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Changes in Store (Complete)

Changes in Store

Reality is a fickle thing.

Jeffrey tagged along behind his mother, through the bustling hallways of the local mall. Full of energy, but contained by his mother?s held hand, boredom had long since began to settle into the 7-year old boy?s mind.

?Mom... why do we have to be here??

?Because we haven?t been shopping for weeks. We were completely out of good food-?

?We had some Oreos left.? muttered Jeffrey.

Sandra, his mother, gave a tired smile. This recurring discussion was just one of her many frequent trials as a single parent.

?A growing boy like you needs more food than just cookies. How are you going to get all big and strong if you don?t eat your vegetables?? She tickled her son?s tummy, playfully, inciting a poorly-contained fit of giggling.

?Come on now, it?ll just be a few minutes.?

Roughly an hour later, the family emerged from the grocery store, mother pushing a heavily-laden cart, son lifting his lollipop- a present for his patience. Jeffrey ran around his mom, excitedly awaiting his escape from the mall, a prison of boredom and punishment. The only times his mother ever brought him there were for dull shopping runs and the dreaded annual event when Jeffrey had to get new clothes for school.

?Can I stay at Mark?s house next time mom??

?Jeffrey, if you don?t come with me, you never end up liking the food I get.?

?I promise I won?t! I mean, I?ll like it.?

?Well, if you keep that promise, and are a good boy, I think you can go to your friend?s house.?

Jeffrey cheered, and started to run towards the sliding doors at the entrance to the mall. Sandra looked up at a nearby store, then checked her list.

?Oh dam- er, darn. Jeffrey!?

?What mom??

?I missed something on my list- I have to go get it.?

?No! I don?t want to go back to the grocery!?

?Don?t worry, it?s not there. It?s just over here.?

Jeffrey looked over, craning his neck to see through the mass of legs and tall people blocking his view. It was a clothes store- girl?s clothes. Its name was a French word that he didn?t know.

?Aww mom... do you have to??

?I?m sorry honey- I promise I?ll be just a minute.?

?Oh, okay.?

?Come on with me, I?m sure this will be fast.?

With some reluctance, Jeffrey followed his mother into the store. Dutifully trodding behind her, he passed by racks of blouses, dresses, and other pieces of clothing which he made a strict effort to ignore.

?Ah, here we are!?

Jeffrey winced. It was the underwear aisle- girl?s underwear, no less. Gross. Still following his mother, he began to feel rather intimidated by the endless row of alien undergarments, staring him straight at eye level. His mom began to browse through the racks, checking a few labels before picking out a pair of white panties and a weird stringy thing, which she held up to her chest for a moment before placing it next to the panties. Jeffrey grimaced slightly, then followed his mom back across the store.

?Is that it??

?Just a minute honey, I have to check something in the changeroom first.?

Jeffrey?s grimace deepened.

?Just wait outside here for a moment- I?ll be right out!?

With that, Sandra disappeared into the changeroom. The door swung into a closed position, leaving Jeffrey staring only at a reflection of himself- a round-faced seven and a half year old boy with light skin, slightly tanned by the summer sun, short brown hair, and bright green eyes. Staring at the reflection for a second, Jeffrey then turned around, viewing his surroundings again. He was distinctly ill at ease- the entire store seemed to oppress him, being filled with so much unfamiliar clothing and all sorts of older ladies- some who might be even as old as his mom!

Suddenly, something captured Jeffrey?s attention. It was Nancy, a girl from his class, and her mother. It was bad enough to be in this place, but to have someone he knew see him there- that was too much! Jeffrey stealthily jumped away from the changing rooms, hiding behind a row of underwear stands. Somewhat satisfied with his hiding place, he ventured a look out. They were coming closer. Desperately, he slipped into the stand.

It was dark inside. Bras surrounded him on all sides, brushing by him as he squeezed his way into safety. One cup caught on his face, triggering a muffled grunt. Jeffrey disentangled himself and crouched down in the fabric cave between the two rows. Safe.

Relieved by his escape, he lay down on his back, feeling the rough, worn-down carpet of the floor. He breathed deeply, shaking his head slightly. Stretching, he felt a cool, smooth feeling on his head, like some chilled breeze running over his scalp. His hand rose up to his hair, and felt it, a short cut half an inch. Pressing down firmly upon his scalp, he felt a pressure building beneath. Pushing its way from between his clenched fingers, Jeffrey?s hair grew rapidly, coming to a halt now two inches in length.

?What the...? murmured Jeffrey, eyes racing from side to side. Suddenly, he no longer felt secure in his fabric redoubt. Within him, a panic attack began to swirl. Rising back to his feet, he spun around and attempted to escape. Once again, he became caught, trapped, and entangled in the deadly bras hanging around him. His face again became stuck on the inside of one of the cups. He paused for a moment. It was padded, soft, smooth.... and cool on his skin.


Jeffrey recoiled, stumbling out of the far end of the row. He staggered back into a brightly-lit hall in the store, underwear dangling from his neck and arms. Still caught on the hangers, he dragged them down with a clatter. Down the row, a handful of customers stared at him. Jeffrey froze, out of fear and embarrassment. An employee started towards him, breaking the motionless moment, and the young boy took off like a bullet. Something still caught on the hanger ripped, hanging limply off his back. His eyes shot around, looking for a place to escape. He knew he was in trouble now- he knew what they did to kids who broke things in stores. Would they hit him?

There was no time to consider consequences. Jeffrey flew towards a line of change rooms on the far side of the store, diving underneath the door of one in the corner. Desperately, he scrambled up onto the changing bench, breathing heavily and sniffling, clutching at his shoulder, which had gotten painfully rug-burned in his escape.

Calming for a second, he looked up at the mirror on the inside of the door. His hair hung down over his forehead- how was this possible? He had gotten his last haircut only a few weeks ago- now his mom would make him get another one-

Someone rapped heavily on the door. A pair of red sneakers were visible beneath the door- not very pretty shoes, Jeffrey noted in a strange moment of lucidity- they belonged to the employee he had seen earlier.

?Hello? Little boy? Are you in there??

Jeffrey cowered, making no response.

?Did you knock over those racks? Don?t worry, you?re not in trouble, I just want to know that you?re okay.?

Jeffrey?s panic began to rise further. It was as if some voice in his head were warning him of the terrible consequences of getting caught. His stomach flipped about, as he stood up on the bench, searching for any escape from his situation, and the room.

?I hear you in there- please, just come out, your mom might be worried- Is your mom here??

Jeffrey looked upwards. At the back wall, just above the walls of the changing room, was a large opening with boxes in it, leading to a back room. Hope!

?I?ll go get a key, okay?? The voice outside was backing away, followed by a fading series of footsteps. Jeffrey stretched upwards, grabbing onto a protrusion for clothes hangers on the wall and trying to reach the ledge- it was only barely out of reach.

?I wish I was taller!? sobbed Jeffrey quietly. Suddenly, he noticed one of the bras still hanging from his arm. In a sudden upwelling of repulsion, he tore the garment off of his arm, preparing to throw it to the floor.


It was so soft, so smooth, so... cool. His heart seemed to slow and grow heavy as his second hand released the coat hanger and gently settled upon the second cup of the bra. It felt as if they were sinking into the material...


Terrified, Jeffrey flung the tempting material away from himself. His hands flew onto his body as he fell into a fetal, squatting position, hugging himself dearly. His fingernails cut into the skin of his back, through his shirt, as they began to pick up a bizarre sensation of shifting position. His arms felt as if they were moving their grip further down his back, but his hands were quite insistent that they were not shifting at all. Waves of pain rolled through his limbs for a moment, then abated.

Unsteadily, Jeffrey rose back to his feet. His clothes did not feel right. The bottom of his pants now hung roughly 2 inches above his shoes, and his previously loose-hanging shirt now only barely reached the top of his pants. Panic took over again, and he looked back at his escape route. He reached up again, and hoisted himself out of the changeroom with ease, and into the opening in the wall. Behind him, he saw a movement, and flung himself into an empty cardboard box- it was not as spacious as it had appeared when he first observed it, but he made nothing of the apparent change of scale. Staying hidden was of the essence.

Jeffrey slid the lid of the box over him, blocking the view of everything, except for a tiny crack through which he observed the employee unlocking the door, checking the room, shrugging, relocking the door and leaving.

Again, a burst of terror- this time claustrophobic, struck Jeffrey. He impulsively kicked the box?s lid away and sprawled out of it. He crawled through the opening and into the back room, which was filled with a variety of boxes, many still unopened. Making a misstep, Jeffrey tumbled down the pile, landing roughly on the concrete floor.

Overcome with pain and confusion, he pulled himself onto a bench, and began to sob. What was happening? Wiping tears off of his face, he looked up to see a mirror in the room. For a moment, he cracked a smile. He looked like David in the 5th grade- everyone called him the stringbean, because he had gone through a growth spurt over the summer, and now looked as if he had been stretched on a rack.

But it wasn?t David in the reflection- it was himself. What was happening to his body?

Jeffrey broke down again, cradling his heavy head in his arms. A cloth slid to his hand, and he lifted it to his face, holding it over his teary eyes. The fabric was not particularly absorbent, but he did not care, until he began to feel the same ominous, smooth sensation. The boy ripped the thing away from his face to confirm what it was- another of the bras that had become entangled around him. With a choked cry, he threw it away as his hair began to fall down into his face.

It was too much to take- Jeffrey completely broke down. He fell to the ground, with his long hair, lanky, prepubescent body and too-small clothes, shaking and sobbing. A feeling of release emanated from his groin, as urine flowed freely. The boy barely even noticed the further sensation as his young penis began to shrink in the sudden dampness and his testes began to withdraw into his body. He simply remained curled up in a tight fetal position on the floor, shuddering and breathing in brief, ragged gasps.

Elsewhere in the room a door opened and an employee moved in.

?Oh my god! Are you alright?? She ran towards the shaking figure on the floor- it was a child, perhaps around ten years old- lying in a small puddle of urine.

?Are you alright!?? She repeated. Jeffrey made no response.

The employee looked around, trying to decide what to do.

?I?ll go and get help!?

She cautiously backed out of the door, heading out towards the front of the store. Jeffrey rose, wet and trembling. No one could see him like this! He needed to get out! Running towards the rear exit, Jeffrey pushed open the door- a much easier feat with his new height. Outside was a crowded street- Jeffrey retreated violently from the scene, leaving the door ajar. He searched the room desperately for a new hiding spot- growing frantic.

There! Jeffrey spotted a half-full container, and dove into it, digging into the contents to hide his body.

Moments later, the door opened and several voices could be heard.

?Where is it??

?The child... is gone- there! She must have left through the door. But she was right there!

?She?? thought Jeffrey, ?What??

?I don?t know how someone would get in here...?

?We?ve gotta look for the kid- something was seriously wrong.?

?It?s not your job to...? The voices faded back into a muffled state as the speakers moved away, until the sound of a heavy door shutting was heard. Only now did Jeffery begin to breathe again. He felt about the insides of his container. It was filled with more fabric of course. The feeling entrapment welled up within him again. Jeffrey shook the box, and it fell over to the side with a muffled thud. He tried to pull himself out, only to realise that he had fallen against a wall, and could not get out! Each movement failed to move the box, as the terror rose. Powerless, Jeffrey felt a new damp warmth as he wet himself a second time. The feeling felt like a relief, as the liquid began to cool. Jeffrey rubbed his smooth legs together as his penis shrank further, flattening into his groin as nothing but a tiny stub. His testes withdrew as well, rising out of his scrotum and into the warmth of his bodily interior.

This time, Jeffrey noticed the changes, to a degree, but felt so utterly defeated that he simply stopped thrashing about, and began to sob, shaking limply. Muscles in his groin loosened and reformed as he allowed the last of his warm liquid fear to escape his body. Jeffrey?s penis sank completely into his body, his urethra expanding into a larger opening as other structures shifted into an underdeveloped vagina. The sobbing continued, the former boy oblivious to the significance of what he had just felt.

He remained in the box, silently sobbing and holding himself, until the box suddenly shook, and was reoriented. A voice outside made an exclamation of some sort, then the box toppled over, sending Jeffrey and a collection of training bras scattering out on to the floor. The woman who had been moving the box did a double take, staring at Jeffrey.

?What the- oh god, that?s disgusting!?

The child nearly burst into tears again. Something strange flashed behind the woman?s eyes, as a collection of memories shifted out of her mind, to be replaced by new thoughts. Jeffrey was huddled up on the floor when the woman crouched down and embraced him.

?It?s going to be okay dear, let?s get you cleaned up. I?m Leah.? Jeffrey did no resist as the woman helped to lift him to his feet, guiding him to an office attached to the back room. Sitting him down on a chair, she pulled off his shoes, socks, damp pants and boxer shorts, exposing his new anatomy to the air. He did nothing but breathe raspily, and shiver slightly. Leah returned with a cleaning cloth, then helped guide a pair of simple white panties over Jeffrey?s legs and up to his groin.?

?Wait... miss... this isn?t right.? He protested weakly as the loose-fitting panties settled into place.

?Oh, of course- you?re a big girl. You can dress yourself.?

?That?s not what I...? Jeffrey began to pull on a pair of jeans, for some reason feeling neither the capacity nor the desire to correct the woman. He slipped his socks and shoes back on, then buttoned up the top of his jeans. In doing so, he felt as if the underwear beneath was changing shape, to better fit him- or was it the other way around? At any rate, his new organs no longer felt out of place. He looked up at Leah, to see her face in an odd expression, as if it was coming to some sort of comprehension, before her eyes went out of focus again and she began to speak again.

?Now, your mom left you with me to pick out your first bra, right??

Confusion enveloped Jeffrey?s mind- he mouthed words, but said nothing. Suddenly, he realized- his mother.

?I have to find my mom!?

?Don?t worry, she?s just waiting for us, we?ll be back to her soon!?

Jeffrey?s mouth hung open, with no response forthcoming.

?Right, the bra then...? mumbled Leah as she returned to rummaging through the upturned box just outside the office. She returned immediately, a simple undergarment in her hands. She held it out to Jeffrey, who accepted.

?Okay, now, hold your arms up!? Jeffrey obeyed, as Leah pulled out a measuring tape and held it around his chest. The sliding tape tickled as it brushed over his nipples, and he giggled. The tape was then removed, and Jeffrey scratched at his chest, which felt slightly irritated from the measurement.

?Alright, it should fit- let?s try it on now.?

?It?? thought Jeffrey. Suddenly, he remembered the bra in his hands.

?Agh! No!? He hurled the thing away, landing on the floor before the employee?s feet.

?You?re right, this won?t do. Let?s go out and get something bigger that?ll fit you better.?

Jeffrey shook his head, to try and get rid of the cloudiness and confusion. Nonetheless, he nodded to Leah- it sounded like a good idea. He put on his t-shirt and followed her into the store, scratching again at his irritated chest. These activities were beginning to cause some rather alien sensations- a bit like pushing around fat under his skin. But how did that make sense? Jeffrey knew that he wasn?t fat.

?Here we are!? said Leah, pulling a collection of bras off of their hangers. Jeffrey looked around noticing that the once knocked-over stand was back in place, and that his mother?s changing room remained occupied. Distracted from the events at hand, Jeffrey did not resist having the fabric piled up in his hands- he was simply relieved that his mother was still trying on clothes, and not worriedly looking for him. Calmed, Jeffrey walked alongside Leah towards an empty changing stall. He closed the door, with Leah waiting outside, and looked into the mirror. Looking back was a tall and skinny child, perhaps 11 or 12 years old, with ear-length brown hair, a girl?s jeans, and a red t-shirt that was only slightly distorted by contours beneath. Jeffrey noted that he would have to go shopping for some new clothes.-although he did like the fit of this shirt- it left a cute little bit of belly exposed.

Pausing for a moment at the odd thought, Jeffrey then lifted the t-shirt off of his torso. He winced as it dragged roughly across sensitive regions- his chest looked like it had been irritated, as his nipples were swollen. Shrugging, he placed the bras he had been given on the hooks in the room, and took out the smallest. It was very soft... his expression fluttered for a moment, then settled into a smile. He slowly massaged the material between his fingers, and then held it up to his chest. It slid off.

?Miss Leah! Could you come in? I need some help.?

The door opened and Leah slipped in.

?Oh you need a help with clasping it in place? Just a moment!?

Leah stepped in behind the standing Jeffrey and pulled the garment tightly around his torso, clasping it into place.

?Hmm... this isn?t going to work.?

It was true. Jeffrey brushed a lock of hair dangling down into his field of vision before adjusting the bra- it felt far too tight. He looked down, to see his tiny breasts growing increasingly uncomfortable in the constricting AA cups. Leah removed it, prompting a sigh of relief from Jeffrey. He reached over, and picked out the next largest size, fitting it around himself. He smiled as he ran his fingers over the soft material. The repulsion was almost nonexistent, and Jeffrey sighed as he rubbed the cups between his hands. His stiff nipples slowly began to expand from the stimulation. Leah?s eyes shifted out of focus again, her jaw hanging slack. Jeffrey, satisfied, put on the second bra with practiced ease. However, there was a problem. As Jeffrey adjusted the bra, his breasts tingled and grew further. He grunted with discomfort, raising Leah from her reverie.

?You certainly are a fast-growing young lady, it seems like just yesterday I was fitting you with those A-cups. Here, try this B.?

Jeffrey slipped out of the tightly caressing material, and accepted the offered bra. Quickly clasping it into place, he simply slipped it from side to side for a moment, until his tingling breasts filled it out perfectly. Leah complimented the fit, as Jeffrey slipped on his red t-shirt. It now rested a fair distance above his waist, exposing a ring of skin around his body, all the way up to his belly button. He got up, stepping around and experiencing the subtle movement of the new anatomy of his chest.

?You?re looking lovely- oh, pardon me.? Leah stepped out of the way, and Jeffrey looked into the mirror. Staring back was himself, no longer looking quite so gangly- much to his relief. His brown hair would have reached his mouth if he hadn?t earlier pushed it behind his ears. His breasts were noticeable, and perhaps on the large side for someone around 14 years old.

Though was he 14? His lower body remained thin and childish- embarrassingly so, the other students in his class would undoubtedly make fun of his uneven development. Well, that problem could wait.

?Thank you very much for your help Leah!? he said, smiling to his helper. A lock of hair fell into his face.

?No problem!? beamed Leah, as more hair began to fall down on Jeffrey?s face. ?Tell you what, I?ll get you something for that hair. I think you need it.?

Jeffrey couldn?t agree more- it was starting to become a real annoyance. The two walked side by side out of the changing room. Jeffrey stretched his back from side to side, noticing with pride that he was almost as tall as the grown-up next to him. Leah stopped at a desk near the back of the store and pulled out a hairbrush, with a few elastics wrapped around it, from a drawer on the far side.

?It?s a little something for a first-time customer.? She said, passing it to Jeffrey. He accepted, and brushed the rogue hairs out of his face. More, however, began to fall down into view.

?If only it were a bit longer, I could comb it behind my ears and this would be far easier to handle.? thought Jeffrey. He continued to stroke his hair backwards, past his ears, down his neck, and over his back. A strange sense, as if his hair was being stretched out of his scalp, continued throughout, until Jeffrey was satisfied. He slipped his fingers into an elastic, pulling it around his long hair, and tying it into a loose ponytail.

?It looks lovely.? complimented Leah as she accepted the brush back. ?Well, I suppose that?ll be all I can help you with- have a great day!?

?You too!? Jeffrey waved, turned around and began to walk away. For a moment, he hesitated- wasn?t he supposed to pay for these things? The bra... The bra! Turning into a different aisle, out of sight from Leah, Jeffrey?s mind was consumed by doubt. Something was wrong, he shouldn?t be getting a bra, he?d just been trying to get rid of one a moment ago... right? He?d been trying to get rid of... something to fix something. The brief flurry of mental activity began to subside. Jeffrey searched his memories, trying to find what he was looking for. As he walked, his stride started shifting into a subtle swaying pattern. His legs lengthened and shifted their angle. This went largely unnoticed. Catching his attention, however, was a growing discomfort in his hips.

Legs... hips... That was it! He was trying to remember that he was supposed to be getting a pair of pants! Arriving at the end of a row of folded jeans, Jeffrey quickly found himself drawn to an attractive pair of bellbottoms. He didn?t bother checking the measurements, simply knowing that it was the right pair for him. En route to the changerooms, some sexy black lingerie caught his eye. On a whim, Jeffrey reached out, picking up a lacy bra and some thong panties, placing them upon the jeans.

As he arrived in the changeroom, the discomfort was worsening. He winced, pressing at his lower back, then tenderly sat down. As his weight settled upon the tiny bench, his hips slowly slid into a wider position, turning outwards. Jeffrey sighed with relief, his spine curving, thrusting his torso further forward. He shifted around, removing his uncomfortably tight shoes, socks and jeans with some difficulty.

?Well, these won?t do,? thought Jeffrey as he eyed the preteen girl?s jeans on the floor before him, ?I guess the store can have them back.?

Jeffrey then picked up the new jeans, unfolding them and dropping the underwear down beside him. He stood up, pulling the shaped legs over his own. As he did up the buttons at the top, however, it became clear that the pants did not fit- they were embarrassingly loose around his rear. Jeffrey mentally kicked himself for not checking the size first. He slid the pants off and prepared to put on his old pair, in order to walk out and get some more fitting jeans, when he remembered that his old pants did not fit properly either. Considering his options, Jeffrey?s attentions fell upon the exotic undergarments- he might as well try on these before going out for more. With what was almost trepidation, Jeffrey reached for the black, lacy, embroidered bra. Carefully gripping it with both hands, he felt an electric tingle as he lifted it. It seemed to flow around his fingers, as they rubbed the material. The bra was both firm and delicate, and it felt smooth and abrasive at the same time. Jeffrey?s body began to move rhythmically along with his hands as he stroked the bra, unfamiliar feelings beginning to well up in his body. He began to sweat as his heart accelerated, breathing grew ragged, and pupils dilated. His nipples felt a tingling ache, and his groin... felt something entirely alien as he shifted in an increasingly pleasant discomfort.

His fingers continued to rub rhythmically on the exotic garment, beginning to thin and lengthen, growing smooth and delicate in appearance. Short, practical fingernails began to extend and curve as Jeffrey?s strange dance continued. He began to shift his torso more dramatically from side to side, the bra now held in only one hand as he attempted to remove his tight-fitting red t-shirt. The discomfort this caused on his tender breasts only furthered his growing sense of physical excitement. His elegant hands reached down across his front, crossing and catching hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, sensually lifting it off of his body. He waved the inside-out shirt over his head twice, then threw it across the small changing area. He looked at himself reflected in the mirror, and gave a small smile, with his thin eyebrows raised suggestively- he was clad only in his modest white bra and panties.

Well, there was only one way to get on new clothes. Still shifting to the rhythm inside his head, Jeffrey unclasped the bra, pulling the released straps forward. The material hung precariously on his breasts before another shake of the torso caused them to fall off, with a jiggle. Pinkish nipples, perhaps an inch across, greeted him. With the new bra still held in his left hand, Jeffrey?s right moved onto his exposed chest, stroking his left nipple just as he had earlier done with the unfeeling fabric. He arched his back as the heavy pleasure splashed through his body. His left hand dropped the bra and joined the game, triggering new waves of sensation. Calming for a moment, he willed his hands off of his chest, picked the lacy bra back off of his bare legs, and held it in front of himself. Embracing the material, he bound it to himself, effortlessly shifting the cups into place on his tingling breasts. Releasing his hands for a second and experimentally shaking his back again, a distinct sense of shifting and looseness was felt between his chest and the material of the bra. His nipples, further stimulated by the friction, demanded the continued attention of his hands, a request to which they happily obliged. Slowly and sensuously now, his hands kneaded and brushed the soft flesh. Jeffrey struggled to keep silent as the sensation built. His breasts tingled and pulsed, growing in pleasure as the stimulation continued. Gradually, the bra grew more and more comfortable. As the close-fitting pressure spread, Jeffrey was prompted to, albeit slowly and reluctantly, stop.

Breathing heavily from his experience, Jeffrey admired his breasts. They were of a pleasant weight- not burdensome, but like a thing of comfort, to be held close at all times. The new C-cup bra flaunted his attractive, thought not excessive, cleavage- especially, he discovered, when he brought his arms close together. Jeffrey smiled coyly at the mirror, shaking his assets into the reflection flirtatiously, before turning his attentions to the panties which remained, resting on the seat next to him. He picked them up cautiously, beginning to feel second thoughts. His current panties were modest and comfortable- what he held in his hand was narrow in the front, and naught but a collection of strings behind. However, his uncertainties were overrun by stronger considerations. He certainly couldn?t have non-matching underwear. Besides, the boys would love the thong. That seemed reasonable.

With his mind set, he wriggled slightly, and pulled off the white panties. The mirror showed his vagina, shrouded only by a small strip of pubic hair. Jeffrey was happy that he had shaved recently- had he? He must have. Taking the thong, he brought it over his feet, then began to slowly pull it up his long legs. Goosebumps rose along his skin as the garment rose higher and higher, before coming to a stop around the groin.

Jeffrey once again felt disappointment regarding his rear. While it was reasonably wide, just enough to accentuate his tapered waist, it lacked... body. He twisted around to examine the view in the mirror. The thong was not particularly flattering as it was- the string that should have been between his buttocks was slightly off-center, and outside of its intended location. He shifted it from side to side, smacking his cheek lightly. Hopefully, he moved his weight from leg to leg, shifting his hips and helping to move the garment into place. Much to his satisfaction, the thong seemed to sink down into position. Jeffrey repeated the movement, noticing only the improving fit, and not the subtle expansion of his derriere, which was rounding out his figure into an attractive hourglass. The moving thong rubbed erotically against his labia, threatening to renew the excitement that had previously been put on hold. Jeffrey looked his beautiful self in the mirror, smoothly moving from one pose to the next. The boys would love to see this- Jeffrey giggled at the thought, waving his hips from side to side and rubbing at his right breast. However, he realized that something was still missing.

Looking beneath the bench, Jeffrey saw a leather shopping bag filled with products from the store- had someone else forgotten it, or perhaps neglected to return its contents to the shelves? Perhaps... wait, no! This was Jeffrey?s purse, he clearly recalled. Jeffrey reached in, produced a pair of sexy, black, 3-inch heeled sandals. With no hesitation, he slipped his left foot, then his right, into the sandals. As they slid in, his previously unspectacular feet reshaped and arched to perfectly fit their sculpted form. Like his fingers before, his toes smoothed, with their now-elegant nails extending to an attractive length.

Standing up, Jeffrey again looked at his sexy reflection. He blew it a kiss, and winked. The heeled sandals altered his stance beautifully- a few experimental steps gave his stride a delightful sway. His posing, however, was rudely interrupted by a knock on the door.

?Are you going to be all day in there?? asked an impatient voice.

?Just a moment ma?am.? Jeffrey croaked. He coughed lightly, rubbing at his throat. ?I?ll be out in a moment.? he repeated, in a smooth alto.

Jeffrey pulled off his sandals, and pulled on the new bellbottom pants. The fit was perfect. He put on the red t-shirt with care, pulling it down as far as it would go. The shirt revealed a significant amount of waist, upper arm, and gave a hint of the top of his cleavage, which further enhanced by the tight shirt. Slipping back into his heels, he twirled around to carefully place the old socks and sneakers in the bottom of his purse, followed shortly by the white bra and panties. Instinctively, Jeffrey pulled a small cosmetic kit out of a side pocket of the purse, and examined her face in the mirror, with mild disapproval. Her face was youthful, some might even say boyish- especially without makeup. However, only a few strokes of mascara defined her dazzling green eyes. A light dusting of blush heightened her cheekbones, and a touch of lipstick filled out her delicate lips. On a whim, she pulled the elastic out of her hair, and shook her head, allowing it to freely spread across and over her shoulders. With a confident smile, she packed up the kit, closed the purse, slung the old, small pants over her arm, and strode out into the store.

?Jessey,? exclaimed a voice, ?There you are! It certainly took you long enough.? It was Sandra.

?Ah, you know how it can be- one thing led to another.? Jessey responded with a knowing smile.

Sandra laughed. ?I suppose I can let you get away with holding me up this once- let?s get these things and go.?

The two women, laughing and talking, moved into the lineup.

?So Sandy, what did you get??

?Oh, nothing fancy, I just needed to get fitted for a new bra. I think you got a good deal more- I love the way those pants look on you.?

?Aren?t they adorable? There?s some more underneath.? Jessey winked, and fished a credit card out of her purse for the cashier.

?So Jess, do you have anything planned for tonight?? asked Sandra, bagging her purchases.

?Hmm... now that you mention it, I don?t think that I made any.? responded Jessey, handing the cashier the small pants and accepting her bag.

?Meeting up with Mark, perhaps??

?Oh, you.? laughed Jessey, giving Sandra a playful smack on the side. Together, the two young women set out into the Mall, avidly chatting and joking. Neither looked back.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Verrry nice. Two thumbs up!
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Good story; very descriptive, which is always good.

A question I always find myself asking in these kinds of stories, though, is "what if there was no reality change?" In this story, for example, what would happen if Sandra had come back expecting her young son and had instead found a young woman?
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Spake the non-contributor.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Originally Posted by CNash View Post
Good story; very descriptive, which is always good.

A question I always find myself asking in these kinds of stories, though, is "what if there was no reality change?" In this story, for example, what would happen if Sandra had come back expecting her young son and had instead found a young woman?
Well, an ongoing reality change is kind of the crux of the story, so it would probably become dramatically different from the point where Leah first finds Jeffrey onwards- it would make for a significantly altered course of events which I haven't yet worked out.

I have plans of writing some stories without reality change, but that's quite hard to do believably without completely isolating a character or a small group of characters from society as a whole.

Originally Posted by danio13 View Post
is that it?
Well, naturally the story would go on from that point, but it was just this snapshot that I wanted to write about.

I've actually been accumulating a few ideas for a while, some of which are related to this, and have only recently started to write them out. If I get the time, I might post some more of them here.

Thanks for reading everyone!
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

So does this mean that this story might continue on?

Also, The ending kind of confuses me? How old is he/she at the end? Is he/she still a teenager? Or possibly closer to the mother's age?

Another thing, considering that he/she called the mother by her first name, is he/she closer to the mother in age or possibly is the mother now closer to his/her age?

I am just trying to clarify what happened in the ending.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

It means that, if I get the time, I'd like to write some more stories- though not necessarily with the same characters.

As for the ages, his mother is around her late 20s or early 30s, and Jeffrey's final age is somewhere in the 20s. No one else underwent any physical changes.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Well, if this is any indication of how well you write, I am certainly looking forward to any of your future stories.

Hopefully, you will do another story in the near future.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

That was hot! I love that he changed genders and THEN aged, lol.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

Just out of curiosity, when might you be able to post another story?

You did a fantastic job with this story so it would be really cool to see another!

Of course, this is entirely up to you.
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Re: Changes in Store (TG Stories)

I'd enjoy more sans the ishy part of it with the urine....

Psychologically and all, I can understand it but...bleh.
Meh. Cranky and old.
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