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Unread 03-27-2006   #25
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Been a while since I last posted here... two to three weeks. Thanks to everybody who has kept interest in the story. As promised, I have continued working on it.

I am typing this message having followed some of that work. I just finished the rough draft for chapter four. Yes, that is right; I have two chapters on backlog right now. After a couple revisions, and maybe another chapter added between them, they will be ready to post. Here is a little info on what you can expect.

The Third Chapter continues to deal with Rick and Alex. The anime expo mentioned in Chapter 2? Prepare yourself for a visit. :-D Along with the visit, you will get to see Drazzmik's added "problems" come into play big-time. And wait 'til you meet a new character!

Chapter Four is more of a serious chapter. You will learn about Drazzmik's past, see whom he works for, and see exactly what his stake is in all of this! Finally, this chapter is the lead-in to Chapter Five, the final chapter, where the story has its resolution.

Chapters One and Two were only the beginning! The best is yet to come, and babe, won't it be fine!
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Ninja Jay
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Your.Story. Rocks!!
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Unread 03-29-2006   #27
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Hurry up, damn you! We're all getting impatient here!

(really, it's been so long since something new... it's agonizing waiting, but if it means it's better when it's finished, ignore me and take your time. I'm just a ranting lunatic)
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*Bells Ring*


you have waited for the third chapter to arrive, to see the story continued... and I have promised it would come. Processors, the time draws near!

This night, I have finished the second draft of the third chapter. I have the intention of having the third draft finished tonight. The third draft will then be posted, yes, this very night, for your viewing pleasure. And I guarentee... it is, in a way, better than I imagined.

Watch the topic. For when I next post, you shall have another chapter to read!

I now want to say that I am impressed. The topic has hit 5,000 views! FIVE - THOUSAND! Thank you all for being such dedicated readers! I wish I had some "thank you" art to put up for you; but, sadly, no - all i can do is hurry up the third chapter (while doing a good job, of course - quality over haste). As it stands, I consider my art imitative at best, though I intend to continue practicing. I hope to one day feel my talent is up to the challenge of drawing my characters. The most exotic to draw would, at this point, be Drazzmik (though I imagine many readers would like to see Alex in her Naga outfit; oh yes, more of that in Ch 3). But that is neither here nor there, and you will just have to be satisfied with knowing that the chapters are coming.

Wait for it... Chapter Three comes tonight!
ETA: 3 Hours
Now accepting story commissions.

My TG/BE/TF/SW story, "The Reluctant Salesman":

My BE/MG/GTS story, "The Perfect Evolution":

My TG/BE Story, "Incubusted":
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*Bells Ring*


you have waited for the third chapter to arrive, to see the story continued... and I have promised it would come. Processors, the time draws near!

This night, I have finished the second draft of the third chapter. I have the intention of having the third draft finished tonight. The third draft will then be posted, yes, this very night, for your viewing pleasure. And I guarentee... it is, in a way, better than I imagined.

Watch the topic. For when I next post, you shall have another chapter to read!

I now want to say that I am impressed. The topic has hit 5,000 views! FIVE - THOUSAND! Thank you all for being such dedicated readers! I wish I had some "thank you" art to put up for you; but, sadly, no - all i can do is hurry up the third chapter (while doing a good job, of course - quality over haste). As it stands, I consider my art imitative at best, though I intend to continue practicing. I hope to one day feel my talent is up to the challenge of drawing my characters. The most exotic to draw would, at this point, be Drazzmik (though I imagine many readers would like to see Alex in her Naga outfit; oh yes, more of that in Ch 3). But that is neither here nor there, and you will just have to be satisfied with knowing that the chapters are coming.

Wait for it... Chapter Three comes tonight!
ETA: 3 Hours
Now accepting story commissions.

My TG/BE/TF/SW story, "The Reluctant Salesman":

My BE/MG/GTS story, "The Perfect Evolution":

My TG/BE Story, "Incubusted":
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The first three parts start off a little weird, but will make sense in later chapters.

And with that... HERE YOU GO, Processors! ENJOY!

And tell me what you think! :-D
Five thousand views later, I still like to know exactly what people think of my work! No obligation, but I like to know what you think: If it is good, say why; if you have some problems, go ahead and be crtical.

[b]Chapter 3: Anime Exposion

Part 1: Alex?s Second Dream

Alex had a strange dream that night. She remembered the day her older brother died, and she was there. Seven years old, her brother 17. Of course, she was a boy then. Wanted her brother to stay home, play games. ?Don?t be such a girl.? Brother laughing. He leaves the house. Alex tries to stop him, but he is walking away. Brother leaves. Doesn?t come back. Car crash. Someone says it would not have happened if he had been at the scene a few seconds earlier or later. Alex blames himself.

?Don?t leave!? Alex is a girl, seven years old. She cries, wanting her brother to stay. No, she wasn?t a girl; yes, she was. Remembers it clearly. ?Geez?? her brother sighs, ?Fine, I?ll stay home.? Brother doesn?t go. They play games instead. River City Ransom. Mario Bros. It?s a fun night and Alex is so glad her brother stayed home.

Part 2: Drazzmik?s Dream

Drazzmik was having a long dream. He dreamt often. Couldn?t help it. Father, man in his prime dressed in a white diplomat?s robe. Two large wings, white and powdered with a soot gray. Kind smile for son. Always kind. Always looks tired. Pats Drazzmik?s head; Drazzmik turns away. Father sighs. Says something, but ears like cotton.

Vision replays.

Two grand bloody red hands grab Drazzmik from below. Doesn?t resist. Pulled down to hell. Big promise made. Leave father out of it. Yes, good. This is home.

Darkness. Good. Point of light. Turns away. Light follows him, no matter how far into the darkness he wanders.

Part 3: Rick?s Dream

Rick has a short dream. Small puppet, like devil. Strings attached. Bloody strings. Another puppet sits nearby; female. Girl walks by. Big breasts. Rick walks by Rick the puppet. Above them all is the puppet master; his eyes are yellow and his body is lean.

Part 4: Zombie Awakening

Rick awakened. No, awake was too strong a word for this. The first sensation he felt was that of his body being tired and requiring more rest. However, when he shut his eyes again, he found he could not sleep; go figure. He spent three minutes pretending to be asleep, and dreaming about something non-puppet related. An alarm clock went off, and he damned himself for buying the blasted thing in the first place. It activated its internal radio, which began pumping out Aerosmith?s ?Dude, looks like a lady?. Or, Rick wondered, as he sat up, muttering to himself, was it, ?Dude looks like a lady?? Did not know, did not really care, and did not- he rubbed his eyes and took another look at the alarm clock.

Six A.M. How the hell did he wake up at six A.M.? He pondered this for a moment, while the Aerosmith song continued playing, and finally gave up. Mysterious awakenings could wait, breakfast, his stomach said, could not.

The first decision of the morning settled, Rick, dressed in yesterday?s dirty clothes (except his shoes and socks, which he had kicked off the night before) stumbled into the kitchen to make an omelet. This would prove disastrous because 1) At 6:00 A.M., Rick was a zombie, 2) he had no idea how to make an omelet, and 3) the last time he went grocery shopping was the week he moved into this house.

Part 5: The Big Awakening

Alex?s awakening was far more pleasant. She had spent the night sleeping in her bra and panties, on Rick?s cushiony bed, snuggled up to a conveniently placed Ichigo doll. Her head was lolling against a cushiony pillow featuring the cast of ?Love Hina?. When she awoke, she mumbled to herself a little bit about her brother; wonderful, strange dreams had been playing through the night, dreams of a life she had never known. Therefore, when Alex awoke, and realized that she was still female, the dreams seem somehow comforting. Mornings were made for dreaming, and for a few seconds, Alex reflected that her life might have, in some fashion, been better if she were born a girl.

Enough of that. She stretched. She yawned a little, feeling that she overslept. It must already be 6:00 A.M.! Normally, she was up by 5:30. With one more stretch, she pushed the covers off her upper body. They slid across mounds several times larger than they should have. To Alex?s considerable surprise, her breasts had grown to fill the capacity of her bra. Already!, she thought, with a bit of concern. A troubled Alex wondered whether anything would fit by the evening.

With a resigned sigh, the nubile girl slipped out of bed. She brushed her hair back and tried to remove the bra. Her hands slipped back and forth around the clasp. At first, she could not find the thing. After that, she could not remove it; it was either stuck, or she was not working it properly.

Alex considered grabbing the bra and trying to rip it off her body. She would have done it, too, but as she slid her fingers between the warm flesh and the cold silk, she remembered that this is the sort of thing Rick would do in such a situation, and decided against it. Alex slid her hands out and searched for a vanity mirror, but the only mirror in Rick?s room was covered bottom to top with pictures from various expos. The curious woman studied the photos for a moment, then the warm restraint around her bosom reminded her that she needed some convenient way of removing the bra. She picked up one that was a size larger and tip-toed to the doorway. Rick was probably still asleep.

When Alex entered the restroom, she flicked on the light and stared at her reflection. Nubile, yes; and her hair was now straight and deep lavender. Supposing it was some weird joke, she searched through the roots for evidence of dye but to all appearances, it seemed Alex?s hair was now a natural purple. Nobody would believe that, of course ? well, Rick aside. And ? Drazzmik! Maybe he really was in her dream.

Alex was slightly disconcerted by her natural resemblance to Naga. This reminded her of the more pressing concern, her chest, which would have trumped her model?s. She turned around so that her back faced the mirror, and after a few minutes of struggling with the device, freed her breasts. She gave a thankful sigh and leaned back against the counter. At least she only had to put up with this for about two more days. Thinking of which, she tried to come up with an immediate alternate solution to Drazzmik?s curse, and nothing came to mind. She thought of finding some way to maybe capture Drazzmik, but then remembered that he was fast, strong, and could probably just teleport out of anything. She would discuss the problem with Rick over breakfast.

Part 6: Breakfast Discussion

The radio was now playing, ?Stray Cat Strut?. The scent of something akin to rotting wood wafted from the kitchen. Alex peeked into the kitchen from around the corner and saw Rick busy over the stove. He appeared to be cooking, which was a little odd, as he did not seem that sort. And if she had ever bothered to ask Rick, she would learn that he did not, in fact, know how to cook so much as buttered toast. Still, he seemed to be rather determined and focused on the task at hand with a single-minded determination.

That made it rather easy to sneak up and squeeze him from behind, and promptly watch Rick nearly jump through the roof.

Rick?s heart returned to its regularly scheduled heartbeat after a couple minutes. He gasped. ?What the hell? Alex?? Rick?s lips twitched; it was a nervous habit.

Alex stepped back and chuckled in slight embarrassment. ?Yeah, sorry, couldn?t resist.? It was only in the ensuing silence did she realize that Rick was not so much referring to the sneak-hug, but her new hair and far larger assets.

?Oh?? she laughed nervously (she was, by nature, a nervous person), ?I think Drazzmik did something. I- ah, I had to put on a new bra.? Rick was just staring. ?? Say something!?

Rick cleared his throat. Nothing to say. He glanced back at the eggs. He looked at Alex. Back at the eggs. Alex. ?? Ah, are egg yokes supposed to turn green when making an omelette??

Part 7: Scrambled Plans

?Kh, you?re incompetent, Rick.? Alex had spent the past three minutes trying to clean up the mess Rick had made, and find someway of eliminating the stench. She leaned over the sink. ?Why were you making eggs if you don?t know how to cook??

?I have no idea. Just felt like making you some eggs.?

Alex?s cheeks flushed. Her chest grew a few centimeters. ?Well? next time, just come see me. I mean, I?m fine with cereal. And before you ask, no, I can?t cook. And, again, before you ask, no, turning into a girl did not suddenly give me 19 years worth of cooking experience. Now make two bowls of cereal!?

Rick did as he was told, partially because he was sorry for screwing up, and partially because he did not want Alex mad at him. ?You have any preference?? he asked, with a yawn.

?No? just so long as it?s cereal. Why?re you acting so funny, anyway?? She turned around, done with her attempts to clean up.

?Alex, it?s like 6:30 A.M. I usually don?t wake up until noon?? He yawned again and put the cereal on the table. He grabbed a couple bowls, some milk, spoons, and napkins. He filled both bowls. Then he staggered back to the refrigerator to put up the milk, and then the cereal. He turned to Alex, who was just setting down to eat, scratched his head, and said with a small flourish, ?breakfast is served, m?lady.?

?Don?t call me that?? Alex smiled in spite of herself. She sat down before the meal and began to eat. She put the spoon down after the first bite. ?You know, I did some thinking, about how maybe we could overcome the curse, without? you-know.? She took another bite.

?Yeah?? Rick said as he was putting the milk and cereal up. ?Come up with anything??


?Ah.? Dead space.

?How about you? Did you do any thinking??

No. ?Yeah, but I didn?t have any good ideas. How?s the cereal?? he asked as he sat down.

?It?s good,? Alex said. She reflexively adjusted her bra before taking another bite. With the next bite of cereal, she again adjusted her bra; twice, this time. And she became aware it was feeling rather snug. Examine it after breakfast. ?But we really need to think of something.?

?I don?t know,? Rick said, between two bites. ?I mean, it?s not like I?m an expert on demons, is it? And what kind did Drazzmik say he was? You study that mythology stuff or whatever??

?A bit. He is an incubus? Opposite of a succubus.? Alex winced slightly. Her nipples had become hard, and her chest felt very warm. The nipples itched fiercely. Some rubbing relieved them.

?Right,? Rick was starting to fall into his analytical mindset. The man had laconic tendencies and was a little scatter-brained, but when he focused, he was a different story. ?I still don?t get why he did this in the first place. I mean, aren?t there enough women around to keep him entertained? No offence, you?re cute.?

?Ri~ck,? she blushed. Another few centimeters added to her bust. Alex took another bite. And that was when she noticed the nipples pressing against the bra. Her breasts were definitely warmer than a couple minutes ago, and they felt a lot harder. She grunted and squeezed them, some instinct telling her this would relieve the pain.

?Right, sorry,? he said. ?But what?s the fix? It?s not like this is some medical problem I could call my dad about, and I don?t know of any religions that have a passage where a demon does a gender-swap. I mean, I?ve seen some TG on the intern-?


?What?? When Rick focused on one thing, he tended to forget about everything else. The man had no multitasking skills. Thus it was with some pain that he averted his attention from the topic at hand.

?Look ? at my breasts?? she winced, still squeezing them.

?Yeah, so- so?holy crap!? The matter that had caught Rick?s attention was more complicated than a pair of large and incrementally growing mammaries. The impressive thing was that the silk of the bra, over the point where the nipples were, began turning a dark soaking color. A thin film of some white substance began to leak out, and Alex?s face had turned red. ?Alex, what?s happening??

?I don?t know!? She moaned lightly. The only relief came from pushing the liquid out of her breasts; the sensation was very pleasant. ?Help me get my bra off,? she panted, panicking.

?Hurry!? The pain and pleasure were increasing at a parallel rate. Her breasts continued to bulge and strain the bra, while the release continued of its own volition; the white liquid began to drip on the table. Rick scrambled up out of his seat, went behind Alex, who was now standing, and fiddled with the clasp. ?How the hell do you take this off???

?Hur~ry!? Alex winced. She pressed her palms over the nipples, but only succeeded in getting her palms wet with whatever the liquid was. Finally, she felt release as the bra fell off. She held her breasts up by the undercarriage, panting all the while, trying to identify the liquid. ?What,? she gasped, ?is it??

Rick stared at the liquid; he knew what it was, but he did not think it was possible. Milk was dripping down Alex?s breasts, running against her hands, and dripping onto the table where it was mixing with the milk in the cereal bowl. When his eyes met Alex?s, he saw the strange pleasure and worry on her face.

?It?s?? he cleared his throat, a little embarrassed to say. He took a deep breath, which lasted two seconds, but seemed to Alex like 10. ?It?s milk. Breast milk. Alex, you?re lactating.?

?No! No way!? She squeezed the breasts upward a little bit, causing the milk to shoot out in a stream and splatter her face. She gasped in surprise, dropped her breasts, and wiped her eyes. ?This isn?t happening! I?m not lacta-?

?Alex, you?re spilling it everywhere! Get over the sink!? Rick rushed to grab a few paper towels, as Alex swept over to the sink, her hands over the nipples, attempting to hold back the pleasurable rush. When she was there, she set her breasts down on the counter and watched the milk pulse slowly out of her breasts. Rick walked up to her and stared at them; Alex did not seem to mind.

?Why is this happening to me??? she moaned, this time in despair.

Rick watched for a few seconds, trying to figure it out. All he could do was guess. ?Maybe it has something to do with? how your breasts keep growing. They may just start lactating as they get bigger.? Slight disappointment crossed Alex?s face. ?I?m sorry,? he said, ?but that?s all I can think of. Do they feel like they?re draining at all??

?Yeah? Kinda?? Alex placed her hands against the enlarged glands and squeezed. She winced a little as the pleasurable sensation came again; milk splattered against the bowl of the sink. The warmth was slowly depleting, and as it did so, her breasts began to return to their ?normal? size. ?Gah, this sucks?? she said. Then, she added, ?don?t get any ideas.?

?What ideas?? Rick asked, knowingly.

?You know? about? wait, I?m not even going to say it. Keep your hands to yourself, is what I?m saying?? Though there was a little temptation to let him? ?Hey, why don?t you, just, uh? clean up a little??

Rick cleared his throat. ?Because the sink seems to be in use??

?Oh.? Alex smiled. ?Come over here, Rick?? Rick took a few steps toward Alex. ?Closer?? He took another step. ?A little bit more?? She smiled. Rick was now standing directly next to Alex; next to her large dripping breasts.


She smacked him.

Part 8: Matching Outfits

About ten minutes, a pack of ice, and a couple apologies later, the last of the milk drained from Alex?s breasts. She heaved a heavy sigh and turned to face Rick, whom was returning with a larger bra. ?Here you go,? he said. ?Anything else??

?Help me put it on?? she asked perfectly monotone.

They fidgeted with the bra a little, and Alex was relieved to see that her chest did not completely fill it. Beyond that small relief, she was still upset, and Rick was busy trying to think of something to cheer her up. Finally, he had it; he forgot all about it during the ensuing madness. On the radio, ?Summer in the City? was playing. ?Hey, Alex??

?Yeah?? she asked, adjusting the bra cups with all the elegance of an amateur.

?What if I told you there was an anime expo going on today, that I had two passes, and wanted to take you??

?I?d probably say something like? wait, what did you say??

?You would say that, of all things??

?No, no, repeat what you said. Anime expo??

?Well, yeah, there is one going on today. It starts in a couple hours. Do you want to go? It might get your mind off things.?

?I guess?? she said, with a little sigh. She might as well, until they got any other ideas. ?Are you going to dress up??

?Hm? Yeah, I am. I always do, and I have the perfect costume to go with yours.? A little grin crept along his mouth; Alex was not sure she liked the look at it, and thus she asked a little nervously what he meant about her costume.

?You know,? he chuckled, ?I think you would go good as Naga.? Alex glowered. ?I?m serious! I mean, yeah, your breasts are bigger than hers, but I know this tailor who owes me a favor; long story. Anyway, he will fix one up for you real quick, a larger bra sash. Please say you?ll go. It can?t hurt.?

Alex sighed and looked at the ceiling. She crossed her arms beneath her breasts. Well, it could not hurt. She responded in a voice full of doubt. ?Well? if you insist? but I don?t think I?ll have fun.?

?Great! I?ll be right back!? Rick scrambled to his room. Like a kid when he talks about anime, Alex sighed. Well, if it made him happy. And maybe it really would help her get her mind off things. The only question was whether she could stand to wear that skimpy outfit for however long they were there.

She sat down in one of the kitchen chairs and closed her eyes, as the radio switched to ?Green Eyed Lady?.

Part 9: Getting in Character

Fifteen minutes later, Alex was asleep, sitting on a kitchen chair in her underwear, when a man in armor tapped her on the shoulder, said, ?Hi, Naga!? in an upbeat if na?ve voice, and nearly got his face smacked. Fortunately, Alex recovered her consciousness quickly enough to realize that if she had smacked the man in the blue armor, she would have regretted it. He was smiling at her in an affable manner, his blonde hair covering one eye and trailing down his back. It took Alex another ten seconds to realize it was Rick.

?Ri-rick, are you dressed as Gourry from ?Slayers??? Her heart was beating a little too fast for her taste.

?Huh?? said Gourry, ?Who?s Rick? My name?s Gourry. Nice to meet you.? He acted the part very well; so well that Alex was not certain Gourry Gabriev did not accidentally walk out of a television set sixty seconds ago and wander into the kitchen.

?Ah,um?? she blushed slightly. ?Rick, cut it out. You?re embarrassing me.? He did not seem to understand. So Alex made him understand, by shaking the fool by his leather pauldrons and saying in a loud, pausing authorative voice, ?Earth ? to ? Rick- Wake ? up!?

Rick?s head wobbled back and forth. Alex?s breasts jiggled left and right. Rick snapped out of whatever trance he was in. ?Oh, hey, sorry,? he laughed in embarrassment. ?I, ah, kinda have this bad habit of falling into character easily. Know what I mean?? He poked his fingers together.

Alex shook her head and sat back down. ?Not a clue. But, that?s your costume? Wouldn?t it be more fitting if I went as Lina Inverse, then??

Rick fell to the floor in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Part 10: Get Ready

Alex had to slam a naked foot into Rick?s ribs about ten times before he explained what the hell he found so hilarious. Between stifled fits of laughter and a few dozen ?ouch?es, he explained that with breasts like hers, Alex would never pass as Lina Inverse. Alex opined that it was unfair for Lina to never be BEed, and Rick kept laughing until he was almost certain that one of his ribs was broken.

Alex finally agreed to go dressed as Naga. First she grabbed the Naga outfit she had worn yesterday. The smallest of chagrin smiles was stamped on her face as she fitted herself with the fur boots, gloves, mantle, thong and various accessories. She tossed the bra back and forth a little bit, held it to her immense chest, and was not surprised to see it was several sizes too small by any account.

She exited the room, crossed the hall in front of Rick, and stepped into the bathroom. There she examined herself, humming a little bit. She looked lovely, spot-on perfect so far as she was concerned. Alex smiled and congratulated herself on her appearance; she had always been a little vain, and something of a neat freak and thus was not satisfied until the costume seemed to fit perfectly well. The most uncomfortable part was, obviously, the thong, which beside being scandalizingly revealing, had the airiness of tissue paper. Naked, no - almost there, yes. She exited the bathroom, the faux bra in her left hand.

The radio was playing ?Celebrity Ball? as the two exited the house, walking side-by-side and talking.

Part 11: Fitting Room

During the drive to the tailor, Alex asked a few perfunctory questions. Did Rick intend to buy anything? Yes. How was he going to pay? He had a wallet hidden in his armor. Was there going to be much to do? Yes, a lot. Could Rick tell her about some of the more interesting things? He spent most of the drive to the tailor?s, and later, the expo, discussing the wonderful things to find at the expo, and what many of the new series were called, and what they were about. Alex, whose anime education was minimal, listened in fascination.

At the tailor?s, they met a man called Mr. Roger Tommison, whom greeted Rick, had a few words wit him, thumbed at the woman he was with, and smiled ?knowingly?. Alex did not much like the way he was gesticulating when he turned in her general direction. When he asked her if she knew her size, she guessed. He asked if she would prefer him, or Rick, to take the measurement. Alex scowled and set she would prefer Rick; Mr. Tommison pretended he did not know what the problem was, shrugged, and gave Rick the measuring tape. Alex and Rick went to a dressing room in the back.

?Be careful,? she said, as Rick undid the clasp on her bra. It fell. Her breasts bounced.

?I will be. You?re always so pushy, Alex??

?You?re not the one who got turned into a gir-? she giggled. ?Hey, don?t, that tickles.?

?Sorry,? grunt, ?well, that?s still no excuse. Is that too tight??

?No, just a little cold. Geez, my nipples are perky. Almost done??

?I guess,? he hummed. ?If you get much bigger, we will have to switch to a bigger roll of measuring tape.?

?Smart ass.?

?Just concerned for your well-being. Ready for the reading, or want me to remeasure?? He chuckled.

?Please, Rick, just the reading.? He read it to her. ?Wow? that?s, um, pretty big.? The tape slid away from her breasts.

?Yeah, I know Let?s go tell the tailor. Need help putting your bra back on??

Sigh. ?Yes??. Rick helped her. They stepped out of the dressing room, which surprised the tailor (on a call with a customer) a little bit. He half-expected them to be in there a while longer, though it was not really his business.

?Did you get the size?? he inquired as he put the phone down.

?Yep? Rick shot off the size. The tailor quirked his eyebrows and looked upward, as if expecting this.

?All right,? he said, ?you two just take a seat where you want. I?ll hurry and get to work on it.? With that, he grabbed the bra, went into the back, and began his industry. The two expo-goers found a couple chairs and sat. Rick opined that he wish he?d brought a couple manga for them to read, and Alex said that if speaking to her was not enough, he could go to the expo without her.

And so they talked for a while, until the bra was ready. When it was completed, Alex and Rick went back into the dressing room, removed her actual bra and placed the Naga bra on her. For once, it fit normally. Her nipples poked a little, but that was fine for now. The only other disadvantage, which she noticed immediately as she turned around and accidentally bumped Rick with the jerking, was that these cups had zero support. If Alex was not careful, they might bounce out of their cups. Keeping that in mind, she and Rick left the store, with the other bra in hand. They thanked the tailor, and drove to the expo.

Part 12: Expo Arrival!

When they arrived at the expo, the festivities were just beginning. Parking was relatively easy to find, and the lines leading into the expo were small, especially for somebody with passes. The man dressed as Gourry and the woman dressed as Naga were able to get in quickly enough, though not without a fair share of stares. Alex was abashed with the thought that the stares would continue; they made her more aware of her body, a fanboy dream brought to life in all its elegant beauty. Yes, beauty; she was still a little vain.

Rick and Alex strolled into the main auditorium, where the multitude of kiosks had been set-up. Their steps were somewhat deliberate, as though entering some hallowed hall housing an ancient relic. This was, in part, because it was Alex?s first time at an expo, and she was taken aback by the bright banners, the loud banners, merchants displaying hundreds of manga and televisions flickering with scenes from the latest series. It was also because she jiggled as she walked, and running would, in most likelihood, cause her large breasts to pop out and provide fanservice. Regardless of her gait, the young Naga-look-alike drew the fawning attention of fan boys and people who just wanted to see a cute large-breasted girl. It was only a few minutes before the first person took a picture.

?Oh, hey, pardon me,? said a man in his early 20?s, do you mind if I?? He held up his digital camera.

Part 12: Photophiles

?Hey, go right ahead,? Rick grinned, and wrapped an arm around Alex. She blushed, which slightly accelerated her breast growth. ?Rick,? she said, ?you?re falling into character agai-? Snap. ?Ack! Hey, I didn?t say you could-?

?Hey, thanks,? said the man, and promptly walked away. Oh yes. This was going on the internet.

Alex glowered a little at Rick as they continued strolling. ?Why did you let him take our picture? It?s embarrassing enough just looking like this! I don?t need fan boys snapping pictures so they can take them home and do who-knows?what!?

?Alex,? Rick chuckled (in Gourry?s voice, Alex thought), ?relax a little bit. Have fun. It?s normal to get your picture taken at an expo; if you?re in costume anyway. Beside, you only have to be a girl for another day and a half, so what?s the problem??

?Ugh, fine? fine??

Rick pointed out various kiosks, showed Alex a few things she might like, and explained whom several people were dressed up as. They even countered a couple other Nagas, which led to a couple funny conversations. Alex nodded most of the time. She was initially a little nervous about being around so many people simultaneously, and had wound her hand into Rick?s until she felt comfortable.

As the crowds thickened, it gradually became a little difficult to stay together. People would occasionally stop and ask either Alex or Rick for a single picture, or to take a picture with them,; Rick agreed easily enough, but Alex took a few pictures before she became used to the adoration. After that, she settled into old habits and began to enjoy the popularity, transgenderd state be damned. People commented on the exactitude of her outfit, the uncanny resemblance to the ideal, and so on. The only problem occurred when one guy mistook Alex?s charm for flirtation, wrapped his arms dangerously close to her undercarriage, and received a charming punch in the mouth.

And so it was that she lost Rick and found Lina.

Part 13: The Immortal Rivals

Alex had spent five minutes in futile search for Rick. Hopefully, he was searching for her.

A finger tapped Alex on the shoulder. Thinking it was Rick, she turned around saying, ?Oh, there you are.? She turned with a ponderous sluggishness. She had learned from the first three times she did this that turning quickly often meant pushing a large pair of breasts into somebody?s face. Instead of Rick, she saw a girl with bright orange hair, a cute face, and absolutely no breasts.

?Hi, Naga,? she grinned.

?? Um? are you ? Lina?? Alex seemed a little perplexed. This costume was as good as hers or Rick?s!

?Of course! Who else would I be??

?You seem a little bit too hyper to be Lina Inverse.?

?Nonsense. I?m just glad to see you!? She hugged Naga, pressing her head against the better-endowed woman?s breasts. She pulled back from a flustered Naga and said, ?Say, is Gourry around anywhere?? She did seem rather hyper. There was also something a little peculiar about her, but Alex could not place her finger on it.

Alex cleared her throat. ?Hhe came with me. I was just looking for him.? She scanned the crowd, which had grown in size and density over the past hour. A few kiosks down, she saw him. ?Oh, there he is!? She pointed gleefully.

?Great! Sword of Light, here I co-?

Alex caught the girl by her fur collar.

?Woah, wait a minute, just where do you think you?re going? He?s with me.? The last three words came off with an undertone of smug pride. ?Just what is your name anyway? Your real name.?

Lina broke free and grinned. ?My real name?s Murphy! See yah!? She went scampering through the crowd. Alex just stood there, a little stunned and baffled. Murphy? But, that was a boy?s ? was that girl really a- She had to get to Rick ? fast. Alex began to swim through the crowd.

Part 14: A Sword for All Seasons

Rick was busy posing for a picture. It was one of the highlights of his time at expos. Unfortunately, he also did not notice that Alex was gone. She was there just a minute ago, or so he thought. The cameras flashed while he scanned the crowd; where did she go? Hope she was all right.

?Thanks,? said somebody in the crowd, whom had just obtained a photograph of Gourry squaring off against Siegfried from ?Soul Calibur?.

Suddenly, a fleeting orange figure burst from the crowd and hug-tackled the hapless blonde knight. She smiled innocently into Gourry?s eyes and giggled. ?Hi, Gourry, could you pwea~se do me a little favor??

Rick, who was so stunned that he fell back into character slightly, said, ?Ah, sure, Lina, what is it??

?Thanks!? She giggled again. ?I?d like your Sword of Light, please.? She placed one hand on the hilt and began tugging.

?What? Hey, no, Lina, I?ve told you before that you can?t have it!?

?But it?s magic!? Lina insisted. ?You won?t miss it! Just lemme borrow it for an hour? C?mon!? She tugged a little. The two struggled back and forth with the weapon, Lina?s grip was extraordinarily strong. A small crowd began to gather around the two, whom, many in the crowd agreed, were doing a good job of portraying the struggle between Gourry and Lina in the first series of the anime. Then things became strange as Naga burst from the crowd, saying something about ceasing this ridiculousness. Lina turned around, smiled at Naga, then bent down, smirked, and kissed Gourry on the cheek.

Somebody in the crowd estimated they had about three minutes before the guards came around to tear the three fighting figures away from each other.

Part 15: Love Triangle?

?Hey, leggo Naga!? Lina shouted.

?You let go! He?s mine, not yours!? Alex was pissed. This ? this random girl had just kissed Rick! Like hell she was going to let that stand, and she did not need a reason. ?You?re not even a girl!?

?Guys?? Gourry protested, feeling his grip on the sword slacken. ?really, it?s all right. Don?t fight over me!?

?We?re not fighting over you,? Lina shouted as she gave the sword another tug. ?I just want the sword!? ?Yes we are!? Naga responded. ?Don?t think I don?t see right through you!? The struggle continued. Gourry refused to relinquish his hold on the sword, Lina refused to do the same, and Naga was busy trying to dislodge Murphy from Rick?s general vicinity.. A second later, Gourry and Naga lost their balance simultaneously, fell to the ground, and dragged Lina down with them. The sword jumped into the air and smacked Gourry on the head. They all began rolling on the ground, hands grabbing for the sword, for Rick, for Lina. The crowd watched in anticipation to see how the story would turn out. Some were taking pictures. One man had a video camera. Several would be inspired to write a love triangle story involving Gourry, Lina, and Naga.

?-h, legg-? ?-ou firs-? ?ick, she?s not a g-? ?whose chest is th-? ?ah! That?s not the swor-? ?-don?t touch me the-? ?-ooo-hoo, I got it!? Lina clambered out of the mess, holding up the Sword of Light as a victory trophy. Her hair (actually an orange wig) was terribly ruffled. She whispered to Rick and Alex that it had been fun, then promptly shouted, ?Victory is mine!? and dashed away, shouting the spell to Ray something-or-other. Meanwhile, Rick and Alex were lying in a rather compromising position. Rick was lying, back down, with Alex?s breasts pressed to his chin. They came to their senses simultaneously, blushed, and sat up. Alex?s cleavage expanded another inch and now fit snugly against her bra. The crowd was clapping, cheering. Alex wondered what to do.

?Bow,? Rick whispered. ?Let them think it was an act.? Alex nodded. They stood up simultaneously, in the middle of a throng of over two dozen people, and bowed. Alex realized at the last second that this gave many people an exact idea of how big her chest was, and she rose up a little too quickly in embarrassment. There was a whipping noise then, and her breasts wobbled out from her bra. In complete shock and surprise, she turned, giving the crowd a personal view. Then she screamed a little bit and blushed. Rick quickly placed his hands over her breasts and whispered, ?Put the bra on, quickly!? Alex trembled a little nervously. ?Hurry, before the guards kick us out of here!? Alex finally responded, grabbed the bra, and yanked it back on. She grabbed Rick by the hand, and together, they rushed out of the auditorium. Somewhere in the distance, Lina Inverse was doing a little dance with the Sword of Light.

Part 15: Breast Milk, Just Add Water

A few minutes later, Alex and Rick were leaning against the wall of a deserted area. Alex?s breasts were hanging out of her bra, and she was thankful Rick?s armor included a groin guard. She had tried to push her breasts back in a couple times, but to little avail. They looked like they were being stuffed in, and a few bounces later, they would pop out again, wobbling and jiggling with freedom. She had turned demurely away from Rick. The only sound in the air was their breathing.

After a couple minutes of this, Rick asked the necessary question: ?So, uh? what exactly happened? That girl came out, and then you came out, and we started fighting?? He took a deep breath.

?First off,? Alex said with a little discomfort, ?I don?t think it was a ?she?. She said her name is Murphy, so it was probably a guy-?

?Wow! Really?? Rick seemed impressed. ?I must say, his costume was impressive, and he had her voice down pat. And he was so energetic that-?

?Rick! Focus!? Alex sighed. ?So he tried to grab your Sword of Light, and I didn?t like the looks of it, and then?? she grimced, ?he kissed you!? She blushed ever-so-slightly; her breasts grew ever-so-slightly.

This embarrassment caught Rick?s attention. A small incredulous smile creeped along his lips. ?Alex, are you? jealous??

Yes. ?No! I- I just didn?t want to see her, him, take your sword! That?s all!? Her arms crossed over the large breasts. She muttered something about needing water, and went to a nearby fountain. She took a few gulps and then turned around. Rick was surprised to see that Alex?s face was even more flushed than a minute ago. She touched her hands to her breasts.

?It?s happening? again!? she moaned. Little beads of milk formed on the nipples of the trembling woman?s breasts. She coaxed the milk out, but any hope of this stagnating the process was futile; more replaced it instantly, twice as eager to flow.

?Geez, Alex, are you okay?? Rick approached her. He looked left and right for a bathroom. Meanwhile, Alex?s hands constantly squeezed the nipples, more out of frustration than practicality. The offshoot was that she was quickly soaking her bra, which was about to-

It snapped off.

?It just won?t stop!? she shouted, far too loud. Frustrated, she squeezed her breasts together, releasing a jet of milk that splattered Rick.

?Not so loud, damn it! Everyone in this place is going to hear you!? He absent-mindedly licked the milk off his mouth, and found it to taste quite good. ?Wow, that?s not bad. Really good, actually?? He started drifting off into his own little world again.

Alex was busy trying to soak up the milk with her bra. She grimaced at Rick. ?Rick! Where?s a restroom? This is embarrassi~ng. It won?t stop!? She saw he was distracted. ?? Rick, ? Rick! Are you listening to me??

?Huh? Oh, you know, you could bottle this stuff and sel-?

?Now is not the time!? Alex kicked Rick in the shin. He yelped, ?Right! Bathroom! Down the corridor to your right!? Alex ran to her left. ?Other right!? She ran down the corridor to her right. Rick followed. He talked to himself as he walked after Alex.

?This is getting weirder by the hour.? He sighed and tramped down after her. He stood outside the woman?s restroom. Inside, he could hear Alex grabbing paper towels and muttering to herself. He also thought he heard a few moans

?Ignore the pleasure,? Alex told herself as she continued to squeeze them. As they continued to drain, she remembered what Rick said about bottling it. She hesitated. Then she dropped her fingers to her breasts, rubbed the sensitive nipples, and popped a little sample of milk into her mouth. Instantly her eyes widened and she made a pleased noise. Maybe Rick had a point. He probably deserved a reward for- no! Bad thoughts! Naughty thoughts! Alex turned on the water. Her breasts seemed to have begun lactating a little more as she wiped them off. Completely flustered, she just grabbed a few paper towels and pressed them over her breasts. Man, it would feel great if Rick could just su- She shook her head. Next time, she said silently to the mirror. Maybe she would let him next time. Then she walked out.

Rick was thankful that he chose a character that wore armor over his tights. ?So, er? did you, uh, get it all??

?Yes,? Alex sighed. ?I think so. But this really is delicious, I mean, a problem.?

?Did you just say ?delicious??? Rick quirked an eyebrow.

?No, anyway, we need to find out what keeps making me lactate??

?Want to think about it over lunch?? Rick offered. ?I?ll buy, of course.?

?Yeah, lunch sounds good.?

And with that, the couple sneaked out of the anime expo. Rick forgot to grab his sword, but vowed to find it one day.

Part 16: One Lactation Meal to Go

They decided to take lunch through the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant. This was for Alex?s convenience. She had put back on the bra she was wearing a little earlier in the morning, up to the tailor shop, and was notably disappointed that her breasts flowed out from this too. As Rick pulled up and ordered food, Alex murmured, ?So, what do you think causes it??

?I don?t know. It seemed rather sudden both times.? The food came and he placed it on their laps. They drove into the parking lot, which was remarkably large and deserted for a fast-food lot. Rick pulled the car into the middle of the lot and parked. Alex grabbed a soda and drank a little. ?Maybe it just happens at certain times of day??

?Maybe? I guess maybe that makes sense. But,? sip, ?what if it?s something else? I don?t think I can stand all this guess work??

?Well, I suppose it could be a few other things? Like?? Rick had a thought; he might have figured out exactly what was causing it. His attention turned entirely to Alex as she ate.

She bristled a little under his gaze, as she took another drink. That was when she first noticed the sensation. ?Rick, why?re you staring at me like that?? she asked, just a little nervously.

?I might know what is causing it? Go ahead and keep eating while I explain, but you might wish you weren?t, by the time I?m done. Up to you.? He pulled the car out of park and drove to the back corner of the lot, where they would not be disturbed. Alex, whom thought Rick was talking nonsense, took a bite of her hamburger as Rick reparked. ?What were you doing just before you started lactating this morning??? he asked, chuckling a little under his breath. Hell, if it was this simple? if it was this simple?then what?

?I was having a bowl of cereal,? she said as she took another bite. ?Rick?? she tittered, ?I?m getting that swelling sensation again.?

?Ignore it. Work with me here. And what were you doing just before you started lactating at noon?? He tried not to laugh.

?I, uh?? she winced, ?had some water. ? What are you getting at, Rick?? A tremble of nervous anticipation crept in her voice as she took another drink.

?And you?re starting to lactate again??

?Er, yeah? ? she said. By now, it did not freak her out as much. This would be her third lactation in about six hours. It seemed nothing could surprise her. Then, in about fifteen seconds, Alex would drop her hamburger on the floor, spill her soda, and yelp in a slightly hysterical manner.

Part 17: Drink Up

Fifteen seconds ago?

?Alex! You are lactating because you are eating and drinking. That,? Rick said with a miff of laughter and a grand flourish, ?is what is causing it!?

Alex?s eyes widened. She stared at her hamburger, her soda, and her breasts, which were becoming warmer, and feeling harder. She dropped the hamburger and the soda with a crash, yelped hysterically and pressed back against the seat. Her breasts jiggled again. ?This is insane! Why can?t anything go my wa~y?!? Her breasts were filling the bra beyond any reasonable capacity as they generated more milk. Within seconds, they would be bulging with an oversupply of lactation. She moaned slightly as she tried to remove the bra. Rick was going on some tirade.

?It?s ingenious. You need to eat and drink, but if you do either,?, ?Rick,? ?your breasts lactate.? ?Rick!? ?And the more you do of either, the more they lactate!? ?RICK!? Alex shouted, grabbing his attention. ?I think it makes you a little hor- What?? Alex pushed her breasts forward. She had somehow got the bra off and was blushing. ?You want me to suck them?? Alex?s eyes widened. ?Ye- um?? she winced. The milk was coming out! She grabbed a few napkins, but it only increased the flow as she pushed inward. This made her more nervous. She shut her eyes as she hefted her breasts a little. Forget it, just forget it, she told herself. If she had to put up with lactating growing breasts, she was going to take at least one frickin? moment as a girl to enjoy herself. ?Do it,? she said with uncommon determination ?Just don?t make a habit of it? just because of my situation??

Rick nodded. He leaned forward, looked left and right to make sure nobody was even remotely in the vicinity, and placed his mouth over Alex?s left nipple. He began to drink.

Part 18: Observance

Sellakib was watching. She watched Rick squeeze Alex?s breast and drink milk in a somewhat amateurish manner. Alex moaned a little bit, then a little bit more, which was to be expected. She seemed to be enjoying it; Alex, not Sellakib. Sellakib was actually a little upset. She turned toward Drazzmik, who was still asleep. He would not awaken for a long time after what she did to him. Long enough to do what Sellakib?s master required of her. She continued to watch Alex and Rick, and was a little frustrated at how much fun they were having.

Part 19: A Slight Change of Heart

Alex moaned a little bit more as Rick switched to her right breast. She knew she was enjoying this. Rick was, too. Alex kept her eyes closed, and was breathing a little hard, enjoying the relief of her breasts being drained. A couple minutes later, Rick pulled back.

Alex leaned back and sighed peaceably. All the day?s tension just vanished in an instant. ?How was it??? she asked, without bothering to think how odd that sounded. For the first time in hours, she was smiling and actually giggling a little. Why not, why not try enjoying being a girl, if only a little? After all, she only had a day and a half more of this life, and then it was gone forever, one way or the other.

?Delicious?? Rick responded. He was a little sad it was all over. ?And you??

?I? enjoyed it. Not that I?ll tell anyone else.? Alex giggled slightly. She was finally having fun again. ?But next time I lactate, Rick?? she smiled, her eyes alight with a beautiful fire, ?I hope you?re still thirsty. Speaking of which,? she picked up her hamburger, ?I?ve barely eaten, lactation or not??

Rick somehow figured that his food bill might go down a little bit.

Part 20: Stand-In

The drive home was uneventful. They talked a little about a few of their RPs that involved lactation, and how different it was from the real thing (which was significantly better). Alex was looking forward to dinner. Rick, too. For the first time in hours, they were both relaxing.

When they got home, Alex went into their bedroom (as she had started calling it) to change into some normal clothes. Rick hung out in the living room, trying to think of something interesting to do. He had a ton of shows they could watch, a few dozen video games, most of them one-player, unfortunately ? then, incongruously, he thought of Drazzmik. The demon had not bothered them all day; but, then, they were doing exactly what he wanted, right? Rick was enjoying himself, and so was Alex. They might as well spend the next together before changing her back. He was enjoying himself with these thoughts when, as he turned around, a pair of lips kissed him and he fell in lust.

Sellakib pulled back from Rick and smiled. Her tail flitted back and forth in an unsatisfied drive. She giggled and ran a finger beneath his chin. The poor boy was completely under her spell; she could do anything she wanted to him, and he could not lift a finger to stop her unless she said so. That was too easy. Instead, she just gave him a few commands.

?Rick, listen carefully to me. You don?t need to know my name, and you don?t need to know why I?m here. All you need to know is that I am going to give you something to drink. Do not drink it yourself. Give it to Alex. Tell her it was imported from Japan, or wherever it is you get your junk.? She purred with satisfaction. Failsafe, indeed. She handed Rick the soda. His hands closed around the can in a robotic fashion. ?Good boy. Now, when I leave, you won?t remember that I was here. You won?t remember talking to me. But make sure she drinks that soda, do you understand?? Rick nodded. She could have told him to jump off a skyscraper while singing ?Living la Vida Loca?, and he would have nodded. ?Good boy,? she kissed him again, and vanished.

Rick felt something in his hand. He looked down; a soda can. When did- oh, right, he had it imported from Japan. This was the last one in the case. Wanted Alex to try it out. He hummed to himself as he walked to their room and knocked on the door. Alex poked her head out and smiled. When she saw the soda, she laughed and asked Rick whether he was taking dinner early. He just shrugged and said she might as well try it. And so she did. The odd thing about it was that the soda resulted in barely any lactation, and so they did not do anything.

Part 21: Check in with the Boss

Meanwhile, in an office in the depths of hell, Sellakib was giving her report. Had she given Alex the formula? Yes. Was Drazzmik aware? No. And could Sellakib get them both to fall asleep early? Done, she cast a spell on the house that would have them both asleep within the hour. A light sleep, but it would be enough to knock them both out. Did she have any concerns? The two were actually getting romantic, but the failsafe in the soda can would take care of that problem.

Part 22: Good Afterno- Zzzz?

While Alex was getting undressed, Rick took a shower. It was brief, and after he finished, he felt rather sleepy. Alex slipped past him in the buff and hopped into the shower before Rick could register that she had just gone running by. He shouted that he would be in the living room. He went there and sat down, waiting. He turned on the television and flipped through a few channels, but nothing seemed interesting. In fact, he was getting bored, and a little bit tired.

WhenAlex stepped out of the shower a while later, they both agreed to just take a brief nap before dinner. Alex went back to their room and promptly fell onto the bed in a state of slumber. Rick yawned and fell asleep on the couch.

And thus the night passed, moonlit shadows dancing on the doors, and a hundred devils playing on the lights. The two young lovers slept through dinner, and through the night. When they awoke, their last day would have arrived.

Somewhere, on a higher plane, the incubus named Drazzmik was in a sleep far deeper than either of theirs. In his dreams, he saw strange visions that reflected what happened throughout the day, save those involving Sellakib. As far as he knew, nothing was wrong. The world was spinning, Alex and Rick would do as expected, and he would become a full demon; after all, what could go wrong?
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Interesting. Looking forward to Ch.4.

There were a few oddities in the text -- grammatical nonsense and some other minor errors, but nothing truly "How could you have screwed up that?", just some small typographical errors.

All in all, very good and interesting.
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Well, I'd say you have a really solid story here ^^
I really liked the little fight in the middle of it, that was a hoot ^^

You may wanna fix the fact that you have two part 12s tho ^^;
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Finished the 2nd draft for the 5th chapter. Yes, that is right, the 5th chapter.
The fourth and fifth chapters are connected, andI just happened to find the fifth easier to construct. The fourth, eh, that one is going to take some thinking to get it how I want it to be. I want it to "feel right"; I do not know if that makes sense. It has to flow well. The conversation, the interactions, must feel realistic. The only reason? Entirely for the last section or two. You will understand when we get there.

I need to have both chapters finished before I present them;again, this goes back to the part about them being connected. Ideally, some parts of the fourth chapter will not make sense without the fifth chapter; and some parts of the fifth chapter will not make sense without the fourth chapter. The downside; you gotta wait. The upside; you are waiting for two chapters, released simultaneously.

And after all that...
There is only one chapter left.

In other news, my art has improved marginally, but I prefer to present material that I believe is at least "decent". The day I become accustomed to decent shading... ah, that is a day I look forward to. Sometimes I think, "why bother?" But then I think, "I should give it the old college go." And so I do. Maybe some art books will help... so far, all I have had is comic books, oh, and a book on "Drawing Real People". Just started checking that out. Seems interesting.

And finally, please leave some feedback! That helps me develop as a writer.

Thanks for all the views! On our way... to 6,000~!
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great story
I don't like having to wait so I keep checking the forum (every other day it seems) Keep up the great work and we'll be waiting.
btw, your story does have a good feel to it and the added bonus of the anime characters is great. I can't wait for something like what happened in the last chapter to happen at a convention I go to.
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I like the third chapter, especially the part wrestling with Lina.
Comments: I have nothing to complain, at the beginning the part with the lactation was a bit strange but it was okay.
Hope to read more in chapter 4.

Captain Ash
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I must say that this is by far the best story I have read in all of my searches. The TG with the added BE was genius. The fact that they are progressively getting along better makes the story much more captivating. I have tried myself to make a stroy or two, but they all caved in too quickly, unlike this masterpiece. I am also delighted to hear that it goes all the way to a chapter 5. This is a wonderful piece of art in progress and I can't wait until the ending.
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