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أنا رجل مضحك
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Poem by the funny man

Hey guys its me the funny man.

I'm going to try writing an SW poem. Don't know if it'll work or not lets find out:

The sun arose; a new day has arrived
Time for something extremely contrived!

Victoria awoke from her lovely bed
To find the pillow a few inches apart form her head!

She simply thought that she must have slept weird
She hadn't realized that some height had disappeared

She got dressed and furrowed her brow
Her outfit had become loose somehow!

Her blouse straps sliding and her jeans in a bunch
But she paid no mind, for she was late to brunch!

Socks out of the question, she had to move fast!
Makeup or hair? She couldn't be assed!

Out the door and onto the street,
pull the seat up and put shoes on her feet.

To the restaurant she raced, foot on the gas,
the engines roaring, speed coming in mass.

She ran in the restaurant and looked at the time,
4 minutes late? Not much of a crime.

She found the table were all her friends were at,
she greeted them all and in a chair she sat

It was now she looked at her ill-fitting clothes,
looking at the ground which hadn't reached her toes

She began to look around and see everything looked bigger
Her friends talking to themselves and having a snigger

She grabbed her drink and saw her sleeve fall down her arm
This was becoming a cause for alarm.

It only got worse as she had to sneeze,
a big "achoo" and her feet felt a breeze

Her sneakers had fallen off, her toes left to dangle
Her shirt strap falling, resting at an angle.

She tried to fix her outfit; she tried for a while
But in the end the effort was futile.

She put back on her shoes and said goodbye to her friends,
Unfortunately for her, this wasn't the end.

As she walked, her feet protruded from her shoe,
She had to walk fast before her clothing grew

Eventually she was forced to grab hold of her jeans
Keeping them from sliding off by any means

Right as she reached the door, she suffered a trip,
Her sneakers flying off, having lost their grip,

She had no choice but to bolt for her car,
Oh but why did she decide to park so far?

Ignoring the burns from the tar to her feet,
Victoria dashed to her car and jumped in the seat.

She was still getting smaller! She had to hurry!
Flooring the pedals she began to scurry.

But as she drove to her house, getting oh so near,
She began to become too small to see the car's front mirror,

Now practically standing up, swallowed by her blouse,
Victoria was right about to reach her house!

However, sadly for her, the sun had blinded her eyes,
causing her to crash into a lamppost and meeting her demise

An investigation was done, there was no body to be seen
Just a blouse, some shoes, and a pair of jeans
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