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Unread 08-08-2020   #1
Erotic Author
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Question FMG Poll

I'm curious, I know what I like in my FMG, but what do you all prefer? I don't see any of these as wrong answers, but as an author of smut I want to see what others are looking for in their process stories. If my poll doesn't have your special brand of kink, feel free to reply with what you're looking for.

I'm not looking for Source Of Transformation. What I mean is, I'm not looking for whether you like attribute theft, magical potion, scientific/realistic, etc in what causes the growth, just trying for the pure process here.

I originally wanted to see how the poll function worked on the forum, but I think it will work better if people reply with a 1-10 next to the categories listed below, 10 being you can't get off without it, 1 being you commit hate crimes to the author.

SG: 9
VG: 8
RS: 8
AL: 7
ML: 1
SS: 2
T: 5
BC: 10
SCS: 9
SCM: 10
SCL: 8

Here are the descriptions

Straight Muscle Growth (SG)
This is kind of the catch-all, you don't care how your girl gets bigger, so long as she's putting on the mass.

Vascular Growth (VG)
Itís not enough to see some cut swoll and fiber striations, those veins gotta pop and pop large. In some cases, you might want to see just straight VG.

Realistic Growth/Strength (RS)
Muscles follow the Square-Cube Law, only so much mass equals so much lifting capacity before the mass effectively limits motion, either as a matter of too heavy to move or not enough flexibility to move. Also, stronger muscles do not always correlate with stronger bones, actual strength limited by bone density.

Activated/Localized Growth (AL)
Muscles need stimulation to grow, and growth only happens in the area worked. Girl does right arm bicep curl, only the right bicep gets the growth.

More Strength, Less Growth (ML)
Also called Supergirl Growth, the girl gets minimal muscle, usually enough to be called a fitness model, but gains abnormal amounts of disproportional strength.

Science Schmience (SS)
Getting a girl as big as possible is the only important factor, donít care about the minutia of growing her. Usually includes other factors, such as invulnerability and fast healing.

Temporary Growth (T)
It comes and it goes. That suntan lotion that has been recalled for side effects only buffs her up for so long before she needs to apply another coat.

Burst Through Clothing (BC)
It isnít so much that sheís shulking faster than Jen when sheís on a date with Juggernaut, that classy lawyer dress suit needs to turn into a cloud of confetti.

Size Category Small (SCS)
Going from nothing to competitive FBB levels, this girl is cut and swoll but within the bounds of female reality.

Size Category Medium (SCM)
Entering the realm of unrealistic musculature, bone structure is usually rearranged to provide room for the mass. Most of r2rohís artwork is in this realm.

Size Category Large (SCL)
This is the extreme edge, muscles on top of muscles, heads getting buried between traps and pecs, Leviathan and the most extreme Tigersan artworks fit this bill.


Love me some sweaty girl meat pumping iron. Not only am I into the growth, lots of muscle worship needs to appreciate those new amazons. Donít care for the typical associated trope of male humiliation that tends to accompany: just Ďcause a girl got some new guns, donít mean she has to hate on everyone else. HEA should be in all FMG stories.
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Unread 08-09-2020   #2
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Re: FMG Poll

Sg: 10
vg: 5
rs: 7 - why mot immobillity?
al: 1
ml: 1
ss: 5
t: 1
bc: 7
scs: 2
scm: 7 - without giantism would be nice
scl: 10

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Unread 08-11-2020   #3
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Re: FMG Poll

Sg: 8
vg: 8
rs: 4
al: 7
ml: 1
ss: 10
t: 6
bc: 10
scs: 7
scm: 10
scl: 7
"When the going get's Weird, the Weird turn Pro"
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Unread 08-11-2020   #4
Professor of Jotunn
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Re: FMG Poll

Sg: 10
vg: 4
rs: 6
al: 7
ml: 6
ss: 5
t: 5
bc: 8
scs: 10
scm: 4
scl: 1
AWW! That's mean! Life's not worth living without Boobies!-Ensign Francesca Lucchini-Strike Witches The Sky That Connects Us
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Unread 08-15-2020   #5
Erotic Author
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Re: FMG Poll

So far, just like all the other polls, it is the differences that fascinate me. One person’s FBB is another person’s Good Start. I’ll admit this is probably my peak fetish, maybe tied with BE. Working out at the gym, pumping as much iron as my tinyish arms can lift, looking around at all the hard bodies actually able to get the gains I have only dreamed about, I admit my fetish originated out of jealousy.

Well, jealousy and a lot of vintage She Hulk comics my dad collected. I wanted to be Jen so badly, even painted myself green a few Halloweens in High School, back before everyone suddenly became a Marvel fan when the movies came along. Was even tempted a few times to go down the steroid route when my runty body didn’t fill out like I though it would, but I have seen what addiction does to people and was always too scared to pull the trigger. So fantasy and bad photoshops are all I have at the moment and I’m consigned to keep it that way.

Wow, didn’t mean to get all real there, just wanted to say how much I love this fetish because it is the ultimate escapism for me. Not because I want revenge on some guy or whatever most FMG stories are about, it is all about feeling good about me and having that kind of body I want. And if these are my fantasies, why not make them unrealistically huge?

Love it, keep throwing me these delicious details. Bear hugs!!
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female muscle growth, fmg, poll

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