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The Breeding Programme

The Breeding Programme
By Scorch

In the year 2113, Humanity had the third contact with an alien life form. The Sho'Gan empire. At first, contact between the humans and Sho'Gans was positive, until contacted ceased. A few years later, Sho'Gan craft made several attacks on Earth outposts, resulting in the Earth Defence Corps being assigned to multiple planets to protect them.

Location: Centuria Delta, Grossham outpost.

EDC Private 1st Class Tech Rick Hunter scanned the area nervously for any activity.

"Hunter to Control, sector 1A is clear. Over." he radioed in.

"Acknowledged Hunter. Proceed to sector 1B. Over." The reply came.

"Roger that. Over and Out." Rick said. He proceeded in an east direction, searching for anything unusual.

Another unit of soldiers had mysteriously vanished without explanation. Captain Kate Turner and her team had been sent to investigate the area. Turner had split the 5 man squad into 1 man recon units and sent them to patrol sectors nearby.

"Come in Captain Turner, this is Pvt. Hunter. Over." Rick said

"Roger that Hunter. Any luck? Over." Turner asked

"Negative. Control has ordered me to move to next sector. Over." Rick said. Suddenly, his radio begun to hiss, "Come in Turner. Over."

A suddenly crackling noise behind him caused him to snap around, his gun already raised.

A being stood before him, looking human except with scaly wings and green hair.

"SHO'GAN!" Rick yelped, and attempted to open fire. The Sho'Gan blasted him with an energy wave, rendering him unconscious.

When he came too, he found himself in a cell with several other soldiers.

"Wait a moment, you're one of the Delta Squad." Rick said, "What the hell's happening?"

"I don't know man, but they took the women with them." one soldier said.

"Shut up in there." A Sho'Gan guard spat, "Human scum."

"Stop that Sho'Dar." A higher ranking soldier said, "These humans are our guests."

"Guys, you think some things odd. You don't see female Sho'Gans." One soldier said, "I've battled a ton of these guys, but never saw a female."

"Their isn't any female Sho'Gans, not any more." another prisoner said.

"Wait a moment, you're a Sho'Gan....why are you locked up?" Rick asked.

"I didn't agree with the generals plan....see, we Sho'Gans are dying. A virus from Earth infected our species. It killed off the females." the Sho'Gan said, "My people believe the virus was made to kill us. I studied Earth biology and discovered the virus has existed for many years. You call it Influenza."

"What, the flu virus killed all of your women?" a soldier asked. A sudden scream filled the air.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Rick yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU BASTARDS DOING?" he screamed at the guards.

"Breeding." the guard said, "Phase two will begin soon."

"Hunter, get some water. Jameson's got a fever." one soldier said

"Okay Smith. What's wrong with Jameson?" Rick asked, fetching some water from the sink. Jameson suddenly bolted upright and vomited on the floor. He then begun to convulse.

"Holy shit, he's having a fit." Smith said as Jameson begun to thrash about.

"Shit. Get his legs, I'll hold his arms." Rick yelped, and tried to restrain the man

"ARRRGH! ARRGH!" Jameson cried out. Suddenly, their was a cracking noise and his waist compressed inwards.

"What the hell?" Rick gasped, letting go of Jameson and backing away slightly, as Smith also backed off. Jameson let out a scream of agony and groped at his crotch.

"IT'S GONE. IT'S GONE!" he sobbed. He then groaned and made a straining noise. His chest swelled outwards, forming breasts.

"JESUS H. CHRIST!" Smith gasped, as the other soldiers backed away.

"Ah. It looks like phase two started." the guard laughed

"What the hell is happening to him?" Smith demanded. He then let out a groan and threw up, as did several of the other soldiers.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?" Rick demanded to the Sho'Gan prisoner.

"They need more women." The Sho'Gan said, as Rick threw up.

Rick collapsed to the ground as he started to convulse, gagging on his own bile.

The bones in his body begun to stretch and contract, the proportions of his body altering themselves as his flesh moved around it. His well defined muscles shrank away, leaving his arms and legs delicate and round. His fingers cracked and became slender and fragile, his fingernails growing slightly longer. He groaned as the hairs across his body shrank away.

His torso cracked and shrank, causing him to gasp out. He cried out in pain as the bones in his pelvis begun to painfully widen, making cracking noises.

The pain stopped for a moment, before rushing into his pelvis and started to assimilate his genitalia. Rick looked down in horror as his penis and testicles begun to pull inwards.
He looked in horror as his penis drew back into his body. After several seconds, it was over, his penis was gone and a muscular passageway opened up into his body, causing pain for him as his testicles moved deep inside his body.

Rick groaned as a surge rose through his crotch, his pubic hair erupted out of his smooth pelvis. The pain passed for a moment, until a huge pressure built up in his chest. Slowly, but gradually faster the skin on his chest begun to swell out into two large mounds capped by large nipples.

Rick threw his head back, and with a large crack his head shrank, the skin on his face became soft and his lips were plump. All of a sudden, it was over. He had been transformed too.Darkness begun to consume him and Rick passed out.

When he awoke, he was in a laboratory, fastened to a wall. He looked around and saw the woman who was once Jameson strapped to the wall too. Jameson looked like she was several months pregnant.

"How long was I out for?" Rick muttered.

"3 hours." A scientist said, looking at her, "You make a very pretty woman." he added with a smirk.

"FUCK YOU!" Rick snarled, trying to attack him.

"You'll fit in well." the scientist said, as a mechanical arm extended and injected Rick's stomach. The scientists then left. Rick glanced around and saw a familiar woman.

"Captain Turner?" Hunter asked.

"Who are you? The scientists said they got more women, but I don't recognise....OH GOD!" Turner screamed, "IT HURTS!" she sobbed.

"Oh my god." Hunter said, as a large egg emerged from Turner's vagina, "Breeding project." A sudden pain hit him, and his stomach started to swell. Another prisoner cried out and laid an egg.

"Soon, we'll be strong enough to rebuild the Sho'Gan empire. Earth is doomed." a scientist said.

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Re: The Breeding Programme

Here's some kiskae 2 pics for the story.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg breeders1.jpg (375.2 KB, 89 views)
File Type: jpg breeders2.jpg (410.5 KB, 85 views)
File Type: jpg breeders3.jpg (424.7 KB, 78 views)
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File Type: jpg breeders12.jpg (287.8 KB, 94 views)
File Type: jpg breeders13.jpg (272.1 KB, 95 views)
File Type: jpg breeders14.jpg (269.5 KB, 92 views)
File Type: jpg breeders15.jpg (275.1 KB, 87 views)
File Type: jpg breeders16.jpg (275.7 KB, 86 views)
File Type: jpg breeders17.jpg (287.6 KB, 88 views)
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File Type: jpg breeders19.jpg (290.7 KB, 88 views)
File Type: jpg breeders20.jpg (289.3 KB, 89 views)
File Type: jpg breeders21.jpg (287.6 KB, 96 views)
File Type: jpg breeders22.jpg (287.6 KB, 127 views)
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Re: The Breeding Programme

Nice story!
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