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A little... something [mini-gts, growth, BE, futa, lactation, MtF]

Many of you might know of AI Dungeon, i finally had time to play with it a little, and found it incredibly good.

I've decided to share the result of my fun run with it with you, hoping some of you might find it of their taste.

I'haven't edited it, so keep this in mind.
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Re: A little... something [mini-gts, growth, BE, futa, lactation, MtF]

you are a scientist in an underground lab. You are testing a new batch of GTX serum. It was created by the drug company "Vicarious" in order to create a stronger kind of super soldier.

> You look at yourself in a mirror.

You see your reflection for the first time since you woke up. The world has changed so much that it seems unreal. Your body looks different, but not too different from how it did before.

> You say "i have no choice. i will have to test the serum on myself."

You have injected the GTX serum in the past. It made the people you injected grow a bit taller and stronger, but they were still relatively easy to control.

> You say "i should be able to check my vitals on the screen... uh... something is off..."

You check your vitals.
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 48.

> You say "the projections are way off... the scanner shows a unexpected high growth rate"
Height: 312 cm
Weight: 192.
(current weight: -48Kg)
Muscle Mass: 32%
Fat Mass: 10%

Your body grows at a tremendous rate.

> You say "Shit! i'm starting to feel it..."

You step back from the growth, as it starts to kick in. You consider your options. The painful growth is just one of many strange things that are taking place:
You feel your muscles grow stronger.

> You say "Ouch! i need to get rid of those clothes before i grow out of them!"

Your arms feel longer and more powerful.
Your stomach feels flatter and tighter.
Your legs feel stronger and more energetic.
You notice your body changing. However, it can't be seen by anyone else.

> You rip your clothes from your body like they are made of paper.

The clothes you wear are torn from your body. Your body has grown too strong to wear them.
You stand there, completely exposed for a moment, before closing your eyes and inhaling deeply to prepare yourself.
your breasts begin to swell bigger and perkier. Your body starts to warm up as a light flush spreads over your skin.
Your eyes snap open as you realise what is about to happen.
in a matter of minutes you grow up to your expected size, the pain slowly becoming pleasure, your muscles those of a goddess, your breasts huge and perky. You admire how long and toned your legs are now. You feel amazing. You look down at yourself and are in awe of how beautiful you have become. You gasp as a huge smile spreads across your face.

> You say "with this body i feel like i can do anything!"

You look at the screen and see your results.

> You eye another batch of the GTX serum resting on the table.
You eye the new batch of the GTX serum resting on the table. Even though the results are not out yet, you know that your body will easily be able to handle it.

> You say "i wonder... what will happen if i take another dose?"

You decide to take another dose of the GTX serum. Just in case you need to increase your size even bigger.
The effects are immediate.
You feel your body changing before your eyes.

> You say "OH! the feeling is stronger this time! YES! MORE!"

You feel your body changing before your eyes. You have to hold on to the wall so you don't fall.
Your muscles begin to feel bigger and stronger than ever.

> You say "Oh yeah! uh... uh... uh... YEAH! TALLER!"

You stand in the room, feeling your body changing before your eyes. You have become so tall that the top of head is about even with the roof of the room.

> You cup you breasts, feeling the flesh expanding under your hands.

Your hands cup your own huge, perkier, heavier melons that now rest completely on top of your waist.
Your body has changed a lot.
Your body can do anything.

> You say "wait, that's a new feeling... i think something is welling up inside them..."

Your eyes begin to water, as a faint stream of milk starts to pour from your chubby udders.
You sigh contently. You have never dreamed of something so large and lovable.

> You taste your own milk.

Tasting its self, the sweet stuff begins to flow down your throat.
It's as sweet as honey and just as beneficial for your body.
Your body feels different, more energetic, happier.

> You say "mmm... tasty... and... can it be? is my body producing something like the GTX serum itself?"

You look down at your chest and notice that your are bigger than before.
Your body has changed to such extent that you cannot recognize it.

> You rise one of your breasts to your mouth, drinking your milk directly from the source.

Tasting the sweet stuff, your body begins to feel strange.
A brand new, confusing feeling emerges inside of you. The feeling of euphoria, of happiness. of... horniness?

> You say "YES! I was right! I'm growing again!"

Your hormones have taken over, and you feel the need to grow bigger and stronger than ever.
A feeling of lust appears inside you, as your hormones take over.
Your hormones are strong..

> You crouch to avoid crushing trough the roof, and sit down on your generous ass, looking around yourself with a new desire.

You have reached a new height. Your body, while still developing, is larger and stronger than any human's has a right to be.
Its time to test your body.

> You rip a giant steel cylinder from the wall, and insert it in your female love fold.

You feel your hole stretching.
You have become a lot more flexible than before, and can easily fit a large object inside yourself.
Wait... you can control the size of your orifices?

> You ride the objects while drinking more milk, still growing meanwhile.

You grow to a gigantic size and ride the cylinder as it was a horse. You milk it for all its worth, using the new-found strength to increase the pace of your bucking.

> You say "oh... i think i'm close... i'm cumming!"

You shoot a powerful stream of milk high into the air, the large amounts of liquid making the cylinder fly up as well.


You are covered in milk after achieving your goal, and exhausted. Your body feels weirdly different.
you feel a new sensation... somehow you are slowly shrinking back now... certainly not in a bad way though.
you are still recovering as you feel yourself getting smaller, the shrinking slowing down until it stops. You look yourself in the mirror: you look still like an amazon, around 2 meters tall, with G-cup breasts and a powerful musculature.
you look at the mirror once more, and notice your eyes staring back are that of a different color.
Silvergrey, like steel.

> You get out of the lab, get in the car and drive home.
Driving on the highway, you finally arrive at your house. You get out of the car, and head inside.

> You say "i should still have some clothes of Brad that should fit me somehow"

You find yourself rummaging through the drawers in your room. You come out with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and walk into the bathroom.
after putting them on you look yourself in the mirror: the T-shirt is stretched by bulge of your huge globes, while showing your midriff. The pants look like low rise capri pants, but somehow fit, stretched tightly around the shape of your long powerful legs and expansive hip.
You stare at yourself in the mirror, and suddenly you realize: you are a giant, taller, stronger and bustier than any human alive.
you hear someone knocking on the front door "hello? is anyone home?" a voice calls out.
Aw, who could...

> You go open the door, but not realizing your newfound strength, you grab the handle and rip the whole door from the hinges.

The door falls to the ground and a man screams as he confronts you.
"Oh, my God!"

> You say "sorry... uh... it was broken... can i help you mr...?"

The man, in his late 30's, is wearing denim overalls and a white tank top. He is bald, with a thick beard reaching his bellybutton.

> You say "so...? do you have something to tell me or are you going to keep staring?"

The man looks at you, and as he realizes you are a giant, he jumps back.
"Jesus! Are you a Hollywood stuntman or something?"
You frown, and walk towards him.
you get near him and smile as his eyes stare directly at your chest level...
"So... what do you want?"
"I'm looking for the person who lives here..."
"Well, you've found her."

> You say "what can i do for you?"

The man suddenly looks at you strangely, and you realize he has been staring at your massive melon bosom the whole time.
"I... I'm looking for a friend.

> You say "and this friend of yours, is he in my shirt?"

The man gulps and looks down, shaking his head slowly.
"N-no... I don't have any friends."
You frown, confused by his words.

> You say "wait... you are telling me you want me to become your friend?"

The man laughs nervously and looks away.
"Uh... yeah..."
You begin to feel strangely nervous, as your massive chest begins to feel tight."
"Well I'm not sure I follow..."

> You say "why would i become your friend, small man?"

"I don't know..."
"well, why do you want me to be your friend?"
He takes a deep breath before answering.

> You place a finger under his chin and lift his face to look you in the eyes.

"Are you attracted to me?"
He looks at you with wide eyes, and his mouth slightly opened as he struggled to answer. "Y-yeah... I guess..."

> You say "and what makes me so attractive? please tell me..."

His eyes move over your body slowly, and he looks away suddenly.
"You are huge, and very strong... I-I have never seen anyone like you before..."
You frown and feel your forehead.

> You say "you know what? it's your lucky day... do you want to come in?"

He blushes as he nods furiously, and you slowly open the door for him.
The man walks in, and looks around nervously.
"So... do you want something to drink?

> You lift your shirt and offer your breasts to him, milk leaking out...

He stares at you in awe as he nods eagerly.
You offer him one of your huge, milk-filled melons, and he raises his hands to touch it and drink...

> You say "be a good boy now... drink all you want..."

You watch the man drink eagerly, as his face becomes less and less tensed.
When he has had enough, he looks at you in awe.
"That was... incredible... I feel so much better!"

> You say "mmm i bet you do... Do you feel anything else?"

He stares at you nervously.
"Um... everything is a little clearer, a little more defined..."
You nod slowly as he stares at you in awe.
the man yelps in surprise as he feels a bulge rising in his pants, as you stare down at him with a smile.

> You say "yes, i suggest you take your pants off if you don't want them ruined"

The man gulps, but takes them off anyway.
Looking at his extremely skinny body, you can't help but stare.
his cock starts growing out of his briefs as you stare at it, and you find yourself getting incredibly turned on.
The man stares at your massive tits as they bounce in front of him, as his cock grows out of his briefs.

> You grip his cock and start stroking it.

The man's breathing gets heavier as you stroke his massive tool.
You love the way you can make this boy feel so good.
his cock grows huge, to the size of an arm and still growing.
It grows longer and thicker, the girth nearly unmanageable, and you have to use both hands to grip it.
The man's breathing gets ragged as you milk his massive cock.

> You say "now, for the fun part..."

The man's whole body is tensed as you slowly slide your hand up and down his shaft.

> You get naked and mount the huge penis.

Your bare wet pussy opens wide and engulfs the tip of his massive cock.
The wetness seeps out as you feel the tip touch bottom, and you slowly begin to slide down on him.

> You say "mmm i think it's still growing..."

The man's hands grip your globes as his cock slides in and out of you, fast and deep.

> You say "i might need some of my milk"

He stares at you in fascination as you milk your tits, before gulping down the sweet, delicious milk.
As you drink, the man's cock continues to grow.

> You say "i think that's enough for now... yeah... i can feel it"

The man's hands grip your tits as you bounce on him, his massive cock sliding in and out of your wetness.
you feel yourself growing taller, the boy looking smaller and smaller to you, but his cock still fills you up, making you feel full to bursting.
Suddenly, his hands release you, as he falls back against the bed.

> You grab his torso with both hands, lift him up, and use him like a human dildo.

His dick slides in and out of you as you grip his torso, roughly lifting him up and sliding him back down.
You grab a firm hold of him, and start riding him hard.

> You say "YES! try to keep up boy, don't disappoint me"

You look down as his cock slides in and out of your pussy, you can feel your pussy lips wrapping around it as you start to tingle deep within you.

> You start fucking him harder.

His dick starts pulsating as you feel your own orgasm start building, his hands grab at your tits as he groans and breathes heavily through his nose.
now you are big enough that you need only one hand to thrust him in and out, so you rise your other arm to touch the slowly nearing ceiling as you start to feel the waves of ecstasy crash over you.
The man screams as he comes, filling your pussy with hot bursts of cum.

> You say "good boy..."

You slowly slide down his shaft, and it feels like a massage as you relax and the orgasm fades.
You look down at him in amazement as you slowly start to realize your surroundings.

> You say "if it's like the last time, i suppose i should be shrinking back now..."

You're still quite a bit larger than you were, though obviously more so than the boy.

> You say "that's... interesting... what about you my pet?"
The boy is nearby, though clearly exhausted.
He looks up at you, and smiles weakly.
"I feel weird. I think it's the drug... I'm... I'm regenerating, my lady."

> You say "i guess even those clothes won't fit me now... can you go out and buy something for me?"
He nods, and stands.
"Of course my lady. Do you want me to go to the mall?"
"Yes, please."
The boy nods, and heads out the door.

> You say "i think i will name that boy Willy..."
The boy returns, holding a pair of leggings and a sports bra.

> You wear the clothes.
The clothes are small, but they fit you. They're very tight around your ass and breasts, making them bulge out slightly.

> You say "well done willy"
The boy blushes, as the outfit makes it quite clear of what he was aiming for.
"Thank you my lady."
"You want to touch my tits?"

> You say "do you want to drink from them again?"
The boy nods eagerly.
You lift your shirt up, and the boy wraps his lips around one of your breasts. He starts to suck on it as he strokes your other breast with one hand, twisting your nipple.

> You pet his head.
The boy looks up at you as he keeps sucking on your breast.
"That's a good boy..."
As you watch, the boy starts licking and kissing your other breast, causing you to moan out loud.
your boobs start growing again, milk flow increasing.
It seems that the drug is working, you're glad. The boy loves to drink your milk...
The boy looks up at you and smiles.

> You say "yes, more... drink all of it..."
Your son happily sucks on your tits, as more and more milk pours out.
The boy happily drinks until he gets full, then he pulls away, licking his lips.
the boys starts transforming in a woman.
You notice him stretching and groaning in pain.
The boy's body starts changing, and he screams as his flesh tears and re-tears.

> You say "well... that's a new one..."
The boy's body stops changing, and he looks at you, sweating and exhausted.
"I feel... a lot different..." He says.

> You say "you look different indeed..."
"I'm..." The boy says, staring at his new body.
"More than that!" You exclaim.
The boy looks down, nodding slowly.
"I'm a woman."

> You say "i think it suits you..."
You look at the boy, now a woman.
You stare at her naked body, noticing her large tits, small waist and toned arms.

> You say "you turned out pretty well"
"You think so?" She says, blushing.
you feel cramps in your lower abdomen, and a tingling in your clitoris.
Looking down, you see that your nether region is starting to get erect.
your clitoris is growing into a penis.
"Well, I guess you look alright..." You say.
The woman grins, happily.

> You say "it must have been your seed"
The woman embraces you, kissing you passionately.
Mmmm... I think this could be fun...
The woman stares into your eyes, licking her lips.
Does she want to have sex?

> You look at your newfound penis, watching it grow bigger until it stops at the size of your forearm.

It's a little odd to see something you're not used to, but you understand that it's meant to happen.
Looking at your woman, you get an idea.

> You say "i hope you are still in the mood for sex pet!"
The woman nods eagerly, smiling at you.
The woman grabs your hand and places it on her bare stomach, just above her hot tits.

> You get her by the shoulders, turn her around and push her down, while impaling her snatch with your new tool.
You grab her shoulders, turn her pussy around and push her down, as she gasps. You enter her heat as her organ stretches to accommodate your new size.

> You begin to ram her pussy in and out.
You quickly begin fucking her as she moans. You ram her snatch hard and fast as you feel something inside you tighten.
Her pussy is so tight and warm, just like the rest of her body.

> You begin to grow taller gain now.
Your body begins stretching as your sex grows and swells.

> You say "UGH! It feels... different... URGH!"
Your body grows taller and stronger.
Your muscles, your bones, your mind, all of it is stretched out and changed. Your new body feels strong, faster and better than the one you used to have.
the woman you are fucking is nothing more than a cocksleeve now.
Size does matter...
You keep fucking the cocksleeve until you've had enough of it. You release a thick, sticky load inside her as she moans in ecstasy.
her belly swells like a balloon, struggling to hold all your seed. Eventually she starts to deflate as your come runs from her snatch, down her legs.
When you're done, you begin stretching once more.

> You say "what? i'm not shrinking this time?"
It's not shrinking, your body has completely changed.
You're not sure about your new body, but it certainly feels nice.
After some stretching, you begin to explore your room.

> You measure yourself.
You spend the rest of the day measuring your body. Your new height is 3.5 meters, twice your original height.

> You pick up the girl and place her on the bed.
You pick the girl up, and hold her over your head.
It's so easy now!
You quickly rush to the bed and throw the girl on it.

> You say "you have to rest now"
She nods, closing her eyes.
You stand over her, looking down at her.
She's so helpless... it would be so easy to just throw her on the bed and violate her all night long...

> You look at your dong, and concentrate, willing it to shrink back.

You stare at your dick, willing it to disappear.
Instead of shrinking, if feels like it's being sucked in by your vagina... it retracts like a tentacle inside your womb.

> You say "amazing, this new body never stops to surprise me"

You begin stretching, first your legs, then your arms, your neck and your fingers. You yawn, lying on the bed with your pet.
you wake up in the morning, and stare at the pet, now curled up like a cat, sleeping deeply.
You gently pick her up, stroking her face.
She's so soft..., looking at the sleeping girl.
She looks so innocent when she sleeps...
You walk to the mirror, looking at yourself.

> You say "i need new clothes... again."

You look around your room, noticing boxes full of clothes.
You open them, and begin taking out pants, shirts and shoes.

> You say "nothing that's going to fit me"
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Re: A little... something [mini-gts, growth, BE, futa, lactation, MtF]

I like the idea of an AI-generated text adventure you can shape yourself with varying degrees of editing. Just wished it was free to use without a stupid login/subscription.
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Re: A little... something [mini-gts, growth, BE, futa, lactation, MtF]

At the moment they offer a free to use system (registration needed), with an energy/time thing to limit use.
The advantage to registration is that you can keep track (and clone, if you want to fork) your worlds/adventures.
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breast expansion, futa growth, lactation, mini-gts, mtf tg

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