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Unread 06-03-2016   #1
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"Infomercial Expansion"

Koa plays an infomercial huckster trying to sell overpriced spring water to help customers "expand" their minds. Turns out the stuff works, only the EXPANSION is not what she was promoting. Hyper Hourglass mayhem ensues. Up at TMC with a preview teaser trailer.

I am very proud of this clip. It has some of our best top and bottom expansion process, the premise is unique to us, and Koa does an amazing job in this one.

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Unread 06-05-2016   #2
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Re: "Infomercial Expansion"

Koa is a national treasure and I've bought most every clip of hers. Love what Maxgrowth and his crew do. Prices are getting a bit too high to justify, though I know Taylor is maybe in charge of that. Love that the Koa clips are veering away from being frightened of the expansion, to being more reluctantly positive. Would still love to see a clip where Koa actually seeks out the growth.
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Unread 06-06-2016   #3
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Re: "Infomercial Expansion"

Koa is a wonderful actress and just keeps getting better and better. Her comfort with doing more sensual performances has really accentuated the clips.

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