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Unread 01-22-2019   #1
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Making a TF/TG Game - Seeking Artist

Hello, hi!

I'm working on a TF/TG game and it's going well. But, I'm a writer and not an artist so I thought I'd put out a request for commissions. Since I figure it could take a while to find the right person.

I'm looking for either of these:

1. A solid chunk of paid commission work for you.
2. Partner up with me for half of the monthly amount from Patreon for as long as we're working together.

If you choose option 2, I'd form an LLC for us, link it to Patreon and we'd split the money. It's a risk/reward thing as it highly depends on number of patrons. Whereas commissions would be a one time payment, this would be a continuous monthly payment for as long as the project lives and you continue to work on it. That means good faith work done by you. Or, if we finish it then we both coast on the money while adding/tweaking along the way.

If you choose option 1, I'd just need a solid block of commission work from you. I'd look for the work to be done in order and not scattered in between other work. Which means I'm probably out of luck but, hey! I'll try anyway.

The game is set in a fantasy medieval world, in a single village.

This is my work in progress shopping list:

1. About 30 character/creature sprites. I don't need detailed work or detailed coloring and would prefer it be a good but simple design.
2. I don't know what to call it but I'll need variations of the sprites. They'd all have their basic designs and poses but perhaps they'd all have a happy/sad/excited/disgusted/etc expression variations. Sometimes with the clothes being slightly different or the arms in a different position, etc.
3. There would also be stages of TF and (for the male character) TG variations for the characters.
4. Backgrounds. Like, rooms or a little forest scene or a mountain scene.
5. Static scenes to show different things like slideshow intro or a static sex scene, etc...
6. Simple 3-10 frame "animations" for sex scenes.

Some of these I would request at the beginning (the initial sprites and backgrounds) and some would be over time - sprite variations, animations, etc...

So, I would need someone with the time and right style to work on this with me for the right budget if I'm doing this out of pocket.

If this sounds interesting, send me a message with your thoughts!
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Making a TF/TG Game Seeking Artist

The more heavily nitered syrup left behind... could I just make candy out of that?
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Re: Making a TF/TG Game - Seeking Artist

This reply is a bit late and you probably already know this, but TFGamesSite Forum is a good place for transformation game developers.

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