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NEW project from Giantess Fan! A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone!

Our most popular and longest-running comic is getting an incredible new spinoff featuring all-new characters facing accidental peril from all-new unaware giantesses!
Giantess Fan proudly presents A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone!

Early one Friday morning, a young man and his girlfriend planned to spend a weekend alone together. But their plans were quickly interrupted when a strange accident shrunk a large group of people in the neighborhood. Those affected have been reduced to the size of crumbs, and now must try to survive in a giant new world.

But just how far does this mysterious occurrence spread, and who all are affected? Chapter one will focus on a small gas station just a couple of blocks from the Leheron Household. With cars parked in the lot and at the gas pumps, it appears to be business as usual at the small convenience store when two young women stop in on their way to a comic convention.

Will they notice what has happened to those stuck within the IMPACT ZONE?

We want to bring you this extra-long, extra-special issue of AWA, but we’re going to need YOUR help! We’re funding this comic on Kickstarter - which means you’ve got the chance to pick up some goodies when you contribute! You can snag bonuses such as a printed copy of the comic, never-before-seen pinups of the AWA characters, poster prints, early access to Issue 16 of the main A Weekend Alone series, and more! Higher tier backers can even score stuff like commissions from some of our great artists and one-year memberships to our sites!

But wait, there’s more! If you help us reach our stretch goals, we’ll be adding more sexy pinup artwork to the main project, and if we go far enough, we’ll even add an NSFW mini-comic drawn by Hmage featuring AWA’s Valerie!

Impact Zone will be going to our backers first - it’s not coming to the main site for months, and it won’t have any of the extras when it does. So make sure you take this opportunity to get it early with all the bells and whistles, and help us make this comic one of our best creations ever!

Check it out right here: A Weekend Alone: Impact Zone Kickstarter
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