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Setting assimilation(?)

So I've been wondering if there's more stuff on the concept of someone being transported into some strange world and then slowly changing to "fit in"?
While my personal favorite on the concept is ending up inside a somewhat realistic version of a fictional work, like a movie, tv-show or a comic, it could just as well be someone ending up in some alternate universe and slowly being assimilated by it.

Think of it as an ”Inverted Pleasantville”, where instead of the main characters' interaction with the environment breaks the rules of the show's universe and causing it to change, the show's universe slowly molds the characters to fit inside the established rules.
I haven't seen too much done on this premise and I was wondering if people know of other examples than the ones I can recall having encountered?

Two friends end up inside a porno and slowly becomes a part of it:
Bikini Beach House Carwash - Fret Pearson

Not perfect fits with the concept, but close enough:
The Cum Shot - Limerick
Mirror Match - VoidStrata

(Oh, and I guess I'm technically not a lurker anymore? Yay?)

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Re: Setting assimilation(?)

I can think of one kinda like that. The cartoon series Ozzy & Drix(based on Osmosis Jones)

At the start of the series Osmosis Jones and his cold pill friend Drix end up being transported into a teenage boy in which they call there new home.

In An Out of Body Experience(episode 1-2 of Season 2) Ozzy ends up in the body of teenage girl after an incident with CPR. He soon learns from Drix that if he dosen't leave that body soon he will become female as a side effect of entering a human body of the opposite gender of him. Luckily he managed to return before he changed completely.

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