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Unread 01-10-2007   #1
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Question BE Request Thread(Read First Post)

I hope this thread will cure the problem of people making threads for requests and make the process forums a more friendly place. Within this thread you can make your requests but you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES.

1. Requests must deal with process material.

2. Requests should be as descriptive as possible in order to help.

3. Requests must be searched for before requested.

4. Fulfilled requests should be answered in links rather than attachments in order to save Lorekeep's webspace.
If the file is not on the forum at all (linked or attached) and is thought to be good enough, it may deserve a thread of it's own.

5. Requests should be kept to existing material.
Try not to request for process material that you do not know if exists or not such as "I am looking for process material of [insert character].

Lorekeep, if you have a problem with this, go ahead and delete these threads. I am sure you see what I am trying to do here.
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