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Witches inspired tf video on c4s

Just stumbled upon this Witches inspired mouse tf video. Good fit for October and kind of a surprise to show up

Not MissaX quality level but still pretty good imo.
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Re: Witches inspired tf video on c4s

Yep, the girl has potential, and she's doing some TF related videos... yes, it is not Missa, but at least she IS doing TF videos right now
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Re: Witches inspired tf video on c4s

Bought the video and here is my critique of it.

Where to start... well, the positives are the costume.

Stuff you can already see in the video previews. The starting costume is a remarkable recreation of the witch in the yellow dress that sits on the Grand High Witch's right in their TF scene. The actual costume pieces are pretty decent. Teeth, ears, face, tail, and claws... some makeup around her shoulders and arms... but that's about it. Which is a lot more than what people usually do. Apart from the face, I think the costume pieces are good. Less is always more in my opinion. I'm not a fan of people putting on elaborate animal heads... but I think the face went a little too far too soon. But I'll elaborate on the transformation.

The transformation is also decently performed. The performance varies at times from silly to very decent. It can be incredibly silly with her flailing around and writhing in mid-air, but this is accurate to what happens to people transforming in the movie. The changes start modestly with a slight belly expansion but this regresses before the real changes begin. Eventually, after flailing and burping, she grows teeth, then ears... The progression seems to be just fine but then everything takes a left turn by changing her face before her hands and tail and feet... I personally would've preferred the tail before the face completely changed... Face changes, apart from minor changes to teeth, noses or ears, should usually remain last.

The story is a bit... well, a stranger breaks in and gases her. This is a departure from the Witches mythos. Either she should of drank from the bottle or had something poisoned. They do show the empty bottle falling to the ground referencing that most elusive and seductively rodent inducing Formula 86.

Rest assure, not all the gas in the preview is inhaled, but exhaled as well when the changes begin. She burps and farts the gas...

Toward the end, I applaud the actress for NOT going for an elaborate costume to hide her natural body. I cannot stress enough how much I am not a fan of costumes. So this was quite refreshing. I'm not sure if I would've been a fan of makeup or not. One of the reasons why I like Pig TFs is because we're both pink and don't have to worry about all that thick fur, apart from our natural body hair~ So, I'm incredibly biased here. Still, I admire difference.

She appears to dry hump toward the end, and there are some nice shots that I think some of you may like. Her moaning is quite good, but her use of squeaks are dreadfully underused during the more erotic portion. A nice mix of squeaks and moans would be good. She uses both audio tweaked and natural squeaks, the latter more than the former.

I believe there is a subtle music in a portion of the clip which is used effectively.

I know I've used the word decent in this review a lot and, that's my one-word summary of the entire thing.

Bare in mind, the video is a custom and so it was probably specifically tailored to be this way. I really do hope to see more from this actress. And if she's reading this, this is in no way a negative review in my mind. Keep at it. It's a very good start!

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