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Valeyard Vince
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Virtue and Vice - Futanari Fan Comics

Between Bliss and Battle - Virtue and Vice: Magic and Ecstasy is out now!

In Virtue and Vice: Magic and Ecstasy, the debut of Futanari Fan's first fantasy epic, two warring factions of sex-based magic users face off in a battle that is equal parts sorcery duel and massive orgy... resulting in a climactic ending that takes both sides by surprise!

Synopsis: The holy knights and clerics of the Church of Purity derive their extraordinary power from constantly stimulating themselves, but without any release, lest they surrender their power. They are sent into the world to tame the forces who follow the Ancient Ecstasy, fuelled by their pleasure, reaching full power at orgasm. Celeste is a new but promising knight, sent out with her squire, the cleric Lucia. They are tasked with retrieving the Grail of the Maiden, an item of great power, from the clutches of Dulcinea, the Witch of Bleak Rock, who they are told is an old hermit, but who is really a beautiful and powerful sorcerer surrounded by a throng of pleasure-seekers whose lustful power she wields.

Release Date: December 13th, 2018
Written by: Extremist
Lineart by: Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Colors by: Slasher
Tags: : futanari, orgasm denial, orgy, fisting, cum inflation, pleasure, magic

Issue Link: Virtue and Vice: Magic and Ecstasy

Download this and all of our other futa comics with a single 1-month membership to Futanari Fan Comics!

ALSO: What did you think about Virtue and Vice: Magic and Ecstasy? Let us know your feedback to help us improve!
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