed, raising a perfect eyebrow. "Do you want to clean yourself up? I'm sure they have towels here."

Emi hesitated. She closed her eyes as she recalled the way he felt inside of her. Their mixed scents rose to her black nose and she sighed. She felt so empty inside. And so warm. It was raising again now that she recognized the feeling.

"No," she said, licking her lips.

She liked how it felt.

"Will I-" she started to ask before blushing.

"Yes," Lilith said. "You'll see him again. You're bonded to him now. But, later."

A van sat in the alley as they took a side exit from the clinic. The double doors in the back were opened and Emi spied two rows of padded seats against both walls. The guard stepped in to gently lay the receptionist into one of the seats and Lady Lilith gestured to the van.

"Where are we going?" Emi asked, nervous again. Her tail curled around her side and she gripped the tip of it with both hands. It felt incredibly solid in her grasp.

"To a place where you'll be more comfortable," the woman said. "Trust me."

I won't forgive you for doing this to me, she wanted to say. Yet the words felt wrong in her mouth and in her mind. Instead, she stepped into the back of the van. It lowered itself as it took the new weight of her. She pressed her right knuckle against a seat as her tail pressed into the bottom of the van. She lifted her feet, took a step with both at once and then turned to sit awkwardly with her tail to the side.

The van doors closed and Emi held her tail for comfort. She squeaked when the van started and swayed as it drove away.

"Wha-" the other woman said, rolling her drooped head to the left.

Emi watched her, nibbling on her lip while glancing towards the front of the van. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. With another look to the front, she reached out a hand to comfort the woman before pulling it back.

The other woman's blonde hair parted to show the round edges of her ears. They expanded, color draining to gray as they flapped forward and then back.

"Are we?" the woman mumbled, trying and failing to lift her head. Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth.

A loud crack filled the small space. Emi winced while pulling her knees up to her body. The receptionist placed a hand against her jaw. Her top canine teeth began to lengthen, cracking the teeth next to them as they grew past her bottom lip. They curled when they reached her chin but continued to grow.

"Wasss happenin'?" the woman tried to ask. She raised her head, keeping it steady for a few seconds before her eyes drooped. The woman nodded, resting her chin against her chest while swaying forward with the motion of the vehicle.

As the rounded tip of her nose lifted to show her nostrils, the skin surrounding it grew wrinkled. Her pale skin darkened incrementally as her nose slid forward and then down over her lips.

The woman's small trunk lifted over her growing tusks as she tried once more to sit back.

"God," the woman groaned, pawing at her clothes. They tightened against her clothes, clearly showing the outline of her modest breasts. Emi looked away but found herself drawn back to it and her hand slid down to her pouch. "Feels hot. Too hot."

Skin bulged out from between the woman's skirt and her blouse. The pale skin darkened to the color of bone before fading further to pewter. She tore at her shirt but the buttons snapped, one-by-one as her body expanded. Her bra pulled down to expose swelling breasts. Flecks of ashen gray spotted her brown areola as they quickly doubled in width. She squeezed her own breasts and her trunk curled, longer now, while she trumpeted in ecstasy.

Emi's free hand slipped between her thighs and she spread her knees as she gently pressed against her clit, positioning her hand to ensure her short claws stayed clear. Her own cries joined the other woman as the van sped down the street.


"Welcome," Lilith said, spreading her arms wide. "It's a temporary home before we move to a more suitable location."

The two bodyguards stood beneath each of the receptionist's arms. The girl could barely walk after countless orgasms on the short drive. Her tree trunk-thick gray legs stomped on the concrete as her wide ears swayed.

Emi looked around the huge room. An enormous amount of equipment, mostly medical in appearance, filled the area. People in scrubs walked among employees in casual clothes and large men that were obviously guards of some kind.

A loud yowling sound drew her attention and she shivered in sudden fear.

"My god," Emi gasped as she spotted the lioness.

A powerful two-legged lioness writhed on the floor far to her right. Her large paws rubbed her pussy as her tail thrashed and she kicked the ground, snapping and biting and screaming.

"Dying!" the woman shouted, twisting as she raised her hips and spread her legs. "I'm dying! Fucking dying! So fucking hot! God! So fucking hot and empty!"

That voice. No, it can't be, she told herself. Yet...

"Siobhan?" Emi asked.

"Oh, yes," Lilith said with a frown as she tapped her chin.

"Mistress," a man gasped as he ran forward. "She's somehow already in heat."

"That's far too early," the older woman said. "Where's her mate?"

"Already enroute to Agadir," the man told her with his head bowed.

"Can't be helped," Lilith sighed. "Michael?"

"Mistress," one of her guards said, shrugging out of his jacket. It fell to the floor as his hand tugged at his tie. He walked towards Siobhan while undoing the buttons of his shirt.

"Michael," the woman said sharply, flinging a medallion towards the man. He caught it and pulled it over his head with a sheepish look. "Unless you're ready to-"

"No," the man said. "Not yet, no. Thank you, mistress."

"Please," a new voice said.

Emi turned to see a woman seated on a bench. She hid her nudity while staring at the ground before her. A single black stripe of skin circled her belly and another covered the tops of her breast. Before Emi's eyes, the suntanned skin beneath her breasts grew pale before fading to white.

"I'm- I'm supposed to get married tonight," the woman whined. Her right foot clacked against the hard floor. The tip of her toes was a hardened black semi-circle. She brought her left leg up to rub her toes but even from where she stood, Emi could see her nails pulling back as the toes merged. "T- Tom, t-t-tell them."

A man stood next to her, ringed in white and black. A thick tuft of black hair stood out from the nape of his neck. He licked his lips and his black nostrils expanded as he stomped his hooves on the ground. A short tail flicked behind him. He reached forward to stroke the girl's hair lovingly.

But Emi's eyes zeroed in on the man's crotch. The man's cock bulged forth, bending under its own absurd weight. In contrast to his pale body, his cock was charcoal black and blunted at the tip. Black skin covered the base. Her mouth watered, staring at it and she groaned while imagining it plunging inside of her.

"T- Tom, please," the woman groaned, pulling at her fiancé's arm. She tugged again but her eyes slowly lowered from his until they stared at his dick. The woman set her left foot down and her new hoof clacked against the ground.

A clear drip fell from her pussy on a long line, breaking near the floor to join the puddle already beneath her.

"N-no," she whinnied, looking away from the cock. Her body betrayed her as she turned back to find her hand no longer on her fiancé's arm. It encircled the base of the man's cock but it was far too thick for her thumb to touch her fingers. "N-no, I'm n-not- I'm not an anima-aaah gawd-"

She groaned and leaned forward as her jaw cracked and began to elongate. Thick black hairs pressed through her loose brown hair as it crept down the nape of her neck. Her hand gripped her breast but then reached back to press just above her ass as the skin there bulged. Her tan was fading beneath the base of her struggling tail as a new stripe took its place.

Drool dripped from the woman's mouth as she tried to take the entire length of her fiancé's dick. Her ears slid through her hair as she bobbed back and forth, no longer ashamed of rutting in front of everyone watching.

Emi grunted, jerking as her fingers grinded against her clit. She watched the act, licking her lips as she imagined her own mouth over the man's cock. The girl shuddered through a small orgasm but kept going as a larger one built within.

"I think you'll fit in just fine," Lady Lilith said as she strolled away.


Cream-colored curtains billowed in the soft, warm breeze of an open window. Emi lay stretched out on the bed with a scroll before her and an open notebook beside it. She tapped a pen against the strange, flowing script on the long paper while consulting early pages in her notebook. Her left arm rested on a pillow nestled against her belly and the tip of her tail occasionally tapped the gigantic bed.

Nearly a year after meeting Lady Lilith, she had finally settled into a routine she enjoyed and even the few interruptions were interesting rather than annoying. And sometimes more than simply 'interesting.'

"What is this damn word?" she asked herself, tapping the butt of the pen against her narrow lips. Her tail writhed behind her as she flipped pages.

The book was a combination of busy work and training. Lilith's library was immense and ancient with varying languages used throughout. Translations existed for less than half of the scrolls and books stored and only a few residents cared enough to help translate the rest. Lilith was greatly pleased when Emi showed interest and they both enjoyed the sporadic lessons.

The language had no name, Lilith told her. And only a handful of people were aware of it.

"Looks like a vase with an inverted base?" she wondered aloud.

She'd tried to look the language up on the Internet once but only one character was a partial match to something called Sinaitic script. Another bore an eerie resemblance to a DNA strand but nothing quite matched that, either. The partial match on the first character had led to a very interesting rabbit hole to follow and questions for Lilith later but the cursed, secretive woman had redirected the conversation back to their lesson.

She'd worked through two paragraphs only and it appeared to be the middle of a longer text. So far it was the account of a lone man - an outcast with no idea of his own history beyond a vague, worrying memory of having done something horribly wrong. Every experience was new to him. Every creature or plant he spied was unknown and he struggled mightily in a vast wilderness.

A gentle knock came from the doors to her room. Seconds later, it opened and a well groomed young woman peeked in before opening it completely.

"Lady Emi," the woman intoned. "Your guest is here."

Emi smiled and carefully rolled the scroll before setting it atop her notebook and placing both carefully into a safe at her bedside.

"You'll never stop, will you?" she asked.

"I'm afraid not," the woman said with a bow.

"Well, I'm sure the hell no lady," Emi replied, sticking her tongue out while pushing herself up. "Is Janelle still visiting tonight?"

"Lady Janelle herself confirmed thirty minutes ago," the woman said, stepping backwards while still bowing.

"Thank you, Shirai," Emi said but the woman was already gone. It embarrassed her to be thanked for her duties but Emi would never stop being polite to her.

A middle aged man stepped carefully into the room, glancing about for a moment before settling his eyes on Emi. They widened and he took a half-step backwards with a hand to his chest.

"It's true," he said.

"Yup," Emi said, smiling with her long muzzle. It was a strange sensation on the longer face but she'd tried her best to master it and hoped it put people at ease.

"May I?" he asked.

"May you what?" she replied, cocking her head. Her ears angled back through her long black hair. She'd had Shirai make intricate braids early in the morning but the top was loose enough to not tangle her ears.

"Approach," he answered with some embarrassment.

"Uh. Yes?" Emi told him.

He was dressed in casual but incredibly expensive clothes. A year ago she wouldn't have been able to tell but Lilith had specific tastes and her visitors were far from poor. His sandals slapped quietly against the stone floor until he stood at her bedside. Most visitors were shy to some degree. Or just in shock from seeing her. Or any of the other girls that resided in the area.

"You can sit," she said to save him from asking.

He did and his eyes never left hers. Finally, he looked toward the door and then back.

"Are you-" he swallowed, glancing back once more. "Are you happy here? Not against your will? I have a helicopter waiting and guards I can summon if you're being held-"

Emi laughed, leaning her head back with her mouth open and her hand against her stomach. Once finished she reached out to touch his arm lightly. His long sleeve was rolled back to show hairy arms.

"You're a sweet one, aren't you?" she said. They weren't always but those that overstepped after misrepresenting themselves to Lady Lilith were dealt with accordingly. And brutally. "Yes. Yeah, I'm really, really happy. It took a while and I miss my mom but my eyes have been opened to what life can offer."

He touched her hand and she left him, watching his expressions carefully. His eyes seemed to strain to meet hers and she wondered how difficult it was for him. She no longer wore clothes and her breasts had filled out over the past few weeks. Her dark nipples easily pushed through the coppery fur lining her chest.

"Your hand," he said.

"Yes?" she asked, smiling once more.

"They're so soft," he finished.

"I know, right?!" Emi said, laughing again until she winced and touched her stomach.

The girl's expression changed but the visitor had no reference to understand

"Why are you here today, sir?" she asked, touch his arm again. She stroked him, her paw moving back and forth through the hair on his arm.

"I-" he swallowed, watching her hand. "I'm a philanthropist with no children. And even if I had them, I believe it would be wrong to leave my entire wealth for their enjoyment. A thing should be earned, as I have done. I donate to worthy causes and, one day, I received a call."

"And you met Lilith," Emi said. Her hand slipped down to the man's thigh. He watched it but didn't stop her.

"Y-yes," he told her. "Eventually. After rounds of interviews. She has some extraordinary causes that align with my interests."

"Mmmhmmm," Emi said, scratching her nails into the man's leg. "You have some causes that align with my interests, sir."

"I- yes?" he asked, uncertain of her intentions but swallowing as Emi reached up to the buttons on his shirt.

She undid the top button and pulled it aside. An amulet lay beneath the shirt with a simple symbol: two vertical lines with a diagonal line that began at the left line and passed through the bottom of the right line but continued past. It meant "bind", she knew. The man from her story had the same symbol on the inside of his wrist but had no idea how it came to be there.

"Oh, yes," she said, toying with the amulet. She lay her hand against her belly. "My boyfriend is off with, well, I suppose I'm not supposed to say. We came to an agreement early on, him and I. He knows how very attached I am to him but he also knows what the changes have done to me. To us. To all of us. What the animal aspect does to us."

She undid another button and then a third.

"My breed is almost always pregnant," she purred, leaning in to kiss his neck. "I don't plan to pop out countless babies but even when I'm not knocked up my sex drive is insane."

"Oh," he said, frozen in place.

"What's worse, though?" she continued, reaching up to slip his shirt free. He was in impressive shape for his age, despite the spray of gray chest hair. "I am pregnant. My toys are barely enough these days and it makes him happy to know I'm satisfied."

"I didn't-" he swallowed again. Her short claws tugged playfully at his trousers. "I've already committed to Lady Lilith's efforts. I don't need-"

"Shhh," she told him, placing a black-furred finger on his lips. "Don't keep going or you'll probably insult me. I'm not a whore. I'm not here to seal the deal you've made with Lilith. No, you are here for me."

He groaned quietly as she worked the buttons and zippers and then smiled once more to find him growing erect.

"It's my perk," she said, turning and crawling onto a mound of pillows

She arranged them beneath her breasts and rested on her arms, wiggling her ass back and forth with her massive tail pulled up. The fur surrounding her pussy was dark and strands of her cum connected between the base of her tail and her swollen lips.

"If you would, sir?" she said, reaching beneath herself. She placed her claws against her pussy and spread herself open to him.

She knew Lilith's profiling would have placed him properly in her suites rather than someone else's. And the thrill of her unusual status was generally more than most could turn down. He wouldn't have the amulet if he hadn't shown a subconscious interest in fucking her.

"Are you-"

"Yes," she told him, looking back as she slipped a finger inside. "I'm really damn sure. In fact, sir, I'm begging you."

She turned back around with a smile when he stood and finished undressing and she prayed he could last long enough to dull the heat nearly constantly dogging her. She hoped with the eventual birth of her twins, it would die down permanently but knew it wouldn't. Her kind were almost immediately ready again after giving birth.

And, as the man crawled into the bed to gently kiss her back and lay his cock between her thighs, she once again told herself she was more than okay with it.

"So beautiful," he told her, kissing her neck. He sat behind her with her tail against his side. "And so soft."

He slid into her and she sighed as he filled her ears with beautiful, tender words in a language she didn't know. He felt amazing and she gasped as he began to take charge but she was already looking forward to the evening with Janelle and her twin lovers. And perhaps they could invite-

"Ahhh," Emi moaned when he nibbled her neck.

Still, she missed her mate and Siobhan. Both were with Lilith. It would've been her first outing on the mysterious trips as well but her pregnancy delayed it. She made Lilith swear she'd get to go after giving birth.

As the man increased his pace, she lost the threads of thought in her mind. She gave in to the animal inside with a short growl and a thrust of her wide hips back into him. It was as exhilarating as the first time and every time since then. All of the new experiences thrust upon her paled in comparison to the way her body responded to a single suggestive thought or touch.

Oh, she suddenly realized in an odd moment of clarity. Janelle is- oh, oh, fuck, oh god, yes- c-coming over because it's my b-birthday.

"Fuck!" she shouted, slapping the man's shoulder with her tail. He kissed the tip of it before thrusting into her once again.

Gotta, she panted, trying to think through the red haze of her heat. Thank. Thank her. For. This. Again. And. And. And. Email mom.

Wind blew the thin curtains, carrying Emi's screams throughout the complex. A few passed, grinning fiercely while others shook their heads in amusement.


Far away, in a large brick building at the foot of Saint Paul de Vence, a young worker hung a sign on a building with swooping hand-painted letters reading, simply: Ouverture très bientôt!

Black paint dried on the large board as employees entered the building with cages of animals. The first worker stared critically at the sign before nodding and straightening it.

A young local girl strode by and then paused, curious at the activity around the previously abandoned building.

Four workers carefully carried a large wire cage down a ramp. A sable creature with a wide ash-colored back ringed in silver hissed and swiped at the cage before biting the bars. It was as large as a dog but shorter and wider and incredibly fierce looking.

"What a vicious animal," the girl mused. It grew calm at her voice and turned to her. Black eyes met her blue eyes and she gasped at the spark she felt staring into them.

"Yes, it can be," a voice said to her side. "Good morning."

"Good morning," she replied politely. "Are you a zoo?"

"Of a kind, yes," the man said.

"When will you be open?" she asked, peering after a cage containing a sedate but huge bird. Its brilliant yellow and red flowers were a sharp contrast against the creature preceding it.

"As soon as our mistress is finished with prior business," he told her. He reached out and the girl took the proffered pamphlet. "But, please, visit us when we do open. I think you'll be delighted by what you find."

"Yes," she said, her eyes turning inward as she folded the paper into her purse. "I think I will."

"See you soon," the man said with a wide grin at her back. He watched her leave and then stared at others as they obliviously passed the building. "Very soon."
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Haunted House Party: Truth or Dare
Two of three in a series!

Another group arrives and each change in their own way.
The Mercedes' engine ticked in a steady rhythm as Morgan sat in the fading heat of the front seat. She double-checked the red-stained fake bandage on her upper arm and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel.

A black BMW X5 was parked next to her, hidden in shadows cast by the brilliant crescent moon above them. The moon was larger than she'd ever seen it and almost painful to look at. The silvery light pulsed from its surface.

"We're too early," the girl said, pulling at her blonde braid. She'd almost dyed it brown to match the character she'd dressed as - Lara Croft, but her mother had thrown a fit at the idea so she'd left it as it was. The urge to obey her parents was a constant sore point for her. She couldn't wait to go off to college out of state but worried they'd extend their grasp to the other side of the country to continue controlling her. And more worried that she'd let them.

A beam of light bounced behind her, flashing in her dimmed rear view mirror before sliding to her right. An old Camry screeched to a stop beside her car.

"That would be Max," Ian said from the back seat. "Great."

"I thought you two were friends?" Parker asked from the passenger seat, looking through her window at the new arrival.

"Were," Ian clarified, adjusting the heavy pirate hat he wore. "Last year. The dude won't grow up. Still stuck on cartoons and video games."

I like cartoons, Parker thought. She shrugged, however. Max was far outside her social circle but never bothered her so far. Her hand reached up to scratch beneath the white wig she wore and then down to tug at the edges of her black dress. She'd found a 2B costume from Nier Automata at the mall and instantly bought it. Now she regretted how short it was. As well as the overly large "boob window" as her mother called it. And video games. Video games are fun.

"We should go in," Ian said. "It's getting cold and I'm bored just sitting here."

"We're too early," Moran said again.

Ian pulled the handle of his door to step into the cold night air. His breath streamed from his mouth and the large, puffy blouse he wore did nothing to insulate him. The boy settled the sash on his side, pushed the plastic sword back in position and walked to the house.

"Oh, hey-" Max said from beside his car. His voice faltered and he lowered his raised hand as the two front doors of the Mercedes opened. "Uh. Ian. Hey M- Morgan. P- P- Parker."

"Hey Max," Parker nodded. "I didn't know you were invited."
"Y- yeah, Noah said I could come," Max said, shuffling his feet while pulling his long white lab coat over his light blue shirt. His limp, brown hair was spiked and poorly colored blue.

"Rick, right?" Parker asked as she led him towards the house. "From Rick and Morty?"

"Y- yeah! D- do you watch it?" he asked her.

"No," she said, stepping up onto the wide porch. Morgan slipped inside the house and a blast of warm air buffeted her. "I just see the memes sometimes, you know? And I asked Terry. She told me about it."

"Oh, y- yeah! It- it's good! You should watch it sometime," Max said, staring at the ground as his heart hammered in his chest. Every ounce of his willpower went towards not staring at the short girl's costume. It was snug and accentuated every curve of her well-developed body. His eyes darted over to her cleavage and he swallowed, waiting for her to go inside before following.

"Not my kind of humor," she said dismissively. "Wow, holy crap, wow, look at this place."

Morgan and Ian stood with Jake at the bottom of an enormous, wide staircase. Thick, red carpet lined the stairs with gold accents on the edges. It led up to the second floor and glossy, wooden double doors even larger than the ones they'd just entered through.

A twisted wrought iron pole held an old oil lamp that burned with soft light. Max followed Parker to the stairs but stopped as a cold finger traced down his spine.

Jake stood nearly motionless in his Zeus costume, the thick white robes covering all but his arms and shoulders. In the shallow light, the robes appeared to writhe as if snakes tumbled and fought beneath them. Lumps appeared over his chest and moved, chasing other bumps down to his legs. Higher still the shadows cast by the single flame made Jake's face appear ghoulish, wrinkles at the corner of the boy's eyes, his forehead and his lips cracked with-

An unseen wind caused the light to flicker rapidly. Jake turned to face Max, his body nearly transparent and blinking in time to the guttering light but Max could still see and hear him talking to Ian. Green light wavered in the second Jake's ghostly eyes but the strange wind died and only the one Jake remained. The boy's robes hung perfectly from his athletic body. Calm and unruffled.

"The hell?" Max whispered before joining the group. "What the hell."

"Any room?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah, any room," Jake told her. "I've already set it all up. Got here hours ago. Had a catering company help."

"A catering company catered a party at an abandoned house?" Ian asked skeptically. "What kind of company-"

"One that likes money," Jake answered sharply. "We'll meet back here in two hours for the big party so just go relax and have fun in the meantime."

"Where's Tracy, Karima and Grace?" Morgan sighed, looking around the empty house.

"They texted ten minutes ago," the boy answered. He shrugged. "Said they were on their way but running late."

Oh, right, Max thought, grabbing his phone. He opened his texts and found the last one from his mother, typing out a message to let her know he'd made it safe and would be home later. Halfway through his message he saw the "No Service" text at the top of his phone.

"H- hey, Jake?" Max asked. "Are- are you on T-Mobile? I don't have service."

"Verizon," Jake replied. His eyes bore into Max's skull and Max shivered, remembering the strange vision he'd seen earlier. "I'll send the girls your way when they're here. Keep Max with you. I don't want people getting lost before the party."

"Fine," Morgan huffed. She looked left and then turned right to walk down the wide hallway, leading her small group to find an available room.

The first door looked hand-carved with intricate details. The door handle was silver shot with gray but it barely turned when Morgan tried it. Ian took a turn next, rattling the door but Max ignored them to inspect the door itself.

Tiny creatures frollicked on the edge of the door, locked in time by the artist who created them. They were a varied bunch, men with goat legs and pan pipes as well as miniature giants raising clubs to the sky and many, many more. Higher on the frame, a lone figure was portrayed as floating or falling or frozen above a jagged, barren landscape. It had wings and-

"Are you coming?" Parker asked.

"Oh! S- sorry," Max said, glancing at the frame again before following the other three to the next door.

The second door opened easily into what Max immediately thought of as a smoking lounge. Red leather chairs with tall, wide backs were scattered throughout the room. Empty bookshelves covered the walls and an old wooden globe, nearly five feet in width lay to the side. It was anchored by wood along the equator and four slanted legs beneath.

"Eggs? That's it?" Ian groaned.

Morgan looked over at the boy and down at the small table set in the middle of the room. Silver trays held perfectly aligned rows of deviled eggs. She wrinkled her nose and stood on her tiptoes to see if there was anything else left out for them. Two hours to the main party and she was stuck here waiting while her friends took their time.

"We could try a different room," Parker said.

"Doesn't matter," Morgan told her. She chose one of the more prominent chairs and sat back, pulling her plastic guns around to the front of her belt. The girl shivered as her mostly bare thighs touched the old leather but she did her best to ignore it

Ian plucked one of the small eggs and popped it into his mouth.

"They taste alright," he told them, grabbing another to eat while he walked around the room.

"Wow," Max said from the far side. "This is really old. It's in French and it doesn't even have all of the US mapped. Australia is just 'Nouvelle Hollande' on this. And on the top- oop."

A soft click came from the globe and the globe popped on hidden springs before Max snatched his hand away from the top of it. Morgan leaned forward with interest as the boy slowly pulled the sphere open, laying the top carefully against the wood surrounding it.

"Holy shit, score," Ian said. He walked quickly to the globe, reaching in and pulling a bottle free from the interior. "No label and there's wax around the cork. Whoa, whoa. Check it out."

The boy held it up to the light being cast from hidden fixtures high upon the wall. He shook the cloudy bottle and the liquid inside whirled slowly. The motion revealed something floating at the bottom of the bottle.

"It's a fucking worm," Ian told them.

"No, they don't really use worms," Max said.

"It's a worm," the other boy said firmly. "Parker, look, I dare you to drink it."

"No. Fucking. Way," the girl said, sticking out her tongue while clutching her stomach.

"Oh, hey, how about that?" Ian asked. "How about we play truth or dare?"

"Pass," Morgan told him, rolling her eyes.

"We have to do something," Ian frowned. "At least until more people get here."

He grinned suddenly, twirling the bottle in the air and catching it one-handed.

"Unless you want to play spin-the-bottle?" he asked, his smile wide and full of teeth.

"C- come on, Ian," Max said.

"Hey, Max, chill the fuck out," Ian grumbled. "You aren't my mom and I don't need you babysitting me. But if people are too chickenshit - Parker - then that's fine."

"I'll do it," Morgan said. She grabbed one of her fake pistols and twirled it to hide her anxiety. Despite her helicopter parents, she wasn't entirely naive. She knew how the games could go. She'd just have to control it.

"Alright, yeah, that's what I'm talking about," Ian cheered.

The boy spun around the room dramatically, eyeing each of them in turn before settling on Morgan who squirmed beneath his crazed grin.

"Morgan," he said. "Truth or dare?"

Truth, she almost said, stopping herself at the last minute. If he asks me something embarrassing, I don't think I could lie right and then I'd look stupid. If I go for a dare after saying 'truth', they'll think I'm hiding something. There's no way he'd dare me to do something sexual and if it's terrible, I can just laugh it off.

"Dare," Morgan said, lifting her chin and blushing when the boy laughed at her.

"I dare you to drink from this bottle," Ian told her, holding the bottle out by the neck.

"That could be poison for all we know," Parker said.

"Y-yeah, Morgan, that's not safe," Max chimed in.

"There's other bottles in there," Ian told the both of them. "And my uncle has a hidden liquor cabinet like that. It's alcohol and alcohol never goes bad. They fuckin' pulled some wine up from the Titanic at the bottom of the fuckin' ocean and said it still tasted good."

A quick sip is nothing, right? Morgan wondered. Ian approached with the bottle and she took it, ignoring the worm at the bottom.

The wax around the cork was the color of a dull, uncut garnet. She twisted the cork, praying it would break in place or not come out but the wax cracked and the cork pulled free easily, surprising her. The alcohol sloshed within and the heady scent of spices spilled forth.

Morgan sneezed, covering her mouth with the back of her left hand.

"Is it bad?" Parker asked. "You really don't have to do this."

"No, it's fine," Morgan told her. "Just intense."

The blonde-haired girl swallowed and stared into the bottle as her stomach clenched in anticipation. She swallowed again when she spied the worm but, this close, she could tell that Max was right. It was too fat and too white with little segments and, worse, little things that looked like feet along its body.

She held the bottle still as she psyched herself up for the dare and her eyes tracked the little larva. Watching it intently. Swallowing again as she marveled over how fat and juicy it looked. Imagining it crunching and exploding in her mouth when she bit down on it, leaning her head back to let it slide down her throat-

"Shit!" Morgan said, dropping the bottle. It miraculously fell straight down to the carpet, thumping on the base and staying up straight without spilling a drop.

The worm had moved within the bottle, squirming within the alcohol as it tried uselessly to burrow from a hovering predator.

"What's wrong?" Ian asked, eyebrows knit together.

"N-nothing," Morgan told him, licking her lips. She grabbed the bottle and stared down into it to see the grub still floating.

Before she could change her mind, she brought the bottle to her lips and tilted it back to taste it. It wasn't as strong as she'd worried it would be and she tasted the spices more than the alcohol itself.

Her short tongue slipped into the bottle, questing for the worm. When it eluded her, she lowered the bottle to bring it up to her eye. She shook her shoulders and clicked her teeth in frustration as she saw it still floating there.

"Wow, hell, Morgan," Ian laughed. "You actually did it!"

"Wha-" Morgan said, blinking up at him while holding the bottle tightly. She smacked her lips and then looked back into it before pressing the bottle deep between her thighs. To keep it away from the others. "Oh, yeah."

"Who's next?" Ian mused, tapping his chin. "Maaaax."

"C-come on," Max pleaded, shuffling his feet.

"Morgan drank from a thousand year old bottle with a worm in it, Max," Ian goaded. "Truth. Or. Dare."

Morgan ducked her head, tapping her teeth against the bottle between her legs. She shook her head, grabbed the neck and brought it up for another sip, shaking it to encourage the larva to drop into her mouth.

"T- truth," Max sighed.

"Have you ever had sex," Ian asked immediately. "Oh, sorry. With a woman. A real woman. Oral, anal, pussy, whatever."

Morgan lowered the bottle, cocking her head with a sharp motion to look at it before looking up at Max.

No way, she told herself, eyeing the larger boy. She took another quick pull from the bottle, luxuriating in the way the spices filled her nose while the alcohol flooded her body. She reached up to scratch beneath her bare left arm. Although, I guess there are some girls who might do it.

"Uh, y-yeah," Max said quietly.

"Who?" Ian prodded. "What did you do?"

"I'm- I'm not saying who," the other boy told him. "And it- it was just making out. And then she- I- it was sex. Just sex."

"Bull. Shit," Ian laughed loudly, clutching his sides. "No fucking way. You're lying your ass off. I know you, Max. You used to talk about how scared you were of girls. You can't even look them in the eyes, man. Don't tell me-"

"You're being a little bitch, Ian," Parker said, jumping to her feet. "I don't care if you were friends or not but you don't have to be such a cunt to him."

"It's called 'Truth or Dare', Parker," Ian sighed dramatically. "Not 'Lie or Dare'. The whole point is to be honest about whatever you're asked."

Morgan closed her eyes as the others argued. She felt a sudden fever grip her and she bowed her head while clutching the bottle. Sweat dripped from her brow and she couldn't stop herself from shivering.

Flight muscles formed beneath her breast and her body fed the new growth. Marrow and cancellous bone seeped out from the thinning walls of her compact bones, flowing through her body while breaking down further. Her breasts jutted out suddenly, straining against the tight camisole she wore as part of her costume. It lifted further, baring her midriff to show skin growing thin over dense muscles lining her core.

"Crraaahhh-" she groaned, quietly, the noise masked by Ian laughing again.

Sweat poured from her skin, soaking her shirt while she trembled from the changes. Her follicles opened wide along the inside of her arm as her body designated feather tracks. Hard keratin formed in the miniscule gaps, building on themselves over and over until the shafts of her primary feathers slid free.

She gasped as the wet feathers lay against her skin, their progress stalled as her body prepared her for more changes. Barbs grew along the shafts, branching out into her feather's vanes as barbules laced over each other again and again. Smaller down feathers pushed forth and she slammed her head back against the chair as a rush of heat raged through her body.

"-alright?" Parker asked from the side.

Morgan turned slowly, blinking her eyes. Deep within the pale blue of her irises arose pure midnight black. They appeared to float to the surface of her eyes before spattering and spreading.

"What?" she asked through the haze and burning. She grabbed her arms to hide the feathers, biting back a moan as her fingers brushed the shafts. They dug into the follicles and scratched deep inside her body. Her teeth chattered and she lifted her knees before stamping them down. "Fine. I'm f- f- f-"

Something moved within her pussy, twisting and pushing and making her convulse. She clenched by instinct and felt the slick walls of her pussy slip together. The back of her taut shorts lifted and the shorts dug painfully into her thighs and waist. She groaned, clutching the arms of her chair as the wall between her pussy and asshole vibrated and grew thin. Bones cracked as a lump formed over her ass.

"Morgan?" Parker asked, reaching a tentative hand out.

"D-d-d-don't," Morgan groaned.

The blonde girl's eyes fluttered but when she opened them fully, inky darkness stared back at Parker, causing the other girl to jerk back with a hiss. Beneath Morgan's shorts and her silky white panties, her asshole began to move. Muscles pushed at bone as they lowered, forcing her hips to reshape. Her pussy, swollen and red and fat, traveled upwards towards her puckered asshole while the skin surrounding it began to grow smooth.

"It's- it's- it's-!" Morgan screamed, jerking in her chair as she orgasmed, her feet thumping against the ground.

The girl's asshole opened as it met the bottom of her pussy. The walls between them melted away to leave her with a slick cloaca. Her thin, inner lips wasted away to nothing, leaving only her engorged labia behind and a large wet spot from the front of her shorts to the back.

"What the shit, Morgan," Ian said.

She looked up to see all three watching her. Staring at her. The girl jumped up and practically flew as her hollow bones and lighter frame left her at a fraction of her weight. New instincts forced her to pump her arms in midair and the motion caused more follicles to open along her feather tracks. New shafts emerged but she landed nimbly with a light thump. She hopped and the skin bulged from her back into a rounded point. The tip of her fledgling featherless tail lowered.

The girl fled.

"Parker, what the shit," Ian asked again, turning to the short girl. He grabbed at his cock and adjusted himself quickly, shoving his half-erection down without realizing what he was doing. "What the fuck did I just see?"

She looked back up at him with an open mouth and wide eyes.

"I- I don't-" Parker stuttered. "I'm going after her!"


Morgan turned right at the door. As she stepped into the hallway, her foot cramped and she stumbled. The girl raised her arms and her flight muscles tensed as she turned as if to correct her path. As if she were flying.

She fell and rolled, jumping up once more to continue running.

The tip of an onyx claw speared the front of her right boot. The tough leather parted easily and widened as the claw lengthened. A second claw pierced her left boot. Both dug into the carpet while she ran and every third step was a half-hop.

Her tail dragged at her spine. Flesh gathered around it and it pushed outward through the gap between her shorts and shrinking shirt.

With another step, a tear opened in the dark patch of her shorts. She groaned, leaning against a wall as she fumbled with the buttons and zipper, shoving and pushing and dragging her panties down until she freed herself. New feathers brushed against her shorts when she dragged them over her thighs. She bit her lip to hide the moan but it was too much. The feathers and the feel of the air against her virgin cloaca made her cry out.

Her shorts stopped at her boots and she knelt to untie them. Her tail lifted in response and it was already dotted with dark gray shifts and glossy black quills.

"M- Morgan?" Parker said behind her.

"Craaww!" Morgan cried out, startled at the sudden appearance of her classmate. She twisted and fell against the wall as she accidentally pulled her right foot free from its boot.

Four toes lined the front of her foot and a long black claw, deadly and curved covered her middle toe. Her fifth toe, the smallest of them, lay at the side of her foot but it was still moving, sliding around to her heel. Dark cracks appeared in the smooth, pink skin of her foot. The skin was shriveling and fading to the dull color of charcoal. The webbing of her third and fourth toes slid forward, pulling them together.

"Morgan, I don't- I don't understand what-" Parker said, wringing her hands.

A new feather track formed at the nape of Morgan's neck. She groaned, falling to her knees with her hands on the ground as it slid down her spine. She thrust her ass back and her broad tail quivered. The girl reached up to grab her shirt, pulling hard to expose her smooth breasts and soft, inverted nipples.

"I can't- I can't- I can't-" Morgan tried to say. "Feel so full, Parkaaaawwrr."

"What- what can I- can I do anything?" the other girl asked.

"Jake," Morgan gasped as she tore at her shirt. Her powerful chest muscles had snapped her bra and it hung low on her body, caught in a few new feathers growing beneath her breasts. She pointed down the hallway towards the stairs. "Get. Jake. Make him. Make him call."

"There's- Morgan, there's no stairs," Parker said quietly.

"Craw!" Morgan gasped, turning.

They hadn't walked far down the hallway after they arrived. The second room was close enough to the entrance that she'd expected to hear when new people arrived. Yet there was nothing but more hallway. It curved beyond her eyesight, an endless passageway of red carpet, dark windows and doors.

"N-n-nawwwww!" Morgan stuttered. She fell to her ass with her knees spread, rocking back and forth against the carpet. Each motion left a wet stripe on the ground beneath her.

"What's wrong! Just tell me what's wrong!" Parker pleaded.

"Full, Parker," Morgan gasped, pulling at the red threads beneath her. A second claw slit her left boot and she could feel how cramped her foot was. "Hurts. It hurts so much."

"Where?" Parker asked.

Rather than reply, Morgan lifted her ass. Her feathered tail spread, sending a powerful gust of wind towards the small girl. It carried the scent of the girl's arousal, slamming into Parker and making her stumble backwards.

"Morgan, I don't know what you want me-" Parker tried to say. She swallowed as she stared at the girl's cloaca. It glimmered in the light, surrounded by her thick labia. Goosebumps rose along her body as the other girl's strange tail swept down to send another wave of the intoxicating smell her way.

"Inside me," Morgan whined. "Something's inside of me. Need. Need you to touch it. Take it from me. Please. Please, god, please, you don't know. Please."


"Tell me you saw that," Ian said, staring at the open doorway. He scratched at his chest as he tried to listen to the fading sounds of Parker's muffled footsteps but he found himself distracted.

His fingernails dug into the skin over his chest, again and again, clawing at the sparse hair he'd been able to grow over the past year. He tugged at the vest he wore, jerking it out of the wide belt at his waist. Hairs stood up all along his body as a rush of warm air surrounded him. The boy grabbed his tri-fold pirate hat to fan his face but the fingers of his free hand continued to scratch.

The tips of the boy's nails slid past the end of his fingers to drag across his tunic. He groaned as he dug them deep into his skin

"Huh," Max grunted. He grabbed his forehead, massaging his temple before dragging his hand through his blue-tinted hair. Two faint circular outlines stood against the side of his head partially hidden by his thin, spiked hair. "Yeah."

Ian looked over at the other boy. Something in his voice sounded different. Deeper.


He grabbed his cock to adjust it again, confused at the feeling of arousal yet lack of an erection. Morgan had had an orgasm right in front of him. An obvious, loud orgasm strong enough to leave her soaked from it. And her tits-

His hand pressed against his chest and he cupped his finger as he stared at the chair where she'd sat. The hand holding his hat sped up as the warmth burrowed into his bones.

"Oh," Ian gasped, stumbling but catching himself on the back of a nearby chair. He swallowed, eyes wide as sharp, needling pain lanced through his hips, just beneath his cock. His arms felt weak and he lowered himself, dropping his hat as he folded his arms over his stomach.

Beside him, Max grunted again. His jaw ached and his entire body felt sore. The boy's nostrils widened, the top spreading outward as the bridge of his nose widened. He rubbed his face, dragging thick fingers across sudden prickly stubble. Thick brown hairs emerged from his scalp as testosterone flooded his body. He grunted and pawed at his cock, squeezing its hardness through his plain khaki pants.

"Nnnnn," Ian groaned, his lips white as he pressed them together.

His balls ached, throbbing with a dull pain as they changed. They slowly receded as a minuscule tear opened behind his ballsack. He pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth while turning his head to the wings at the back of his chair, pressing his forehead into the hard leather, nuzzling against it again and again as sweat poured down the nape of his neck.

Fat cells formed in his adrenal glands and immediately began pumping estrogen throughout his body. Ian groaned, grabbing his neck with fingers under his jaw. His slightly pronounced Adam's apple grew smooth and, almost in unison, his testicles slipped inside his body. They burrowed within, opening his cervical canal as they moved.

Fallopian tubes bloomed deep inside, spreading while his cervix surrounded his still-retreating balls. The tubes branched off, left and right while shrinking slightly. Tissue built up around his traveling testicles, lengthening and anchoring to his new reproductive system before settling in place to become his ovaries.

"You okay?" Max asked, his voice fairly booming in the room. The sound reached deep inside of Ian and he squirmed in his seat with his legs together.

"Yeah," Ian said, wiping his forehead with a hairless arm. His voice was higher pitched and he coughed before massaging his sore throat. He looked up- and then continued to look up to see Max looming over him.

What- why do I feel- Ian wondered, staring at Max. The other boy was simply bigger, his jaw square with dark brown hairs lining his cheeks and thick arms bulging against the white lab coat he wore as his costume. Why do I feel so small?

A loose strand of brown hair fell against Ian's ear. He pushed it back but it bounced forward once more, forcing him to hook his long fingernail and pull it up and around his ear. His short hair was growing, sliding down his neck and nape. Kinks appeared as it lengthened and the hair coiled slightly into bouncy curls. He shivered as the hair caressed him but that movement made his tunic slide against his belly and that made him groan, head tilting down as blood rushed to his cheeks. His tiny cock turned uselessly beneath his trousers.

Ian placed a hand against his cock, pressing at skin and bone. Something clicked beneath his fingers and his eyebrows came together. His soft brown eyelashes curved away from his eyes as he blinked and looked down, pressing once more. There was something there. And nothing.

And then he tensed the muscles of his taint and shrieked, his voice climbing higher and higher.

He could feel new muscles deep within. Pressing together, empty and hot and needy and wet as his Bartholin glands produced fluids for the first time. A flush coursed through his body causing him to spasm when his estrogen levels spiked. His eyes rolled back and he moaned, his voice sweet and needy.

"Whoa, Ian, what- you-" Max sniffed. His jaw cracked, sliding forward and he gnashed his teeth. Dense bone formed within the twin rings on his forehead before pushing against his skin into wide points. "Smell like- like- what is that smell?"

"No," Ian whimpered, pushing his hands between his legs.

It was shrinking further. His cock. Shriveling beneath his hands. He grabbed at it, pinching it and yanking in a futile effort to hold it in place. Beneath it, skin gathered on both sides of the small, internal tear between his thighs. His fingers, growing slim and shrinking as fat and bone melted away, brushed his labia.

His cock was nothing more than the shrunken head laying above his labia. Soft, thin skin flowed down from the head to become the hood of his not-yet-formed clit. He shoved his knees together and pulled them up to his chest, squeezing his legs against his body. Bones scraped together painfully as his hips widened and his ass started swelling.

"No, no, no," Ian said, rocking slightly in his chair. He looked up at his old friend, staring through brown curls that framed a heart-shaped face. Fat grew beneath his cheeks and his lips swelled, filling and pushing forward while a tiny dimple appeared in the middle of his chin.

The boy's widening hips tore at the skin between his thighs and his pussy opened. His body reacted and he moaned, twisting and opening his legs while reaching up to grab the back of the chair. His ass continued to balloon, pulling the trousers and underwear against his body. He dragged his fingers down his face, hooking his pouty lip before shoving his palm against his pussy to touch himself in wonder.

"Haa- haa- haa-" he panted, his face red in shame. Even he could hear how sexually charged he sounded but he couldn't make it stop. His body forced him into it, betraying him with the building lust.

His fingers felt the warm wetness. Flesh moved against his fingers and he moaned, twisting once more in his seat. His inner pussy lips grew in place, sensitive and soft and he desperately wanted to touch himself more. Deeper. To ease the throbbing aching emptiness within.

I have to go, he told himself, pushing at his thick hair. Have to get out of here.

"You're a woman!" Max bellowed.

"Shit, I-" Ian said, shoving back into the chair. He'd forgotten about Max through everything else.

His last mistake was looking up at the other boy.

Max's shirt was torn to show a heavily muscled torso, thick with brown hair. A tuft of fur spread out over his straining pants.

The tip of the boy's dick lay exposed. Ian groaned and licked his lips, hypnotized by the sight of it. The soft, rounded head was widening as the circumcised edges flared outward. Black splotches appeared on the skin as the cock continued to grow and the button holding his trousers snapped open.

Twin horns adorned the huge boy's head and his face was elongated with a thick tongue that wrapped around dark lips. The hair on his face was thicker now and clearly fur rather than simply hair. It crept down his neck and over his shoulders in thick, rough patches.

But his cock-

Ian shivered and hugged himself. His ass rocked back as he thrust his flat chest forward. He sighed and then stuffed a finger into his mouth, biting hard against the soft skin to keep from making noises.

"Something's happening," Max groaned, grabbing his massive cock. He pulled and his zipper came undone to expose the length of it.

And it was still growing.

The boy's thighs were clearly outlined in his khaki pants. Tears appeared at the seams on the sides. He grunted, tugging at his cock and lifting his legs, ripping the pants in a single motion. Brown fur dotted his thighs.

Ian's tongue lapped against his finger. He stared at Max's cock as he straightened the finger and sucked at it, wrapping his tongue around it, pulling it in and out of his mouth and scratching his long nail carefully against his tongue. His other hand slipped down his body, playing against the softened skin low on his belly before slipping beneath the band of his trousers.

"God!" he moaned as his fingers brushed his clit. "What- no!"

Ian jumped from his chair and fell but strong arms caught him and held him easily.

"Let me go!" Ian said, struggling in Max's grip. "Let me- let me go!"

Max opened his arms and Ian pushed back, running to a chair on the opposite side of the room to hide behind the back.

"I'm not- urrgh," Max groaned, falling to his knee. His pants split down to his ankles to show flaring calf muscles with thick fur covering the back of the hardened muscles. He grabbed his foot with a grunt and his nostrils opened and closed rapidly. His spayed fingers ripped his shoes easily in half.

"Oh. Oh god," Ian's eyes widened at his friend's nude body, unable to tear his eyes away from the gigantic cock bulging away from the other boy's body. Ian licked his lips and pressed his palms against his stomach while pressing his legs together. Liquid dripped from his pussy, trailing down his soft inner thighs. "God."

The bones of Max's toes pushed forward, skin swelling over the knuckles as his toes lengthened and spread. His toenails were ragged and thick and curling over his toes, enveloping them into split hooves.

Ian's hand crept down his body. His breath came quickly, hot air puffing across his tender, full lips. The tips of his ears burned. Lower, fingers sliding beneath the band of his pants. His pubic hair was soft to his touch but the heat from the pussy between his legs was what he ached to touch.

The pussy, he told himself. Not mine. Not mine, oh god, not mine.

The bare tip of Max's tail swished behind his back, growing lower and lower as it developed. The boy groaned, gnashing flat teeth in his wide face. The tips of his ears tweaked and then lowered, the skin growing thick as they pushed out to the side of his face, flicking in sympathy to the pain emanating from his feet.

Huge, Ian thought, licking his lips. His hand trembled against his mound but he could already feel wet hair against his fingertips. Wet from his- the pussy. His arousal. He sank to his knees and snatched his hand away.

"That hurts," Max said, pushing against his knee to help himself stand. He rocked on his new hooves and his tail thrashed behind him.

"Jesus," Ian said quietly as he stared at the size of him. He was easily larger than anyone in their class. And anyone he'd ever seen in person.

And his cock, the boy thought to himself, holding back a moan as his ass thrust back. He placed a small hand on the ground, staring at the gigantic dick thrusting outward. It curved under its own weight, pink with black splotches and as thick as a can of soda. Ian wiped drool away from his mouth. What- what the fuck am I-

"You okay?" Max asked bluntly. He suddenly seemed to realize he was naked aside from the lab coat. "Sorry! God, sorry!"

The boy worked his arms but his bulging biceps tore the sleeves of the coat. He grunted and pulled, ripping the coat away. Ian watched as his friend wrapped it around his waist to try to hide his cock. His bulk and the length of his dick prevented him from covering it completely.

"Sorry," Max said again. He walked over to the chair with his hand out and Ian shied away. "Let me help. We'll go find Jake and- and- I don't know. "

"I can't let them see me like this," Ian whispered. He blushed as he realized he was staring at the other boy's cock. Again.

"I'll just tell them you're some-" he stopped, rubbing his wide nose. His ears lay back before dropping briefly. "Some- sorry. Some girl."

"I can't," Ian whimpered.

"Come on," Max told him, reaching down. His hands gripped Ian gently, raising him to his feet. "Let's get you help."

Ian leaned into the other boy and his head slipped under his forearm. Max's hand brushed against Ian's chest but he yanked it away.

"Al- aaah!" Ian cried out, gripping onto Max's body.

"What's wrong? Ian?!" Max said, reaching down to hold his friend.

Fatty tissue formed beneath Ian's nipples and the tiny milk ducts expanded while more developed around them. His tiny nipples moved and the blouse over them dragged against them, making him bite his soft lips. The boy's areola began to expand, dark skin replacing pale white as they widened to a quarter of an inch. A half inch. Nearly a full inch. His nipples grew thick to match and they hardened to push against his shirt. He leaned into Max and his small, pert breasts pressed against his friend's side.

"Uhh, Ian?" Max said quietly.

Ian's fingernails dug into his friend and he rubbed his head against the fur sprouting from the other boy's body. Lost in the ecstasy of his growing breasts, he opened his mouth and his bottom lip stuck to Max's body. With a hungry, needy sigh, he kissed the boy's side and squeezed him.

"Amazing," Ian gasped. His breasts pushed against his loose shirt to show bulging cleavage through the opening at the top. The weight of both tits pulled at his back but Max held him tight and he couldn't stop himself from rubbing against his friend. He stood closer, opening his legs to twine his body against the other boy.

Hard muscle pressed against Ian's clit and the boy shrieked.

"Ian," Max groaned. His cock pushed against the robe around his side, freeing his cock. It slapped against Ian and the boy grabbed it by reflex.

The room was eerily silent as both boys stared down at Ian's small hand cradling the gigantic cock.

Ian bent, opening his lips and Max's hand clutched against the other boy's curly hair.

"You don't have-"

Soft lips brushed the sensitive head of Max's dick. He shuddered as Ian's tongue lapped out at the pre-cum covering the top.

"Thought- thought it-" Ian gasped, slowly stroking the cock with both hands. He couldn't touch his fingertips together. "Thought it would taste bad. It's good. Too good. So fucking good, Max."

Ian pressed his face against the head, rubbing his cheeks and lips around the flattened head. He opened his mouth and pressed down, but his teeth brushed the edges and he backed away, wiping his mouth. The boy pulled at his blouse to bare his breasts, firm with dark nipples over wide, bumpy areola.

"Beautiful," Max said, licking his lips. "You're so beautiful."

"Don't talk," Ian said, looking down. He turned, pushing at his trousers and underwear, sliding them over his bulging ass. "I can't- Stop- I can't stop myself. If you don't talk, I can pretend. I can pretend it's something else. Me and a girl. I can pretend."

"Ian, we don't have to-"

"Don't talk!" Ian yelled. He leaned forward, spreading his thighs and his hairy, virgin pussy lips opened to show glistening pink within. One hand held the chair in front of him as his other squeezed his breast over and over. "Just- Just- please, before I lose it. Please."

Max held his cock and walked forward, laying it gently against a bulge low on Ian's back. The other boy looked back through long lashes and an open mouth. Skin moved on Ian's face as the bridge of his nose widened. He reached under himself, sliding his fingers through the tangle of hair and around his wet lips. Thrusting back, he pushed his fingers apart to open himself further.

"Now, please, now," Ian gasped as clear liquid dripped down to cover his fingers. His brain was afire and he whimpered. He hated to admit it but he was on the edge of begging to be fucked. He would plead and give whatever Max wanted to make him take his virgin pussy. It dominated his mind. The thought of his friend's cock inside of him. Thick drool dribbled from his lips as his face began to press forward. The tips of his ears parted his curly hair as the edges flowed outward. The lump on his back squirmed but he held himself in place.

"O- okay," Max said, guiding his cock down to press against Ian's pussy.

"Fuck!" Ian cried out, grabbing his thigh. His pussy lips bulged against the tip of his friend's cock. "It's- it's too much! Oh god, it's too big!"

"Sorry!" Max said, starting to pull back but Ian's hand reached up to hold him in place.

Ian groaned and his legs jumped as he pushed back. His pussy lips bulged around the head of Max's cock and he stopped, panting for breath. Soft brown hairs sprouted from the middle of his back. Just above his pubic hair, his skin tightened and four tiny holes appeared. He could feel pinching pain beneath the skin but he ignored it as he slowly pushed against the waiting cock.

Bones creaked in Ian's waist. The tip of his tail, barely an inch long, slapped against his ass as his hips opened. He groaned, his long, thick tongue lashing out as the head entered him.

"Mmmmm- It's inside!" Ian moaned. "Oh god, it's inside me! I can- I can feel it and- oh god, yes!"

Max grabbed Ian's soft, padded hips and leaned forward slowly, watching with astonishment as his cock slid inside Ian's pussy. He was warm and wet yet gripped him tightly and it was the best thing he'd ever felt.

"Mmm- ohhhh," Ian said, drooling as he turned back with a lazy smile. The skin low on his belly began to sag and four little pink teats protruded, wobbling as his udder filled out. "Mmmmooo!"

The tip of Max's cock hit something solid so he pulled back, watching Ian's pussy lips expand around him. His dick was wet from the other boy's pussy. Irregular patches of dark brown covered the pink lips of Ian's distended pussy.

"Fuck- fuck mmmme, Max," Ian moaned, reaching underneath to pull his friend back inside. His hand hit his udder and his legs dropped before Max held him more firmly in place. Ian's fingers gripped a single teat as he shoved his wide ass back hard. Light brown fur began to cover the boy's hips, flowing down from his back. "Fuck me! God, fuck me and use me and fill mmmmmmeeee! Mmmooooooo!"


"It's naaaawt right," Parker said. She cocked her head in confusion and touched her throat. The skin beneath her chin darkened to red and her fingers touched rough little bumps. Turning, she stared at a nearby window to try to see her reflection but the other girl's scent drew her back.

"Just touch it," Morgan begged. "Something's there. It feels so- so-"

It's helping her, Parker told herself. She went to her slowly, rubbing her throat as the skin became loose and mottled. Her chin grew narrow with each step while slowly pushing out into a slight arch. Her own excitement was building within and it confused her. Morgan was a girl but staring at the cloaca and smelling the scent of her was turning her on.

The small gaps between Parker's teeth vanished one-by-one as they merged. She reached her friend and stopped, pulling at the scarlet wattle beneath her narrow chin. With a sneeze, her nose began to shorten, the nostrils narrowing into two small slits until it lay flat against her face. She knelt as the skin tightened around her jaw and her lips melted away to leave the beginning of her beak.

"Are you shaaaaaw?" Parker asked, rubbing at her arms. They itched ferociously and she clawed deep marks into them as her own follicles opened.

Morgan lowered her body and raised her ass. Dark black feathers lined her arms and the barbules continued to grow, covering them in darkness. The air stirred with each movement and she groaned as downy feathers emerged from her back.

Parker reached a hand forward. Slick pink muscles writhed within Morgan's cloaca, waiting for her touch. She settled a finger on the girl's labia and Morgan's tail feathers spread as they lifted. Tiny black fuzzy feathers dotted the skin on the girl's inner thighs. Parker rubbed one with her thumb to feel how soft it was.

"Yessss," Morgan said. She turned back to her friend and Parker squawked in concern.

Morgan's face was changing. Pink skin turned to gray beneath her black eyes. Her top teeth were angled outward in one solid mass but the dark skin was growing down to cover them. The teeth grew forward, dragging the skin with them until they were a sharp point away from her face.

Short black feathers pushed through the skin at the base of the girl's beak. They shined in the light as they dried and spread to cover the slender holes of her changed nostrils.

"Yaaaawrrr face," Morgan said, dipping her head and blinking.

Auburn feathers covered Parker's wrist. Her eyes widened as she noticed them and she yelled. She gripped one and pulled but screamed in pain when she tugged it free. Blood dripped to the ground beneath her arm yet more shafts pierced her arm, flowing up to her elbow.

"Naaaawwk!" Parker said, grabbing her arm with one hand.

Invisible fingers pushed into the girl's guts and she gasped, pressing hands to her stomach. She groaned and shivered and curled into herself as her body prepared her to lay eggs. Her dress bulged outward over her waist while her hips widened and a thick lump of skin pushed against her back.

The cheap costume tore against her stomach. She tried to hold it in place but it tore further and short reddish feathers protruded from the gaps. Her panties hugged her pussy and she moaned, clawing at her side while her hips squirmed and her ass rocked back and forth. With a click of bones inside her waist, she was shoved forward and her beak pressed against Morgan's cloaca. Her cheap wig fell to the ground at the sudden movement.

Parker groaned as Morgan began grinded against her. She opened her mouth as her tongue shriveled within. Reaching forward, Parker spread Morgan's soft, feathered ass to try to lick between her pussy lips but her shortened tongue didn't work right. She clucked and then groaned as the phantom fingers thrummed inside of her.

"Faaark," Parker sighed. She reached forward, pushing two fingers against Morgan's cloaca and the other girl moaned loudly as she clenched her pussy against the fingers penetrating her. Morgan gasped and worked her ass back, desperately trying to fuck the other girl's hand. It riled Parker and she bent her fingers down to thrust into the girl's changed pussy.

Parker's asshole shifted as bones creaked in her hips. She jerked when her pussy moved and she slammed her ass down to grind against the floor. Unknown to anyone but herself, she had a small butt plug at home that she trained herself with. Whatever was happening to her felt like when she masturbated with her thin dildo while the butt plug was in place. She crowed as her asshole began to merge with her pussy into her own cloaca.

"Mooaaarrr!" Morgan said, shoving back relentlessly. Parker shook her red feathers and her wattle trembled as she clacked her beak together.

A clear claw sliced Parker's soft shoes, separating the sole from the rest of the shoe. Bands appeared on her foot, growing up to her ankles as her middle toes merged.

Morgan gripped Parker's fingers tightly and she made rough cawwing sounds over and over. Feathers spread across the girl's bare back. She flapped her arms, lifting her body off the ground before bucking and crying out. She leaned her head back as she knelt on the ground, snapping her beak open and closed over her black, hardened tongue. The girl's legs shook as she orgasmed.

Parker's dress rode up to her waist. Small brown feathers dotted her thighs and ass but her skin was mostly bare. Her ass quivered as it swelled and she spread her legs wide. The fingers inside her body were a fist now, pressing on her stomach and bladder.

"Maaaaargan," Parker groaned, laying her chest on the carpet.

Morgan flapped her wings, lifting into the air to settle lightly on segmented black feet tipped with curved, onyx claws. She knelt beside her friend anxiously, tilting her head to the side while touching the girl's body. Her blonde braid lay against the feathers covering her chest.

"GaaaAWWD! GaaAAWWD!" Parker clucked. She kicked her feet, tearing through the carpet with her clear claws. Yellow streaks marked her elongated toes and feet.

Morgan cawed quietly and rubbed Parker's back over and over. Liquid suddenly spilled forth from Parker's cloaca and the girl spasmed, shaking from an intense, sudden orgasm. A white sphere crowned between the girl's thighs. She clawed at the ground and moaned as a huge egg spread her cloaca wide. It lay between the bare skin of her thighs, covered in her cum

Parker rocked her hips in short, fierce movements as if riding a huge cock, slamming her crotch to the ground and shuddering as the egg finally slipped free. For a moment, she lay still with her beak open and her flattened tongue pointing to the ground. But soon, her eyes rolled back and she grabbed Morgan's arm, rolling to her back with her legs spread. Tiny feathers blanketed her now with larger ones pushing them aside as the shafts lengthened.

"Gaaaaawk!" Parker moaned more quietly, pulling her friend's hand down to her cloaca. Her own hands grabbed her breasts, pushing them together and then pulling them while digging for the nipples hidden behind down feathers. She bucked as yet another egg crowned, dripping with clear liquid.

Morgan swallowed and shivered. Her free hand untied the fake bandage on her arm, caressing her feathers before slowly moving down her torso. Fingers slid through glossy darkness until she felt the slit between her legs and the still-human clit above them. She toyed with herself as the egg slipped free from Parker and the other girl bucked from yet another powerful orgasm.

And a new thought formed in the raven girl's head: What would she have to do for her own clutch of eggs?
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

A sleepy young woman transforms into her spirit animal - a cute sloth girl.

Kind of a one off silly little thing

"-again," John said, leaning close to his girlfriend.

"Mmmm?" Aliya asked without opening her eyes.

"I said you'll be late again if you don't get up," her boyfriend repeated.

"'sfine," she mumbled, pulling the blanket over her head.

"You got yelled at last time," he reminded her.

"Mnnnnnnn," she whined, turning over beneath the blanket. She kicked her legs to pull the blanket between her knees until she was curled into a ball beneath the blanket cocoon.

"Alright," he said in resignation. "I have to go. Don't take too long. We need your job, you know?"

The blanket shifted slightly in response but she was already asleep before he left the room.


Aliya's phone buzzed, rattling the nightstand. She groaned at it, tossing and turning until her arm reached out from under the blankets to make it snooze.

"Ten more minutes," she grumbled.

An angry, faint voice squawked in reply. Something about the voice drove a spike through Aliya's brain. She pulled the blanket back, cracked an eye open and titled the phone to see that she'd answered a call rather than snoozed her already dismissed alarm.

"H- hello?" she asked sleepily.

"If you can't get here in the next thirty minutes, you're fired," her line manager told her. The man's cold fury resonated over the small speaker.

"I'm already almost dressed," Aliya answered, suddenly wide awake.

"Bull. Shit," the man said. "Thirty minutes."

"Crap, crap, crap," the girl said, throwing back the blanket. She hugged herself, cursing her past self mentally for going topless while she slept. Her bare, tawny skin broke out in goosebumps as she quickly padded through the room, gathering her clothes.

She danced around the room, her thick, chestnut hair bouncing as she pulled her skirt up over her slim hips. Holding her bra in her hand, she weighed her options and then tossed it before grabbing a short-sleeved cotton blouse. Her breasts were small enough not to bother most times and she liked the freedom of going without.

After she buttoned her shirt, she held her arms out, staring at the sleeves. The sleeves normally ended just above her elbows but they seemed a couple inches shorter than normal this morning. She shrugged, scratching at her forearm before hunting for a comfortable pair of shoes to match her outfit.

Once she slipped her shoes on, she stared at the mirror on the back of their front door. She frowned at her reflection and wiped her fingers across her face. A subtle line of black ran from the corner of her eyes to the side of her cheeks and, for a brief moment, she thought she imagined it until she leaned in closer. She raised her hands methodically and brushed her skin but the color remained.

"Not enough sleep, I guess," she said, hiding a yawn behind her hand. She brushed her fingers through her thick hair. As she glanced away to open the door, white hairs crept from her hairline over her brow. Thin and wispy, they grew sparsely over her temples and forehead as she stepped out of her apartment.

The young woman walked to the railing to raise her face to the sun. She smiled widely, thinking back to her even warmer bed and the image almost pulled her back inside. Instead, she lay her fingers against the rail as she walked.

Her well-manicured red nails scraped against the black, wrought-iron fence. White showed at her nail beds incrementally as her fingernails grew out. As they lengthened, they began to expand, expanding with each passing second until they were several inches long, white and as thick as her boyfriend's fingers. Her red nail polish tipped each of them with the exception of her thumbs.

A gust of balmy wind riffled her hair as she strolled down the stairs. Despite her boss's threat, she took each step with languid ease. She glanced around while descending, bringing her claws up to her throat to scratch at the gray hairs pushing through her skin. Her thumbs clicked and then hung loose and useless as the bones within dissolved.

She paused on a step, smacking her lips while staring into the courtyard. Her pink lips darkened and stretched as her jaw widened. Her nails dug through the thickening fur of her neck and down to the lighter coat along her collarbones. As she scratched herself, her floppy thumbs deflated and shrunk. Skin melded with skin, pulling her sagging thumbs flat before they sunk into the palms.

"It's warm," she said to herself before sitting on a step. Aliya brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her long arms around them. It felt right but she began to feel anxious. She glanced over her shoulder and then stood, unfolding herself slowly. "Should get into the car."

The young girl moved cautiously, one step at a time while glancing around the courtyard. Her sleeves pulled back as her arms lengthened. She lay her long, curved claws against the railing and her elbows dipped below her.

An itch formed between her shoulder blades. She paused, lowering herself to sit on yet another step. While looking slowly around the courtyard, she reached out to hug the nearby post.

Maybe something scary nearby? she pondered. She glanced at the stairs and then the forest just outside the apartment complex. Her thick pelt covered her chest and she began to sweat from it as it marched inexorably down her body.

"Hot," she said, slipping her claws into the top of her shirt. She pulled and buttons pinged away to clatter against the walls and stairs, leaving her shirt open and her chest bare. Her nipples moved as thick gray hairs grew over her small, perky breasts. The coarse hairs tickled the small, sensitive nubs and she smiled, smacking her lips and enjoying the feel of breeze against her bare body. "Better."

Dense claws clattered on metal as she slowly pulled herself to a standing position. Pain lanced through her thigh bone and knees and she lowered herself back down.

"Okay," she intoned, hugging the pole again. The cold metal soothed her warm body. "I'll wait."

She closed her eyes as her bones shortened in her legs. The white fur coating her brow multiplied to completely cover her forehead. She rubbed her head back and forth against the pole as the fur sprouted down to her cheeks before slipping around her nose and further down to her cheeks. Black hairs joined the white to follow the faint line she'd spied before leaving her apartment.

As the pain in her legs receded, she pulled herself upright, sliding one hand and then the other against the pole. Her shirt hung loosely on her as she navigated down the stairs with her shorter, stocky legs. She reached out to touch the opposite wall as she touched the ground. Birds sang in the distance and she took a moment to look around for predators before shuffling to her car.

Her nails brushed the ground, bumping and sliding as she took one step after another. Looking up, she squinted and sighed at how far away the car was. The distance seemed impossible and her anxiety increased every time a bird's shadow passed on the ground in front of her. The woman's eyes slid over to the treeline nearby.

A huge oak stood back from the rest of the trees. Her lips turned up into a gradual, wide smile. The branches were thick and there were so many leaves.

"That sounds nice," she murmured to herself, nodding her head gently as she turned towards the forest.

Cars passed in the distance, loud and huge. She sidled away from them, hurrying as fast as she could to get off the ground. Her lower back began to ache as her center of gravity pulled her heavy upper body forward. Aliya leaned forward, touching her claws to the ground. Her shaggy-furred arms moved haltingly and she kicked off her shoes to dig her toes into the ground for support.

She moved carefully, left arm and then right foot followed by her right arm and left foot. Grass brushed her breasts through her fur coat and she raised herself higher. The trees drew closer, inch-by-inch as she rushed toward them.

Only when she passed the tree line did she start to relax. She reached an arm out and it trembled while she held it steady. The young woman turned, back and forth, searching for the tree she'd seen earlier until she found it just to her left. Her wide face broke into a simplistic smile and she set her arm down, pulling herself forward to her goal.

Pain blossomed in Aliya's face.

"Ouch," she complained quietly.

Tears leaked from the corners of her brown ears before immediately being absorbed by the dark fur surrounding them. Her jaw felt white-hot as the bones elongated beneath her skin. Teeth fell from her jaw as it narrowed into a gentle snout. She sighed, licking her sore gums and then continued on her way.

"Tired," she whined.

Gray and brown fur crested down the girl's back beneath her torn shirt. She hated the way her skirt felt against her skin. It agitated her, rubbing against flesh and fur when she knew her fur was enough. She stared back at it, mid-step but then sighed and continued forward. It was too much effort to deal with.

With another step, her trimmed toenails began to grow. They dug into the soft earth and she kicked small amounts of dirt and leaves behind her as she moved. She found herself having to pull her foot higher to free it as her long claws dug deep and the extra motion frustrated her.

Distracted from the change, she surprised herself by bumping her snout into the trunk of the oak tree.

"Oh," she said in surprise.

Aliya reached her arms and legs around the trunk and her claws bit into the bark. She pulled herself upward slowly, muscles flexing beneath her fur coat as she began to climb. Pieces of bark fell to the ground around her while she worked her way up. The back of her skirt flexed outward and began to move back and forth. As she pulled herself up again, her skirt caught on a broken branch and was pulled down to free her naked, stubby tail. It wiggled lethargically as she climbed.

Finally, nearly fifteen feet off the ground, she found a massive branch that forked off into a slightly smaller branch.

"Nice," she smiled, nodding her head.

She hauled herself up and slowly settled herself into the nook offered by the two branches. She pulled her legs against her body, wrapped her arms around the trunk, settled her snout against the bark and closed her eyes.


Dusk settled on the forest as a sound woke Aliya from her nap. She cocked her fur covered ears and listened curiously.

"Aliya!" a voice called loudly.

"Oh," she said, unhooking her massive claws. She knew the voice and muted memories tumbled through her tired brain. It was a good voice. Not as good as sleep, maybe. Safe, though. Just not as safe as a tall tree. It did make her feel good. Just not as good as a comfortable nap, perhaps.

The young woman nodded decisively to herself and swung an arm around to begin her descent.

"John," she said finally, swinging her other arm around.

She couldn't wait to show him the tree she found.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Great stuff as always. Been writing more stories based on my comic characters since I work full time again and don't have lots of time to draw like I used to.
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Thank you! And I hope your own stories are going really well
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Re: Lycandope Story Thread

Begging For Attention Ch. 01
Chapter 1 of 2.

A bratty stepdaughter finds herself turning into a good girl for her stepfather.
Carl stood in the living room behind his wife as she lay sprawled out on the couch. Overdramatic voices yelled on the television from a new show she'd recently started watching. As with the other shows she seemed to watch, all of the teenagers on the show were actually in their late twenties and far too sophisticated for their own good.

He glanced over his shoulder toward the second bedroom. Light spilled out from beneath the slightly open door and he could spy his step-daughter's toes and the tiny brush she held against them. Random beats of music reached his ears despite the headphones he knew she'd be wearing. Expensive ones she'd demanded for her birthday. The second set since she broke the first one already.

He turned back to the television. A 'teenager' on the show leaned forward over a huge oak desk while threatening the parent of another teenager.

What does she see in these shows? he asked himself.

His wife snorted and rolled slightly. He could see her nipples in the flimsy slip she wore and the bulge of her belly from beneath the too-short top. With a heavy sigh, he knelt beside her and gently touched her shoulder.

"Sweetheart," he said quietly. Her mouth fell open and he shook her again. "Come to bed."

"Nnargh," she grumbled, turning back to face the couch. "Sleep here."

"You know it's not good for your back," he chided her gently while touching her shoulder again. "I'll help you up."

"Nnuff," she snorted, pulling her knees tighter and digging deeper into the fabric cushions.

He stood and closed his eyes. It was a repeat of last week and a variation of a theme repeating itself over the past year. She'd wake up early, crawl into bed while complaining of her back. She'd fall asleep while he lay awake, hours before he needed to be up. Then she'd be grumpy as she got ready for work.

Fuck it, he thought. It's Friday night. I don't care.

The remote lay on the floor in front of the couch. He grabbed it, shut off the television and walked to his bedroom. His step-daughter's music blared and she laughed as he passed. He heard her nails clicking on her phone as she texted someone. He could never keep track of who she was dating or who her friends were. She was mercurial with a temper worse than her mother's and they'd never clicked very well so he gave her space and she avoided him like the plague.

Already dressed in his pajamas, he clicked the light off to the bedroom and curled into bed, glancing towards the empty spot where his wife slept. He sighed once more and closed his eyes while wondering, not for the first time, what had happened. She'd seemed so full of life when they'd met four years ago. Vibrant and energetic and loving. They'd fallen in love quickly and he'd proposed after a year, marrying less than a year later. He couldn't even pinpoint the decline. She stopped taking care of herself and withdrew more and more. Last week he'd brought up marriage counseling and she'd looked at him as if he were the dumbest person she'd met.

Why? she'd asked.

He'd been at a loss, trying to decide if she was serious or not and then struggling to find a way to diplomatically explain the issues. He'd settled on carefully saying that he felt they had disconnected lately and maybe talking to someone could help. She'd snorted and said everything was fine before asking what they were having for dinner.

They hadn't had sex in months. She'd repelled him at first, giving excuses about her back or stress from work or other excuses until he'd stopped asking. Every so often he'd buy flowers or make an especially nice dinner but, while she appreciated it, she didn't make moves and he felt pushy asking.

Oh, there was that one time, he remembered and then wished he hadn't.

Three weeks ago, he massaged her slowly in bed. And then kissed her back as he felt himself grow aroused. When she seemed into it, he took a chance. She was dry but he had lube nearby. Just as he'd started to enjoy himself, she'd asked if he was almost done and it killed the moment. He lied and said he was and pulled out.

Laying in the dark, he lowered the blanket and pulled a tissue from the box on the nightstand. He woke his phone, navigated to some porn he'd saved and masturbated as quietly as possible. Once finished, the filled tissue went into the partially full trash can next to his side of the bed.

I should bring up the counselor again, he thought, hiding a jaw-cracking yawn behind his hand.

Drained and drowsy, he browsed on his phone until his eyes closed and he fell asleep.


"I'm going to adopt a dog," Carl announced at the table.

His wife looked up at him, a forkful of pancakes halfway between her plate and her mouth. Thick syrup oozed down the silverware.

"A dog?" she asked. "Like, a real dog?"

"Yes," he said, pushing his food around.

"I'm not taking care of it," his step-daughter said. She bit into an apple without looking up from her phone. Her long nails were painted purple now and she bounced her left leg over her right. A half-eaten cup of yogurt sat before her.

"I'm not asking you to," he told her.

"I don't want a dog," his wife, Susan, said. "They're messy and annoying."

"I'll take care of it," he told her. "I had one when I was a kid."

"But, why?" she asked. Her expression frustrated him. She wasn't asking him why he wanted a dog. Her expression conveyed annoyance and a complete lack of understanding - more 'why in the world would you want to give up time and energy to take care of a useless creature?'

"The house feels empty sometimes," he said carefully. "And Madison will move out soon-"

"Who says?" the girl asked, looking up from her phone. Her black bangs bounced as she stared at Carl.

"Well, you're out of high school," he answered. "And I just assumed you'd move out for community college."

"I'm not going to-" she started to say.

"You don't have to leave, baby," her mother said, patting her daughter's knee. "Nobody's saying that. Stay as long as you want."

Madison moved her knee away, glanced at Carl for a moment and then picked her phone back up, her nails furiously clicking on the screen.

"I'm going to the shelter this morning," he told them through gritted teeth.

"You can't," Madison said without looking up. "I'm taking the car to go shopping."

"No," he told her. "I'm going to the shelter."

"Mom?" Madison sighed.

"A dog's a big change," Susan said. "And Madison needs the car. Weren't you going to work on the second bathroom today?"

He looked between them. His wife cut another chunk from the four stacked pancakes as her attention was pulled away from their discussion. Madison grinned without looking up. Her red lipstick was the brightest color she wore with her plain white t-shirt, black open jacket and black skirt matching her pale face. Sometimes he wished they got along better but other times, he was grateful not to know what she said about him to her friends. Or her mother.

"I'm going to the shelter," he told them firmly.

"Mo-om," Madison whined. "I said last night I needed the car. I'm going to a party tonight and I need clothes!"

"Honey," his wife said. "Just let Madison take it. I really don't want to deal with a dog in the house. I'm stressed enough at work."

"No," he said and they both looked at him. "I'll take Madison with me and take her to the store afterwards but I'm going to the shelter."

"There's no way I-" Madison started to say.

"Just let her take the-" Susan said at the same time.

"It's my car," Carl said. He turned to his step-daughter. "You can come with me or not but I'm leaving."

"Mom?" she pleaded.

"Honey," Susan said, touching Carl's arm. "Just let her take the car."

He ignored her as he pushed his chair back and got up. He grabbed the keys and his wallet from beside the door and then waited. The two women followed him with their eyes, watching him incredulously as he worked his feet into his shoes.

"I'm leaving now if you want to come," he told Madison.

The girl's jaw flared out but she flounced from her chair in a huff, grabbing her purse and stepping into her open-toe sandals.

"Fine," she said shortly.


The parking lot was mostly empty as Carl pulled in. He parked and then turned to his step-daughter.

"You coming?" he asked.

She snorted, her eyes glued to the phone in front of her. He rolled his eyes in return as he took the keys and stepped into the warm summer air.

The sharp scent of chemicals greeted him as he pushed the shelter's front door open. The faint sound of barking dogs surrounded him and he looked around the small reception area until he found the door marked, simply, 'Dogs'.

Nodding at the front desk workers, he walked to the double-doors and pushed past, wrinkling his nose at the mixed smell of cleaning fluids and kenneled dogs. The barking intensified but he ignored it, walking around the kennels. Most were empty and the rest seemed filled with sad pitbulls and old lapdogs.

He knelt before one quiet kennel. A black pitbull lay on a small cot but it looked up at him when he approached. Its tail wagged slowly twice before it lay its head back down.

"Sable, huh?" he said, looking up at the dog's name on the paper above the kennel. "You look like a quiet, calm girl. So pretty, too!"

She was pure black except for a large white mark on her broad chest and the shape of a broken diamond on her forehead. He watched her for a while, imagining her running happily through the house. It was a warm thought that filled him with joy and he stood, dusting off his knees before continuing his walk.

The rest of the dogs seemed ill-suited for him so he returned to reception just as his phone beeped. He pressed the power button and frowned at the text he'd received.

Are you done yet? the text from Madison read. I'm bored.

"Sir?" a shy voice called out. "Have you been helped?"

"Oh, no," he said, putting his phone away and smiling at the young man behind the counter. "I want to fill out adoption papers, please."

"Oh, sure! For a dog?" he asked, digging through clipboards in a filing cabinet next to him.

"Yes, please," Carl answered, rocking on his toes.

"Here you go," the young man said, passing over a clipboard. "Just fill everything out and we'll have our staff review it and call you back with the results."

His phone beeped again but he ignored it as he filled out the questionnaire.

"Were there any dogs you were interested in?" the other man asked.

"Well," Carl said, signing his name before adding the date. "Sable seemed awfully polite and adorable."

"Oh, I'm sorry," the man told him. "Sable's pending adoption. She's such a sweetheart but there's two other families waiting ahead of you."

"Aww, that's too bad," Carl frowned.

"Don't worry," the worker said, taking the clipboard. "We have new dogs all the time and some are being fostered. Those we have up on the wall and online. Once we approve your application, you can meet with whoever you want. You should hear back from us today!"

"Thanks," he said. "I'll just wait for the call."

He left, mentally walking through the dog's kennel to see if any other dog had seemed a good fit but none came to mind. Madison stood against the passenger side of the car.

"I almost went looking for you," she fussed at him. "Are you finally done? You didn't get a dog, right?"

"Yeah, I'm done," he told her, opening the door to get in. She sat in the passenger seat next to him as he started the car. "I have to wait to hear from them first."

"I hope they tell you 'no'," he said bluntly.

He looked at her while he backed up. Turning the words over in his head. Wanting to lash out at her for being rude. As he drove, he calmed himself, remembering that she was still a teenager - barely - and would grow out of her behavior as she stepped into proper adulthood. He hoped.

The rest of the trip was quiet as he drove further into the city, watching people walk past slow traffic, sighing as young couples held hands or families laughed and children ran happily around their parents. It seemed demoralizing but he reminded himself that it took work and he loved his wife.

"It's there," Madison said suddenly. "The white store. Just drop me off. I'll text when I'm done."

"I'll be at the coffee shop next to it," he told her, smoothly sliding up to the curb.

"That's too close," the girl sighed. "Just- can't you go somewhere else?"

"The coffee shop," he said again.

"Argh," Madison groaned, shoving out the car and slamming the door.

He shook his head and pulled forward into an empty spot before checking to make sure no cars were coming. He jumped quickly into the street to walk briskly into the coffee shop. Despite the heat, he ordered a huge chai and happily took it with him into the corner, settling next to a small round table and relative silence.

Carl leaned back into his chair, occasionally sipping his drink while watching the people around him. Despite it being the weekend, several people had laptops open to spreadsheets and presentations. A few young kids laughed and passed phones around and older adults bent over their phones to browse. He watched them all before glancing out through the giant windows and the street outside.

His phone suddenly clattered on the table and he snatched it, turning it and unlocking it with a practiced move of his fingerprint.

Come here, the text from Madison read.

"Huh," Carl said, staring at his phone for a moment. A rebellious part of him wanted to put the phone away and make her wait to ask more nicely but, instead, he grabbed his phone and chai, resigned to his lot in life.

Clouds passed quickly overhead as a breeze ruffled skirts and hair and odd bits of trash on the sidewalk. He shaded his eyes and walked next door into the serene interior of the huge clothing store. A salesclerk glanced briefly at him before moving on to another rack of clothing. He ignored her and looked around for his step-daughter before spotting her near the changing rooms. He'd expected her to be waiting by the front but she beckoned him to her area.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked, glancing at the two pieces of clothing she held.

"No," she said. She frowned, bit her lip and looked around the store. Her mouth opened but she closed it and the corner of her mouth turned up as her brows creased.

"Well?" he prodded.

"You're a man," she stated.

"Uh," he answered back.

"Which of these is better?" she asked, shoving her hands forward.

He stared at her and then looked down. A black, pleated skirt was held in a hanger in her left hand while a black tube top dress was in the other.

"Better for what?" he asked suspiciously.

"Come onnnn, Carl," she sighed, rolling her eyes. "For the party tonight. Which do you like better?"

"Me?" he asked, eyes wide.

"You're a man, aren't you?" she asked again. Her serious brown eyes flicked around his body before settling on his eyes. She licked her lips and shoved the clothes forward again. "So? Which one?"

He pictured her in them and felt foolish for doing so. He could see her in his mind's eye with the skirt and her white t-shirt and jacket but the dress was different. It looked slim and he blushed as he imagined it tight against her body. An image of the shelter came to mind, bringing with it Sable. Pure black but for the two white patches of fur. Sleek and strong. Like his step-daughter in the dress. Tight against her body, outlining all her curves and-

"The dress," he told her.

"Finally," she said, turning to shove the skirt onto a nearby metal rack. "Let's go."

She pushed past him, brushing his shoulder and then slowing to let him catch up. As he did, she stuck close, just behind his left shoulder. He could feel her behind him and the hairs stood up along his body as if she were pure electricity. It was the first time they'd really done anything together, without her mother.

Once they reached the counter, she bumped into him again and laid the dress down, glancing over her shoulder before looking forward. He watched her pay and did his best to not imagine her in the dress. When he'd met his wife, she was (still is! he told himself) pretty but her daughter was gorgeous. He swore she used the goth style on purpose since she knew he wasn't a huge fan but, even with the black clothing and hiding her face, it was hard to deny her looks.

Finished paying, she grabbed her bags, took a step and then turned. Indecision crossed her eyes and she seemed uncertain of herself for a brief moment.

"I'm done," she said, reaching out to touch his arm. "I'm ready to go."

The gesture surprised him but he hid it, nodding and walking past the counter as she followed close behind.


"It is pretty, isn't it?" she said with a hint of a question in her voice. Madison held the dress before her in the passenger seat.

"Yes?" he asked, uncertain if she was asking his opinion.

"It is," she affirmed. She bit her lip and turned to him. "And- and you like it?"

"I-" he looked at her. The girl turned back to look at the dress and he focused on the road again. "Yes?"


"Well," he continued, weighing his words. "Everything you have is black lately. I- I think maybe some color would be nice."

"I like black," she told him. "I like black."

"I know," he said quickly. "I wasn't trying to say you shouldn't wear black."

Her hand rested on his thigh briefly, her fingers touching his leg like a nervous butterfly resting on a leaf.

"It's fine," she told him before withdrawing her hand. "I know what you mean."

The rest of the car ride was quiet as he examined the conversation in his mind. Her voice sounded softer and less aggressive. It was a new side of her and he was glad to see it after years of push back.

When they arrived back home, she clutched the dress tight and ran inside without a word. He watched her, shook his head and then followed.

A note from his wife waited for him: Gone out with friends. Home late.

Grunting, he dropped his wallet and keys, kicked off his shoes and went to the utility room to find his toolbox.


Pipes lay exposed behind the open skirting surrounding the bathtub. Carl sat on the edge of the tub, rubbing his sore hands. Sections of the pipe lay on an old towel on the floor.

He felt her presence before she spoke and he turned to find Madison standing in the doorway in ripped blue jean shorts and her t-shirt. Her right foot rested against her left ankle and her left hand pressed against the door frame. As before, she seemed confused and, noticing his gaze, she pressed her hands together against her belly.

"You'll have to use the other bathroom," he told her. "I've got the water turned off in here and it's a mess."

"I don't-" she said, pausing to suck on her lip. Their coloring seemed less bright now but then he realized she had her hair back and her face was more open. "I don't need to use the bathroom."

"Oh," he said, waiting for her to say more. When she didn't he narrowed his eyes. "So, uhh, what do you need? Your mom's still out."

"No, I- what are you doing?" she asked. She released her hands and rubbed her palms against her thighs. The motion brought her arms against her breasts and they pushed forward.

"Fixing a leak," Carl said, quickly looking away.

The silence stretched and he carefully looked back to find her staring at his body, her eyes lingering on his arms.

"Do- do you need anything?" Madison asked. Her pale cheeks held a hint of color in them. "You're- you have dirt on you and stuff."

"No," he told her, turning back to the pipes. "No, thank you."

He breathed a sigh of relief when he felt her leave.

Time passed as he finished tightening the connections in the wall. The entire skirting was off but a new one was waiting for him to install. He bent to grab the first section and yelled when he spotted Madison standing in the doorway again.

The end of her shirt was twisted into a knot that left her smooth belly exposed. She wore makeup now and he was surprised to see more than just black on her face.

Is that glitter on her eyelids? he wondered in amazement. She looked amazing and he swallowed quickly before coughing.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, staring steadily into her light brown eyes.

"Yeah," she said, twisting a toe into the carpet in the hallway. She sucked her lip into her mouth and then released it, hooking her thumbs into the belt loops on her shorts. Her arms hung down, pulling the shorts and he looked down involuntarily to see the top of her perfectly smooth mound.

Fuck! he cursed, chastising himself as his ears burned. He looked up and realized she wasn't wearing a bra now. Her nipples pressed into her shirt, thick as the tip of his thumbs.

"Alright, well, I should just keep working on this," he said quickly, the words stumbling together. "Don't you have that party to go to? My keys are hanging on the wall by the door."

"Soon," she said. "I'll get ready soon. I don't know, I'm just restless. Can I hang out here for a while?"

No, he thought.

"Sure," he said.

He ignored her as she carefully stepped around everything laid out on the floor until she sat on the lid of the toilet, swinging her right leg over her left. The subtle, sweet scent of her perfume wound its way through the bathroom but he ignored it as he focused on his work. Madison sat quietly the entire time, bouncing her leg in an endless rhythm.

Just as he finished installing half of the skirting, she stood.

"I have to get ready," she told him. "For the party. For the party tonight."

He looked at her slowly, focusing on her high cheekbones, smooth skin and light eyes. Studiously ignoring everything below her chin.

"Okay?" he said, wondering why she felt the need to tell him. "I'll be here. Drive safe and be safe. I don't know when your mom will be home."

"Are you-" she paused, biting her lip. The fingers of her right hand pressed against her midriff and she scratched herself quickly. "Are you sure you don't need anything?"

"Yeah, I'm good," he grunted, grabbing another section and setting it on the wall.

"Alright," she said. "I'll just go. I'll- yeah, I'll just- I'll see you tomorrow."

She left and Carl pressed his forehead against the wall, breathing out until his lungs were empty. Her scent lingered but he threw himself into the work, ignoring her sounds until the door closed behind her.


The phone rang, startling Carl out of deep sleep. He yelled, slapping at his phone in confusion until he realized where he was and what was happening. Sitting up, he looked at the name and quickly unlocked it.

"Madison?" he asked, suddenly alert. The odds of her randomly calling him were next to none. "Are you okay?"

"Y- yessh," she slurred. "I just- I just- I just- had too much. To drink. I don't. Want to be here. Want to be home. Miss home."

"Where's your-" he started to say until he turned to see the empty bed. He slid out from the covers and walked into the living room but it was empty as well. "Your mother's not here."

"You come get me," she said. Loud cheers erupted in the background and someone shouted something unintelligible. "You. Come get me. You. By. By the. Grant's house. Grant. You come get me."

He knew the Grant's well - one of the richest families in the area.

"Are you safe?" he asked, worried for her. "Is something wrong?"

"Noooo," she sighed and then giggled. "Yessss. Jusss' miss home. Come get me."

"Alright," he said, rubbing his forehead with his free hand. "I'll be there soon. Just- just wait outside."

"Yessss, daddy," she giggled, disconnecting the call.

He grunted and flicked through the apps on his phone before finding the one to call a car to pick him up. Grabbing the house keys, he went out into the warm night air in order to sit on the steps and wait for the driver. When the car arrived, he opened the back door, thanked the lady in the front seat and confirmed the address.

The driver offered no conversation and he was grateful for it, preferring to sit in the silence and worry about his wife and step-daughter. They arrived and he tapped a tip into the phone before getting out.

Madison jumped up and swayed from the front of the house, grinning when she spotted him. Laughter and loud voices called out from within the well-lit house. He looked her over, worried that she'd lied about being in trouble but her dress was spotless and her hair was perfectly held back.

He met her at the bottom of the stairs and then stumbled as she fell into his arms. He held her by reflex and she nuzzled against him with a quiet growl. She was warm and soft and he couldn't help but smell the flowery shampoo she used in her black hair. Her arms wrapped around him as she pressed harder into him but he gently pried her off.

"You okay?" he asked, shame filling him as he felt his cock stir.

"Yesssss, daddy," she repeated with another quiet giggle.

"And the keys?" he checked, suddenly worried she'd lost them.

"Purse," she muttered, waving back at the steps. "Purse. In the- in the purse. My purse."

He went around her but she grabbed his arm and clung to him, pressing into his side as he went to the steps to retrieve her purse. The keys lay half out of the side pocket so he grabbed them. Madison bent with him and then nearly fell as she lost her balance. He grabbed her and she hugged back.

"Come on," he said, gently prying her off again. "Let's get you home."

As he turned, she grabbed his hand, her fingers twining through his and she followed him to their car, parked further down the road. He opened the passenger door and she slid in, tucking the dress beneath her before grabbing her seatbelt.

When he opened his door to sit, she stared at him, watching him adjust the seat and mirror. Overly conscious of her gaze, he started the car and pulled away.

"And you're sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Yesssh," she sighed, nodding her head with exaggerated movements.

She reached out to place her hand on his thigh and he jerked at her touch. After a few seconds, he gently moved her hand but she gripped him, holding his hand instead. He turned to glance at her and felt the hairs raise along his body when he realized she was staring intently at him. Moonlight caressed her face through the cloudless sky and her cerulean blue eyes studied him carefully.

Carl swallowed. He tried to open his hand to let her hand go but she held him tightly so he ignored it and focused on the road. She pulled his hand slowly toward her until it rested against her leg. And then her hand opened and she pushed his fingers into her thigh with a quiet sigh.

"You-!" Carl said, snatching his hand away. "You're drunk."

"Yesssh," she giggled, nodding several times. She placed her delicate fingers on her neck and tilted her head back, tracing her fingers down her throat, along her chest and down her stomach. Carl swallowed as he saw the movement in the corner of his eyes.


"Can you walk?" he asked as the car's engine ticked over in their driveway.

"No," she pouted, leaning towards him. "Carry me."

He grunted and got out, walking over to her side to open her door. He pressed the seat belt release and helped her stand.

"Carry me," she whispered in his ear, raising herself up until she reached.

"You can walk," he said as goosebumps rose along his body. "Come on."

She leaned on him and grabbed his hand while pulling his arm against her breasts, following him on unsteady legs down the driveway and into the house.

"Here," he said, kneeling in front of her.

She growled, pulling at her dress as he held her leg steady to help her out of her shoes. Madison wiggled her toes through her stockings and then groaned, digging her fingernails into her hips as he helped her out of her other shoe.

"To your room," he told her, guiding her once more.

He rarely set foot into her room and was disgusted to see how messy it was. Clothing littered the floor with makeup and bags and- he averted his eyes away from the pair of black lacy panties flung over the back of a chair.

"Alright," he said, turning and trying to extricate himself from her grip. "Goodnight. I hope you feel better in the morning."

She held him tight, pulling him close and going to her tiptoes once more, trying to kiss him. He pulled back, eyes wide but she tried again until he shoved her away. Her lips parted to show her teeth and her sharp blue eyes narrowed.

"You're drunk," he told her again. "Get some sleep."

He shut her door before she could stop him and then hurried to his own room, closing the door behind him. Carl slipped under the covers and closed his eyes, furiously ignoring the raging erection beneath his pajamas.

He cursed his dead bedroom and blamed it for his hard-on, pushing away the image of his step-daughter's full lips and the feeling of her soft breasts against his arm.

"Dammit," he muttered, reaching over to grab a tissue. He clutched his phone, pulling up the porn he'd watched earlier when he'd gone to bed. Placing the tissue over the head of his cock, he gripped it tight and masturbated quickly, staring at the silent smut as it played out.

His orgasm was hard. Right as he felt the release, he saw her in his mind. Her lips close to his. Her warm, sweet breath on his mouth. Her eyes closed. Hungry. Needy.

"Goddammit," he cursed again, throwing the tissue away and burrowing into the blankets.


Warmth against him. Carl smacked his lips and pulled his wife close. His arm held her tight as she wriggled her ass into his crotch and she groaned when his hand squeezed her bra.

Thoughts ascended from the bottom of his sleep-dulled brain to the top, raising red flags along the way until his eyes popped open. Dull morning light shone through the bedroom blinds.

Madison lay against his bare chest. His pajama top was unbuttoned and open and her bare skin radiated heat onto the hair covering his chest. His hand opened and she sighed before her breathing resumed its steady rhythm.

Licking his lips, he pushed carefully away from her and sat up. She lay in an open fetal position. Her shoulder-length black hair was undone and her slim body was covered by a pair of lace panties that rode high between her thighs and a matching bra that showed her nipples through the frilly black lace.

He reached out to gently touch her back.

"M- Madison," he said, shaking her carefully. "Madison, wake up!"

The girl's eyes fluttered open and then closed before opening completely. She shoved herself back against the bed and then grabbed the blanket to cover her body.

"What the-!" she yelled, looking wildly around the room. "What are you doing in my bedroom, you fucking-!"

"You are in my bedroom," he said as his heart pounded in his chest.

Madison glanced around with the blanket held beneath her chin. Comprehension dawned.

"Why?" she asked. "Stop looking at me!"

"Hell," Carl said, looking at the wall next to the bed. "I don't know why. I brought you to your bedroom last night and-"

There was a sharp sound that made Carl look over at the girl. She had dropped the blanket and was sniffing the air, turning left and right. Lowering her nose to the blanket, she huffed and breathed deeply and then twisted out of them, going to all fours.

"Wha-" he stuttered. "What are you doing?"

Ignoring him, she sniffed the blanket and crawled onto his lap, turning her head left and right. Her glossy black hair brushed against him but she reached out to press a hand against the wall. She lowered herself down next to the bed and her hips wiggled back and forth as she leaned forward to his wastebin.

With a second loud huff, the girl shoved her face into the small trash can. She groaned, trembled and raised her ass.

"What are you-!" Carl gasped, reaching for her. "Stop! Don't-"

She leaned back with a slow moan, grabbing her breast while clawing her side. Once more she leaned down and her hair cascaded over the basket. Her hand reached beneath her body, slowly sliding up and between her thighs.

"Madison!" Carl shouted.

It jolted her and she sat back, licking her lips. Her eyes were distant and he felt ashamed to admit that he noticed her hardened nipples through her sheer bra. Her mouth opened and her tongue slowly traveled over her canines and over her full, reddened plump lips. She growled and squeezed her breasts, pulling at the bra until her right breast slipped free from the thin fabric.

"Smells so good," she moaned. She bent as if to lean forward but Carl grabbed her shoulder to hold her back.

"Wake up, Madison!" he yelled, shaking her hard. Her ears rotated back at his loud voice and she shrunk from him with a whimper.

"Why am I-" she started to say. Rather than finish, she pushed herself into a standing position. "I'm just-"

She left without another word, stumbling and catching herself against the wall. He waited until she was in the hallway and then he followed her to ensure she made it to her bedroom.

Safely alone, he lay back in bed, staring at the ceiling. He tried to ignore what he saw and prayed for sleep to take him but the thoughts wouldn't stop tumbling and turning and twisting and repeating the events of the night.
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