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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Here good one.
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Originally Posted by SoulChaser View Post
Here good one.
All I could think about is how much the music didn't go with the content.
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Originally Posted by Kevin_Generic View Post
All I could think about is how much the music didn't go with the content.
There was that.

I, for one, found it amusing how the girl somehow didn't notice the gigantic ray gun being pushed up behind her.
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

SoulChaser, is your avatar photoshopped or is there actually a woman that hot?
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

i can't believe i haven't posted these yet...
though, some of them are pretty famous so you guys probably already knew about them...
am i posting stuff everyone has seen?
you guys would tell me if i was right?
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Heres the clip on youtube.
Skip to 6:14 for the stuck scene
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

I'm curious about the picture in your signature, SoulChaser. Where'd you pull that from? It's pretty stinkin' nice.

And I hadn't seen some of those from your recent post, Sadman, so right on.
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Enjoy another story!

Weighty Torment

For some reason when I crashed in my bed, I had a strange feeling that my life as I knew it was in for a change. I fell immediately asleep and was dead to the world until I started dreaming. In this dream I was standing in front of a desk with what looked like a demoness sitting behind it, looking a bit rushed. She looked at me and said, "Ah, yes the hypocrite!" I started to withdraw, "Oh no you don't!", and all of a sudden an invisible force plopped me down in the chair facing her. "I love these kinds of fools where I punish them ironically!" Despite my protest that I don't belong here, she barked, "Tough, you are going to pay for all the women you have emotionally injured! I sensed their inner agony and revenge feelings over being dumped because of your unrealistic weight standards."

"I can't help it some of my blind dates turned out to be fat losers. I keep up with my exercise regimen and look great, I expect the same from them." With a tap of her left horn, I drew a blank and forgot everything about me, just staring out in a daze. The strange creature in front of me, muttered, "now for a proper revenge, I think I know just the place in hell for him." The creature tapped her right horn and…"WHOOSH".

I wake up lying in a forest not knowing how I got there or even my name. I got up and brushed myself off. I surveyed that I was barefoot wearing a T-shirt and cut-offs and there was nothing in my pockets to indicate who I was. Admiring my musculature I felt strong and relax. Even though I had no idea how I got here, I might as well explore. I spun around to see if there was anything in the distance that looked like I should walk toward, but only saw a path originated from where I woke up. Strange, it seems to only go one way. As I walked the trail for an hour I found a thin hourglass shaped beautiful red-haired women sitting to the side waiting, as if she was expecting me. She said, "My mother requested that I find you." After talking a bit more with her I got her name, Sharise. She decided to call me, "No-Name", since I could not remember anything. She said we will come to her mother's cottage if we just follow the path. She led me further along the trail when a strange building came into view in the distance. As we approached the hut's true shape could be made out. Its construction was, for the lack of a better word bizarre. The walls bowed outwards and combined with the heavy thatched roof made it looks vaguely like a huge mushroom. A tall chimney snaked its way skyward and the door to the inside curiously round and wide.

As we got closer we could smell something pastry and sweet. Sharise ran up and with her hand grabbed a glob of pie sitting on window sill and stuffed it in her mouth. "hmmm, cherry pie. My mother never lets me eat what I want." As she relished its sweet taste she offered me some.

I took a small bite, because I'm not much on sweets. Astonishing she was right, it did taste very good. I asked, "your mother lives here, is she some kind of cook?"

Sharise turned and posed at me in such a seductive way, "oh no, she's a witch!"

"Ah, I think I should leave."

"Oh, don't be such a coward!" I couldn't resist her charms as she pecked my cheek, so I slowly walked over and opened the door to reveal that it was well lit inside, and more of the bakery smell wafted out.

Sharise begins to nibble on the goodies in the cottage. The door slammed shut and I pulled on Sharise's arm as I started back for the door. Sharise quipped back, "This is great that she isn't here, now I can munch on whatever I like. We are going to have so much fun while she is away!" She declared and promptly picked up a large ?clair and took a big bite. "Come on have a bite."

"No thanks, I'm not into sweets." Damn this girl will get fat the way she eats, I should just leave crosses my mind. I wanted to grab her arm, but noticed that Sharise is…filling out?! After gawking at her for ten minutes of consumption, Sharise, who started out as B cup, with a thin waist, bubble butt and great looking legs, was seemingly plumping up. Her breast filled out to a C cup, her butt added an inch or two, her waist was wider, and her legs were straining her cutoffs. Her chin filled out as she continued to eat.

This can't be real, I must be dreaming, asking, "how can this all be possible?" Sharise ignored me and continued in her gluttonous endeavors. I heard a creak and turned, facing the front door, finding a a slightly overweight brown-haired middle-age women standing in the doorway. Her clothing and looks convinced me she had to be a witch. Sharise stopped for a moment, but couldn't resist finishing the last sweet she had been eating.

"Well, well Sharise you can't wait for your sisters to arrive", the witch said, "It looks as though you have been enjoying my goodies before everyone arrives..." Sharise smiled back, "you never let me have what I want?" The witch ignored Sharise's protest and smiled at me, "why doesn't your new boyfriend join us for dinner?"

Boyfriend, me! I just met her. Somehow this seems to be related to a fairytale that I can't quite recall because my mind is so foggy. I was about to repeat that I should leave, when Sharise blurted out, "ABSOLUTELY, he will! It would be so rude to refuse such a sweet invite." She stared at me with those lovely eyes.

"Sharise! Have you lost your mind? You're getting fat. I not going to be fatten up like a pig!"

The witch interrupted: "I think she looks healthy. You men and your unrealistic supermodel expectations have the nerve to call a real woman fat." This set Sharise off instantly: "She's right! You're always telling me to lose weight, trying to make me starve myself to look like some anorexic model. Well you know what, I have curves now, and I like them!" As she completed her statement, Sharise spun around, turned her back to me, and smacked her slightly padded butt for emphasis.

I gasp, "wait a minute, I only met you about an hour ago, what to you mean I'm always telling you to lose weight?"

Sharise leaned in and poked her finger on my chest and said, "you are always dumping overweight women that have curves, don't you?" My mind is fathoming her statement when some images flash to me of various blind dates that I discovered the woman was overweight and me complaining to them that they were too fat. I dumped them all after I let them know how I felt. The witch turned to me and cackled, "You won't regret this, my dear, besides I know your secret", winking at me that sent shivers up my back. Secret, what secret, I think. The witch continued, "oh you are such a liar about how you really feel about real women" I started to get the sense of impending doom.

The witch then snapped her fingers, and a dining table appeared filled with many fattening goodies. She waved her fingers and four armless chairs appeared at the table. The witch then pointed her finger and a aurora appeared between her and Sharise. Amazingly Sharise shrunk down to her original gorgeous self as it moved from her to her mother. After a moment with her eyes closed in concentration, the witch, "There now, you are back to your normal self." Sharise politely thanked her, as I stood in awe at this amazing development. I held back on making any further comments.

The witch interrupted my thought, "Please, have a seat at the table, since you are our honored guest! We should expect Sharise's other sisters soon."

There are more sisters, if they look anything like Sharise, I could get used to this. I shuffled over and sat down in front of the table. Sharise walked over to the chair on my left and sat down. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

The witch shouted, "Shandra, come in!", and the door opened, revealing a another gorgeous women that sparked another one of my dream memories? This witch's other daughter nearly made me forget about the earlier bizarre scene. She was about 5'7" with a perfect tan, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Her body was a sight to behold, with a slightly smaller butt than Sharise's but had big round breasts that were practically bursting out with nice long legs in a mini-skirt. Damn, I thought these girls must be five foot ten inches at least and only 100 lbs. at the most and are so shapely hot!

The witch greeted her: "Welcome, Shandra, you haven't been getting into any trouble I hope! Nice that you made our dinner party with our new guess, in time" Shandra, replied, "Nooooooo …..mother, Sharise and me are nothing like Morganna. Is that Sharise's new boyfriend?" My jaw nearly hit the floor as the other woman began cupping her breasts and saying in a luscious voice, "Mmmm, am I ever ready for our home-cooked meal..." Shandra sat across the table from me and I swear I saw her wink at me. Meanwhile the witch stood behind me watching the whole scene play out. I couldn't help but notice that Shandra's nipples were making an impression on her blouse. "Soup's on, my pretties!" announced the witch. Place settings appeared in a blink in front of us. The witch said, "Don't hold back, dig in!" With that, Sharise and Shandra started to serve themselves and eat. I sat back in my chair not making any move toward the desserts before me, but none of the women at the table held back at all. They were attacking the food ravenously. As they ate, I noticed that both Sharise and Shandra didn't seem to realize the calories they were consuming. Shandra was absolutely stuffing herself, and as she did, her breasts were growing! I was transfixed by this site as this her boobs rose ever so slowly. Those breast were threatening the confines of Shandra's top when the witch asked me "Aren't you going to enjoy my dinner?"

I thought, no way I'm going to get fat and eat that food, while never taking my eyes off of Shandra. The witch laughed, "You don't know what you are missing. Interesting how your attention is so transfixed on watching my daughters eat." I ignored her commentary, in the meantime Sharise was eating like Shandra in a machine-like matter and I noticed how her breasts were developing as well.

Given this sight of these two women growing more voluptuous excited me to closely monitor their progress. I turned back around in the chair and saw that the witch was just watching my reactions and ignoring her daughters. I shook my head and was about to stand, when the witch rush over and in a surprisingly strong manner put her hand on my shoulder and force me to stay down on the seat while whispering to me, "you can't walk out on us now, your show is not done yet".

Just then, Shandra hefted herself from her chair stepped over to Sharise. She bent forward slightly in my direction enticing me with a display of her ample cleavage. Sharise looked up momentarily, but resumed eating. To my surprise, Shandra then reached out a hand toward Sharise's breasts, squeezed one, and said, "Nice, but a bit small, don't you think?" Sharise looked up in disbelief and started to say something, but when she opened her mouth to speak, Shandra forced a cookie into Sharise's mouth. Sharise immediately started to chew the cookie while Shandra began to massage Sharise's breasts. Shandra continued to erotically massage Sharise with one hand while reaching for another cookie with the other. Shandra kept shoving cookies into Sharise's mouth before she could finish chewing the prior one. Sharise accepted each piece of food willingly, moaning softly as she ate. After a minute or two, Sharise reached out and began to rub the Shandra's gigantic breasts, never ceasing her cookie consumption.

Just then: The witch said, "Let me lend a hand!" The witch walked over and grabbed a tray of stacked high with eclairs and walked to the other side of Sharise. I tried to get up again, but I felt glued to my chair. In between the cookies Shandra fed Sharise, the witch popped eclairs into her mouth. Sharise's cheeks blew outward like squirrel cheeks with too many nuts, she kept chewing trying keep up with the incoming stream of sweets. My arousal rose as Sharise's breasts were building up. They were nearly as big and magnificent as Shandra's were now. She seemed to be in sheer ecstasy at this moment being fondled, and being fed non-stop simultaneously.

The witch ceased and waved her hand to take control at this point. Shandra cease her actions and walked back to her chair next to Sharise. Shandra started to say something, but the witch snapped her fingers and suddenly, the table was filled with even more sweets. The witch waved her hands again, and food began rising from the table and spun off into the opened mouths of the two women. The women scooted their chairs angled in together, keeping their mouths open to receive the food and they both started to massage each other's breasts. They were both moaning with contentment as they ate and consumed, all the while, they were becoming larger and softer. After several minutes, I could swear that each of them had breasts that had doubled in size, testing the limits of their clothing. I wasn't sure which one had the biggest boobs, or how much longer this scenario would play out.

I asked, "Why are you doing this to your daughters?"

The witch cackled, "I just want to make them happy, dearie...Aren't you happy? Don't they look happy?" I was dumbfounded by the scene that was before me. I was so elated by the appearance of Sharise - she had bigger boobs than I ever dreamed. And Shandra, oh Shandra was unrealistically top-heavy and she took my breath away. It was hard not to watch them softly moaning in seeming contentment as they ate and ate, all the while caressing their soft curves and growing breasts. Still, though, their behavior seemed almost machine-like, as if they were under a spell. As I was completing my thoughts, I began to notice that the women's growth was changing. Sharise's butt and hips was starting to fill out, and her thighs were beginning to look thicker to me. Shandra, who I decided still had the largest breasts, was beginning to show signs of a softer and rounder belly as her blouse bulged outward and started to exposed her midriff.

The witch then cackled menacingly before saying, "Perhaps I lied when I said I wanted YOU to be happy!" Sharise and Shandra were in a trance and had no idea what was happening to them. They continued eating and eating, and it was clear that at the rate they were going, they were going to lose their beautiful, voluptuous figures in time. Then, something unusual happened. Shandra changed her hand motion to only concentrate on her belly and it started to expand out like dough raising from yeast. Sharise did likewise only moving her hands down to her hips, causing her hips widen as her thighs joined in to maintain her body shape. The women were not yet obese, and I for some reason I couldn't help but feel this new development was phenomenal. The women were becoming more curvy to the extreme, and watching them explore themselves was an incredible sight. That said, the women continued eating, as the food continued to spiral into their welcoming mouth.

I could feel the witch cold stare on the back of my neck and a thought popped in my head. I had to protect these women from getting any fatter, I couldn't get off my seat, but this suicidal thought kept growing. The witch menacingly said to me in a low melodic voice in my head, "no longer you can just watch, now your time for punishment begins"

Wait, what? The compunction itching in my mind overrode my fear, causing me to mindlessly lean forward an opened my mouth wide at the orbiting food. The food changed course and decided to path to my mouth. I slightly gagged as an eclair out of the air entered my mouth seemingly forcing itself down my throat before I could finish chewing. I groaned as the eclairs kept coming. Could I keep up? I was already beginning to feel full. When the thought of me bursting crept into my mind. The witch's voice entered, "oh, don't worry you won't pop that would be too quick". Meanwhile, both Sharise and Shandra glared at me like I betrayed them, breathing heavily causing their breasts to advance and retreat beautifully. The women were probably hovering around 150lbs. by now. The two daughters had already gained enough for me to classify Shandra as an apple and Sharise an hourglass. As the food continued to fly into my mouth, I felt my belly extending, threatening to pop as my jeans squeezed tighter on my waist. I glanced down at myself and notice that for some strange reason I was not getting fatter, but my belly was filling with food. I was a bit relieve that the food was not effecting me like the girls.

I tried to say something, but another eclair entered my mouth gagging me as my mind once again fogged over as what must have been another spell. Now I was being directed to massage the girls as the witch's voice in my mind chuckled, "so you want the experience for yourself, I can fix that!" I felt her presence dwell deeper into my mind. The midair parade of food I was gobbling ceased and the women shifted their chairs next to me and without hesitation I reached out to fondle the breast of the two women. I felt a spark and the great pressure inside me relaxed as the two women seem surge outward a bit, apparently absorbing all the calories I had gobbled down. I was consumed by an incredible desire to feed these growing women, making them larger and fat. "No this can't be happening, I hate overweight women!" The witch just smiled, knowing of the battle going on in my thoughts. She knew I could not resist anymore.

I grabbed a tray of brownies in front of me, and began to feed Sharise with the goodies, one by one. I stuffed the brownies in like a madman, and as she chewed like a machine, I ran my other hand about her expanding breasts, slowly working its way down her scrumptious hips, reaching around to her enlarging butt. The feel was so sensual.

Shandra stated, "that's not fair". She was fuming because I was ignoring her. She reached out, grabbing me by my arm and with amazing strength forced me around so she could grab one of my hands and placed it on her breast. On the basis of this quick feel, I judged her boobs to be even larger and softer than Sharise's, but still I thought that they still were not big enough. I reached over to the table, grabbed from a platter stacked high with donuts and began to force them into the Shandra's mouth. As I did earlier with Sharise I began to explored Shandra's more rounded tummy, finding it to be soft but amazingly maintaining its roundness without too much drooping.

After a couple of moments, Sharise realized what was happening and yanked my chair to bring me back to her and our initial feeding/feeling scene repeated itself, followed by Shandra, then Sharise on end without letup. The women were insatiable and all I could think of nothing but feeding and feeling their growing bodies. As I alternated between them, the women grew fatter and their specific shapes became more exaggerated. Sharise was an hourglass to the extreme, while Shandra became an overripe apple. After some time and further growth by the women, both women closed their mouths and I stopped feeding them.

Now, they both took turns grabbing fattening items and forcing them into my mouth as I sat there in a stupor. The women grabbed a large plate of cookies from the table, while Sharise located a large cheesecake. I feared that this was where I would become fat like the daughters. The witch bent down and whispered in my ear, "you will now experience what they did, only you will not reap the calorie onslaught!" My mouth forced itself open and was immediately met with a cookie from Shandra. Sharise followed quickly with an entire piece of the cheesecake, smearing it slightly on my face as she pushed it in. As I heard the witch chanting the food seem to turn into a thick liquid after entering my mouth and slid down my throat into my stomach without any effort. The fluid seem to find all the cavities in my gut but still I did not feel the fullness as my stuffing continued, which puzzled me. This new food entry method enabled Sharise and the other women to quickly stuff more and more into me without a moment pause, their arms and hands moving in a blur. I was now panicking and a frown of concern appeared on my face as stuffing continued. As the chanting got louder in my mind, I reached out in an almost instinctive manner and touched both their bodies. As I explore their curves, I experienced a Zen-like peace and calm, as my feeding continued. I still could not fathom why I never felt full nor was my stomach betraying the mass entering me, but then I noticed that both Sharise and the other women were still expanding. With each item that I finished, the women seemed to grow a bit larger. It was as though the effects of the food were destined to affect the women, no matter who was eating it. I turned my eyes, without losing pace on my consumption, to the witch and she was just smiling admiring the scene. The food was having interesting effects on the women, with regard to their figures. Sharise's hourglass shape, became the largest I have ever cared to see. Shandra continued to grow increasingly top heavy, with a figure dominated by a belly that stuck out like a beach ball. They both must be hovering around 200 lbs. by now.

Another knock on the door interrupted the forced-feeding frenzy and the two daughters and I came out of our trance, gasping for breath. In comes another women who seemed to be the opposite of her sisters, she was shorter maybe 5 foot 7 inches and was gothic in appearance. She had flawless pale skin with beautiful long black waist-length hair. Her face had a beautiful but foreboding look that fascinated me. She was clad in a loose fitting white T-shirt barely indicating her breasts, but her most impressive feature was her exaggerated butt and round hips with slightly padded thighs descending inward to her knees and slightly enlarge calves, in a pair of black stretch pants that betrayed some of that lower softness. My mind was barraged with images of my erotic dreams consisting of women that were pear-shaped.

The witch smiled seemly sensing my recognition and queried, "Hello, Morganna - how is my biggest trouble-maker doing?" "Famished!" she said in a sultry voice, as she brought her hands up over her heart, then traced her fingers slowly down between her small breasts, waist, and extended them around to cup her slightly exaggerated posterior. Unlike the other daughters Morganna was a bit pudgy probably weighing in around 130 lbs.

"I've got just the thing for you, dearie!", the witch said as more goodies appeared to piled on to the table.

As the flaxen haired women walked slowly toward the third seat winking my way, "Oh another one for us to play with, he looks cute. I hope I'm chosen, because I can love a body like that!"

My look must have expressed some fear, because the witch bent to me, "Come, come young man, she is only playing with you."

"Now Morganna, because you were late, I'm going to punish you." The other two daughters appeared to be disappointed over what is going to happen.

I was perplexed because Morganna only smiled, looking like she was going to enjoy what was coming. Morganna sat down on her chair, I noticed a hint of her backside bulging a bit on the seat. She stared straight out at the goodies on the table.

The witch declared, "You will feast without any of the joys of eating."

As I pondered that statement, the food started vanishing one by one from the table in front of me. Morganna placed her hands over her tummy seemingly trying to hold something in. The rate of the food disappearance became more rapid than our prior feeding feasts. Sharise, Shandra, and I just sat back watching with amazement as Morganna began to fill out quickly. Like Sharise and Shandra her growth started with her breasts. After only a minute though, her small breasts ceased their growth, disappointingly. I summarized that they are only about B-cup size under her loose T-shirt, while the vast majority of the soft curves were adding to lower body. Her arms thicken and a relatively small belly appeared to bulge out lower on her than Shandra. She was rising from her chair without getting up! I had to bend down to observe this. Her butt, hips, and thighs were astonishing in their appearance, as they billowed outward, expanding beyond the confines of her seat. Her posterior and thighs softness had to be almost jello-like. When those hips and thighs extended just passed the seat confines, the witch snapped her fingers. There was no mistaken that she was a pear around 245 lbs with most going below her waist. Those thighs tested her black stretch pants and even her calves below her knees appeared thicker and exaggerated.

I felt again my resolve that I should make my move to escape, but the witch held me fast in my chair somehow. There was a flash and the table disappeared with the three women now all standing in front of me. The witch said, "Choose?" I replied, "Um, what the hell?". I again could not move from my chair. The witch frowned and stated gruffly, "Look around you my dear - you are surrounded by my three voluptuous daughters that you would outwardly claim to hate, but we know that bulge in your pants has betrayed your feelings, each with a different shape you have dreamed about. These ladies are bursting at the seams as you had lusted for when you dreamed!" I asked in astonishment, "For my pleasure?" The witch replied, "Why yes, dearie, these women are here to serve you in any way that you desire. There is a catch, though…"

I thought, I knew this is where it the bad news comes.

"You can choose only one and can never change your choice after it is made. So, are you an apple, or an hour-glass, or pear-shaped connoisseur?"

I was thinking this was a trap, how can I betray myself and do it with a fat woman, I bet they would eat me or something bizarre. The witch chimed in, "oh no, you misunderstand I guarantee that you will not be killed or injured in any manner by whichever women you choose, in fact she will become attuned to you enhancing your pleasure."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better."

"No, both I and my daughters promise not to harm you in any way!" I look at each of their face and they nodded their approval. Morganna also gave me wink of encouragement.

I thought with that I could not lose no matter what the choice. I stared lustfully at the ladies pondering my decision, replaying my dreams as they now came into focus at this opportune moment, trying to decide the most enticing choice. Shandra was an apple-lovers dream. She was enormous up top, with largest breasts of the group bulging in every direction from her body. It was a wonder that her top garment even though it was stretched clear and over the top of her paunch did not completely burst off her body. Aside from her breasts, she had lovely hair, a beautiful face that had been enhanced by the fullness that she had attained, with her perfect bronze tan. That belly jutted out at about a foot defied gravity so she was amazingly still mobile and could probably ride me with no effort.

Sharise had truly blossomed under her mother's diet plan. Her face, always beautiful, had filled out only slightly and had a healthy glow to it. Her breasts were large enough to satisfy me, only smaller than Shandra's. Her belly was only slightly thick and soft, but was small in comparison to the areas it lay between, as her butt was perfectly proportional to her big boobs to balance her hour-glass out, with her enhanced legs gradually descending narrower toward her feet maintaining their sexy shape. She must have been close to 50 inches at the hips. I would have no arousal problems with her hourglass shape.

Finally, there was Morganna a contrast to the other daughters. Her dark foreboding appearance with that jet-black hair and paler skin, but was just as striking in her own way. Her breasts were the smallest between them, but it was obvious that was not her best feature. Her body was the most truest of pears, with a small belly that spread out as a slight muffing top about her waist followed by her thick thighs. I swear those pants had to be holding her backside shape up somehow. Her backside on down was larger than the others by far, with even her back slightly padded with fat trailing out to the shelf that defined the start of her ass. Her butt continued to flared out as it extended to her hips and thighs stretching that pant's fabric to encompass those 60" hips. The back of her upper legs also had bulged out to support the huge overhanging butt with a small gap remaining on her inner thighs only a few inches above her knees. Further below her knees were enhanced calves making her thick legs shapely but without any signs of fat lumping. I noticed how Morganna kept pursing her lips at me, trying to entice me to choose her over her sisters.

I was stunned by the beauty of each of the women, but now which choice shall I make. The witch interrupted my train of thought, "come, come, can't you commit to a particular shape?"

"Okay, don't rush me!" After some thought, I judged that because Morganna appeared to be the heaviest and looked the least mobile, I could probably get away from her the easiest if I needed to escape. Also, I've never done it with a goth chick, so I figure I might as well try something new. I raised and pointed my finger at Morganna. The other two daughters leered at me.

My choice smiled lustfully back at me as the witch, stated flatly, "I knew you would pick her!" In my mind I received the impression, your life as you know it will change.

Morganna turned to her sisters, "He's all mine!" for emphasis. She turned facing me and emphasizing her hip motion as she approached. "I'm so glad you picked me, I've been such a bad girl! You will make me good now, won't you!"

Stupidly, I said "I love bad girls!" She then nodded to her mother and then amazingly jumped and plopped down on my lap, straddling me crushing my arms in with her soft thighs. My breath exploded out and the chair creaked. Her inner thighs enveloped me completely from my chest down. Even my thighs out to my knees were enveloped by her soft behind. Her belly was squeezed against my chest with her breasts looming just over my eyes.

Damn, she's heavy I thought as I was being smothered. She leaned back with her one thick arm extended fully out with her hand on my shoulder as she explored what little of me was exposed with her other hand's finger tip. She then leaned forward, squeezing me tighter encasing me in even more softness and warmth. I was flabbergasted as she brushed her breasts down across my face while sliding her thick arms down. She grasped her hands behind my lower back and she squeezed. "Oh, you have such a solid body, I am going to relish it!" I could barely breathe as she leaned in close to my face. I could feel her breath as my erection build which egged her on.

"Oh, I knew you would like this body?" her dark wispy voice says. As she nibbled on my ear, "These nice large curves confined in these special black pants." I couldn't respond, my senses were overwhelmed. She continued, "This long black hair and this smooth skin? Or how about my breasts? Don't you wish they were bigger like my huge ass?" I felt as though I was going to explode when I felt a pop as Morganna kissed me and I loss consciousness for a moment.

Within seconds, I wake up and all of a sudden my viewing perspective changed and I'm sitting high, facing the other way staring at myself! I'm feeling hair in my face and it is black. I shake my head to get the hair out of my eyes, as I heard a male voice, "I'm suffocating get off me you fat bitch." I feel him wiggling his arms against my soft thighs to free them. He manages to dislodge my arms which are now soft and not as strong as they were before. He pushes forward standing up causing me to fall backwards with a loud thud on my butt. I feel so strange with a warm padding between me and the floor. I have trouble getting up unaccustomed to the uneven weight load below my waist. After getting to my feet I place my hands back and feel my exaggerated hips an ample booty. My small hands meet with so much softness, I can't believe it.

"The choice has been made, Morganna your new life begins" proclaimed the witch. "Our guest is what she despises yet fantasizes about. Well, my new daughter how do you feel?"

Mumbling I reply with a female voice, "I'm huge", as my old me says, "wonderful".

I see a mirror to the side and walk over to it. I run my hands over my body trying to verify that the fat I feel is real. The reflection staring back at me is Morganna, I'm in her fatten body. I scream, "This can't be happening, I'm her!"

They all replied in unison, "We only gave you what you wanted." I see my male body standing besides the other women with his arms crossed "Mom, I'm so lucky, no one will recognize me now. This will be great for me and not so great for him I mean her" snickering as she points at me.

I barked, "What do you mean, what's worst than becoming a fat ass?".

"Well, aren't we insulting, I thought you liked my body. Maybe we should enhance your ass further. Do it mom!"

The witch pointed at me and said something that sounded like, "Teleport'a Obesa Caus'a Cellatory!".

My body locks up and I feel my body changing feeling more dense. I see one color aura going from the two daughters into the witch and another color aura from each daughter into me, as they shrink down to their smaller selfs. I look into the mirror and a different aura is going from me to the witch as I feel all tingly about my whole body. My size is dwindling and I feel lighter. After the auras disappear, my hands are not finding as much softness as before. I figured I lost about 70 lbs in weight.

"What did you just do to me?" I screamed.

"Why I given you all our excess fat cells."

"Wait, what that makes no sense, I'm not as fat as before!"

"You don't realize how I loaded your body up, do you?" From my puzzled expression, she continued, "I shrunk all your fat cells down as I added the extra ones from me and my daughters. All those fat cells were also shrunk down to their original state to prolong your agony. Unfortunately for you, your own fat cells were used as anchors, so your body shape as it grows will become even more exaggerated. The deck is now stacked against you because of the combination of my daughter's known propensity for hunger and your massive excess of fat cells waiting to engorge themselves. Now, children what should we do now with her?" They huddled together, deciding what next to do to me.

I took advantage of this, and rushed out the door as fast as I could. Amazingly, I had no trouble with my thick legs, but my butt literally felt like a solid dead weight attached to me. I manage to reach the tree line, when I am almost out of breath. I hear the witch yell from the door, "we are not finished with you yet, my dearie, but all in good time." I was so spent, I could only fast walk about another quarter mile before my stamina gave out and I sat down in a heap. I surveyed my body. My arms are a bit thick with no muscle tone at all. My breasts are less than a B-cup so no joy there. My muffin top is smaller than before but is not as soft and my ass and hips must be over 50 inches around. My legs are thick enough to rub at the top and my calves are chunky. This is so bad, what am I going to do. I got to find help. After I catch my breath I struggle up and start walking. Already, I feel a hunger wanting to fill those starving fat cells.

After another hour of walking I see another cottage in the distance. I reach it and there appeared to be no one around. This cottage was oversized because the door in the front was over 10 feet high and the knob was almost at my eye level. I knocked on the door, and it just opened. My stomach grumbles as I smell something, because I'm famish. Morganna's appetite unrelentingly edges me onward to take the risk and discover the origin of that wonderful aroma. I walked in and entered what appeared to be a dinning room with oversized chairs and a table that had two huge bowls and one half-gallon size bowl containing some sort of thick soup. There was vapor above the bowls so the soup was still hot. I decided to avoid the two larger bowls because they must have been at least two gallons each in size. I sat down and used the oversized spoon to sip the soup smelling wondrous aromas. I savored the thick rich flavor as it slid down my throat. I'm thinking this is very rich and tasty and should fill me up. I quickly spooned it into me, managing to get the small bowl half-way empty when I felt pretty satiated. I leaned back patting my full belly when I heard the front door being opened. I wiggled off chair, jumped down in order to run out when this nine foot tall man appeared in the doorway. "Morganna, I caught you at last in the act, you thief?"

For some reason I instinctively tried to appear innocence by wrapping my hands around my behind and turn to the side looking down as I blushed. I anguish over the feeling the size of my ass. Its so strange to her a women's voice out of my mouth, "I meant no harm, I smelled your wonderful soup. No one was around, so I only ate some from the little bowl. You wouldn't begrudge a hungry traveler would you?"

He growled, "Sure, your hunger is well known in these parts. I knew it was you when several times our pies went missing when they were cooling on the window sill." Just then, a seven and a half foot tall buxom women enters with a 4 foot high toddler in tow.

I'm cursing Morganna under my breath because I'm catching the blame for her doing. "I'm not really Morganna, she switched bodies with me, please don't hurt me!"

The women then leans over and whispers something into the man's ear and he's nodding. She then winks back at him before walking out with the kid in tow. "We've decided to teach you a lesson like the bad little girl you are".

I'm thinking … yeah right, how am I little with this ass?

He continued, "since you claim not to be Morganna I will not harm you if you finish the rest of our special soup". I stared at those bowl sizes realizing there is no way my stomach can handle that quantity. I tried a delaying tactic, asking, "what's so special with that soup?"

We make a huge pot of it for the week and only need to savior it once per day to satisfy our metabolic needs. You see, with our size we must consume at least 30k calories a day and this soup here provides that amount, along with other special properties."

I'm calculating that mean they eat over 10 times what I would, there must be nearly hundred thousand calories remaining between those three bowls. There is no way I can consume that amount. I've got to try and make a break for it.

I start to turn getting ready to run, but, before I managed one step, he grabs my fleshy arm, squeezing it hard as he yells, "Nice try Morganna, but when we are done you will be so stuffed you won't think about stealing our pies." He drags me over by the table and and sits me down hard on the floor. My padded backside compensated for the force with a small bounce. He reached over and brought the small bowl in front of me.

"No way, I can't eat all that, it is too much for me." I protest.

He chided, "You shouldn't have stole my son's food then!" I folded my arms around my belly turned my head and squeezed my mouth shut.

"If you don't open up I'll force it down your gullet girl."

"No way", I stare back at him defiantly and for emphasis I slap the small bowl in front of me spilling its contents.

He yells, "Honey bring the pot, our little firebrand here isn't cooperating, so we should punish her further. You really shouldn't have done that Morganna, now you must eat all of it."

The tall women returns with a large pot (it must be over 20 gallons) and a machine with two tubes coming out of both ends of it on a dolly. One of the tubes had a flange like mechanism on it that was folded back.

The man grinned, "Well, it looks like this will come in handy again. We had to use this pump to feed our child in his early years, because he wasn't able get adequate nourishment fast enough to grow properly. Looks like you need to be fed the same way."

His wife took the two bowls off the table and emptied their contents back into the pot. She then pulled my legs out and knelt over them so I couldn't move them while the man with one large hand stretched both my arms over my head forcing me to lay down facing up on the floor. He placed his other large hand over my face covering my nose as he held my head. They were way too strong for me so I clamped my mouth shut and held my breath. The woman bent over me with that flanged tube waiting. When I could not hold my breath any more I gasped for air and she was ready. She forced the flanged end tube into my mouth, causing me gagged and cough, as she shoved it in further and further until it reached my stomach. She reached back and pushed some button on the pump and I felt something snap inside of me. The man released my arms to grasp my legs while the woman rose up to take the other tube and stuck in in that pot. I sat up even though my legs were still pinned and with my arms free, I took the opportunity to grab the tube and started pulling it, but it would not come out.

"You can't take it out because that flange is designed to block at your stomach's opening, so we can now pump in as much as we like. Poor Morganna you will eat more than you ever thought possible now."

Shit, there is no way I can stomach all that rich soup. The man nodded and the woman flipped the switch. The pumped whined and I could see the rich soup head into the tube toward me. I felt the air enter first and then I feel the hot liquid forcing itself into my stomach. Within a minute as the motor continued to whine I feel full as my stomach bulges out. I feel the hot liquid pressure building and I am now sweating as my stomach progresses further out. I'm amazed that I haven't burst yet as I can only guess the level of the soup in that pot. My T-shirt is bulging out along with my stretch pants holding tight against my expanding waist. My breasts are forced up slightly as the flow of soup continues. After 3 minutes my stomach grows big enough to force me to lay back and I feel the liquid surge to find more room in my intestines. I put my arms and hands over my belly feeling it grow.

"Oh don't worry the soup contains some enzymes that will allow your stomach to stretch to hold its contents." At this point I'm so hot and uncomfortable, feeling like a warm balloon nearing its limits. My stomach now is pass a full foot out. My eyes only see the steady rise of my stomach as the pressure keeps building. For another minute my eyes tear up when I hear him say, "Well, you are almost half way there", as he thumps my belly like a drum. I'm sure I've about reached my limit when finally he lets up off my legs. I can't even see anything pass my belly. I'm so full I can't bend forward and I have to lay there as I fill out. After another 5 minutes the motor whine increases to compensate for the pressure built up in my stomach. My belly is so hot, extended and heavy I can't think why I'm still conscious. Finally, I hear the switch flip and the motor shut down.

"There now we will let it digest!" the woman said. My belly is too big for my hands to reach my belly button I must look like I'm pregnant with ten babies. I can only wiggle a little feeling the liquid slosh inside me.

"We'll just leave that tube in for awhile, we can't have you throw up our wonderful soup. After all, that was probably over a million calories worth." Just before I felt I couldn't hold it in any more, the fullness subsides slightly as I feel a surge below as more of the soup flows into my lower bowel. My arms feel my sides billow out to accommodate the incoming flow. I can feel the warmth finding all space in my digestive tract as my stomach recedes a little. My butt and hips seem to be expanding taking more of the pressure off my stomach. I'm still so full I almost can feel hiccups coming on but somehow I avoid them. As I lie there like a overfilled tic, the man chimed in.

"Oh I forgot to mention how that soup is easy to digest. Now, that the soup has been in you long enough you should feel it digesting!" I do notice the pressure subsiding and my stomach level is receding. I feel my lower backside oozing outward as if jello was injected between my skin and muscle.

"There now it looks like you're becoming a growing girl now!" the woman states.

The women then clicks the button and slides the tube out. I rudely, belch all the air out trying to make room. Amazingly I don't feel like throwing up. The man pulls me up by my arms. I feel so bottom heavy as he holds me up. He releases my arms and my hands immediately reach around to hold my belly as I lean over, feeling my belly slosh. I'm now feeling the warmth flowing out in my backside. Its like the soup is seeking a new level, only I know it isn't soup but my fat cells engorging on the excessive calories forced into me. I groan as the feeling in my butt intensifies. I feel my hips thicken and now my thighs are plumping up as I feel the pants stretch to accommodate my growth.

"Now, that you have been properly fed, get out!"

With my arms and hands wrapped about my belly, I slowly made my way to the door. As I exit I hear, "serves you right for all the times you stole from us." I got to throw this up I think before it is too late. Heaving my self forward, I slowly go into the woods. I place my back against a tree and slide down feeling my extended belly pushing against my thighs. I feel so tired that before I could try to purge the soup I promptly fall asleep.

I had a nightmare of being hooked up to a water hose. My belly kept advancing till only its horizon was in my view. I felt my skin stretch to its limits until I burst. I wake up screaming feeling my body jiggle from the reaction. I noticed that my belly had subsided substantially, but I'm sure I've at least doubled my weight from that experience. I see my hips and butt are further splayed out and the pants are more stretched. It is obvious that I can barely cross my legs. My muffin top grew out another couple of inches all around me, but my hips and butt have extended out a few more inches outward all around me. Fortunately my belly didn't grow to much so I could still bend forward to get up to continue my journey. It looks like my ass and hips must be at least six feet around. I continue my journey more slowly now because the slosh of my butt along with the exaggerated hip rotation is distracting. I understood now what Morganna was saying about being a bad girl and so I need to be careful who I meet. Maybe I should go back and confront the witch, what have I got to lose? But I dismissed that thought, since now they have my body and could probably have their way with me in this weaken obese state. I'm probably over 370 lbs. now. I decided to press on further down the path.

Another half of day passed when I broke clear of the woods and saw a small backwards looking town. My stomach is grumbling for food again and knowing Morganna's reputation made me think I better try to stay in the shadows while reconnoitering. Maybe I will get lucky and find some food. I went around to the far side of the clearing with the remaining daylight and thought it would be best to approach from the opposite side of the town in the dark. I snuck in successfully and was sneaking from building to building, peaking in various windows trying to find some food. I saw and heard a tavern down the street. From its rundown appearance I figured the kind of clientele there would not know me, so maybe I could beg for food. I looked in one of the windows seeing dwarfs, mythical creatures, and what had to be demons eating and laughing around this huge round table full of a large spread that made my mouth water. I quickly tied my hair up and made a hood and veil from some clothing lying in a heap. I figure with the hood and my oversized body, I should have no trouble with anyone recognizing me.

I held my breath and stepped through the swinging doors hoping to head off to the side immediately and blend in. But, my stomach betrayed me with a loud grumbling. Fuck, the tavern became silent and all eyes were glaring at me. A large demon stood up and yelled pointing at me, "we don't want your kind in here!" I promptly turned to leave, when one of the dwarfs said, "Wait, I know who that is? You're that goth bitch that stole food from one of our caravans causing our town to starve in the last drought." I recognize that body, there is only person with a body like that in these parts." Two other demons rushed me before I could run and grabbed my arms holding me fast. I struggled, but they held my arms tight. I grimaced in frustration with weakness of my upper body and the fact they had to use both hands because my arms were so thick.

I tried to disguise my voice saying, "I don't even know this person, you speak of, you got it all wrong."

The unconvinced dwarf responded, "Oh, there is only one person in this territory with that unmistakable pear-shape."

"Look, I'm too big to be her."

The dwarf not convinced said, "Knowing of your reputation of stuffing yourself at anyone's expense, I'm sure you've been this big before. Besides your mother always fixed your weight problems." The dwarf ran up and yanked the hood and veil off, smugly saying, "I knew it, what should we do to her?" The demons drag me up on to the table knocking food off as they drag me across the table. I can feel the fat in my bottom move as they slid me over the table. They tied my legs and arms spread eagle. As they gathered around me the dwarf clears his throat to say, "Here is the fat bitch that starved our town. What should we do to her?"

As they thought, and discussed options I pleaded, "Please I'm not Morganna she stole my body, I escaped her mother's clutches and was hungry so I only meant to borrow some food." Damn, I just realized what I said, as the dwarf eyes lit up. "We all know what a liar you are, but your request has given me an idea? Oberon bring me the chest."

The large demon walked behind the bar and brought out this small chest. The dwarf unlatched it and pulled out what looked likes a curved jewel encrusted horn of some sort. "Ah, Morganna I bet you know what this is?"

"I'm not Morganna so I have no idea at all."

"You should know being such a thief that this is the fabled, Horn of Plenty, I managed to acquire for our town on my last expedition. When used it can bring all the food our town needs no matter how bad the drought gets, however, it does have an alternative use to it."

"I promise I won't return if you let me go." I pleaded again.

"You are just lying like you always do and so you must pay for what you did to our town. He started to explain, "As you can see this horn has two sides to it. The larger opening materializes food out of horn when the chant written on the box is recited by someone. But if you place the small opening in the mouth of anyone or animal, the horn will provide sustenance directly to their body as long as the chant is maintained by someone. Now, imagine if all of us keep chanting while the horn is in your mouth, you will become huge." Several of them burst out laughing.

"No, this body is already too fat, let me go!", I weakly flailed my thick arms and legs to no avail against their restraints. I can't believe how wide my hips are splayed out on the table.

"Okay, someone tie her head so she can't move", ordered the dwarf. I felt my head being restrained by hands as a ribbon of cloth tied my head to the table.

"Now, pass the chest around and learn the chant my fellow compatriots."

For minutes, I laid having to anticipate what was unjustly going to happen to me, hearing whispers as the chest made the rounds about the tavern. I'm helpless and now so frustrated that Morganna has my perfect body while I'm stuck in the fat balloon of a body, when I hear, "Okay, lets do this."

I took the only possible action left available to me and clamped my mouth shut before the horn could be brought to my lips.

"Ah Morganna, refusing food, that is not like you."

Someone punched my belly and I gasped, as I felt the horn get rammed deep into my mouth making me gag.

"Now, you mentioned you were hungry and we wouldn't want you to miss any of your feeding, do we?" the dwarf laughed. "Okay, start chanting and keep it going."

I only hear this low background sound of many voices unable to discern what they are saying, when I feel something flow into me. Its doesn't feel like food or liquid and I have no trouble breathing yet the flow continues to build. My belly isn't rising as it did before but I feel more and more of the table.

"Its working", the dwarf shouts then he resumes chanting also.

I feel full yet no pressure as I glance to my sides to see my waist and hips bulging and flaring further out in surges encompassing more of the table. I can finally feel my T-shirt raise up as my belly started to catch up with the rest of me. I feel my hips rising and the pants straining as I continue to grow. My belly stopped rising, as I feel warm surge rush pass my ass causing my legs to fill with fat. Within a minute I must be breaking 500 lbs. My arms are thickening and now I feel heaviness in my legs as the fat plies into them down passed my knees! I hear a ripping sound from my pants. Again my belly rises followed by another surge below I must be nearing 600 lbs. now. My breasts disappointingly only grew slowly. I glance to the side realizing my hips are free of the pants and nearing the table's edge and they are gaining height. I must be over 700 lbs. now.

All of a sudden I hear a loud crack and down I go with the table. Fortunately the horn leaves my mouth and the restraints break loose as I jiggle from the impact. I use this chance to attempt an escape, but am finding that I'm so big I have to rock on my side trying to get to my belly. With much effort I struggle to get in a doggie position and fortunately my belly didn't hit the floor. I the pants wedge further in me and all I hear is laughter and comments of immensity of my butt. I count my blessings that no one is trying to stop me. I work my way to a wall and use it to brace myself up. I have to lean forward because my butt is big enough that I might fall back. Straining, I lean forward to gain momentum. My feet spread further out than because my inner thighs and even my calves are colliding. My waddle and jiggling is more pronounced as I head toward the doors. After reaching the doors I hear, "Come back when your hungry again, there's more where that came from." If that horn would have stayed in my mouth another couple of minutes, I would have been too wide to make it through those swinging-doors. I still had to go sideways through the doors. I broke down and cried as out waddled slowly out of town. This is not like me crying. It took me hours to reach the edge of the forest where I collapsed on my stomach and basketball size breasts and fell to sleep.

I dreamt as a thin Morganna admiring her thin shape with a slight booty in the mirror. The mirror successively blurs and shows me growing fatter until the image matches how I look now. I break into tears and the glass shatters, when I hear my old self's voice state, "You thought being fat was bad, it isn't over yet!" I wake up screaming feeling so heavy. I used the same technique as before to get up only this time with a tree. I can't believe that the backs of my legs feel my calves due to them being so fat. I manage struggle up to my feet and lean back on a tree cursing because my back can't reach the trunk due to my enormous butt. I laugh uncontrollably, when I realize that I'm on the Morganna reputation diet. What can I do? This situation is intolerable. I've got to go back and somehow convince that witch to restore me.

I decided to stay off the path and make my way back to the witch's place. My whole body jiggles uncontrollably now as I heave each leg for a step. It took me days of see-sawing my hips and waddling to make it back to the witch's cottage. But I managed to do it without running into anyone. I was starving big time when I arrived, but I made it to the door. I leaned on the door and banged loudly. Thankfully, I heard footsteps.

As the door opened my body literally flooded in but I managed to stay up after a few clumsy steps. I recognized my old-self who answered the door was enjoying the show. I silently, cursed her name when I heard, "Mom, its my old self, and boy what a tub of lard she became."

"Never mind the insults, let me talk to your mother", I pleaded. "Sure, like there is anything is you can do now." From behind another room, the witch and her two other daughters came out. Damn, they were thin and pretty.

"Ah, looks like your adventure as Morganna got you into some trouble" the witch snickered.

All I say, "Please I'm so fat and tired, I beg you to help me out of my predicament, please switch me back with Morganna."

"I cannot. A soul transference only can happen once so you can't go back to your old body. Besides, Morganna likes your strong body! You are now Morganna and will have to live with it."

"If I can't go back to my old self, please you got to get rid of all this fat on my body, I know you can do it. But first I haven't eaten in days and I am so hungry could I have some food please." I tried a small whimper and looked as apologetic as I could.

"Oh, I'm sorry we must not be rude to our guest." Why is she nodding to her daughters? "Here now, why don't you sit down."

I felt someone pulling me from behind and I fell back on my ass. I literally bounced up and down several times from the buoyancy fat wave. My old self said, "You don't even need a seat with an ass that large!" The witch chanted and a huge table piled three foot high of the most fattening looking desserts appeared in front of me at eye level.

"Wait, I don't want that, but a small serving of something healthy." I pleaded.

"Sorry, but this is all we have and this is only your first course."

I started to wiggle, when I felt strong hands hold my shoulders. The other two girls ran to my sides grabbing my wrists to hold my arms out from my body. "We can't let you run away like you did last time."

"Please I'm too large as it is you can make me thin again, I beg you."

"Why should I, you are now living the punishment for choices you made in your prior life."

The witch chanted as the food flew up toward my mouth. In futility I closed my eyes and clamped my mouth shut to prevent the force feeding. The witch said, "so you are going to do it the hard way, so be it!"

I feel something filling my stomach. I open my eyes to see the food on the table disappearing as it did earlier. My body is shuddering as the caloric onslaught forces into my stomach. I feel tingling increasing as the pressure builds and I feel fat filling my backside more. The girls chime in, "do it mom, make him the fattest ass ever!" The food disappears at a faster rate and I feel my hips and thighs billow further out on the floor. I can feel a surge below my belly button as my belly advances over my thighs. Even my sides are filling out from the surge as the rest of the food disappears from the table. I must be over 900 lbs. now, as the girls let go of my wrists. I can't even reach beyond my sides to my hips anymore nor come close to my belly button. There is no way for me to escape. The pressure subsides when the last of the food disappears off the table. The witch was sweating a bit.

I struggle to get up, but my body is too heavy. My ass, hips and thighs just slosh from the effort. The witch said, "now for the second course!"

"No, please I'm too big to get up as it is."

Again, I see the table fill with caloric bombshells of food only the stack is piled even higher. I close my eyes preparing for the stuffing. As before my body surges outward as I feel the pressure rise in my stomach. I have to be over 1200 lbs. by now and it still is not stopping. I can now look down on the table because I'm so fat that I must be over a foot off the floor. I scream as I realize my breathing is getting labored and my organs must be shutting down from the immense weight on them. I lose consciousness…..

I wake up lying in a forest not knowing how I got there or even my name. I got up and brushed my long black hair off. I surveyed that I was barefoot wearing a T-shirt and black stretch pants. I see I'm a slightly overweight woman without a name. My breasts are small and my hips and butt are large for my size. Even though I had no idea how I got here, I might as well explore. I spun around to see if there was anything in the distance that looked like I should walk toward, but only saw a path originated from where I woke up. Strange, it seems to only go one way. As I walked the trail for an hour I found a handsome young man that somehow looks familiar sitting to the side waiting, as if he was expecting me. ….
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Uh, motorcyclist, why are you posting male weight gain in a female butt expansion thread?

Especially considering male transformation don't belong on this part of the forum at all.

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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

I'm with PyroWildcat on this one... male weight gain goes somewhere else...

how about some Puppypump101 love?
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

more stuff
this is where the puppypump love part comes in...
with others!
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File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_2_by_puppypump101-d2xj0vm.jpg (148.7 KB, 250 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_3_by_puppypump101-d2xj18t.jpg (70.7 KB, 162 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_4_by_puppypump101-d2xj1ly.jpg (81.2 KB, 228 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_5_by_puppypump101-d2xj1x9.jpg (107.8 KB, 263 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_6_by_puppypump101-d2xj26z.jpg (61.3 KB, 234 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_7_by_puppypump101-d2xj2h9.jpg (64.6 KB, 212 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_8_by_puppypump101-d2xj2q0.jpg (61.4 KB, 248 views)
File Type: jpg a___mellow_ghost_busted_9_by_puppypump101-d2xj3dl.jpg (60.9 KB, 210 views)
File Type: jpg it__s_only_a_matter_of___time___by_puppypump101-d2z7zae.jpg (183.3 KB, 239 views)
File Type: jpg Where_have_you_TWO_been__1_by_PuppyPump101.jpg (104.8 KB, 228 views)
File Type: jpg Where_have_you_TWO_been__2_by_PuppyPump101.jpg (117.3 KB, 331 views)
File Type: jpg Big_Butt_Suprise_by_immortaltom.jpg (81.9 KB, 80 views)
File Type: jpg butt_mallows_by_lesang-d393k3q.jpg (69.3 KB, 90 views)
File Type: png 20___Struggle_by_plasma_snake.png (178.8 KB, 132 views)
File Type: png fem_allstarman_butt_expansion_by_weeladxl-d3l65xu.png (232.4 KB, 97 views)
File Type: jpg Lexi_and_Ericka_Balloonimals_by_LukePalmer.jpg (112.0 KB, 173 views)
some people are like slinkies; they serve no real purpose in life, but always bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

My avatar is from Godannar.
Heres the clip on youtube.
Skip to 6:14 for the stuck scene
link provided by smegman9
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

So much content, so much beautiful content ;_;
Check out the comics I've got for sale over on!
Or check out my art blog at
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Re: Dedicated Butt/Hip expansion thread

Don't read the stories, eh? TG and WG. Enuf said.
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