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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Originally Posted by Voral View Post
Came across this on youtube today and figured it might be worth some attention. Possible female transformation teased at the very end of this trailer. For what it's worth though, probably won't be much of anything. But worth to keep an eye on at least.
The movie is available on tubi. I scrubbed it a couple time and there didnt seem to be any female werewolf tfs. One of the actresses brcome a hybrid werewolf but its basically halloween makeup. Its super brief and mildly confusing fromna story telling perspective.
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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Pierce Brosnan (Black Adam, The Thomas Crown Affair, Mamma Mia) is set to star in the thriller WOLFLAND, directed by Sean Brosnan (My Father Die) and written by Sean Brosnan and Matt D’Elia. The film is produced by Marcus Warren for LIGHT SOUND FREQUENCY, and Christian Moore for THE CONSORTIUM, with Imaginarium Studios, helmed by Andy Serkis (Planet of the Apes franchise) providing ground breaking creature design and effects. The Exchange is executive producing and handling worldwide sales at the Marché du Film in Cannes. The film is in pre-production and looking to shoot later this year, in the UK.

In this epic odyssey, a young teenager’s sister is viciously attacked and shows signs of a transformation, he leaves his small village in search of a legendary werewolf hunter who can reverse the gruesome curse. When he finds the “legend”, Devlin, slumped against a bar and in no mood for ghost stories, Delvin takes the kid’s money and agrees to hunt down this phantom monster, only to find themselves in a deadly whirlwind of carnage.

“I’m excited to be working with Pierce on a film that aims to redefine the werewolf sub-genre. With the amazing special effects talents at Imaginarium, we’ll craft a werewolf transformation set to rival the iconic scenes from ‘An American Werewolf In London’. We're thrilled about the potential impact of an expanding Wolfland universe.”
- Sean Brosnan
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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

First law of deceptive werewolf movies: "If the director mentions An American Werewolf in London, the transformation will be bad as hell, no matter the budget of the movie."
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Re: Female Werewolf needles in a haystack

Sounds really promising, was skeptical but there are a lot of reputable sources reporting on this! Wonder if Sean Brosnan is one of us.
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