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An odd idea for a multi fetish character (but mostly BE)

We've all seen those Hentai and doujin where slime's have captured and violated (and sometimes absorbed) but what if something came out of it?
A woman captured and violated but escaped after getting the slime's load and then gave birth to the creatures child?
Maybe a slime/human hybrid girl who while mostly solid has differing physical or mental reactions to different types of liquid ingested:
(All results listed up until human blood was recorded with the help of Subject 2, Subject 1 unfortunately went berserk and all data is observations based on footage from research site alpha, Subject 2 and onward was cloned from Subject 1)

*Plain Water (Giantess): Adds to the subjects overall mass, a few glasses add a few centimeters in height, however several gallons can lead to the subject growing 3 to 4 times their original size, purging (Sweating, going to the washroom...although difficult to find a safe place at the larger sizes) will cause the subject to return to normal size.

*Fatty Liquids or semi solids (Lard, Margarine, Vegetable Oils)(Body Inflation/Weight Gain): Causes the subject to get..for the lack of a better term chubby, the more consumed the fatter the subject becomes, however purging such fluids will require..some squeezing to get out, with oils being easier then Lard or Margarine.

*Milk and Dairy Products (Breast Expansion/Lactation): Causes the subject's breasts to expand, with varying results based on the type consumed.
Lighter milks and creams will cause some firming and a slight increase in size (a gallon will add a good cup size), however heavier creams have a more potent effect, with a gallon taking the subject from an A-Cup to a large L cup
(Metric sizes here) however beyond that will cause the subject to lactate, to return subject to her normal cup size milking is required, this however is oddly pleasurable to the subject, butters will cause a similar enlarging effect but will lead to a much firmer result and Ice Cream will cause the subjects body temperature to drop by a fair amount but will produce a sweeter milk, so far no other effect have been observed with flavored milks.

Human bodily fluids will also have varied effects but unlike the ones listed above will have more of a psychological effect:
*Saliva: Causes the subject to become strangely clingy and will want to snuggle, currently research is ongoing.

*Human Milk: Aside from the breast growth effect of animal dairy products this will also cause the subject to display motherly tendencies and will gain a need to let someone drink her milk (this tendency isn't shown if she drinks her own milk, caution must be taken if her breasts have been enlarged with bovine milk as the one being fed might be forced to over drink)

*Semen: Increases sexual frustration and sensitivity, the more consumed leads to the subject to become more sensitivity reaching the point where the slightest touch will send them to a massive climax (Care must be taken as in this state the subject could be driven mad by stimulation), however through "testing" is seems semen taken in through intercourse doesn't cause the increase in sensitivity, atl east not as much as much as ingesting it.

*Human Blood: This is the touchy subject, due to the slime's nature to consume humans as food being dormant within the subjects cells the taste of blood will cause the subject to gain wild cannibalistic mentality, the otherwise dormant traits of the slime species begin to manifest based on how much blood consumed as well as traits unique to the hybrid species, Subject became able to alter their physical state to that of a semi liquid to fit though small gaps as well as become more dense and solid to defend against many forms of attack, Subject 1 also gained extreme elasticity being able to grab objects and people several meters away as well as gaining strength to crush stone with their bare hands, combined with the ability to alter the size of individual limbs or appendages made subject 1 especially deadly and difficult to contain, due to the damage and loss of life involved it was necessary to seal off the lab and preform a complete gamma decontamination with Subject 1..bless her soul.

And done, sorry if the last one got a little dark and crazy but a I wanted to add a potential danger to such a what did you think?

They fill out so fast
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