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Tina Tiny
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Shrink 2020

“Mommy are we almost there?”

Kirsten sighed. “Yes honey, almost.” Her five-year-old had probably asked that question a couple dozen times and she was honestly getting sick of it. Fortunately, her sister’s place came into view. She found a spot to park on the street, shimmying the car between two others.

“Now we’re here Allie!”

“Yay!” the excited child yelled. She squeezed her favorite giraffe toy closely as Kirsten reached back and undid her car seat straps. As Allie made her way out of the car, Kirsten made her way to the back of the vehicle and grabbed the green bean casserole. They walked to the front and knocked on the storm door before letting themselves in.

“Lilly! We’re here!” Kirsten called out as they kicked off their shoes. There was a commotion upstairs as was evidenced by children’s laughter. Kirsten smiled at Allie.

“Go play with your cousins,” she said. Allie scampered upstairs excitedly. Kirsten made her way into the kitchen to talk to the adults.

Only...the kitchen was empty. Well, mostly empty…over by the sink, crumpled in a pile, was a discarded dress, bra, undies and a necklace. Kirsten went over to investigate. What was it doing here? It was very odd.

“Lilly?” she called out again. Poking her head out of the kitchen, she began to ascend the stairs toward the laughter. Reaching the top of the landing, she found another set of discarded clothes: yoga pants, underwear and a top. Still confused, Kirsten made her way into her twin nieces’ room to see what they were doing.

The children were in there: Lilly’s two girls, Allie, and Medea, a friend of the family. The children were playing nicely, crowded around the dollhouse, giggling like crazy.

“Hi girls,” Kirsten called out. For some reason it caused her nieces to jump and they stared at her like they’d done something wrong.

“I’m looking for your mom, do you know where she is?”

It was at that moment that she became aware of a very soft, high pitched squeaking coming from behind the children.

“What’s...that noise….” she said as she slowly moved forward. The twins moved closer together to try and block her view. Kirsten put her hands on her hips.

“Girls...let me see….”

They parted, revealing the dollhouse behind them. It was a mess, with furniture and clothes all over. Their dolls were all strewn about, except for two which were...moving?! Kirsten leaned over and gasped.

“Lilly? Dana? Is it you?!”

The two tiny doll moms had been squeezed into ridiculous doll dresses. Lilly wore frilly dress with a red and white checkerboard pattern and puffed sleeves, while Dana was shoved into a sparkly pink one with a happy star on the front. Both women were jumping excitedly and waving their arms. Kirsten knelt down to get a closer look, bringing her face closer to the tiny women so she could hear them better.

“How’d you get so small?!”

“We got a matter condenser and the kids got ahold of it!” Lilly squeaked up at Kirsten. “Can you get it and make us big again?”

Kirsten was about to answer when Dana yelled, “Look out!”

Suddenly, Kirsten’s felt electricity coursing through her body and an acute feeling of falling. The world rushed by, expanding rapidly in all directions as she fell, the ground rushing up to meet her. A moment later, the feeling was gone and she found herself struggling against a wall of fabric.

“What? Help!” she yelled, her voice now no louder than a squeak. She heard loud, resonating giggles from above. Suddenly, the fabric was peeled back and she could see again. She looked up and gasped as she saw her own daughter towering above her. Her twin nieces giggled.

“See Allie? Didn’t we say that Auntie Kirsten would make a great doll too?”

Allie laughed and reached down. Kirsten screamed as the fingers wrapped around her, hoisting her up into the air. She found herself whizzing through the air until PLOP!!! The hand released her and she landed on her butt next to the other two doll ladies.

“Now let’s get mommy something to wear!” Allie said excitedly. The kids swarmed around the storage box, looking for clothes. Kirsten stood up, covering herself, looking at the other two women in disbelief.

“What is going on?”

Lilly sighed.

“Mike and Dave went out to grab some last minute things. They’ve been gone for a while now, probably hunting a store that’s still open. In the meantime, the kids got into my room and my little devils stole the matter condenser and, we are.”

Dana scrunched her nose. “I wish you’d told me you had one of those things. I could have been better prepared. And don’t you keep that thing locked anyway?!”

The kids laughed again and began to move back toward the dollhouse.

“Well, no use arguing now. We just have to wait for our hubbies to get back. They’ll sort this out...I hope….”

Allie knelt down and held out a shiny teal dress with attached tutu. She giggled.

“Okay mommy, time to change. Then we play!”
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.

This is a nice story. Thank you for sharing.
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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh that's a cute one.

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